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Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and Actors of ′My Secret Hotel′ Attend Script Reading

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The tvN drama My Secret Hotel has finally started production.

The actors of My Secret Hotel gathered at the CJ E&M Center on July 18 to prepare for the drama in a script reading.

Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han and the other leads and actors were present for the session.

Yoo In Na especially is said to have shown her passion by underlining important lines, always carrying a pencil with her at all times.

"There′s no other drama as interesting as My Secret Hotel. I think it will be great as long as I keep my act together," she said.

The producer of the drama Hwang Joon Hyuk also said, "Everyone showed how they were the perfect matches for their characters even though it was their first act together. We′re looking forward to the piece even more now

SECRET say 'YooHoo' to fans at 3rd solo concert in Japan

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SECRET said "YooHoo" to fans during their third solo concert in Japan!

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"2014 Secret"s Summer LIVE ~YooHoo~" is SECRET"s third solo concert following their "Secret 1st Japan Tour SECRET TIME 2012" and "2013 LOVE IN SECRET". Their four-concert series was held at the MAIHAMA Amphitheater, Tokyo on July 19 and Matsushita IMP Hall on the 21st. 

SECRET performed their hit songs "Shy Boy" and "Madonna" as well as their Japanese tracks "TWINKLE TWINKLE", "DRIVE TO YOU", and "SECRET DREAM". For their solos, Hyosung took the stage with "Good-night Kiss" and "You Don"t Know Women", Sunhwa performed "I Have A Man", and Ji Eun and Hana performed a duet stage along to "Run To You"

Secret Holds Concert Tour in Japan Before August Comeback in Korea

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Secret held yet another successful concert tour in Japan, making it their third tour in the country.

The group′s 2014 Secret′s Summer Live ~YooHoo~ was held in Tokyo and Osaka from July 19-21.

The tour follows the group′s Secret 1st Japan Tour Secret Time 2012 and its 2013 Love In Secret tour of previous years.

Secret made sure to entertain fans with its hits Shy Boy and Madonna, as well as tracks from its Japanese album such as Twinkle Twinkle, Drive to You and Secret Dream.

The members even performed solo. Jun Hyo Seong performed her solo debut single Good-Night Kiss and track I Hate Night Time.

Han Sunhwa performed I Have a Boyfriend while Song Jieun and Hana sang a duet of Run To You

Secret’s Hyosung Doesn’t Hide Her Sexy Figure for Geek Magazine

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Secret member Hyosung has turned into a sultry biker girl for Geek magazine.

Through the charismatic photos, the idol reminds us once again why she is known for her healthy and beautiful figure. She is rocking black lingerie and a see-through suit that accentuate her curves, and the pictures are brought to life thanks to Hyosung’s captivating gaze and a powerful attitude.

For the second picture, she has not been afraid to let loose and flaunt her sexy side. The shiny leather and tight clothing add to the intense sultry feel of the photo, and it is clear that Hyosung has upgraded her feminine charms to the next level.

The sexy spread can be found in the August edition of Geek.

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Secret’s Jung Hana Hints at Comeback in New Instagram Video

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Secret member Jung Hana hinted at her group’s August comeback through a video on her Instagram account.

On July 17, Jung Hana shared a short video of her dancing to some powerful and sexy choreography. Along with the video she wrote, “A surprise present for those of you who are waiting. Please wait just a little bit more. Soon we will start ‘Secret Time’.” In the video Jung Hana keeps it casual but her knee protectors show just how rigorous the whole choreography could be.

Jung Hana and the other members of Secret are currently preparing for their next album.

Secret will also be holding concerts in Japan from July 19 to 21 for their “2014 Secret’s Summer LIVE ~YooHoo~” concert tour.

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Former Member of UN Choi Jung Won Joins Cast of ‘My Secret Hotel’

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Choi Jung Won, the former member of group UN, has joined the others on tvN’s My Secret Hotel.

Choi Jung Won will be taking on the role of Nam Goong Min’s right hand man, ‘Simon Choi.’

‘Simon Choi’ is a character who quickly resolves different issues with his intelligence and agility. He will be aiding Nam Goong Min in solving the mystery murder case.

Since starring in a KBS2’s sitcom in 2012, Choi Jung Won will be making his return to the small screen in two years.

tvN’s My Secret Hotel is set to air on August 18.

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Yoo In Na, Nam Goong Min, and more confirmed to star in upcoming tvN drama 'My Secret Hotel'

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Yoo In Na, Nam Goong Min, Jin Yi Han, and Lee Young Eun have been cast in the upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama "My Secret Hotel"!

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"My Secret Hotel" portrays the story of Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) who is in charge of the wedding department of a top-rated hotel and reunites with her former husband Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) as his wedding planner seven years later. The drama also adds a murder to the mix, giving the perfect combination of mystery and romance. Nam Goong Min will get himself into a love triangle with Yoo In Na and Lee Young Eun in the 16-episode drama directed by "City Hunter" and "Doctor Stranger"s Hong Jong Chan and written by Kim Do Hyun. 

Yoon In Na shared, "I am happy that I get to work with tvN a second time for a good drama

SECRET reportedly teaming up with Duble Sidekick for their comeback in August

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SECRET will reportedly team up with Duble Sidekick for their comeback this August!

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According to music insiders on the 15th, SECRET will take a break from their go-to composers Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum and work with Duble Sidekick instead for the title track off their 5th mini-album. Although Duble Sidekick previously worked with Hyosung for "Good-night Kiss", this will be the first time that SECRET as a group will team up with the hit producer team.

With Duble Sidekick by their side, expectations are high for another catchy song by SECRET this August!

Secret to Make Comeback with 5th Mini Album in August

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Secret is returning with a new album this summer.

Having released I Do I Do last December, it will be Secret’s return as a four-member group after about eight months.

Since its debut in 2009, Secret received much love for its dynamic charms garnering numerous hits with Magic, Madonna, Starlight Moonlight, YooHoo and more. The Secret members have also been focusing on individual activities.

Jun Hyo Seong successfully carried out solo activities with her first solo song Goodnight Kiss and is currently acting in KBS 1TV’s There’s the Cat! Meow.

Hana has been proving her talent as a rapper, while Song Jieun also released her solo album and participated in drama OSTs. Han Sunhwa has been strengthening her position as an acting-dol by being cast in tvN’s Love Over Marriage after starring in God’s Gift – 14 Days

SECRET to make their comeback in August

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The ladies of SECRET, who have been pursuing individual activities lately, are finally ready to return for a comeback in August!

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This will be the first time in about 8 months that the girls will be active as a whole, so expectations are rising for this bright and cheerful group. According to TS Entertainment, the group has been preparing a new fifth mini album and a catchy title track that will supposedly emphasize their feminine essence.

So look forward to more updates coming about SECRET"s return!

Super Junior Congratulates Shindong, Secret′s Han Sunhwa works with 2AM′s Jung Jin Woon and More

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview Stars wrapped up the week with celebrations, goodbyes and hellos in this week′s Twitter Roundup.

Super Junior′s Ryeowook was the first to say goodbye to Shindong′s radio show with many other Super Junior members, saying, "I won′t forget Shindong hyung′s Shim Shim Ta Pa~~ with Ryeowook, Donghae, Kangin, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Sungmin."

Super Junior′s Heechul also joined in, posting an old photo with the caption, "Thank you so much for your hard work, Shindong. I can′t imagine Shim Shim Ta Pa without you T_T It would be like my room without Anna (of Frozen). I can′t be there because I have a shoot, but I′ll be supporting you in heart. I don′t have any photos of me with you, so I′m putting up this photo instead. I′ve delivered my last goodbye on ′Young Street′ in tears before, and I think the best thing to say is ′Ki Bum-ah!′"

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun got together with SHINee′s Minho, saying in Japanese, "We′ve prepared a present for you, check it out in today′s performance!"

BoA gave out her own present to a birthday girl, congratulating an acquaintance′s birthday with a tart cake

Jessica reveals a secret about her body on 'Jessica & Krystal'

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Jessica revealed a secret about her body on "Jessica & Krystal"!

On the July 1 edition of OnStyle"s reality show featuring the lovable Jung sisters, Jessica said, "My navel is really up high. The other Girls" Generation members" navels are low, but mine is really high." She revealed that when they were standing, her navel was on the same level as the tall members YoonA, Yuri, and Sooyoung.

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Her stylist said, "Even though you"re short, you have good proportions. You and Krystal have blessed bodies, so be grateful to your parents," making Jessica laugh.

Did you know about this "secret"?

Lee Jun Ki reveals his secret to masterful horseback action

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Lee Jun Ki showed the secrets of his amazing horseback action!

"Joseon Gunman" released BTS photos of Lee Jun Ki getting close to his horse. In the 1st episode, Lee Jun Ki already awed viewers through his action, handling his sword and combat scenes with incredible mastery.

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In the next episodes, Lee Jun Ki will be performing action scenes on his horse! According to the staff, "Lee Jun Ki has been doing all of his own horseback action scenes without a stunt double. He"s so good at horseback riding that he can move sets on his horse. Even the actors who specialize in martial arts are awed. It"s also nice to see him always be with the horses during filming

SECRET's Ji Eun wishes fans a good night with a bare face

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SECRET"s Ji Eun wowed fans with a sweet bedtime selca!

"Good night," she posted to her Instagram earlier today, right before she dozed off into dreamland. "See you tomorrow."

Although she looks pretty different without her stage makeup, Ji Eun exudes a different kind of beauty as she struck a pose with her makeup-free face and shower hair cascading around her head!

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Hong Seok Cheon Reveals that Many Celeb Couples Have Secret Dates in His Restaurant

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Hong Seok Cheon’s restaurant turned out to be Pandora’s box among the celebrities.

During recent filming of KBS W’s The Lord of the Ratings, Hong Seok Cheon revealed, “Many celebrity couples enjoy their dates in secret at my restaurant.”

When the MCs asked, “Which couples?” and Hong Seok Cheon answered, “The exemplary couples are Ji Sung-Park Bo Young and Kang Hye Jung-Tablo couple. The other couples break up or come back with a different partner.”

Hoping for more details, Lee Hwi Jae asked, “Which couple came most recently?” and Hong Seok Cheon increased curiosity by saying, “A singer who has been earning popularity recently came with the lover.”

When Lady Jane asked, “How do you keep the celeb couples’ dates as secret?” Hong Seok Cheon answered, “I empty out the whole floor when a celebrity couple comes