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Hyun Bin is Glad that Good Things Happened to Jung Woo

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Speaking about his good friend, Hyun Bin said he’s glad things worked out for Jung Woo.

In a recent interview with style magazine High Cut, Hyun Bin talked about fellow actor Jung Woo.

“After Reply 1994 ended, I talked to him on the phone,” said Hyun Bin. “I’m so glad good things happened to him.”

Regarding Jung Woo’s statement in an interview that Hyun Bin helped him a lot during his rookie year, Hyun Bin said, “I didn’t give him any help. We actually suffered a lot together.”

Hyun Bin and Jung Woo both acted in the movie Spin Kick as rookies in 2004.

Talking about his recent movie Fatal Encounter (King’s Wrath), Hyun Bin admitted that he really wanted to do well in the movie

4minute shake things up yet again to 'Watcha Doin' Today'

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Last time, 4minute and their staff danced randomly to the girls" "Whatcha Doin" Today" backstage. This time, they again shook things up to the title track during a meal together to celebrate the girls" win on SBS"s "Inkigayo."

The girls and their staff members all did a cheer when the song suddenly came on so they all started to shake to the rhythm of the beat! This video was uploaded onto Jihyun"s Instagram this time, so maybe each member is taking a turn. Either way, check out the fun clip below!

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Crucial Star and Girl’s Day Sojin Release Jazzy Duet “Three Things I Want to Give You”

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Hip hop musician Crucial Star has released his new single “Three Things I Want to Give You” feat Sojin of Girl’s Day. The new single is a mellow and relaxing jazz tune, and the two artists show that they can make a great duet. Sojin‘s sweet vocals go well with Crucial Star‘s relaxed rap flow to create a lovely song. After the success of Soyu and Junggigo’s duet “Some,” can this similar song be the next hit?

The music video is filmed in an art gallery and features actor Lee Si Hyun and beautiful model Lee Jin Kyung. The characters look at each other through an old video camera, and the actors turn into 2d images. Watch the fun music video below.

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Crucial Star and Girl's Day's Sojin talk about 'Three Things I Want to Give You'

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Crucial Star and Girl"s Day"s Sojin have released their duet "Three Things I Want to Give You"!

The song is a remake of Park Hye Kyung"s song, and Sojin showcased her unique clear voice for the song. The two of them sound amazing together, and this song is sure to be one of the huge hits that tend to result in the collaboration of a hip hop artist and a female idol.

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Check out the song above, will it be a hit?

Crucial Star and Girl’s Day’s Sojin Release “Three Things I Want to Give to You” Teaser

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Girl’s Day member Sojin and Crucial Star recently released a teaser clip for their joint project collaboration, “Three Things I Want to Give to You.”

On March 3, Grandline Entertainment revealed the teaser clip for “Three Things I Want to Give to You” on their official YouTube channel.

Digipedi directed the music video for “Three Things I Want to Give to You” along with music videos for Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending,” Geeks’ “Wash Away” and Kim Yerim’s “Voice.

“Three Things I Want to Give to You” is a remake of Park Hye Kyung’s original track

Sojin to collaborate with hip hop artist Crucial Star for 'Three Things I Want to Give You'

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Girl"s Day"s Sojin will be working with hip hop artist Crucial Star!
She recently recorded a duet with the hip hop artist for the song "Three Things I Want to Give You". The song is a remake of Park Hye Kyung"s song, and Sojin showcased her unique clear voice for the song.

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The song will be released on the 10th, so make sure to stay tuned!

Ten Things K-Pop Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

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After a certain amount of time, most K-Pop fans start to recognize the repeated comments and statements from others that send them angrily to the keyboard to leave a reply message or just make them roll their eyes in agitated defeat. Why do the same things come up over and over again anyway? Check out the list below that contains some of the most commonly made statements to K-Pop fans from those who just do not understand!

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"He looks like a girl."

No, he doesn"t! Yes, that is eyeliner... maybe some eyeshadow... but he"s clearly a guy. Look at those abs and masculine gaze--how could you ever mistaken him as a girl?

(Heechul - "Screw it, I"m fabulous

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Says Acting Teaches Him Many Things

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TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho revealed his thoughts on acting.

Attending January 14’s episode of SBS Power FM’s Power Time, U-Know Yunho said, “Acting is like my teacher.”

“I think I can say that I’ve acted in two major projects so far,” said the TVXQ members. “One is MBC’s No Limit and the other is SBS’s Yawang. The more I act, the more I realize how charming it is.”

He added, “If you ask me what I like better, singing or acting, I can’t say acting so fast since I’ve been a singer for ten years. But I learn things I didn’t know before, and come to see another side of me through acting. Acting is like my teacher.”

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Jewelry’s Yewon Says Things Are Awkward with ZE:A’s Kwang Hee After Cursing Him Out

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Jewelry’s Yewon shared a story about her best friend ZE:A’s Kwang Hee.

Airing on January 8, MBC’s Radio Star invited Yewon as a guest. As she is known to be very close friends with Kwang Hee, Kim Gura asked if she has ever cursed at Kwang Hee before.

“I once sincerely cursed him out,” admitted Yewon, explaining the story that all began with Kwang Hee’s jealousy. “Since then, things are still awkward with Kwang Hee.”

Curious, Yoon Jong Shin turned to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and asked, “Are they any cases like this at SM?”

“First, there’s no one like Kwang Hee at SM,” said Kyuhyun, drawing out laughter.

The episode will air on January 8.

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Second Set of 9Muses’ Teaser Images Continue to Heat Things Up for Upcoming Single “Glue”

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After releasing incredibly sexy teaser images for Lee Sem, Sunga, Sera and Kyungri, photos of the remaining five members of 9Muses have been revealed!

The second set of teaser images feature Hyuna, Euaerin, Eunji, Hyemi and Minha as they continue to raise temperatures with their sexy concept.

Just like the first set, the five 9Muses’ members are all decked out in black outfits that accent their gorgeous bodies. These teaser images show that Nine Muses is definitely confident with any part of their bodies as they pose with fierce poses and facial expressions.

These teasers are for 9Muses’ soon-to-be comeback with the single, “Glue.” The single is set to be released on December 4.

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Tablo Says Haru Is Always Teaching Him New Things

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Epik High member Tablo is currently participating in KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns” along with his adorable daughter Haru and talked about his experience while filming the show.

On December 1, he tweeted, “ Haru surprises me by the things she says and at other times she brings me to tears. I think all the children in the world are teachers that point out to us and reteach us the things we’ve forgotten while living.

“Superman Returns” follows Tablo and Haru’s daily activities while mommy Hyejung is away for 48 hours. The sweet father-daughter relationship is bound to melt your heart and is one of the many reasons why you should watch the show if you aren’t already!

In the most recent episode that aired, Tablo invited over fellow Epik High member DJ Tukutz and his son for a fun playdate

Things that K-Pop fans are Thankful For

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Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving in America--the day for you to not only eat as much as your stomach will allow but also to reflect on life and let your heart fill with gratitude for the things that make everything better even when things are hard. One reason people are such avid K-Pop fans is that it is something they can always turn to in their time of need as it provides an escape, it makes everything fun, and it is its own fantastical, dreamy world in which everyone looks gorgeous and are super talented. With that being said, here are a few of the K-Pop trademarks that make it such a phenomenon--the things that all K-Pop fans are especially grateful for--along with some of the representative idols!









More than anything, K-Pop fans are most likely thankful for the music whether it is pop, rap, hip hop, ballads, or even OSTs

5 Things You May Not Know About Vocal Sub-unit 100% V

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LOEN Entertainment creates an intimate fan to artist experience in a series of brief “I’M” interview clips that allow K-Pop fans to get to know various new artists and idol groups better! 100& sub-unit, 100% V, recently sat down for an interview with LOEN for their own feature, “I’M: 100%V”!

Here are five facts you may not have known about the talented quartet, 100%V:

1. “100% V” stands for 100% preparedness in delivering a powerful and perfect live vocal performance, with the “V” representing vocals and victory!

2. The four members have a great sense of humor and point out each other’s quirks without hesitation – like how Hyukjin loves to go karaoking and can belt out any song if given a number at random!

3. 100% V is comprised of the following members Jonghwan (vocal), Chanyong (rap), Rockhyun (vocal) and Hyukjin (vocal), with Rockhyun being the oldest (1991) and Hyukjin being the youngest (1993)!


miss AKeeps Things Sweet by Giving Away Cakes to Fans

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Miss A kept its promise with its fans.

On November 22, the members of miss A had made a promise during an interview on KBS Music Bank that if they won the first place that day, they would give ‘something delicious’ to fans.

After winning the trophy, the members kept their promise by bringing over 150 cakes to give out to fans gathered for CD fan signing event on November 23.

The member happily said, “We are so happy to be able to perform in front of fans again. We prepared a small gift as a token of appreciation for fans, who always support and cheer for us.”

Miss A plans to continue its performances of Hush until the first week of December.

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SNSD′s Seohyun Likes Teensy Weensy Things, FT Island’s Jong Hoon Teases New Album and More

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Dramas, concerts and other gigs kept the stars busy, and they took to the SNS world to update fans about it all.

See the latest in our Twitter Roundup.

B.A.P’s Daehyun tweeted a photo from the set of the group’s concert on November 13, writing “Everyone is doing their best to show you all something awesome...!!! See you soon~!”

G.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung tweeted a photo with 2PM’s Nichkhun and Jun.K, writing “Yo~~~~~.”

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon tweeted a photo on November 15, writing “Also had a great time with the brilliant pianist, Sun-Wook Kim.”

Kangin tweeted a photo on November 14, writing “It looks like the female lead and director are fighting but ㅋㅋㅋ.”

SNSD’s Seohyun tweeted a photo of a special gift from her father on November 13, writing “my dad made a teensy weensy piano for me!!:D thank u soooooo much daddy