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Park Ki Woong and Nam Gyu Ri Have an Unconventional Romance in “Mad Sad Bad – Saw You”

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The movie “Mad Sad Bad – Saw You” forewarned about its unconventional romance.

Director Han Ji Seung, who received praise for maturing his ability in melodramas to the next step through the drama “Age of Feelings,” is attempting an unconventional melodrama about zombie romance in ‘Mad Sad Bad – Saw You’.

“Mad Sad Bad” is a 3D movie containing three stories from directors Ryu Seung Wan, Han Ji Seung and Kim Tae Yong, and the movie was selected as the opening film at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival. Among the parts of the film is “Saw You” from director Han Ji Seung, in which it contains a story about a zombie situation where the original curers and humans end up living through the development of a cure while also touching upon the memories and love stories of those involved

Hyun Bin’s “The King’s Wrath” to Premiere in North America

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Good news for Hyun Bin‘s fans in North America! You will get a chance to catch the actor in his comeback movie and first historical role. It has been announced that his movie, The King’s Wrath,” will hit theaters in North America in May.

According to a report, a representative of the production company said “The King’s Wrath” is set to open in North American theaters on May 23, with an expected total of 25 cinemas across the continent screening the film. Distribution of “The King’s Wrath” in North America is managed by Dream West, which was also responsible for the overseas distribution of Korean movies such as “Secretly, Greatly,” “Coronary,” and “Friend 2.”

The report said Dream West is looking towards good results for “The King’s Wrath,” with Hyun Bin in the lead alongside director Lee Jae Kyu of the dramas “Beethoven Virus” and “The King 2 Hearts

Hyun Bin’s Movie ‘The King’s Wrath’ to Premiere in America

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Hyun Bin’s movie The King’s Wrath will be premiering in America.

The King’s Wrath, highly anticipated to be the next successful historical film following Masquerade and Face Reader, is expected to spread Korean culture by premiering on May 23 in over 25 theatres around North America.

The movie will be distributed by Dream West, which also successfully distributed Secretly, Greatly, Face Reader, Friend 2 and more.

An affiliate of Dream West stated, “Face Reader was well received in North America and we saw the same potential to succeed with The King’s Wrath. We also chose The King’s Wrath because we have our trust in director Lee Jae Kyu, who also directed drama Beethoven Virus and The King 2Hearts, and stars Hyun Bin, Jung Jae Young, Jo Jeong Seok and Jo Jae Hyun who have positive images

Kim Soo Hyun Takes His Step Forward as ‘Irreplaceable Actor’

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Having turned just 27 this year (Korean age), Kim Soo Hyun has become one of Korea’s representative and irreplaceable actors.

From his early project Giant to the most recent syndrome-causing You Who Came From the Stars, the actor has been setting records with his successful projects.

With numerous places sending out love calls, Kim Soo Hyun turned all of this success to those around him and remained humble.

Having just completed filming, without having chance to look around at the explosive response surrounding him, Kim Soo Hyun looked rather relaxed and calm. One could see the actor has finally left behind ‘Do Min Jun,’ the character who struggled with deep emotions, from the looks of ease on his face.

-How would you compare Do Min Jun to Kim Soo Hyun?

“(Do) Min Jun knows many things, but I need to study a lot more

Park Yoo Chun’s Mother is a Fan of ‘You Who Came From the Stars’

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Ready to take the baton, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun talked a little about SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars.

On February 26, Park Yoo Chun attended the press conference for Three Days at the Imperial Palace Seoul hotel in Gangnam with the other members of the cast and staff.

As Three Days will be following up You Who Came From the Stars, which received much popularity and love, Park Yoo Chun was asked about his thoughts on the drama.

“My mother is a fan of You Who Came From the Stars, so I watched it too. I thought it was a very fun drama, and Three Days is ready to have that drama’s strength transferred over.”

Son Hyeon Ju also stated that while he wasn’t able to watch the complete series due to filming, he enjoyed what he saw, especially since Kim Soo Hyun, whom he worked with in Secretly Greatly was in the drama

Kim Soo Hyun’s Fans Celebrate Actor’s Birthday through Large Donations to the Needy

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Actor Kim Soo Hyun’s fans have shown another example of the changing culture of fandom in Korea. The actor’s fans recently celebrated his birthday by donating large amounts of supplies to those in need. On February 16, fans donated 4.22 tons of rice, 6220 coal heating blocks, 3200 diapers, and 1200 ramyun in Kim Soo Hyun’s name. That’s not all, as the actor’s fans also donated about 4694 USD to those in need. The reason behind such generous donations was that Kim Soo Hyun’s fans believed that although a gift specifically for the actor would have been nice, donating to those in need was a more meaningful way to celebrate the actor’s birthday.

Previously, Kim Soo Hyun’s fans had displayed their acts of kindness through donation events. During the press conference for the actor’s 2012 movie, “The Thieves,” fans donated 1

Park Ki Woong Cast in Kim Ki Duk’s “Made in China”

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Actor Park Ki Woong will star in Kim Ki Duk Film‘s upcoming movie titled “Made in China.”

He will be playing the strong and masculine lead character Chen, and will be challenged to set the mood of the movie with his powerful but detailed acting. Debut project of producer Kim Dong Hoo, the film will touch on the meaning of introspection.

Known for his applaudable performances in “Secretly, Greatly,” “War of the Arrows,” and “Bridal Mask,” the young actor showed his passion by immersing in his role immediately after the casting. All the way from hair to clothes, he is currently doing his best to become the perfect Chen, and fans are already anticipating to see his transformation.

Kim Soon Mo of Kim Ki Duk Films commented, “Park Ki Woong is an actor filled with emotions

Kim Soo Hyun to Travel to Six Different Countries on Asian Tour in March

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Kim Soo Hyun fans in Asia, you are in luck!

Actor Kim Soo Hyun will be meeting his fans in March by youring six different Asian countries including Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

On February 5, Key East commented, “Kim Soo Hyun will go on an Asian Tour for receiving such great love from fans through his film ‘Secretly Greatly‘ and dramas ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun‘ and ‘Man from the Stars.‘”

Starting from the middle of March, Kim Soo Hyun will kick off his Asian Tour in Seoul. Then he will visit Taiwan and China, in which he’ll travel to three different cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Then he’ll make a visit in Japan, Singapore and lastly, Thailand.

Kim Soo Hyun had recently placed #1 on the Chinese portal site Baidu‘s “Today’s Actor” rankings

Kim Soo Hyun to Hold Fan Meeting in Six Countries in Asia

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Kim Soo Hyun will be making his way through and around Asia.

Keyeast Entertainment, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, announced, “We were able to organize the Asian fan meeting tour thanks to the fans who’ve shown their support for the movie Secretly, Greatly as well as the dramas The Sun and the Moon and You Who Came From the Stars.”

Beginning in the middle of March, Kim Soo Hyun will launch his fan meeting tour, starting with Seoul and making his way to Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

Kim Soo Hyun recently ranked number one under ‘Today’s Actor’ in Chinese portal website, Baidu, beating out other stars in Asia.

He also gathered 5,000 fans for his fan meeting in Japan, which took place last October, and has carried on his global promotions by visiting America and Hong Kong when the movie Secretly, Greatly premiered

7-Man Lineup for Kim Woo Bin’s “The Technicians” Confirmed

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The movie “The Technicians” has finalized its main cast, including actors Kim Woo Bin and Lee Hyun Woo and will move into filming in March.

Production company Trinity Entertainment confirmed the casting for its follow-up movie to “Friend 2,” “The Technicians.” The movie will star Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Chang Suk, Jo Dal Hwan, Kim Young Chul, Shin Gu and Im Joo Hwan.

In 2013, Kim Woo Bin saw his stock rise following memorable performances in “Friend 2” and “The Heirs,” while Lee Hyun Woo was in box-office hit “Secretly and Greatly,” alongside Kim Soo Hyun and Park Ki Woong

‘You Who Came From the Stars’ to Broadcast Only One Episode Due to Holiday

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To the disappointment of many fans, SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars will not be broadcasting on Thursday night.

On January 27, SBS revealed that due to the Lunar New Year holiday, it decided it was best not to broadcast episode 14 of the popular drama.

With the actual holiday landing on January 31, SBS predicted that many viewers will be on the move to their hometowns on January 30 to meet their families.

In place of episode 14, SBS will air the movie Secretly Greatly starring Kim Soo Hyun.

A production staff working on You Who Came From the Stars commented, “We were working like it was a live broadcast, but now that we have one episode’s worth of space, it’ll be a nice short break for us. It’ll be a resting period that’s needed to make a better drama

Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo and More to Star in Upcoming Movie

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Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Chang Seok and Kim Young Chul confirmed their appearance in an upcoming film The Technicians (translated).

Kim Woo Bin became one of the most anticipated young stars after his appearance in the drama The Heirs and movie Friend 2, while Lee Hyun Woo also gained popularity after taking on the role of a north Korean spy in the movie Secretly, Greatly, which was a hit movie that sold over 7 million tickets.

The Technicians, the new project of director Kim Hong Sun, who also directed The Traffickers, will tell the story of the crime technicians around the harbor area.

Lee Hyun Woo will take on the role of ‘Jong Bae,’ a genius hacker who sets the atmosphere for the group with his bright personality

Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo and Others Confirmed for New Heist Film

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Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo and others have been confirmed for the upcoming film, “The Technicians” (working title).

On January 27, film industry insiders revealed that the cast has been confirmed with Kim Woo Bin, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Young Chul and Go Chang Suk.

“The Technicians” is director Kim Hong Sun‘s newest project. Kim Hong Sun won the Rookie Director Award at the 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards for the film, “The Traffickers.”

“The Technicians,” which was once called “Checkmate,” is a heist film that is similar in genre with “The Big Swindle” and “The Thieves.” The film is about a safebreaker and his friends. Kim Woo Bin will be playing the safebreaker role while Lee Hyun Woo will be playing a hacker

“Man from the Stars” Kim Soo Hyun Shows Tireless Effort for His Roles

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Kim Soo Hyun is truly an actor that works hard for any role that he plays.

The January 20 episode of SBS’s “Good Morning” analyzed the appeal and charm of Kim Soo Hyun, who plays the alien Do Min Joon in the popular drama, “Man From the Stars.” One of the actor’s charms was that he’s a very hard worker.

Kim Soo Hyun is originally left-handed. However, he learned how to use his right hand for acting, even surprising his senior, Choi Min Soo, while filming together.

The actor previously pulled off a dining scene pretty well with his rough right-handed ability. Eventually, with continued practice, he successfully and smoothly handled chopsticks and even wrote with his right hand in “Man From the Stars.” One would never be able to tell, at least not with close examination, that he’s not actually right-handed

Kim Soo Hyun Changed His Dominant Hand for the Sake of Drama

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Always working hard to pull off his character on screen, Kim Soo Hyun even changed his handedness for his role in drama.

January 20’s broadcast of SBS’s Good Morning analyzed Kim Soo Hyun’s charming traits, one of which was the effort he put into acting.

Being naturally left-handed, Kim Soo Hyun was spotted signing with his left hand at numerous fan signing events in the past. But he practiced using his right hand instead, to the point it surprised his drama co-star Choi Min Soo.

After consistent efforts he put into practicing, he was able to use chopsticks and write with his right hand in his most recent drama, You Who Came From the Stars.

It has also been revealed that the well-defined abs he showed off in movie Secretly, Greatly were CG-free and were made after months of exercise

The Rise of Kim Soo Hyun

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Kim Soo Hyun has firmly established himself as a star; his acting growing by leaps and bounds with each project he undertakes.

Currently starring in SBS drama “Man from the Stars,” Kim Soo Hyun portrays alien Do Min Joon with a certain maturity in his acting. He’s had five hit projects in a row, making him one to watch amongst his fellow peers in their 20s. The drama reunites Kim Soo Hyun with his “The Thieves” co-star Jun Ji Hyun, and has crossed the 20% ratings mark.

Kim Soo Hyun debuted through 2007 MBC sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile” but didn’t receive much attention for his role then. Since then, he’s played a variety of child and adults roles in various dramas and films.

He began gaining attention through his role in 2009 SBS drama “Will It Snow for Christmas?,” where he played the teenage version of Go Soo’s character, Cha Kang Jin

“Marriage Blue” Opens in Singapore on Jan 2, Limited Edition Pictorial Calendars Giveaway

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After watching 2PM‘s Lee Jun Ho in “Cold Eyes“, Hottests are in for another treat. This time, we see Taecyeon in his debut romantic comedy movie, “Marriage Blue“.

Boasting a stellar cast, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Hee Joon, Go Joon Hee, Ma Dong Seok, Guzal TursunovaLee Yeon Hee, and Taecyeon together form the four couples who are counting down towards their big day. In a light-hearted way, the movie portrays the anxiety faced by couples as they approach the turning point in their life.

Tae Kyu (played by Kim Kang Woo) is a former professional baseball player and is now a coach for a minor league team

Clara Beats Ailee and EXO for Most Searched Figure on Naver for 2013

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Wrapping up 2013, Naver gathered up its data for which keywords were searched most in 2013.

The results were revealed on December 26, naming Clara as the number one most searched figure in 2013 in both mobile, PC, and suddenly increased searches.

Following Clara on the PC list were Ryu Hyun Jin, Ki Sung Yueng, Park Ji Sung, Maeng Seung Ji, Jang Yoon Jung, Han Hye Jin, Ailee, IU, and Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung.

On the mobile list for most searched figure, Ki Sung Yueng took second, followed by EXO, Lee Jong Suk, Ailee, Ryu Hyun Jin, Kim Woo Bin, Infinite, Park Si Hoo, and Go Doo Rim.

Movies that were highlighted were Secretly Greatly, Snowpiercer, Iron Man 3, New World, The Gift of Room 7, Berlin, Face Reader, and more.

Dramas that were most searched in 2013 include I Hear Your Voice, Gu Family Book, The Heirs, Aurora Princess, Reply 1994, Master of the Sun, Good Doctor, That Winter, the Wind Blows, School 2013 and more

Kim Soo Hyun Keeps Everyone Warm with Down Jackets

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Kim Soo Hyun, the lead actor of SBS drama You Who Came From the Stars, generously gifted drama staff with winter jackets.

According to KeyEast Entertainment, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency, “Kim Soo Hyun presented drama staff with 100 down jackets from brand Beanpole, which he modeled for.”

Acting as an alien named ‘Do Min Jun’ living on earth for 400 years, Kim Soo Hyun has been traveling all around Korea to film scenes from his memories of where he lived during the Joseon dynasty.

“I’ve been going back and forth to film in Seoul, Incheon and Mungyeong,” said Kim Soo Hyun. “Even though I’m physically tired, the filming site is full of positive energy. I’ve been learning a lot from all the staff and am greatful for that. I hope we all can be a little warmer when we film

“The Heirs” Appears in “Man from the Stars”?

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These little tidbits are always fun. Did you know that the world of “The Heirs” crosses over in the world of “Man from the Stars“?

The assistant PD of the currently airing SBS drama, “Man from the Stars,” revealed that the writer of drama, Park Ji Eun, had a little fun while writing the script. Park Ji Eun, who enjoys adding little parodies inside of her work, named a entertainment agency trying to scout Jun Ji Hyun‘s character, Chun Song Yi, as Jeguk. Chun Song Yi’s mom brags to her friends, “Jeguk and Phantom call so many times!” Viewers of “The Heirs” will recognize that name as that of the conglomerate Kim Tan’s (Lee Min Ho) family runs. Jeguk Entertainment is one of the 11 subsidiaries of the Jeguk Group.

Park Ji Eun also referenced Kim Soo Hyun‘s movie “Secretly and Greatly” when she had Jun Ji Hyun’s character say to Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun), “How do you not know me? Are you from North Korea?” In “Secretly and Greatly,” Kim Soo Hyun played a North Korean spy sent to South Korea on a mission