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5 Things Every Korean Person Has Grown Up Doing‏

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Ever caught yourself doing something and then thinking, ‘Gee, I wonder if I’m the only unlucky soul forced to do this in the world’? Well, don’t fret because, most likely, there is at least one other person who’s suffering with you!

If you’re Korean and have caught yourself wondering whether or not you are all alone in this world, here’s 5 Things Every Korean Child Has Grown Up Doing‏

1. Bowing to strangers on the street, assuming you know them somehow.There’s this thing about Korean communities all over the world— everyone is interconnected, one way or another. These connections can get so out-of-hand, you get used to being ambushed by random adults.

This is a situation you’ve probably been in at least once in your life: You’re walking along the street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere: “Suzy! You’ve grown soooooo much!” You turn around, come face-to-face with a lady, maybe around your mother’s age, beaming at you, expecting an answer

TEEN TOP show they"ve grown up in September issue of "Singles" magazine

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TEEN TOP showed that they"re all grown up now in the September issue of "Singles" magazine.

For the fall look, TEEN TOP focused on their more mature, masculine, and charismatic sides. "Singles" magazine drew their concept around the fact that the TEEN TOP members are all in their twenties this year.

In other news, TEEN TOP will be heading to Central and South America for their world tour, "TEEN TOP 2014 World Tour - HIGH KICK".

Actress Kim So Hyun Looks All Grown Up in Recent Pictures

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Child actress Kim So Hyun recently revealed photos of herself that give off a sophisticated vibe and show off her mature charms.

On July 26, actress Kim So Hyun posted on her personal Instagram account, “The staff members took this picture for me on the day of my photo shoot~!!! Thank you~” along with two photos.

In the uploaded pictures, Kim So Hyun can be seen in a black pleated dress, wearing a darker makeup look than usual. She is drawing attention for her grown up appearance that makes it hard to believe she is actually a middle school student.

Meanwhile, the actress will be starring in an upcoming OCN drama titled “Reset,” to begin airing on August 10, in which she will be taking on two separate roles as actor Chun Jung Myung’s first love, Seung Hee, as well as a high school student named Eun Bi

Actress Kim So Hyun Shows How Much She’s Grown Through Her Baby Pictures

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Child star Kim So Hyun’s childhood photos were revealed.

On May 11, Kim So Hyun posted a photo with the description on her personal Twitter account, “My aunt showed me a photo that she has kept from a very long time ago. I think it is from when I was 2 and 6 years old? My hair…”
In the pictures, you can see the actress’s appearance at a young age. As an infant, she had the same large eyes, small lips and doll-like cuteness that she has kept to this day. Also, a bit different from her current pure and innocent appearance, her preschool self gives off an ‘adorable little lady’ image, bursting with cute charm.

Kim So Hyun debuted as a child actress in 2007 through KBS 2TV’s “A Happy Woman,” followed by many more works including “The Duo,” “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” “Rooftop Prince,” “I Miss You,” “I Hear Your Voice,” “Suspicious Housekeeper,” and more, solidifying her spot as a child star

The Baby from g.o.d’s “Babysitting Diaries” Is All Grown Up!

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On the March 23 episode of MBC’s “Happy Sunday,” the show revealed a photo of the toddler who had featured on “g.o.d’s Babysitting Diaries” 14 years ago. The variety show in which g.o.d had starred in back in 2000 followed the boy group babysitting a toddler named Jae Min. Although at the time the baby could barely talk, fans of the show had been curious about what Jae Min had been up to. As an old photo of Jun Ji Hyun holding Jae Min as a toddler re-surfaced, people were reminded of the hilarious variety show that they had watched 14 years ago.

However, people’s curiosities were answered as “Happy Sunday” revealed a recent photo of Jae Min wearing his high school uniform, surprising everybody by how the cute toddler had grown into a handsome young man

Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan Is All Grown Up

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StarHaus Entertainment, home to actor Lee Min Ho, released four never-before-seen photos of the actor on February 24. These photos are from Lee Min Ho’s pictorial for clothing brand Bench‘s S/S collection.

Filtered black and white, the photos capture Lee Min Ho sharp features and large eyes. The star of the SBS drama “The Heirs” looks mature, stylish, and luxurious, like his drama character, Kim Tan, all grown up from his teenage years.

After completing “The Heirs” in December of last year, the star has been busy with overseas promotions, but is now buckling down to prepare for his upcoming role in the film “Gangnam Blues.” ”Gangnam Blues” has been described as an action noir film, which will show another side of the actor as he channels the intensity and physical fitness needed for his role

Yoo Seung Woo is all grown up in MV for 'Hesitating Lips'

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Yoo Seung Woo, who got his start by participating in "Superstar K4", has taken fans by surprise with his mature transformation with his latest comeback as he becomes 18 (Korean age).

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Although he"s been known as a "musical child genius", he"s now shedding that child image not only in terms of music and concept, but physically as well for his baby cheeks are now gone and we see a maturing young man in front of us.
He recruits TV personality Park Eun Ji and actor Lee Jae Yoon for the MV for title track "Hesitating Lips", so check it out above. You can also give the other songs off his album "Early Nineteen" through the playlist below.

Child Actress Kim Sae Ron Is All Grown Up

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Child actress Kim Sae Ron seems to have grown up all of a sudden, and it’s become a hot topic.

Kim Sae Ron uploaded pictures of what she’s been up to on her mini-homepage recently, and in the pictures, it’s hard to believe that she’s only thirteen. Her sudden and rapid growth has caught the eyes of many.

In the pictures, Kim Sae Ron gives off a more mature feel, showing off her long straight hair, clear features and long legs, with the pair of sunglasses giving her a female starlet aura. Just comparing her current pictures to ones taken just a year ago in December 2012, one can see that she has matured quite a bit.

Kim Sae Ron was born in 2000, and she’s currently attending middle school. While we know that teenagers are prone to growth spurts, Kim Sae Ron’s rapid change in appearance has nevertheless stunned fans

Lee Joon Is All Grown Up in Harper’s Bazaar

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MBLAQ member and movie actor Lee Joon had the charm of a mature actor in a pictorial for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

In the photos Lee Joon wears mature suits that only a mature man could pull off. With his slicked back hair and serious expressions, Lee Joon uses the photographs to announce that he is now a serious actor.

Lee Joon has been focusing more on his identity as an actor, rather than an idol, as he promotes this movie “Rough Play.” The movie is about the backstory of an actor (Lee Joon) who is dying to become famous, and once he gets a taste, can’t stop himself. In an interview with the pictorial Lee Joon said about his movie, “It was a great honor to be in this movie. I was able to experience this actor profession, whether it be receiving applause one day and then pricking my finger on another

Big Bang′s Seungri Says He′s All Grown Up

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The boy who seemed would be Big Bang′s maknae for all time is back as a man. Seungri returned as a solo singer for the first time in two years and seven months with his solo album Let′s Talk About Love.

Seungri is 23 years old in Korean age this year. He′s still young, but he knows how to write his own songs and even produce. The track GG Be is especially about the complicated emotions he felt after a breakup.

Seungri up close

Seungri′s expressions betrayed the anticipation and concerns he felt toward his solo comeback.

"So many thoughts race through my head," he said about the many different reactions to his first performance.

He said he was also worried that what he wanted to convey to his audience didn′t get through