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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Transforms into Anna from “Frozen”

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On September 20, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul uploaded a photo onto his personal Instagram with the caption, “Ahhh!! What should I do that’s funny? How should I transform? Especially in our ‘Mamacita’ music video, but overall I’m losing my sense of transformation. I can’t disappoint my fans. Think, Kim Heechul.”

In the released photo, Heechul is wearing a dress that matches the one that Anna wore in “Frozen.” With a wig that also matches her hair, Heechul actually looks quite the princess, rather than a cross-dressed idol. He received many compliments from his fans for his seemingly limitless transformation abilities.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will start their world tour, “Super Show 6,” in Seoul starting September 19, and it will run through September 21

Jaekyung and Heechul transform into "Frozen"s Elsa and Anna for "Tell Me Your Wish"

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Jaekyung and Heechul transformed into Elsa and Anna from Disney"s "Frozen" for MBC"s "Tell Me the Wish," which is a good-will program that grants the wishes of others.

On the recording for the first episode, the main guest was Choi Seo Yeon, a seven-year-old girl who suffers from a rare disease that started causing internal hemorrhages here and there starting from when she was only six months old. As a result, she had to get 28 surgeries thus far.

Her wish was to become the queen in "Frozen" and to sprinkle snow on people; hence, the production crew prepared a large scale event at Kyunghee University on August 27, which included Jaekyung dressing up as Elsa and Heechul as Anna

Kim Yoo Jung chosen as the actress that would fit 'Frozen's Anna the best

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Have you wondered which K-pop star might play the various roles in Disney"s "Frozen" if it ever became a movie played by actual actors?

The magazine "Max Movie" recently ran a survey on which celebrities would fit the main character Anna the best, and Kim Yoo Jung came in 1st place with 27% of the votes! She won over miss A"s Suzy (18%) and f(x)"s Krystal (13%).

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On winning this survey, her label sidusHQ said, "We think this result came to be because "Frozen"s Anna has a cute face, a warm heart, and strong charms, which match well with Kim Yoo Jung."

For the role of Elsa, Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried was chosen as the #1 actress even among Koreans

Heechul Says He and “Wife” Puff Kuo Fought Because of Anna From “Frozen”

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On March 20, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul attended the production presentation of MBC Everyone’s “We Got Married Global Edition Season 2” held at the Ilsan MBC Dream Center. He revealed an argument he had with his pretend wife, Puff Kuo.

Heechul has expressed his fondness towards Anna, a main character on the Disney animation, “Frozen,” thorough his SNS. He said, “I had an argument with Puff Kuo because of Anna. You’ll see why if you watch the show.”

The singer also displayed his affection towards his pretend wife saying, “When I first met Puff, I didn’t know what to do. I’m not usually kind to my girlfriend. But Puff was an exception. She is very polite. Even when we bicker at each other when it’s just the two of us, she is very polite when there are adults around us

Ailee and SISTAR’s Hyolyn to Sing ‘Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ Together on Music Core

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Bringing two powerful voices together, Ailee and SISTAR’s Hyolyn will be having a duet performance of Let It Go on MBC’s Music Core.

Celebrating 400 episodes, MBC’s Music Core currently preparing special stages for its March 8 broadcast. Include in the special performances is a duet stage between Ailee and Hyolyn, who will sing the Korean version of Let It Go from the popular animated movie, Frozen.

It’s said the two singers will even come out dressed looking like the movie’s main character, Elsa.

Hyolyn sang the official Korean version of Let It Go while Ailee has performed the song on a music program before.

Photo Credit: YMC Entertainment, Starship Entertainment

BESTie's U.JI contributes her own cover of 'Frozen's 'Let It Go'

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Just in time to celebrate the Oscar win for "Frozen"s song "Let It Go," BESTie"s U.JI proved the craze might not die down so fast as she released her own cover just recently.

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Everyone will be blown away by her strong and powerful vocals. She hits all the notes right on and with ease, giving it a unique flair with her personal singing style. How do you think her cover stacks up in comparison to the covers you"ve heard from other Kpop singers?

Kim Yoo Jung, Suzy, Jessica, and Krystal Among Fan Favorites for Roles in “Frozen”

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If you can have a live-action version of Disney’s animated film “Frozen,” who would you pick for the roles?

Film magazine “Max Movie” ran a Disney theme edition for its March issue. It asked readers about their favorite Disney classic and which character was their favorite princess. It also asked its readers to pick which celebrities they would like to see play the role of Anna in “Frozen.” Krystal of f(x) placed third with 13%, Suzy of miss A placed second with 18%, and actress Kim Yoo Jung placed first with 27%.

For the role of Elsa, Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and actress Han Ye Seul tied for third, figure-skater Kim Yu Na placed second, and Amanda Seyfried placed first

Heechul goes on vacation with Anna from 'Frozen'

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Heechul showed off his unique airport fashion recently.

On February 26, he uploaded a picture onto Instagram that showed him wearing a red back pack from which an Anna doll from the movie "Frozen" cutely peeked out at the camera.

He wrote, "Been a while since my airport fashion. Heenim, the founder of airport fashion. I"m a pure man boarding a plane with my small and cute Anna inside the SPAO back pack I model. I"m going on a vacation with Gun Hee and Anna."

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Heechul is known as being a big fan of Anna. Even before on Instagram, he had written, "Starting today, I choose you, Anna, as my love

Cute and Quirky Heyne Reveals Her Version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from “Frozen”

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Another idol sharing her skillful interpretation of a popular OST track from Disney‘s “Frozen!”

Solo artist Heyne has jumped on the bandwagon by releasing her cover of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” The video was uploaded on her official YouTube channel on February 16, and it features her singing alone at a practice room.

Her adorable looks and youthful voice are a perfect match with the song. Filming the performance herself, Heyne imitates some of the famous scenes from the movie, and her cute gestures are very similar to Anna’s, the main character of “Frozen.” Fans have been pointing out how well the song fits Heyne, known for her quirky songs and clear voice.

Heyne is currently taking a break from promotions

Girl’s Day’s Yura Shows Off Her Sketch of Elsa from “Frozen”

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Yura, member of girl group Girl’s Day, showed off her amazing artistic talent.

On February 13, Yura posted on her Twitter account, “I have been obsessed with ‘Frozen’ lately, so I tried drawing it. I love the songs.” She posted two photos along with her tweet.

The two photos feature her sketch of Elsa, one of the main characters in the latest Disney animation, “Frozen,” which has been attracting much popularity since its release.

Many netizens were amazed after seeing the photo of Yura’s sketch of Elsa. Although the drawing is done in pencil, her sketch shows an almost exact copy of the character in the movie.

Yura attended a fine arts high school with a concentration in art. She is one of the members of “the three idol artists” along with Rainbow’s Jaekyung and A Pink’s Son Na Eun

Super Junior Heechul Watched ‘Frozen’ with f’s Sulli

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Super Junior’s Heechul revealed that he watched Frozen with f(x)’s Sulli.

In February 13’s broadcast of JTBC’s Ssulzun, Heechul caught everyone’s attention by revealing that he watched the Disney animation along with the f(x) member.

During the show, MC Choi Hee said, “I almost cried during the scene where Elsa builds her own ice castle and puts her hair down. I couldn’t help but to clap.”

Then Heechul said, “I watched Frozen with Sulli. I liked Anna the best, but I was disappointed by the ending, because there was no villain or a fight. Sulli was also very touched at the same part as Choi Hee.”

Having heard this, Kang Yong Suk commented, “I think just the fact of watching it with Sulli would make the movie great

Heechul talks about the popularity of 'Frozen' among celebrities

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It comes as no surprise that "Frozen" was one of the discussed topics on the February 13 installment of JTBC"s "Ssul Jeon" as the movie is doing incredibly well in Korea, not to mention the song "Let It Go" has been covered endlessly by many different singers.

Choi Hee said, "I saw this movie in 4D twice and the part where "Let It Go" came out made me teary."

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Heechul said, "I saw it with Sulli and wondered why there wasn"t any fighting. It doesn"t even have a villain." He was asked whether Sulli cried, too, and he said, "Sulli was touched by the same part as Choi Hee. When I look at my cell phone messenger, quite a few of the celebrities have a picture of Elsa as their profile photo now

Girl's Day's Yura shows off her impressive sketch of Elsa from 'Frozen'

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Girl"s Day"s Yura showed off her surprising drawing skills with her sketch of Elsa from "Frozen"!

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Yura tweeted, "I"ve been so into "Frozen" these days that I tried drawing it kkya♡ The songs are so good ㅜㅜ Right~~!? Ddok ddok ddok ddok ddok~~~ Do you want to build a snowmaaan?*.*"

While most artists shared their covers of "Let It Go", Yura showed her "Frozen" fever in another way with her drawing. Yura was on point with her sketch of Elsa"s signature braids and eyes which made her look like she could pop out of the page and the shading was also done to perfection, opening fans" eyes to Yura"s potential as an artist.

Who else has the songs from the "Frozen" OST stuck in their head?

“Frozen” Exceeds 7 Million Ticket Sales in Korea

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Disney animation movie “Frozen” broke the 7 million audience barrier on February 8, according to the Korea Film Council’s online movie ticket network.

“Frozen” shot to the top of box office charts on the day of its release on January 16, and stayed there for two weeks. The movie hit 2 million viewers at the ninth day mark, 3 million on the 11th day and 5 million after 17 days. It has outsold “Kungfu Panda 2” (5.02 million viewers) as the top animation film of all time.

The movie seems to be racking up new records every day. It became the seventh most successful foreign film on February 8, beating out “The Avengers” (7.07 million viewers) with a total of 7.28 million tickets sold.

If “Frozen” is able continue drawing an audience of 100,000 on weekdays and 500,000 on weekends, it might be able to beat out “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” (6th, 7

Girls' Generation try their hand at 'Frozen' imitations

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Getting tired of "Frozen" covers yet?
Well, thankfully, this time it"s not exactly a cover - Taeyeon just took a silly video of herself and the other Girls" Generation members (presumably at Sooyoung"s birthday party, as she captioned the video, "Ok bye............♡ #210") singing "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" from the movie.

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The video starts with Taeyeon and Tiffany imitating Oaken (or better known as the "Hoo Hoo" man), and then Taeyeon asks, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" to Sooyoung and Sunny, and then to TIffany, Yuri, and Seohyun.
Check out the cute vid below!

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