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Tablo shares his hope to comfort those affected by the Sewol tragedy through music

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Tablo greeted fans as a DJ through his return to his radio show after five years away and shared his hope that the music he shares may comfort those affected by the Sewol tragedy.

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On the premiere of MBC FM4U"s "Tablo"s Dreaming Radio" on April 21, Tablo shared, "The only thing I can do is share music that comforts hearts... I want to spend tonight with those who feel hurt, confused, frustrated, and sorry. During a time when nothing can recover what was lost, I hope that your hearts may be able to rest here."

"As an adult in a world where it"s hard to protect our children, my heart feels heavy... There are times when music warmly comforts me more than words... I try to listen to music when I can"t find anything to find comfort or safety in

C-Clown Opens Phone Line to Offer Advice and Comfort for School Bully Victims

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Recently returned boy group C-Clown has set forth on offering advice to bully victims in school.

C-Clown recently came back with a new single titled “Justice.” The intro of “Justice” contains a phone number “010-8810-8615,” which is part of their new event that will try to help out students who are suffering because of school violence.

C-Clown will be taking in phone calls and messages from students who are bullying victims through that number and try to offer their advice and comfort.

C-Clown’s agency Yedang Entertainment sources commented, “We planned this event so it can help at least a little for school violence, which is becoming a big issue in our society today.”

Meanwhile, C-Clown is receiving a lot of attention for “Justice” due to its catchy tunes and choreography

‘Childless Comfort’: New still cuts of A Pink’s Son Na Eun to be released!

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A Pink‘s Son Na Eun will be appearing on the upcoming episode of ongoing drama ’Childless Comfort‘.

Ahead of the official broadcast, several still cuts of Na Eun have been released!

In the drama, Na Eun will be playing the role of a lovely high school student named Oh Soo Mi. 

In the newly released still cuts, Na Eun transformed into a cafe waitress. She showed off her cute look while dressing in a white shirt matched with a checkered bow tie and black apron.

A staff from the production crew praised Na Eun, “Son Na Eun is showing a lot of energy in order to make a strong transformation into an actress.”

This episode of ’Childless Comfort’ featuring Na Eun is set to air on November 4th

A Pinks Na-Eun confirms her role in jTBCs upcoming drama Childless Comfort

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A Pink member Na-Eun will be starring in jTBC upcoming drama, ‘Childless Comfort‘!

Cube Entertainment, A Pink’s agency, announced on September 26th, “Son Na-Eun has been cast as the role of ‘Oh Soomi’ in jTBC’s special weekend drama, ‘Childless Comfort’, written by writer Kim Soo Hyun.”

In the drama, Na-Eun plays a character of ‘Oh Soomi’, a third year high school student. After the death of her father, she leaves her hometown to go to Seoul. She’s a hard working young girl who runs part-time jobs at night while still attending school. Confident and positive, she isn’t shy when it comes to making new friends.

Na-Eun shared regarding to her new drama, “I’m really nervous about working with a lot of top seniors on a drama written by writer Kim Soo Hyun and directed by Jung Eul Young, but I’m excited about learning a lot of new things