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[Spoiler] "Pride and Prejudice" Baek Jin-hee"s tragic family tale

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Baek Jin-hee"s tragic family story was told og the third episode of the MBC drama "Pride and Prejudice".

Han Yeol-moo was investigating a case about a child falling to death at a school and recalled her own painful past. Fifteen years ago, she was going to school while her family was moving homes and her little sister Han-byeol, who wanted to follow her to school, went missing.

A body claiming to be Han-byeol"s was found and this became a trauma to Yeol-moo and her mother suffered mental depression.

Kim Myeong-sook (Kim Na-woon) had yelled at Yeol-moo, "You don"t care if your family breaks apart! You don"t care what happens to your father! Why did you become a prosecutor? Are you happy doing what you want? What about your sister? Don"t you care about her at all?" Han Yeol-moo was hurt by those words and cried, "Am I not your daughter as well?"

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A Shameful Tale: Lee Byung-Hun’s Blackmail

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A Shameful Tale: Lee Byung-Hun’s Blackmail Written by Andy On October 7, 2014

Blackmailing celebrities: even idols do it.

At the end of August, actor Lee Byung-hun (44) immediately turned to law enforcement officials to report a blackmail attempt. The culprits: GLAM’s Dahee(20) and model Lee Ji-yeon (25). According to reports, the women claimed to have a compromising video of the actor that would be shared unless the actor paid the ladies a sum of money (approximately $5 million). The video in question supposedly captured Lee Byung-hun making inappropriate sexualized comments to the ladies while drinking.

Reportedly, the trio met through a mutual friend. During one of their meetings, one of the women recorded the actor making the lewd comments when they were together either at a restaurant, Lee Byung-hun’s home, or Lee Ji-yeon’s home

Meghan Trainor and “The King’s Face:” A Tale of Two Plagiarism Stories

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Meghan Trainor and “The King’s Face:” A Tale of Two Plagiarism Stories Written by Willis On August 28, 2014

Plagiarism in the Korean media industry has reared its head again in two different cases recently. One involves music and is an international allegation while the other deals with a movie versus a television show that is utilizing the same subject matter.

In the first situation, Meghan Trainor’s song “All About That Bass” has come under fire for its similarities to Koyote’s 2006 track “Happy Mode.” In the second matter, Jupiter Films has started legal action against KBS claiming the TV series The King’s Face, which has yet to be released, is infringing on their 2013 movie The Face Reader.

Copyright claims can be at times outrageous as the K-pop watchdog netizens persecute any artist whose song shares any two notes with their idol

Ji Jin Hee Cast in Chinese Film ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ And Begins Filming

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Ji Jin Hee has been cast in the Chinese film A Tale of Two Cities and has already commenced filming.

Ji Jin Hee attended the press conference in China on June 13, spending meaningful time with actress Ivy Chen, who will be acting opposite him in the film.

He began filming in Busan on June 18, and will be focusing on filming the movie until it premieres in the later half of this year.

A Tale of Two Cities will tell a story centered around a couple’s marriage. Ji Jin Hee will be acting as the father who is against his daughter’s marriage.

The movie is directed by director Kim Tae Gyun, who is famous for his films Volcano High, A Barefoot Dream and more.

Meanwhile, A Tale of Two Cities will premiere in China in November

The 1960′s American K-Pop Tale of “The Kim Sisters”: From Post War Korean Poverty to USA Prime Time

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If asked “What is the first Korean music you were introduced to?” how would you respond? Fans from the 90′s might say H.O.T., Seo Taiji and Boys, g.o.d, Fin.k.l and etc. More recent fans may respond with Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, and etc. However, if you were to ask the same question to an American in the 1960′s, they would most likely respond with “The Kim Sisters.”

Wait, the Kim Sisters? Who in the world are they? “The Kim Sisters” was a popular female music trio from Korea composed of sisters Sook-ja, Ai-ja, and Mia (Mia is actually a cousin of the two, but was considered a sister) who battled poverty and hardships on their journey to becoming a top act in the glittering light filled city of Las Vegas, as well as becoming a favorite guest on the popular Sunday night variety show “Ed Sullivan Show

Goo Hye Sun Looks Like She Popped Out of a Winter Fairy Tale in Elle

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Goo Hye Sun displayed a mysterious yet pure charm, looking like she just came from a fairy tale!

Fashion magazine Elle recently revealed Goo Hye Sun’s pictorial as part of a jewelry photo shoot. For this shoot, Goo Hye Sun sported a necklace made of wool by Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist and writer. Goo Hye Sun also wore a white dress and put her hair in a perfectly messy array, which complements her wool necklace.

Her white outfit and porcelain skin contrasts with her jet-black hair, creating a mysterious and pure look like a character from a winter fairy tale!

This pictorial is part of the “From Picasso to Jeff Koons: The Artist as Jeweler” exhibition at Seoul’s Hangaram Design Museum. This exhibition is being held in Asia for the first time this year with over 200 pieces of specially made jewelry by famous designers

Girls′ Generation to Hold a Fairy Tale Fantasy Concert

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Girls′ Generation (SNSD) will be inviting over fans from in and out of Korea for an end-of-year concert.

SNSD will be perfoming at theSMTOWN WEEK GIRLS’ GENERATION Marchen Fantasy concert on December 22.

This concert will have a fairy tale concept to go along with its name of ‘Marchen Fantasy,’ showing the members performing on uniquely decorated stages.

The SNSD members will be presenting not only their hit songs, but a range of Christmas carols and solo stages for their fans from around the world.

Meanwhile, SMTOWN WEEK will take place between December 21 through 29 at Ilsan Kintex featuring SM artists, including TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, F(x), EXO and more.

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