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Idols do the darndest things: First Edition

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We’ve all come to love our idols through their music and vocal talent. But for the even more dedicated fans, it’s our idols’ loveable nature and personality that takes us over the edge and makes us fall in love with them.

Known for his “kkab” dance, going overboard in dancing, really emphasizing dance moves with your entire body in a humorous way, Jokwon never fails to entertain us with his quirky personality. Even when he’s playing the violin, Jokwon’s got to perform with the Jokwon flare…see for yourself in the video below:

Jokwon is no doubt the King of Kkab. miss A’s Min is then, none other than his partner and the Queen of Kkab. She showed her own zany personality with her spot on, but exaggerated dance moves on various television shows

2PM To Heat Things Up With Studio Album Comeback In September

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Beastly K-Pop idols 2PM are ready for a comeback and their agency has confirmed the group will release a new album next month.

JYP Entertainment has finally revealed plans for 2PM"s long-awaited comeback. A statement from the agency said, "2PM are very excited with their comeback in September up ahead and are passionately putting the final touches on their comeback... They"ll be actively promoting in Korea after the release of the album, so please look forward to it."

Eager fans have even more to be excited about because the guys will be releasing a full studio album.

According to reports, member Jun.K is said to have composed the title track for 2PM"s upcoming album, his first time adding writing credits to the group"s music

‘Fated to Love You’ Jang Hyuk says hurtful things to Jang Na Ra

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MBC drama "Fated to Love You" actor Jang Hyuk said hurtful things to actress Jang Na Ra. On the most recent episode of the drama MBC drama "Fated to Love You" which aired on August 6, 2014, Lee Gun, played by actor Jang Hyuk, forgot the presence of Kim Mi Young, played by actress Jang Na Ra, and the child, and said hurtful thigns to her. Lee Gun knew from news reports that Kim Mi Young used to be his wife, not his secretary. Lee Gun asked Kim Mi Young, "Why did you lie to me? You were not my secretary" and got angry at her. Kim Mi Young said, "I did not want to lie to you. It is because you lost your memory now and doctor Moon told me you can"t be too shocked right now." Lee Gun said, "I did get really shocked. I slept with you and have a baby now. You married me for money, right?" In related news, the new MBC romantic comedy drama "Fated to Love You" tells a story of a naïve girl named Kim Mi Young, played by actress Jang Na Ra, who is at times too nice, and her destined love with Lee Gun, played by actor Jang Hyuyk, whose position as a heir is being threatened

Park Myung Soo Reveals Future Plans and Dishes Dirt on MNET’s “4 Things Show”

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Comedian and singer Park Myung Soo is collaborating with a world famous hip-hop star on his next project.

On the August 5 edition of Mnet’s “4 Things Show,” Park Myung Soo appeared as a guest and disclosed previously untold stories about music and musicians. He also revealed his ambitions to take the stage at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) at the end of the year.

In his interview, Park Myung Soo discussed the story behind his chart-topping hit “Myung Soo’s Ddeokbokki,” in particular the process of casting featuring artists Lim Kim. He also talked about Yoon Jong Shin’s abrupt change after the song’s success, and the reaction of the “Infinity Challenge” cast

HyunA continues to heat things up with two male models in next teaser image for 'A Talk'

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HyunA continued to heat things up ahead of her comeback with the poster image for her upcoming third mini-album "A Talk"!

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Unlike her previous teaser images, HyunA poses with two mysterious men who noticeably have washboard abs, giving some eye candy for both fanboys and fangirls. She continues to sport her signature look of jet black hair and bold red lips in this image as well, hinting at the more mature sexy concept coming up.

Stay tuned for her comeback stage on the 25th and album release on the 28th!

Choiza’s Mother Talks About Her Son’s Habit of Losing Things on “The Human Condition”

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Choiza, one of the Dynamic Duo members, appeared on the KBS 2TV show “The Human Condition” with his mother Seo Yae Sook on the episode that aired on July 19.

Th mother and son were taking with fellow show member Kim Joon Hyun. When Kim Joon Hyun asked his mother, “Is there a secret you want to reveal to the audience?” to which Choiza’s mother joyfully agreed to tell.

She said, “My boy is nice but he really can’t take care of himself. Ever since he was young he used to lose things a lot and when someone got hold of his money that was supposed to his academy fee, he wouldn’t notice. He needs to fix that habit as soon as possible.”

When Kim Joon Hyun heard that he loses things, he humorously answered, “So that’s why he loses his wallet as well

GOT7 reveal they receive sex and ethics education at JYPE and talk about the things they did to grow taller

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GOT7 talked about the sex education that JYP Entertainment artists and trainees are known to receive and how their agency helped them to grow taller!

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On the July 9 broadcast of SBS Power FM"s "K.Will"s Young Street", DJ K.Will asked, "I heard that JYP Entertainment offers sex and morals/ethics education", which GOT7 confirmed, "Yes. We receive sex education and mental care."

Leader JB shared, "Ever since our trainee days, we would receive sex education from teacher Goo Sung Ae once every month. Teacher Goo Sung Ae once said, "I don"t know about anything else but JYP Entertainment is really clean when it comes to [sex education]

Dohee wonders why things got so cold in Tiny-G's 'Ice Baby' teaser

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Tiny-G has released their first teaser for their "Ice Baby" comeback!
After Myungji left the group to become an actress, the girls will be having a comeback as a trio. The first teaser for "Ice Baby" features member Dohee trying to call someone but failing to connect to the person.

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The caption on screen reads, "Why did we become so cold?". The teaser also shows a bit of the girls" concept and choreography at the end, so check it out above!
The girls" comeback is set for July 3rd.

Taeyang livens things up at '1AM' with the release of second comeback MV

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Get ready fans to swoon and swoon away! Taeyang has released the MV for another excellent track, "1 AM," off his second album, "RISE."

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As people have been awaiting more eye candy with the hunky Taeyang and dying of curiosity regarding his "hot bed scene" with actress Min Hyo Rin, they can finally rejoice in the release of a MV that is above and beyond their expectations.
Check it out above!

Kang Ha Neul sings 'The Three Things I Have Left' for the 'Angel Eyes' OST + making film

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Kang Ha Neul lent his voice for the song "The Three Things I Have Left" for his own starring drama "Angel Eyes" OST!

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Kang Ha Neul sang the acoustic version of Baek Ah Yeon"s previous OST song for the drama as the theme song for Lee Sang Yoon"s character Park Dong Joo, whom he plays the younger version of. He also showed his support for the drama with his handwritten placard as well as through the making film for his cover.

Listen to Kang Ha Neul"s soothing voice below!

Stellar talk about performing at the army on '4 Things Show'

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Stellar shared what it was like performing at the army on the May 6th episode of Mnet"s "4 Things Show".

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The girls of Stellar went to grab a meal with the AOMG family, and Jay Park asked, "What have you guys been doing these days?" Stellar replied, "We"re performing at events and at military bases. The response is amazing when we perform for the army."

Gray then commented, "They say the ground shakes." The girls said, "It"s true that it shakes. The cheers make the ground shake and the camera shake." Jay Park joked, "We"re pretty popular there too."

Jaejoong heat things up with a hot kiss and shower scene in 'Triangle'

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New SBS drama "Doctor Stranger" and MBC drama "Triangle" are already heating things up with kiss scenes starting from the very first episodes!

In "Triangle," Kim Hye Eun"s character could not wait as she pulled Jaejoong into her house for a kiss as soon as he rang her doorbell, causing him to pull away and say nonchalantly, "Slowly. Let"s do it gently. You"re acting like we won"t see each other again. What is it?"

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Afterwards, he takes a shower . . . which is of course what leads to the now famous scene in the trailer of him running away from some men in his underwear and passing Baek Jin Hee in slow motion

Hyun Bin is Glad that Good Things Happened to Jung Woo

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Speaking about his good friend, Hyun Bin said he’s glad things worked out for Jung Woo.

In a recent interview with style magazine High Cut, Hyun Bin talked about fellow actor Jung Woo.

“After Reply 1994 ended, I talked to him on the phone,” said Hyun Bin. “I’m so glad good things happened to him.”

Regarding Jung Woo’s statement in an interview that Hyun Bin helped him a lot during his rookie year, Hyun Bin said, “I didn’t give him any help. We actually suffered a lot together.”

Hyun Bin and Jung Woo both acted in the movie Spin Kick as rookies in 2004.

Talking about his recent movie Fatal Encounter (King’s Wrath), Hyun Bin admitted that he really wanted to do well in the movie

4minute shake things up yet again to 'Watcha Doin' Today'

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Last time, 4minute and their staff danced randomly to the girls" "Whatcha Doin" Today" backstage. This time, they again shook things up to the title track during a meal together to celebrate the girls" win on SBS"s "Inkigayo."

The girls and their staff members all did a cheer when the song suddenly came on so they all started to shake to the rhythm of the beat! This video was uploaded onto Jihyun"s Instagram this time, so maybe each member is taking a turn. Either way, check out the fun clip below!

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Park Shin Hye Gives High Praises to Lee Seung Hwan’s “Things That Only Happen to Me”

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Park Shin Hye has expressed her approval of singer Lee Seung Hwan‘s comeback track.

The actress wrote on her Twitter on March 18, “I listened to this in the morning, and I felt goosebumps all over my body. What should I say… As expected.. The best..” and posted a link to the music video of “Things That Only Happen to Me.”

She is not the only one that has been impressed by Lee Seung Hwan’s powerful comeback. Producer Don Spike wrote, “You are pretty much the best,” and operatic pop tenor Lim Hyung Joo said, “Lee Seung Hwan’s new song is good. So touching. As expected, he did not disappoint.” Go Young Bae, member of band Soran, expressed, “Different as expected. I like new and different so much