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SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 16 Recap and Screenshots

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by DramabeansTo nobody’s shock but Sun’s, Kim Taek and his Noron cronies have backstabbed him under the guise of helping. The prized ginseng that’s meant to grease the wheels of diplomacy with the Qing envoys turns out to be a putrid, maggot-infested mess—which, naturally, does not go over well.We see in flashback that Chul-joo had thought up this scheme, to prepare ginseng that appeared fine one day and then quickly rotted. Wouldn’t it have been easier to show the prince one good box of ginseng, and then just prepare the others with rotting merchandise? Bah, I can’t believe I care about the logic of the most boring plot twist ever. Moreover, I can’t believe we’re in a drama about the tragic life of Sado and we’re spending time on ginseng storylines, but whatever.The Qing envoys are so insulted that they declare the negotiations off, intending to leave Joseon at once

Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 15 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Yeongjo gives Sun a chance to be reinstated as prince-regent—all he has to do is meet the Qing envoys who are on their way and ready to declare war (over a naval skirmish with a Joseon fishing boat), and stop a war from happening. Oh, is that all?He makes it clear that taking on the task is a double-edged sword because if Sun succeeds, he does get to be regent again, but if he fails, he will forever be stripped of his rights to the regency. That means he’ll never practice politics ever again. Yeongjo makes sure to add that he won’t be lenient on him just because he’s his only son. I’m pretty sure no one here thought you would. But his point stings nonetheless—he’s happy to find a successor elsewhere.The extreme terms of the deal don’t dissuade Sun, and he agrees to take on the challenge to convince the Qing envoys without caving to their demands

Korean KBS Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 12 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:After Yoo-jin’s failed hypnotherapy session, he happens upon his uncle talking to Nae-il, making mention of his airplane accident. Uncle had assumed Nae-il knew since she was aware of his water trauma, but Yoo-jin is upset to have his secret revealed and leaves the house, pulling Nae-il along with him.But the truth is out and there’s no use pretending she doesn’t know. Yoo-jin tells her of the plane crash that landed him in the sea, giving him a two-for-one trauma deal that prevents him from taking planes and boats. “It’s absurd, isn’t it?” he asks bitterly. “Go ahead, laugh.”She’s the furthest thing from laughing, and realizes that Yoo-jin isn’t choosing not to go abroad but actually unable to. Knowing how much he wanted to study overseas has her on the verge of tears, though Yoo-jin tells her that it’s not worth crying over

Recap and Screencaps for SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 1

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by Dramabeans:Back to October 8th, 2015, the whole class of the small-town high school watch the their classmate on TV. It's the second time he is on a TV quiz show program (cameo by MC Im Sung-hoon, who was a quiz show host at the time) and the show introduces his next challenger… CHOI DAL-PO (Lee Jong-seok), he of the shaggy hair, finger guns, and 34th-place ranking. His intro montage is a sight to behold, and every single jaw in the classroom drops.No one is more shocked than his classmate CHOI IN-HA (Park Shin-hye), who scoffs in amazement that Dal-po looks like a total country bumpkin, but seems to be unaware that he should be embarrassed.Dal-po takes his place onstage and feels the need to point out that his entire school has 34 students, which technically makes him last place. He’s known as All Bbang, as in all zeroes, because those are his grades

Korean tvN Drama Liar Game Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: The moment Dal-goo steps out of Da-jung’s house with her stolen prize money, he gets a call from Woo-jin. He’s a nervous mess over the phone, especially since Woo-jin continues to ask questions that make him uncomfortable.So while he tries to pass his nervousness off in order to get off the phone as quickly as possible, Woo-jin knows exactly what went down. That’s why Dal-goo finds him waiting outside his apartment door before he gets home.Caught red-handed, Dal-goo has no choice but to try and defend his actions—in his mind, Da-jung is better off being indebted to the show than his boss. Woo-jin disagrees, and Dal-goo switches to blaming him for being the reason Da-jung is still playing the game in the first place.He tries to throw a punch, but all Woo-jin has to do is move aside for him to miss. Now chastened, Dal-goo is more willing to listen when Woo-jin tells him that it was Do-young who sicced the creditors on Teacher Hyun—what does he think would happen to Da-jung if she became indebted to the show? What if she loses?Dal-goo’s eyes go wide as he asks Woo-jin to help Da-jung if things are that bad

Korean KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 8 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Much to Yoo-jin’s shock, the S Orchestra’s performance of “Mambo” is good, and so is the new guy Yoon-hoo, who’s acting as their emergency conductor. In flashback, we see him asking the orchestra to give him a chance to conduct, since he’s performed this piece before and has memorized the score. They look hesitant, but they’re out of options so they agree; and as we’ve already seen, the result is a roaring success.Yoon-hoo is playful and expressive up there on the conductor’s platform, performing as much as the rest of them are and leading them like the life of the party. It’s adorable to watch, and in the back of the auditorium, Yoo-jin’s cloud just gets darker and darker.Streseman seems to have been waiting for this reaction, as he simply stands there praising Yoon-hoo. He looks intrigued the minute Yoo-jin retorts that he’s the star today

Running Man Episode 175 Recap

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Running Man Episode 175 Recap by Dramabeans:

Who knew that two suspects could be so darn adorable and that being charismatic was a crime? Our cast is on a mission to clear in their names in this escape race that brings us more laughs than tears. They’ll need to use their smarts, strength, and their skills (sometimes lack thereof) to fight for their freedom. ‘Cause no one ever said that would be easy.

EPISODE 175. Broadcast on December 8, 2013.

We start off in prison where our cast members are held captive for their hilariously absurd “crimes,” like Jae-suk’s compulsion to dance whenever there’s music playing or Jong-kook’s uncontrollable urge to coach others

Answer Me 1994 Recap – Episode 15 “The people who changed me, Part 2″

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Answer Me 1994 Recap - Episode 15 by Dramabeans:

With all the husband hullaballoo, sometimes the secondary characters feel a bit too secondary, but then they’ll step to the fore with something really sweet. It’s easy to get caught up in the Oppa-Chilbongie wars (omg you guys are killing me with them), but this drama has a lot more to offer than fanwars and shipping, which is actually why I think it’s doing itself a disservice to be so coy with the “Who is he?” gimmick. Because when the show is all about the small, revealing character moments, it’s totally got my heart.

EPISODE 15: “The people who changed me, Part 2″

It’s January 1996, and Na-jung is caught in a fierce tug-of-war with Garbage in the front yard… because she’s trying to sneak him into her room at night and he’s resisting

Answer Me 1994: Episode 15 recap

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Answer Me 1994: Episode 15 recap by dramabeans: “The people who changed me, Part 2″

It’s January 1996, and Na-jung is caught in a fierce tug-of-war with Garbage in the front yard… because she’s trying to sneak him into her room at night and he’s resisting. HA. She whines that he can just stay for ten minutes and nobody will be the wiser, except then Dad comes out and sees the scene. Na-jung and Garbage break apart and try not to look guilty, which of course makes them look incredibly guilty.

Dad asks suspiciously, “Are you two… maybe…?” They gulp hard, and then Dad finishes, “still fighting like mad dogs?” He barks at them to stop acting like kids while they sag in visible relief. Thank god for Dad’s dimness

Kdrama Basketball: Episode 10 Recap

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Kdrama Basketball: Episode 10 Recap by Dramabeans

As the mine shaft collapses around San and Byeo-ri’s Dad, Chi-ho is left completely blindsided by Shin-young’s sudden marriage request. She’s at least truthful when she tells him why she’s asking, in that she’s doing it to protect San. Points for honesty?

San regains consciousness amidst the rubble and helps free Byeo-ri’s Dad’s leg from fallen rocks. The leg is badly crushed and bleeding, so the elder tells San to find a way out without him. San refuses—they’ll escape together.

Shin-young acknowledges how shameful her request is to Chi-ho, and it’s bizarrely funny how she says that he of all people would understand when he also has someone to protect, prompting Chi-ho to ask if marrying her will save In-soo

Kdrama Answer Me 1994 Episode 10 Recap

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Kdrama Answer Me 1994 Episode 10 Recap by DramaBeans “It might be the last”

It’s 2013, and we’re still watching the neverending wedding video. This time we get as far as the daddy-daughter walk down the aisle, at the end of which Dad has this hilarious kneejerk moment, refusing to hand Na-jung over to the bridegroom(’s stand-in). That’s cute.

Thirty-nine-year-old Na-jung sends her hubby a sly wink across the room, and of course each of our bachelor candidates reacts to it. Is anybody else tired of this one-trick pony joke?

1994. Dad’s baseball team wins the Korean Series, after which he prepares celebratory liquor to drink on their next victory. To which Mom asks, “Who knows when you’ll win again?” LOL

Kdrama Answer Me 1994 Episode 9 Recap

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Kdrama Answer Me 1994 Recap by Dramabeans EPISODE 9: “So, the thing I want to say is…”

By the fall of 1994, the big story in pop culture news is whether or not Seo Taiji tapes played backwards contains a message from the devil. You laugh, but for those of us who were forced to start hiding cassette tapes from reactive mothers, it was no joke.

Samcheonpo makes the deadly mistake of getting into an argument about it with Yoon-jin, and gets strangled for it, naturally.

She orders them to shut their traps and turn off the TV, and Haitai complies instantly, not wanting to be the second victim. The two boys sit at attention on the couch, muttering to each other about how much they pity the poor sap who’ll marry Yoon-jin. Hee

Kdrama “Basketball” Episode 6 Recap

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Kdrama "Basketball" Episode 6 Recap by DramaBeans

After Chi-ho confesses his feelings to Shin-young right in front of San, San attempts to guard his territory by telling Chi-ho that he’ll pretend he never heard anything. Chi-ho: “It wasn’t said for you to hear.” Meooow.

San holds his and Shin-young’s interlocked hands up for Chi-ho to see. “This woman is in a relationship with me,” he all but growls. Chi-ho knows this well, but replies that San isn’t a suitable man for Shin-young, and San’s downcast eyes shows that he knows this well.

Shin-young stops Chi-ho from making a cool exit by slapping him across the face, chastising him for judging San so harshly, “That man is the best man I know!”

But Chi-ho has an admittedly fair retort: “When it comes to judging people wrongly, you’re the same in the way you judge me