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Three Korean Movies to Screen at Cannes Film Festival

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Three Korean movies are scheduled to screen at the Cannes International Film Festival in May this year. The three films are “The Target”, “A Girl at My Door” and “Breath”.

Festival organizers have announced that action thriller “The Target”, starring Ryu Seung Ryong (star of “Midnight in Cell No. 7”), will be scheduled for a midnight screening. Traditionally, two or three movies in the action, sci-fi, and horror genres have been selected for midnight screenings at the festival. Although films in these genres are not usually shown at Cannes, a select few are chosen by organizers to screen as part of special late-night sessions.

“The Target”, directed by Chang, is a remake of a 2010 French movie entitled “Point Blank”. The story follows a former mercenary who finds himself accused of a crime he did not commit

Rain in talks to star in new Korean drama 'Indian Summer'

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Rain may be making his comeback in Korea as an actor as he received an offer to join a new drama.

His agency Cube DC told Star News on April 21, "Rain recently received an offer to star in new drama "Indian Summer," which will be directed by Producer Lee Hyung Min."

However, it is yet unclear whether he will take on the role as the agency continued, "We"ve only received the offer; nothing has been confirmed yet."

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Rain had previously worked with Producer Lee through popular KBS 2TV drama, "Sangdoo, Let"s Go To School" in 2003. People are widely curious to see how their next collaborative drama might be if he accepts this offer, which will make "Indian Summer" his first drama in approximately four years since KBS 2TV"s "The Fugitive: Plan B

The number of Korean moviegoers drop severely in light of the Sewol incident

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The Sewol sinking has hit the movie industry as well.
The number of moviegoers on Saturday the 19th, as compared to previous weekends and previous years, has been cut severely. Last week on the 12th, almost 500,000 people were watching movies, including Hollywood movies such as "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and Korean movies such as "Wandering Blade". The number is already small, because "Captain America" has been out for some time, and April is not the peak season for movies.

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However, this week the numbers dropped even more. Moviegoers watching "Captain America" has dropped by about half, with the same happening for "Wandering Blade". The total number of moviegoers reached a little over 330,000, about half of the number of moviegoers compared to the same period in previous years, and a severe drop compared to last week as well

Korean movie 'Gyeongju' releases teaser posters of Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il

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Director Zhang Lu"s first comedy/melodrama movie "Gyeongju" released the teaser poster for actors Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il on April 17.

The two are basking in the warm sun for a natural spring look and looking off into the distance. It suggests an interesting romance budding between the two as Park Hae Il"s poster asks, "Can I hold your hand once?" and Shin Min Ah"s poster asks, "Can I touch your ear once?"

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The story outlines the two characters" coincidental meeting at a travel destination as they spend one night and two days in Gyeongju together. The movie will be out in May!

You can also check out a trailer below

Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang score another endorsement deal for Korean language learning

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Choo Sung Hoon and Choo Sarang have scored another endorsement deal, this time for Korean language learning materials!

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A "Woongjin Think Big" rep stated on the 15th, "The "Choovely" father and daughter who are receiving love from the entire nation have been chosen as the models for "Woongjin Think Big"s "Master the Korean Language". They held their photo shoot on the 11th."

Another rep added, "Sarang definitely inherited her mother Japanese top model Yano Shiho"s talent... All of her expressions and poses are photogenic."

It has been revealed that Sarang impressed the staff with her improving Korean skills as she asked for juice in Korean and even learned some Korean from the study materials

EXO to release Korean and Chinese versions of 'Overdose' mini album on the 21st

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EXO will release the two versions of their second mini-album "Overdose" in Korean and Chinese by EXO-K and EXO-M, respectively, on the 21st!

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SM Entertainment stated on the 15th, "As much as EXO will promote in Korea and China as EXO-K and EXO-M for their new album, two versions in Korean and Chinese will be released."

The mini-album consists of a total five tracks including title track "Overdose", as well as "Moonlight", "Thunder", "Run", and "Love Love Love".

But before the mini album release, EXO-K will kick off their comeback stages on "Music Bank" on the 18th, "Music Core" on the 19th, and "Inkigayo" on the 20th. EXO-M will also hold a press conference in China on the 19th and will hold their first comeback stage on CCTV"s "Global Chinese Music" on the 19th

Teen Top Gorges on Korean Food, A Pink Celebrates No. 1 Win and More

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preview nextview 1/8 preview nextview From number one wins to the launch of a new variety show, there was much to be celebrated, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Park Bom tweeted a photo of actor Lee Dong Wook on April 10, writing “As a fan who totally loves ‘Hotel King’ and Lee Dong Wook oppa’s ‘Roommate’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m daringly posting an everyday photo of oppa to say fightin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ’Hotel King’ fighting~~!!!!!”

A Pink celebrated its first number one on MBC Music’s Show Champion with a proof shot, tweeting this photo on its official Twitter with the message, “First number one, thank you.”

Announcer Jang Ji Won tweeted a photo with Yoo Jae Suk on April 9, teasing at upcoming KBS variety show I Am a Man, writing “Is God Yoo a real man? Of course, he has to be! ‘I Am a Real Man,’ tonight at 11:15

TEEN TOP fill up on Korean food before heading off to Russia for world tour 'High Kick'

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TEEN TOP made sure to get their fix of Korean food before heading off to Russia for their world tour.

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On April 9, the group tweeted the photo of the boys chowing down above as well as the message, "TEEN TOP eating up Korean food before leaving for Russia." The TEEN TOP members were so into the delicious food that they don"t seem to even be aware of the camera snapping photos of them.

TEEN TOP have already stopped by Japan and the United States for their "2014 World Tour - High Kick" and will head to Russia, Hungary, France, Taiwan, China, and South America next.

Teen Top Gets Their Fill of Korean Food before Russian and European Leg of World Tour

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Teen Top in the middle of inhaling Korean food before leaving for Russia!”

Teen Top posted this on their Twitter on April 9 with photos of the team hunched over bowls and bowls of Korean food, their faces just barely visible, if at all.

The group just recently finished the American and Canadian leg of their world tour, “Teen Top 2014 World Tour ‘HIGH KICK,” and is off to Moscow, Russia, then Budapest, Hungary, and finally Paris, France, making their way west for the next part of their tour.

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Jung Woong In and His Daughter Confirmed for ‘Dad! Where Are You Going?’

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After the departure of Kim Jin Pyo, Jung Woong In will be filling in the empty spot on MBC’s Dad! Where Are You Going?.

On April 9, Dad! Where Are You Going? stated in a press release that Jung Woong In and his first daughter, Jung Se Yoon, aged 8, will be joining the program.

They will join the other five families for their first trip on April 12.

“After so many requests from the staff, Jung Woong In decided to join Dad! Where Are You Going?” said the staff. “We hope that he and his daughter will make lots of good memories and have a good time.”

The first episode with the new father and daughter will air at the end of April.

Photo Credit: Newsen

M.C the Max’s Drummer Jun Min Hyuk Announces He Is Already Married and Has a Daughter

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It was revealed that M.C The Max‘s drummer Jun Min Hyuk is already married and is a father to a baby girl. The band’s agency revealed on April 6 that the drummer was unable to publicly announce his marriage or the birth of his daughter due to personal reasons. M.C The Max’s agency stated, “After being discharged from the military back in August of 2011, drummer Jun Min Hyuk filed for marriage to his long time girlfriend in October 2011.”

Moreover, the drummer welcomed his first daughter back in April 2013, but was unable to announce the good news to the public. However, Jun Min Hyuk will be able to receive many words of congratulations as the drummer will finally hold a wedding ceremony with his wife on May 31. Family and close friends will be present for the special ceremony.

Congratulations Jun Min Hyuk

Lee Byung Hun cast in Korean movie 'Insiders'

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World star Lee Byung Hun has been cast in a new movie directed by Woo Min Ho and written by Yoon Tae Ho called "Insiders." He will be playing the "political gangster" Ahn Sang Goo in the movie, which is based on a web-toon of the same name.

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The movie focuses on the decay and corruption deeply rooted in Korean society through a sharp dissection of "inside people." Lee Byung Hun"s character, Ahn Sang Woo, will play one of those corrupt people, who then become bent on revenge after his life comes to ruin.

They will begin filming in July for a premiere in the first half of 2015!

B.A.P's Himchan impresses with his Korean drumming skills along to 'Amazing Grace'

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B.A.P"s Himchan swept viewers off their feet with his impressive janggu (Korean traditional drum) skills along to "Amazing Grace".

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On the April 5th broadcast of SBS" "Star King", Park Jun Kyu and Himchan played a remix of "Amazing Grace" with their gayageum and janggu, respectively, in their hanbok. Although Himchan"s janggu skills were surprising to some, it has been revealed that he has been playing the janggu and gukak (Korean traditional music) since he was in middle school as a scholarship student for six years throughout middle and high school thanks to his talent.

Check out the touching performance above!

Lee Min Ho Discussed the Hallyu Wave with Korean President Park Gun Hye

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Hallyu top actor Lee Min Ho met with Korean president Park Geun Hye in a meeting about Korean culture and the Hallyu wave.

The two met on April 4 in Goyang, after Lee Min Ho received an invitation from Cheongwadae (The Blue House) and the Korea Creative Contents Agency. The other members of the meeting were important entertainment industry officials, and 200 college students were there to observe and learn about the topic of Hallyu and expanding Korean’s reach overseas.

During the meeting Lee Min Ho said, “I am thankful for the love from the Korean fans, but I also feel a responsibility of spreading out cultural contents as Hallyu to other countries.” The actor talked about the industry should not just see Hallyu as something for profit, but a mean to exchange ideas across borders

Lee Min Ho meets South Korean president Park Geun Hye

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Actor Lee Min Ho was reported to have met South Korean president Park Geun Hye on April 4. He was invited to take part in the third meeting of the Committee of Flourishing Culture by the Korea Creative Content Agency. President Park Geun Hye likewise participated in the meeting to discuss the topic of Hallyu.

A rep from the Korea Creative Content Agency said, "President Park Geun Hye is set on making the prosperity of culture be this administration"s main task. As a part of this, Lee Min Ho and a couple of business world leaders went to the discussion to listen and talk about Hallyu contents."

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Park Geun Hye took part in this discussion with nine other people, including the chairman of the Committee of Flourishing Culture, Kim Dong Ho