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Who does K.Will want as a bride for 'We Got Married'?

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Soloist K.Will picked who he wanted to partner up with on "We Got Married" if he ever got the chance!

"Many people ask me if I want to be on "We Got Married"," he said during an interview on "Entertainment Relay". "I really want to."

"There"s someone I want to do it with, but she has a boyfriend," he continued. "I want to do it with skater Kim Yuna."

He demonstrated his love for the figure-skating Olympic athlete. "I can change her skates for 20 hours a day," he boasted. "I"ll become the master of changing skates."

Who do you want to do "We Got Married" with?

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Ha Ji Won Meets with 20th Century Fox President to Discuss Hollywood Debut

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On the wave of the Hallyu boom, with various Korean celebrities making their Hollywood debut, it looks like actress Ha Ji Won is looking in that direction, as well.

According to reports, this past May 14, Ha Ji Won met with President Jeffrey Godsick of 20th Century Fox, a major Hollywood studio in Los Angeles. At the meeting, the two discussed Ha Ji Won’s Hollywood debut, and it was revealed that once filming finishes for the actress’s next Korean film, “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant,” they will meet again to discuss matters in greater detail.

Ha Ji Won’s agency Haewadal (‘Sun and Moon’) Entertainment said, “It is true that we’ve met with 20th Century Fox, but we can’t reveal any specifics at this time

Ha Ji Won revealed to have spoken with 20th Century Fox reps regarding a possible Hollywood debut project

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Actress Ha Ji Won has been talking with 20th Century Fox regarding her Hollywood debut project!

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Her agency rep told Newsen on the 22nd, "Ha Ji Won met with 20th Century Fox"s Jeffrey Godsick and discussed her Hollywood debut in LA on the 14th."

Ha Ji Won signed with UTA (United Talent Agency) for her Hollywood debut last year and apparently received casting offers for three Hollywood films but turned them down due to her MBC drama "Empress Qi".

Ha Ji Won shared during her press conference for "Empress Qi", "I took an audition for a Hollywood production and I had a production I was cast for

Lee Yoon Ji Is a Lovely Blushing Bride for Instyle Weddings

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Actress Lee Yoon Ji became a lovely blushing bride in a pictorial for the bridal magazine Instyle Weddings.

The “Wang Family” star seemed born to wear wedding dresses in this beautiful pictorial set in a bright spring setting. In one photo she wears a simple golden tiara and unique heels with a flowing wedding dress. She holds lavender flowers to hide her shy grin as she portrays the ideal blushing bride. In another photo, the actress wears a patterned pink-tinged wedding dress and looks as beautiful and lively as the bouquet of flowers she is holding.

Along with the photo spread, Lee Yoon Ji had an interview with the magazine where she talked about being an actress and learning acting techniques to fine tune her craft.

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Film “My Love, My Bride” Starring Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah to Premiere Later This Year

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The film “My Love, My Bride,” starring Jo Jung Suk and Shin Min Ah, recently wrapped up three months of filming in the beginning of May.

“My Love, My Bride” is a remake of the 1990 romantic comedy of the same name about a newlywed couple, directed by Lee Myung Sae. On the last day of shooting, Jo Jung Suk, who plays the role of Young Min said, “I can’t believe it’s already the last day.” Shin Min Ah also said, “I had a great time filming as Mi Young, and I think this will be a film that I remember for a long time.”

Also starring in the film are veteran actors Ra Mi Ran, Lee Si Eon, and Yoon Jung Hee, as well as new up-and-coming stars Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Ha Joon, and Seo Shin Ae

Shin Min Ah and Jo Jeong Seok Wrap Up Filming ‘My Love, My Bride’

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Acting as a newly wed couple, Shin Min Ah and Jo Jeong Seok finally wrapped filming My Love, My Bride after three months.

A remake of director Lee Myung Se’s project with the same title, My Love, My Bride filmed the last scenes at a café and a beach at Sokcho in Gangwon province on May 9.

The last scene involved Young Min (Jo Jeong Seok) and Mi Young (Shin Min Ah) visiting Sokcho beach to restore their relationship. The last shoot was reportedly carried out in a cheery atmosphere.

After filming was over, all the cast and staff members posed for a group picture with Sokcho beach set as the background, proving their tight teamwork.

Jo Jeong Seok said, “I can’t believe this is already our last filming,” and Shin Min Ah shared, “I enjoyed filming as I lived as ‘Mi Young’ and I think this project will remain in my memory for a long time

The gorgeous Lee Yoon Ji is a blushing bride for 'InStyle Wedding'

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Actress Lee Yoon Ji took part in the photo shoot for the May and June issues of "InStyle Wedding," showing her pretty face for the first time since the completion of her last drama, "Wang"s Family."

In one picture, she dons a cute pink dress, looking innocent and sweet as she holds a bouquet of colorful flowers. In another, she appears much more elegant in a traditional, white dress with an impressive train.

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In the interview portion, Lee Yoon Ji said, "This drama will be remembered as an important milestone that opened the curtains for the second act of my acting career with dignity. Through closely watching my teachers" acting alone, I was able to master my skills and my direction greatly in regards to acting

After School's Jooyeon is a studious bride in BTS photos from 'A New Leaf'

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"A New Leaf" premiered on April 30, finally showcasing the hard work put into the new MBC drama by the cast and staff including After School"s Jooyeon who was spotted diligently studying her script in between the filming sessions in BTS photos.

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Jooyeon previously revealed that she lost 4 kg (~9 lbs) from the stress of acting and her goal to make a name for herself as an actress, and her determination shines through in the images seen above.

Did you enjoy the premiere of "A New Leaf"?

Comedian Kwak Han Goo reveals a beautiful wedding pictorial with his lovely bride

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Comedian Kwak Han Goo will soon become a husband with his wedding at the new hall in the KBS Building in Yeoido on April 26.

His friends say his fiancee, who is three years younger, is both very considerate and lovely in appearance. The two met at a car club and dated for two years before deciding to tie the knot. His agency said, "Kwak Han Goo had a lot of ups and downs, but we hope that this marriage will bear the good fruits of love."

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The agency revealed that despite this happy occasion, the comedian"s heart is heavy about the Sewol tragedy and feels apologetic that his wedding is happening during a time when the nation is mourning.

Although it is a sad time for the nation, there is no reason that a couple in love should apologize for their wedding they had planned for months in advance! Congratulations to the couple!

Seo Kang Jun to make his movie debut in 'My Love, My Bride'

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5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun will make his big screen debut in the upcoming movie "My Love, My Bride"!

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The actor"s agency Fantagio confirmed his casting in the film on April 16. Seo Kang Jun will play the role of a flower boy ("king car") teacher Jun Su who is Mi Young"s (Shin Min Ah) art academy hoobae.

Seo Kang Jun shared, "Since it"s my first movie, I am really nervous... It is really an honor to work with good sunbaenims and staff, and I am learning a lot. I will act to the best of my ability for the production."

"My Love, My Bride" is a remake of the 1990 film of the same title and portrays the realistic story of a newlywed couple

G.NA makes a lovely bride in a wedding dress in comeback teaser images

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G.NA is here to surprise you as a lovely bride in the next set of teaser images for her comeback!

This is definitely a change from her first image which showed us a peek at her "Pretty Lingerie", which is the Korean title of her new song. Dressed in bridal gear this time, the singer leaves us to wonder about the concept and who the dashing groom could be!

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According to her latest Facebook post, it seems she"ll be going with the title "G.NA"s Secret" for the international audience. So get ready to learn about her "secret" with her single on April 21!

Seo Kang Jun Cast in ‘My Love My Bride’ with Shin Mina

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Taking over one genre of entertainment at a time, Seo Kang Jun has been cast in the new movie My Love My Bride.

Seo Kang Jun was cast in My Love My Bride with Shin Mina. He will play Junsu, a free-spirited handsome flower boy teacher at Shin Mina’s art academy.

“It’s my first movie, so I’m very nervous,” said Seo Kang Jun. “It’s an honor to be working with great seniors and staff, and I’m learning a lot from A to Z. I’ll do my best for this project.”

My Love My Bride is a remake of the 1990 movie of the same title, starring Park Joong Hoon and the late Choi Jin Shil. The 2014 remake will star Shin Mina and Jo Jeong Seok.

Meanwhile, Seo Kang Jun is finishing up his drama, MBC’s Cunning Single Lady and awaiting the broadcast of SBS’ Roommates, where he will be living with Park Min Woo

G.NA Is a Lovable Bride in “Pretty Lingerie” Teaser Images

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G.NA has released a new set of teaser images for her upcoming single, “Pretty Lingerie.”

G.NA continues the theme of white from her previous teaser to this new set. However, this time G.NA goes bridal, donning a white gown and playing around with the veil. She looks radiant and happy in these photos unlike her previous sexy look. This change corresponds with G.NA’s image transformation with the new single. G.NA plans to move from sexy to more of a lovable image.

“Pretty Lingerie” drops April 21.

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After School's Jooyeon becomes a beautiful April bride for 'A New Leaf'

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After School"s Jooyeon became an April bride for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama "A New Leaf"!

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Jooyeon plays the role of Ji Yoon (Park Min Young)"s best friend Mi Ri whose wedding is where Ji Yoon and Suk Joo (Kim Myung Min) meet for the first time. Although Jooyeon felt shy upon wearing a wedding dress, she friendly approached her sunbae co-stars first, acting as an atmosphere maker on set.

Jooyeon joins Park Min Young, Kim Myung Min, Kim Sang Joong, Chae Jung An, and more in the drama. "A New Leaf" is directed by "Scandal" and "I Miss You"s PD Park Jae Bum and written by "Golden Time"s Choi Hee Ra, and portrays the story of an attorney Kim Suk Joo (Kim Myung Min) who loses his memory from an accident and starts anew

Actor Oh Ji Ho Reveals Bride-To-Be’s Face in Romantic Wedding Photos

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The day before the official day of their wedding, actor Oh Ji Ho and his fiancée have decided to release their wedding photos!

On April 11, Oh Ji Ho’s agency “Heavenly Stars Contents” released the wedding photos with the statement, “Please congratulate Oh Ji Ho on his wedding.”

Up until the photos were released, Oh Ji Ho’s fiancée’s face had never been revealed before. Fans were able to finally see who the mystery woman was in a series of romantic wedding photos.

Oh Ji Ho and his fiancée will be having their wedding on April 12 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul. Earlier this January, Oh Ji Ho confirmed that he had been dating a non-celebrity for the last two years. He also revealed that she was three years younger. Both met through a mutual acquaintance