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Fans commemorate SS501's ninth anniversary by creating a forest under the group's name

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To celebrate SS501"s ninth anniversary since debut, a forest under their name was created in Mapo-gu!

Tree Planet said on July 22, ""SS501 Forest" was made through "Star Forest Project" to commemorate SS501"s ninth anniversary since debut." "Star Forest Project" is an eco-friendly project in which forests are created under the names of stars with the help of fundraising by fans. In charge are social venture group Tree Planet and "The Green Forest We Make Together" enterprise in Seoul.

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The forest will be created on an unused site by the Gyeongeui Railroad in the hopes of greatly muffling the noise downtown. In addition, it will be located nearby a broadcasting station, so a lot of people can visit during their break times

Kahi talks about being BoA's back up dancer and creating After School

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Kahi spoke up about the time when she used to be BoA"s back up dancer and the creation of After School on the May 6 episode of Mnet"s "Beatles Code 3D".

On the show, past photos of her as BoA"s back up dancer were revealed. Kahi responded with some signs of embarrassment, "I think I was about 23-years-old. I was ugly."

She said, "I became known as "BoA"s dancer" while standing on stage with BoA. While BoA was preparing for her "Valenti" stage, the Japanese dancers were showing the Korean dancers the moves, but one Korean dancer was lacking; hence, they told me to come and help with the practice because they needed more people. I ended up working with BoA for three years."

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Moving on to the subject of After School, MC Shin Dong Yup said, "I heard that you and your CEO worked really hard together to create After School

AlphaBAT Talks the Members′ Different Flavors and Creating a Real ‘AB City’

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AlphaBAT may only be four months old in idol age, but the K-Pop group already has two singles under its belt and is currently dominating the rookie scene with latest track Tantara.

The tight-knit nine-member idol group recently sat down with enewsWorld for an exclusive interview ahead of its MEET&GREET with Mwave and talked excitedly about its comeback as well as all of the qualities – from A to Z - that make the group uniquely AlphaBAT.

Can you tell us a little bit about ‘Tantara?’

BETA: This is a track we prepared for a year and three months. Although the track was created a year and three months ago, we loved the song so much, we kept editing and re-editing it to the point that the composer hyungs got annoyed with us, saying they were never going to give us another track [laughs]

Big Bang’s G-Dragon Creating New Trends with His Blue Hair… and Blue Mustache?

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BIG BANG’S leader G-Dragon is known for his style and ability to make everything look first class. The trendsetter’s photos keep fans up to date on how the artist is changing his style. On January 23, G-Dragon posted on his Instagram, “Working Hard” along with a photo of himself. The photo showed the rapper sporting bright blue hair while making a joking expression. However, what was more noticeable was a mustache that matched the bright blue color of his hair.

Despite the long (and fake) mustache, it is without a doubt that G-Dragon still looks great. All joking aside, the singer’s ability to pull off the bright blue look is another testament on how the BIG BANG leader is a trendsetter and fashion icon.

G-Dragon and fellow BIG BANG member Taeyang had recently landed in Paris to participate in the “2014 Paris Fashion Week

E-Sens Dispels Rumors of Him Creating His Own Label

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Rapper and former member of Supreme Team, E-Sens, revealed his thoughts against rumors that he is creating his own label.

On January 5, the rapper posted on his Twitter account, “It’s a little bit late, but I wanted to let you know. There have been articles about how I’m going to make a label called T.O.D. with JTong and plan on coming out with a new album in February. However, T.O.D. is not a name of a label, and I haven’t set any plans for a new album. Many of you have been asking me, so I’m tweeting this.”

Recently, it was reported that E-Sens and JTong established their own label and are in the midst of preparing a new album. In July 2013, E-Sens left Amoeba Culture after Supreme Team disbanded.

E-Sens also added, “T.O.D. is something JTong and I along with other friends are doing