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[Video] Added Korean drama "Discovery of Romance" episode 13

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Added episode 13 for the Korean drama "Discovery of Romance"

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"Discovery of Romance" (2014)Directed by Kim Seong-yoon, Lee Eung-bokWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Jeong Yu-mi, Eric Moon, Seong Joon, Yoon Jin-i, Yoon Hyeon-min, Kim Seul-gi-I,...16 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Discovery of Love" and formerly known as "Finding True Love" on HanCinema Synopsis Han Yeo-reum (Jeong Yu-mi)"s life seems perfect. She is a designer who owns her own successful workshop, she lives with her two best childhood friends, and she has a sweet, successful boyfriend of 3 years, Nam Ha-jin (Seong Joon), who might pop the big question any day. Her life seems to be heading in the right direction, until she suddenly comes face to face with her selfish and snobby, but somehow charming, designer ex-boyfriend of 5 years, Kang Tae-ha (Eric Moon)

[Spoiler] "Secret Door" Choi Jae-hwan gets caught by Lee Je-hoon

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Choi Jae-hwan was caught by Lee Je-hoon.

On the third episode of the SBS drama "Secret Door", Lee Seom (Lee Je-hoon) captured Heo Jeong-hoon (Choi Jae-hwan) who held the key to the case.

Lee Seon was investigating the "Sin Heung-bok murder" when he called in all the artists who used to be around Sin Heung-bok (Seo Joon-yeong) to prove that he didn"t plan treason. Heo Jeong-hoon was the only person absent.

Lee Seon tracked Heo Jeong-hoon down thinking he knew something about the case or was a likely suspect.

At the same time, Kim Taek (Kim Chang-wan) found out about Heo Jeong-hoon and was anxious about the fact that there was someone else who knew about the case. He told Sim-bok, "We have to do something before it falls in the prince"s hands"

[Video] Added Korean drama "Greatest Marriage" episodes 1 and 2

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Added episodes 1 and 2 for the Korean drama "Greatest Marriage"

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"Greatest Marriage" (2014) Directed by Oh Jong-rok Written by Ko Yoon-hee Network : TV Chosun With Park Si-yeon, Bae Soo-bin, Noh Min-woo-I, Eom Hyeon-kyeong, Jeong Ae-yeon, Song Yeong-gyoo,... 16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30 Synopsis A drama about the relationships between four different couples and a marriage centered around a woman who voluntarily becomes a single mother. Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/27

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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[Video] Added new 2nd teaser trailer and posters for the Korean drama "Cantabile Tomorrow"

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Added new 2nd teaser trailer and posters for the upcoming Korean drama "Cantabile Tomorrow"

"Cantabile Tomorrow" (2014)Directed by Han Sang-wooWritten by Shin Jae-wonNetwork : KBSWith Joo Won, Sim Eun-kyeong, Baek Yoon-sik, Dohee, Ko Kyeong-pyo, Kim Yoo-mi-II,...Mon, Tue 22:00Formerly known as "Nodame Cantabile" (노다메 칸타빌레 최종악장, no-da-me kan-ta-bil-le choe-jong-ag-jang choi-jong-ak-jang) and "Cantabile Romance" (칸타빌레 로망스, Kan-ta-bil-le Ro-man-seu)SynopsisThe upcoming Korean remake version of the Japanese drama.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/10/13



[Video] Added new teaser trailer, stills, posters and poster shooting video for the Korean drama "Apgujeong Midnight Sun"

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Added new teaser trailer, stills, posters and poster shooting video for the upcoming Korean drama "Apgujeong Midnight Sun"

"Apgujeong Midnight Sun" (2014)Directed by Bae Han-cheonWritten by Im Seong-hanNetwork : MBCWith Park Ha-na, Kang Eun-tak, Jeong Hye-seon, Han Jin-hee, Park Hye-sook, Im Chae-moo,...Also known as "Night in Apgujeong"SynopsisA family story based in the department of entertainment.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/10/06


Han Se Yeul’s Controversial Comeback Drama

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Han Se Yeul has not acted in a drama for three years. Not since she appeared in the 2011 drama "Spy Myung Wol" with co-stars Eric Moon and Lee Jin Wook. And her last appearance was a controversial one. She walked off the set of the drama complaining of exhaustion due to what she described as extremely difficult filming conditions. She barely slept for weeks, she said, and her health suffered.

She walked off the set and got on a plane for Los Angeles.

But her protest was short-lived. The drama"s producers threatened to sue the model-turned-actress for breach of contract and she returned to the set. For the last three years she has been living her life mostly out of the spotlight, occasionally modeling and shooting commercials.

However in Sept

'Secret Door" First Episode Peaking Interest

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The reactions of viewers with SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Secret Door" is hot.

On the episode of SBS Monday/Tuesday drama "Secret Door" broadcast on September 22nd, Lee Sun (played by Lee Je Hoon) and Lee Hoo (played by Han Suk Kyu) were a father and son that were getting intertwined for a while in the murder mystery of a legend.

In the opening, Yeong Jo was going to get threatened by the core director Kim Taek (played by Kim Chang Wan) in the future and the plot drew expectation from many. It was also expected that the conflict between Young Jo and the Sado Prince would intensify.

At the first broadcast of "Secret Door"," netizens said, "I really liked "Secret Door" so I was paying attention." "Secret Door" Han Suk Kyu, Lee Je Hoon is the best

When K-Drama Actors Play Classical Musicians

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It takes a special kind of actor to attempt playing a classical musician. Even if the actor can already play a classical instrument, it"s unlikely that he or she can play at the performance level their characters are said to have achieved. So the actor has to learn his part and his music.

Joo Won is about to play Cha Yoo Jin, the perfectionist music student who dreams of becoming a conductor in the drama "Cantabile Tomorrow," previously called "Nodame Cantabile." Based on the Japanese manga, which has inspired both animated and live action productions, the drama takes place in a music school. Cha Yoo Jin plays the violin and the piano.

To convincingly pull of his role, Joo Won practiced the correct conducting posture non-stop for about five months

B2ST"s Yoseob and 4minute"s Gayoon sing "The Night Watchman"s love theme "Hope"

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Yoseob and Gayoon came together to sing the OST for "The Night Watchman"!

The pair sang "Hope", the love theme song for the MBC drama. The pair are the main vocals for their groups, and their voices harmonize beautifully for the song! The song is a pop ballad that starts with a classic piano melody. Until the chorus, the melody is solely played through the piano and the acoustic guitar, adding more to the mood of the song.

Check out the song above!

[Spoiler] "Endless Love" Hwang Jeong-eum finds out about Seo Hyo-rim

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Seo Hyo-rim"s past has been brought to the surface once again.

On the twenty-ninth episode of the SBS drama "Endless Love", Han Gwang-cheol (Jeong Kyeong-ho) and Seo In-ae (Hwang Jeong-eum) found out about Cheon Hye-jin (Seo Hyo-rim).

Han Gwang-hoon (Ryoo Soo-yeong) took Seo In-hye, who finished talking to Cheon Tae-woong (Cha In-pyo), to Han Gwang-cheol. The three of them planned to find a way to deal with Park Yeong-tae (Jeong Woong-in) who was threatening them.

However, Han Gwang-cheol saw Seo In-ae and said "Didn"t I only ask to see you, brother?" Han Gwang-hoon said, "We need to know anything about Park Yeong-tae together. It"s alright". However, he turned pale when he saw the pictures in a yellow envelope that Han Gwang-cheol handed to him

Juniel claims, "I Think I"m In Love" in her first ever digital single

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Juniel has released her first ever digital single "I Think I"m In Love"!

Her single contains the titular "I Think I"m In Love", and her self-composed tracks "Bug Off" and "Please". The single is her first since she entered her 20s, and she put all of her emotions into the digital single.

"I Think I"m In Love" talks about a couple who"s just started to date, and the sweet melody and lyrics provide energy to whoever"s listening. From there, she goes on to "Bug Off", a warning against a player, and then to "Please", the story of a parting.

Check out her MV above!

[Spoiler] "The Three Musketeers - Drama" Jeong Yong-hwa, the beginning is now

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Jeong Yong-hwa has grown a little.

On the seventh episode of the tvN drama "The Three Musketeers - Drama", Park Dal-hyang (Jeong Yong-hwa) saved Prince So-hyeon (Lee Jin-wook) and escaped danger.

Park Dal-hyang saved the Prince who"d lost consciousness after being stabbed by Mi-yeong (Yoo In-yeong). Park Dal-hyang picked up a secret document that was written by Mi-ryeong and it listed the bribes that Do Won-soo Kim Ja-jeom (Park Yeong-gyoo) were supposed to give. Park Dal-hyang used the secret document with Heo Seung-po (Yang Dong-geun) and Ahn Min-seo (Jeong Hae-in) to save Prince So-hyeon, who was cornered for treason and counterattacked Kim Ja-jeom.

This showed that Park Dal-hyang had matured a little. He questioned Lee Jin-wook who sought profits, "Is what you"re doing correct?" and remained calm when facing Kim Ja-jeom and threatened him out of committing crime

SECRET"s Ji Eun tells fans to look forward to her "new project"

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SECRET"s Ji Eun has hinted that she has a new project coming soon!
She uploaded the above photo to her Instagram, writing, "25. Now it"s the age where I know things. Look forward to the new project." Fans who have watched her MV for "Don"t Look At Me Like That" also know that the number was at the end of the MV, featured through burning candled in the bottom of the screen.

What do you think her new project could be?

TVXQ’s Yunho"s new still photos on MBC drama "The Night Watchman" revealed

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New still photos of TVXQ’s Yunho on the set of MBC drama "The Night Watchman" was released.
On the photos, Yunho is seen while taking his parts and while interacting with the staff. Yunho is portraying as Joseon"s best swordfighter ‘Mu Seok". As prince Lee Rin"s body guard, Mu Seok protects the prince but later competes with him for a woman named Do Ha.

"The Night Watchman" started airing in August on MBC every Monday and Tuesday.
written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Joy News 24

Korean drama starting today 2014/09/27 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/09/27 in Korea "Greatest Marriage" (2014)Directed by Oh Jong-rokWritten by Ko Yoon-heeNetwork : TV ChosunWith Park Si-yeon, Bae Soo-bin, Noh Min-woo-I, Eom Hyeon-kyeong, Jeong Ae-yeon, Song Yeong-gyoo,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30SynopsisA drama about the relationships between four different couples and a marriage centered around a woman who voluntarily becomes a single mother.