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HaHa and Byul Reveal Their Happy Marriage Life

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Singer Byul and her husband, HaHa, revealed how happy they are with their marriage life.

On July 23, through her Twitter, Byul uploaded a picture she took with HaHa and wrote a message that said, “For some time now, I’ve been getting mad easily.”

In the picture, Byul is looking at the camera with an annoyed expression while Haha is in the back drinking alcohol with a funny expression.

Through his Twitter, HaHa mentioned Byul’s post and said, “What did I do? Hahahaha. I’m happy.”

Meanwhile, HaHa and Byul got married on November 30, 2012 and gave birth to a son named Ha Dream on July 9. They recently celebrated Ha Dream’s first birthday.

HaHa is currently appearing in MBC’s variety program “Infinity Challenge” and SBS’s “Running Man

‘High Schooler King of Life’ to be Extended and Air Special Episode

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High Schooler King of Life will be extended by one episode.

An affiliate of tvN’s High Schooler King of Life told Newsen on July 22, “We’ve decided to extend High Schooler King of Life by one episode.”

The drama, originally planned to air 16 episodes, has been discussing the possibility of extending thanks to its popularity. After taking many production conditions into consideration, the production team decided to air one more episode as well as a special episode, airing a total of 18 episodes.

The affiliate added, “We’re still discussing what we will be including in the special episode.”

Meanwhile, High Schooler King of Life will be ending on August 12, followed by tvN’s My Secret Hotel

Seo In Guk′s OST for ′High Schooler King of Life′ to Drop Today

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Seo In Guk will be flaunting his sweet voice through High Schooler King of Life.

His OST piece for the tvN drama High Schooler King of Life, The Way Back, will be released today, July 21.

He will also be appearing in the music video for the song, which will show him singing in a recording booth.

The Way Back was written by d.ear, who previously participated in producing 2AM′s Just Stay. The producer mentioned he tried to contain Min Seok (Seo In Guk)′s emotions of love and agony in the song.

The song will be released on July 21 at noon (KST).

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Hong Jong Hyun and Girl's Day's Yura settle into 'We Got Married' life

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After registering their marriage, Girl"s Day"s Yura and Hong Jong Hyun settled into their married life on the July 19 episode of "We Got Married".

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Hong Jong Hyun and Yura ate a simple meal together outside their rooftop home and then unpacked their belongings. They also took couple pictures to put in their wallets and ended their simple yet sweet night by enjoying fireworks.

When they met up the next day, Yura made her first meal for her onscreen husband. As someone not used to cooking, she made instant noodles that came out too salty, but he still ate it up. Hong Jong Hyun then surprised her with a gift of beef, which the two enjoyed.

Are you shipping the Yura-Hong Jong Hyun couple yet?

BTS to Have a Reality Show Called “BTS’ American Hustle Life”

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Seven-member boy group BTS will have their own reality TV show called “BTS’ American Hustle Life” on Mnet.

Just like the name suggests, BTS’ new program will entail the boy-group’s journey to finding the ‘hustle life’ in USA. According to a press release, the boys will travel to the United States to experience the true hip-hop culture. They will be shooting in Los Angeles, spending 24 hours with a ‘hip-hop tutor’ and completing hip-hop missions to become true hip-hoppers.

American hip-hop artists Warren G and Coolio have signed on as hip-hop mentors of BTS. Recently, BTS released pictures of the boy group with the artists on their SNS, creating a buzz.

“BTS’ American Hustle Life” will premier on Mnet on July 24

Ji Sung Says Jogging 15 Kilometers Every Morning Has Changed His Life

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The reason Ji Sung jogged every morning isn′t a simple one.

Running 15 kilometers every morning, Ji Sung didn’t skip a day even when he was staying in Busan to film Good Friends. And though he had a topless scene in the film, the scene wasn′t the reason he chose to jog 15 kilometers every day.

Meeting with Newsen, Ji Sung said, “I like having a stable life. I don’t want to live a complicated and extraordinary life just because my job is an actor. Everyone has a period of happiness in life as well as a period of trauma and suffering. When I debuted in my 20’s I was lost and struggled a lot. I comforted myself by drinking alcohol and believed that success was the only things that could make me happy. So I just ran as if I was crazy. But I couldn’t do much about feeling depressed deep inside

Collection of Seo In Guk Expressions from ′High Schooler King of Life′ Hit the Web

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One Seo In Guk picture isn′t enough, so here′s a pack of them!

On July 10, Seo In Guk′s agency released photos of Seo In Guk on the set of tvN′s High Schooler King of Life.

The collage of 12 photos shows Seo In Guk′s many different expressions as he works in his older brother′s seat at his company.

Every expression jumps out as he tries to get through his day.

A rep from his agency said, "Seo In Guk has been making the staff and even actors laugh with his bright and energetic expressions despite the hard work schedules. It′s been showing in the drama also, and is why he′s been so loved by the fans of the drama."

The next episode of High Schooler King of Life will air on July 14.

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Seo In Guk Injures Shoulder in Shoot for ′High Schooler King of Life′

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The cast kiss scene in tvN′s High Schooler King of Life has been explained.

According to Seo In Guk′s agency on July 9, Seo In Guk injured his left shoulder while shooting an ice hockey scene for High Schooler King of Life the week before.

The rep who gave the information said, "He was treated right after the injury. He returned to the set immediately after treatment because he wanted to finish shooting. He has a shoulder guard on because he hurt his ligament, but he removes it during shoots. He only keeps it on during breaks or when he′s looking over his script."

The cast kiss that appeared on the July 8 broadcast of the drama was actually a show of consideration on the staff′s part for Seo In Guk, the rep confirmed.

High Schooler King of Life stars Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, Lee Soo Hyuk and more

′High Schooler King of Life′ May be Extended for Two Episodes

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tvN′s High Schooler King of Life is considering a two-episode extension.

A source from tvN announced on July 8 that talks are underway but they′re still in the early stages and the actors need to rearrange their schedules.

High Schooler King of Life is about how a high school student takes over his older brother′s director seat at a large company.

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ZE:A′s Im Si Wan Considering a Role in Drama Version of ′Not Life′

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Im Si Wan is considering a role in another drama.

A source from Im Si Wan′s agency told Newsen that "Im Si Wan is currently considering the Jang Geu Rae role in Not Life (Misaeng). It′s one of many dramas he′s looking over."

The source also added, "Since he still has some time he′ll make a decision after putting a lot of thought into it."

Im Si Wan previously acted in the same role for a short 7-minute movie version of the same story. The movie and the upcoming drama are based on a webtoon of the same title.

Not Life will be produced into a drama by tvN. It is about how Jang Geu Rae, a man who loves to play baduk, fails to join a professional baduk team and tries to live a ′normal′ life.

The drama will air sometime in the latter half of the year

Sooyoung in talks to star in MBC's 'The Spring Days of My Life'

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Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung is in talks to star in her first mainstream channel drama!

According to various broadcast insiders, Sooyoung was proposed as the female lead of the drama "The Spring Days of My Life". It"ll be her return to the small screen in a year since tvN"s "Dating Agency-Cyrano".

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She"s currently talking over the details of the drama. The drama is about a terminally ill patient who got a heart transplant for a chance at new life. If she accepts the drama, she"ll be playing the role of Lee Bom Yi, who goes to meet the family of her heart donor to start a warm love story.

The drama is by PD Lee Jae Dong, who also did "I Miss You"

SNSD’s Sooyoung May Become Lead for Upcoming Drama ‘Spring Days of My Life’

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Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Sooyoung is currently in discussions to take the lead role for the upcoming drama Spring Days of My Life (translated).

According to multiple broadcasting affiliates on June 30, Sooyoung has received a casting offer from Spring Days of My Life and is currently looking over the details.

Sooyoung’s return to the small screen will be taking place after one year since she starred in tvN’s Dating Agency: Cyrano, and she is reportedly adjusting details regarding her appearance in Spring Days of My Life.

Spring Days of My Life is about a dying woman who earns her chance to live again after going through a heart transplant surgery. Sooyoung will be taking on the role of ‘Yi Bom Yi,’ who leads a new life after receiving a new heart

Jo Se Ho's parents talk about their son's difficult life on 'Roommate'

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When Jo Se Ho"s parents visited him on the latest episode of "Roommate", the cast found some unexpected stories about one of their most talkative and cheerful members.

"When he started working, we found an officetel [a small apartment-slash-office] in Mokdong," his parents said. "We visited him once a week, and one time, he wasn"t responding to his phone so we just went in and found him curled up, sleeping."

"He would get up quickly and tell us that he had a radio program to go to. One time, he seemed especially worn down and told us, "I was looking down from the 15th floor and wanted to jump"," they said.

"How difficult it must have been for him to say things like that," his parents recounted.

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"Now, we"re thankful that a lot of people know about him and like him," they said

K.Will Wants to Look Like Infinite′s L, Ahn Jae Hyeon and EXO′s Chan Yeol in His Next Life

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K.Will named the people he wants to look like in his next life.

During a recent filming of Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN Begins, K.Will brought up the idols and models that have appeared in his music videos and named some of their traits that he wants to have in his next life.

K.Will said, “I want to have Infinite L’s height, model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyeon’s sharpness and EXO Chan Yeol’s kind features. But it might be weird if you mix them all,” and laughed.

Feeling pressured by the life-sized idol figures lined up behind him, K.Will then said, “Can you please zoom out,” causing a round of laughter.

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Seo In Guk Compares His Drama Character from ‘Reply 1997’ and ‘High Schooler King of Life’

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Coming back with another drama, Seo In Guk brought up his characters, ‘Yoon Yoon Jae’ from Reply 1997 and ‘Lee Min Suk’ High Schooler King of Life.

Seo In Guk attended press conference for tvN’s upcoming drama High Schooler King of Life on June 11 in Imperial Hotel located in Gangnam-gu and said, “I feel grateful for the character of ‘Yoon Yoon Jae’ from Reply 1997.”

He said, “Yoon Yoon Jae from Reply 1997 is a brusque character and has his heart set on only one woman. He acts cold to people around him but he was studious and was close to being an unreal character. But ‘Min Suk’ from High Schooler King of Life is far from being studious. If there is a common trait between the two, maybe it’s their uniforms”

He continued, “Of course, Min Suk has his ingenious traits in certain areas