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Heechul goes on vacation with Anna from 'Frozen'

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Heechul showed off his unique airport fashion recently.

On February 26, he uploaded a picture onto Instagram that showed him wearing a red back pack from which an Anna doll from the movie "Frozen" cutely peeked out at the camera.

He wrote, "Been a while since my airport fashion. Heenim, the founder of airport fashion. I"m a pure man boarding a plane with my small and cute Anna inside the SPAO back pack I model. I"m going on a vacation with Gun Hee and Anna."

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Heechul is known as being a big fan of Anna. Even before on Instagram, he had written, "Starting today, I choose you, Anna, as my love

Heechul talks about the popularity of 'Frozen' among celebrities

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It comes as no surprise that "Frozen" was one of the discussed topics on the February 13 installment of JTBC"s "Ssul Jeon" as the movie is doing incredibly well in Korea, not to mention the song "Let It Go" has been covered endlessly by many different singers.

Choi Hee said, "I saw this movie in 4D twice and the part where "Let It Go" came out made me teary."

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Heechul said, "I saw it with Sulli and wondered why there wasn"t any fighting. It doesn"t even have a villain." He was asked whether Sulli cried, too, and he said, "Sulli was touched by the same part as Choi Hee. When I look at my cell phone messenger, quite a few of the celebrities have a picture of Elsa as their profile photo now

Girl's Day's Yura shows off her impressive sketch of Elsa from 'Frozen'

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Girl"s Day"s Yura showed off her surprising drawing skills with her sketch of Elsa from "Frozen"!

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Yura tweeted, "I"ve been so into "Frozen" these days that I tried drawing it kkya♡ The songs are so good ㅜㅜ Right~~!? Ddok ddok ddok ddok ddok~~~ Do you want to build a snowmaaan?*.*"

While most artists shared their covers of "Let It Go", Yura showed her "Frozen" fever in another way with her drawing. Yura was on point with her sketch of Elsa"s signature braids and eyes which made her look like she could pop out of the page and the shading was also done to perfection, opening fans" eyes to Yura"s potential as an artist.

Who else has the songs from the "Frozen" OST stuck in their head?

Girls' Generation try their hand at 'Frozen' imitations

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Getting tired of "Frozen" covers yet?
Well, thankfully, this time it"s not exactly a cover - Taeyeon just took a silly video of herself and the other Girls" Generation members (presumably at Sooyoung"s birthday party, as she captioned the video, "Ok bye............♡ #210") singing "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" from the movie.

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The video starts with Taeyeon and Tiffany imitating Oaken (or better known as the "Hoo Hoo" man), and then Taeyeon asks, "Do you wanna build a snowman?" to Sooyoung and Sunny, and then to TIffany, Yuri, and Seohyun.
Check out the cute vid below!

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AoA's ChoA and Yuna transform into the 'Frozen' sisters Elsa and Anna

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Though plenty of K-pop singers have been attempting their own covers of "Let it Go" from the "Frozen" movie soundtrack, not many have tried their hand at cosplaying. 

AoA"s ChoA and Yuna made a transformation that is sure to give you some chills! With the appropriate makeup, the two showed a very striking resemblance to the "Frozen" sisters Elsa and Anna.

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On February 7, the above photos were uploaded onto AoA"s official Facebook. The two members have purple eye shadow, amazing blue eyes, and even the same hairstyles for their "Frozen" cosplay.

Do you think they did a good job?

A-PRINCE's Sungwon covers Hyorin's 'Let it Go' for 'Frozen' OST

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A-PRINCE"s Sungwon is the next singer to take on a cover of "Let it Go" from the "Frozen" OST.

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SISTAR"s Hyorin originally released the official track, which was played at the ending credits of the highly popular movie, and other singers received attention for singing their own version of the song. Davichi"s Haeri"s cover made headlines, and Son Seung Yeon and Kiss&Cry"s Dia also did their own renditions.

Sungwon wrote: "I got moved after watching "Frozen". So I tried singing its OST "Let It Go". I apologize for my English pronunciation. Please enjoy my cover."

Watch Sungwon sing above, and see if his version of "Let it Go" matches up to the others!

Hyorin's 'Let It Go' for animated movie 'Frozen' to be released for sale on Korean music sites

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The Korean version of movie Frozen"s "Let It Go" sung by SISTAR"s Hyorin will be released for sale on Korean music sites.

Although fans got to hear it through the MV as well as in the theaters in Korea during the ending credits, it seems it will officially be available for download and distribution through domestic online music sites.

Her agency Starship Entertainment said on February 3, "At the time of recording, Hyorin"s "Let it Go" was not scheduled for sale, but we have been receiving requests for it. As "Frozen" increased in popularity, Disney"s head office sent us a request. Currently, we are positively discussing this."

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Stay tuned for updates to come!

Hyorin reveals the SISTAR members' reactions to her 'Let It Go' OST for Disney's 'Frozen'

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Hyorin, who sang "Let It Go" as the Korean representative for Disney"s "Frozen," revealed how the other SISTAR members reacted to this.

She said, "They really liked it. The members really enjoy animations . . . All the members said in unison, "How did you get to sing a Disney OST?" and looked at me happily . . . Then, they earnestly requested for me to make sure I get a copy of the DVD. I did not even know the MV had come out, but the members had already found it first and told me about it."

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It appeared that the members were excited like cute children! Disney does have that charm on everybody, regardless of age. Did you like Hyorin"s version of the song?

SISTAR's Hyorin unveils 'Let It Go' MV for 'Frozen' OST

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SISTAR Hyorin sings the ending song 'Let It Go' of Disney's animation film 'Frozen' and releases the MV for it.

Hyorin lends her beautiful and enchanting voice for the Disney's popular animation movie and even releases an MV for it. The original English version of the same song is performed by Demi Lovato.

Check both version below and tell us which version do you like better.

Hyorin's "Let It Go" MV for Disney's animated movie "Frozen" released!

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"Let It Go" is the end credit song for Disney"s latest animated movie "Frozen," which centers on the eternally frozen kingdom hoping to recover the warmer season of summer. It has already been nominated for the 71st Golden Globe in 2014 for "Best Original Song" and many representative divas all over the world are taking part in singing their own rendition.

Demi Lovato already released an MV of herself singing the song and last month it was revealed that Hyorin would be the one to represent Korea by singing her own version of "Let It Go". Now, the full MV has been revealed.

For her part in singing this song, Hyorin said, "I am really happy that I get to sing the end credit song as the Korean representative for one of the Disney productions that I always like