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[Spoiler] Added episodes 41 and 42 captures for the Korean drama "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!"

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Added episodes 41 and 42 captures for the Korean drama "Jang Bo-ri Is Here!" (2014)Directed by Baek Ho-minWritten by Kim Soon-okNetwork : MBCWith Oh Yeon-seo, Kim Ji-hoon-I, Lee Yoo-ri, Oh Chang-seok, Kim Yong-rim, Kim Hye-ok,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45SynopsisA story about two women whose identities change and their mother"s.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/04/05




5 Things Every Korean Person Has Grown Up Doing‏

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Ever caught yourself doing something and then thinking, ‘Gee, I wonder if I’m the only unlucky soul forced to do this in the world’? Well, don’t fret because, most likely, there is at least one other person who’s suffering with you!

If you’re Korean and have caught yourself wondering whether or not you are all alone in this world, here’s 5 Things Every Korean Child Has Grown Up Doing‏

1. Bowing to strangers on the street, assuming you know them somehow.There’s this thing about Korean communities all over the world— everyone is interconnected, one way or another. These connections can get so out-of-hand, you get used to being ambushed by random adults.

This is a situation you’ve probably been in at least once in your life: You’re walking along the street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere: “Suzy! You’ve grown soooooo much!” You turn around, come face-to-face with a lady, maybe around your mother’s age, beaming at you, expecting an answer

SECRET’s Jung Hana dazzles with long hair in bnt pictorial

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SECRET’s rapper Jung Hana, formerly known as Zinger, did a recent photo shoot for bnt international.

While SECRET’s leader, Hyosung, finishes up her solo promotions and Sunhwa continues her acting career with K-drama “Marriage Not Dating” , 25-year-old Hana also gets busy with her own photo shoot.

Even though the members of SECRET have their individual activities, they still maintain their group promotions on music shows for “I’m In Love”. While other singers may choose to perform more cheerful songs for the summer season, SECRET chose a dark image with a tinge of sadness for their comeback. Take a look at SECRET’s “I’m In Love” music video below if you missed it!

While Hana is styled in short hair for SECRET’s current promotions (just like the photo you see below that was posted on her Instagram), she gives off a totally different feel with long hair for the photoshoot

[Spoiler] "My Secret Hotel" Nam Goong-min asks Yoo In-na out

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On the fifth episode of the drama "My Secret Hotel", Jo Seong-kyeom (Nam Goong-min) confessed his love to Nam Sang-hyo (Yoo In-na).

Nam Sang-hyo found out Jo Seong-kyeom had her letter of resignation and said, "I will buy dinner so forget about it". Jo Seong-kyeom avoided her saying no. Nam Sang-hyo followed him around and said, "I"ll buy you something good. Ramyun?" and he agreed.

After they ate Nam Sang-hyo joked, "Maybe you like me and not the Ramyun?" Jo Seong-kyeom replied with a question, "Will you go out with me?"

Meanwhile, "My Secret Hotel" is a killer romance drama about hotel manager reuniting with her ex-husband as she organizes his wedding starring Yoo In-na, Jin I-han, Nam Goong-min, Lee Young-eun, Choi Jung-won and Ha Yeon-joo

[Video] Added Korean drama "Discovery of Romance" episode 5

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Added episode 5 for the Korean drama "Discovery of Romance"

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"Discovery of Romance" (2014)Directed by Kim Seong-yoon, Lee Eung-bokWritten by Jeong Hyeon-jeongNetwork : KBSWith Jeong Yu-mi, Eric Moon, Seong Joon, Yoon Jin-i, Yoon Hyeon-min, Kim Seul-gi-I,...16 episodes - Mon, Tue 22:00 Also known as "Discovery of Love" and formerly known as "Finding True Love" on HanCinema Synopsis Han Yeo-reum (Jeong Yu-mi)"s life seems perfect. She is a designer who owns her own successful workshop, she lives with her two best childhood friends, and she has a sweet, successful boyfriend of 3 years, Nam Ha-jin (Seong Joon), who might pop the big question any day. Her life seems to be heading in the right direction, until she suddenly comes face to face with her selfish and snobby, but somehow charming, designer ex-boyfriend of 5 years, Kang Tae-ha (Eric Moon)

[Photos] Added 3 new posters and updated cast for the Korean drama "Ironman"

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Added 3 new posters and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Ironman" (2014)Directed by Kim Yong-soo-IWritten by Kim Gyoo-wanNetwork : KBSWith Lee Dong-wook, Sin Se-kyeong, Kim Kap-soo, Jeong Yoo-geun, Lee Mi-sook, Sin Seung-hwan,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA drama about a man who has knives standing upright all over his body because of the pain that his heart"s been through and a woman who helps him grow.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/10


[Photos] Added 4 new posters and updated cast for the Korean drama "My Spring Days"

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Added 4 new posters and updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "My Spring Days" (2014)Directed by Lee Jae-dongWritten by Park Ji-sookNetwork : MBCWith Kam Woo-seong, Choi Soo-young, Lee Joon-hyeok, Jang Sin-yeong, Hyeon Seung-min, Min Ji-ah,...To be aired after "Fated to Love You"Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA drama about a woman who falls in destined love after recieving organ implants.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/10


[Video] Adult rated trailer released for the Korean movie "HARU"

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Adult rated trailer released for the Korean movie "HARU"

"HARU" (2014)Directed by Kim Myeong-seoWith Kim Kyeong-ik, Jin Hye-kyeong, Ayaka Tomoda, Yoo Seon-yeong, Heo Sung-tae, Ji Seong-I,...SynopsisThere"s a relationship no one should know about.Psychiatrist Yeong-woong and his wife have been married for 10 years. They"ve lost interest and now neglect each other. Life is just a dull routine for them. Then one day, Haru, a child Soo-hyeon had when she was a student in Japan shows up in front of them hurt and exhausted from her boyfriend"s betrayal. Soo-hyeon asks Yeong-woong to treat her and as a psychiatrist, he does his job. However, as the sessions progress Yeong-woong feels more for Haru than he should and starts thinking of a relationship beyond a doctor and a patient

[Video] Added official trailer and new stills for the Korean movie "Zombie School"

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Added official trailer and new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Zombie School"

"Zombie School" (2014)Directed by Kim Seok-jungWith Baek Seo-bin, Kim Seung-hwan, Ha Eun-seol, Kim Kyeong-ryong, Park Jae-hoon, Lee Sang-eun-I,...SynopsisChilsung School is seemingly peaceful, yet no can predict the horrific events that are soon to take place. Pigs buried alive during the foot-and-mouth disease scare, have come back from the grave – teachers are bitten by the zombie pigs, turning into zombies themselves, while the students team up to fight the teachers. This film promises another new experience in upcoming Korean-style zombie films.FestivalPiFan 2014Release date in Korea : 2014/09/25


Director Park Chan Wook to Direct Korean Movie “Lady”

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Famed director Park Chan Wook will be directing a movie in his home country.

According to industry insiders, Park Chan Wook has decided on “Lady” as his next project, and has begun preparations for production.

“Lady” is based on “Fingersmith,” a British crime novel written by Sarah Waters. According to insiders, Park Chan Wook is currently finalizing and making final edits to the script for the film.

Park Chan Wook’s latest film was the 2013 film “Stoker” starring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode. This movie was the director’s English-language debut. His last Korean movie was “Thirst,” released in 2009

BTS dance to "Danger" in traditional Korean outfits and more in their "Chuseok" special

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BTS dressed in Korean traditional hanbok for the upcoming Chuseok!
Chuseok, or the Korean Thanksgiving, is on September 8th today. The boys pulled their celebration a week early and livestreamed a special event for fans on Naver Starcast! The boys talked about how the boys spent their Chuseok last year, and also had an event where fans could talk about when the members were "dangerous". The members joked about Rap Monster being dangerous in sleep because of his snoring, about Jin being dangerous when he"s not fed, and about Jimin being dangerous when he was attempting to act.

They also celebrated Jungkook"s birthday, and all the members had something nice to say to the maknae. However, Jin-the-mother decided to take the chance to beg Jungkook to start making his own bed, adding, "Since I made you the birthday soup today, Jungkook, please start making your own bed now

Korean Media Provides Photos of Son Ho Young and Ami to Support Relationship Claims Despite Denials

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Earlier on September 1, local news media source TV Report reported that singer Son Ho Young of g.o.d and rookie singer Ami have been dating for four months. Son Ho Young’s management agency, CJ E&M, denied the claim, saying that the two were only close colleagues in the industry. Read more about it here.

After the official stance from Son Ho Young, another local and media source Dispatch published photos of Son Ho Young and Ami on what it described as a “bicycle date.” The photos showed Son Ho Young, wearing a mask, and singer Ami riding their bikes together around the neighborhood on August 12. Dispatch wrote that acquaintances of the two know them as a sports couple, enjoying a variety of sports together

10 Korean Drama Cliches You May Recognize

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There are many Korean dramas out there, each with their own unique story lines, characters, actors and settings. But when it comes down to it, there are some elements that just have to be present to make them a drama.

1. Trips to the hospital

Every drama has to have at least one character who ends up in the hospital after some type of accident and winds up having amnesia/cancer.

2. Love triangles

What drama wouldn’t be complete without some type of love triangle? Some dramas even take it up a notch and have more than 3 characters entangled in a love situation.

3. The old lover

As if love triangles weren’t enough, somebody’s old lover has to show up for a bit to fight for their past love, making the love lines even more complicated

SBS Releases Character Posters for “Secret Door” Featuring Lee Je Hoon and Han Seok Kyu

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SBS has released two promotional posters ahead of the start of the network’s forthcoming drama series “Secret Door.”

“Secret Door” tells the story of a clash between an authoritarian Joseon-era king and an idealistic prince.

The first poster shows the contrast between the characters played by actors Han Seok Kyu and Lee Je Hoon. In particular, Lee Je Hoon, who plays the role of the crown prince Lee Sun, seems to be exuding sadness, and the juxtaposition of the images already hints at the conflict between the two characters that appears to lie in store.

A second poster features actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Park Eun Bin (who will play the role of Lee Je Hoon’s character’s wife), as well as co-stars Kim Min Jong and Choi Won Young

Ailee reveals her secret to losing 10kg through 2 meal diet

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Known for her powerful vocals, Ailee has received much attention from the public recently as she slimmed down quite a bit. Ailee responded by not only revealing that she lost 10kg, but she also shared her secret behind the weight loss.

On August 30th, Ailee performed on stage for “KBS Immortal Song” in the “Million Seller” special broadcast. The contestants for this episode covered hit songs from Cho Yongpil, Lee Moonse, Kim Gunmo, and Jo Sungmo, and sang them with their own styles.

Not only did Ailee amaze the audience with her singing, she also received much attention due to the performance outfit she wore. The outfit highlighted her improved figure, with Ailee confidently showing off her waist. When MC Shin Dongyup said to Ailee, “Your diet was a success!”, Ailee responded by saying that she had lost 10kg through a diet