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Ulala Session sing a remake of hit song 'Talk of Dreams' for Joo Young Hoon's 20th anniversary project

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of composer Joo Young Hoon, the talented members of Ulala Session have participated in the project album to sing a remake of "Talk of Dreams" by Jang Hye Jin from 1997.

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Despite it only being a single rather than an album, this song was a hit and topped charts with its release and still remains popular to this day. Joo Young Hoon says this is one of his favorite compositions as it is a bit different from some of his other trademark songs.

Ulala Session revealed that this was also one of their favorites and was the song they wanted to sing the most off the composer"s 20th commemorative project album.

So check out the group"s remake of the song above!

Lee Bo Young shares her final thoughts on 'God's Gift - 14 Days'... So sad it's over!

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Withdrawal symptoms may already be kicking in for some of you now that "God"s Gift 14 - Days" is over, and Lee Bo Young took time to thanks the viewers who joined her on the search for her missing child.

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Lee Bo Young shared through her agency Will Entertainment on April 23, "Taking on the new genre of a time warp and transforming into the role of a mother was a big challenge for me, and one that I don"t regret... I became one with Soo Hyun throughout the filming and struggled for three months to find my child... Although it was a bit difficult handling the tight filming schedule, I was happy to film with really good actors and staff... I thank the viewers who showed a lot of love and interest until the end

Lee Bo Young Shares Thoughts on Wrapping Up ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’

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Lee Bo Young, the heroine of drama God’s Gift – 14 Days thanked the drama viewers.

On April 22, SBS’s God’s Gift – 14 Days aired the last episode. The drama gathered attention for Lee Bo Young’s take on the role of a mother who travels back in time to save her child.

Lee Bo Young revealed her thoughts on finishing up the drama sharing, “It was a big challenge for me to take on a new genre of time warp and playing a mother role, and it was a challenge that leaves no regrets. I became one with ‘Soo Hyun’ for the past three months putting in all my efforts in trying to save my child.”

She added, “The tight filming schedule was tough but I was happy to be working with great staff and cast members and I would like to thank all the viewers for watching until the end

Gavy NJ's Jang Hee Young and Bubble Sisters' Kim Min Jin unite their powerhouse vocals for 'When We Loved'

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Lead vocalist of female trio Gavy NJ, Jang Hee Young, has joined hands with Kim Min Jin of Bubble Sisters to sing the duet "When We Loved".

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The two talented singers impress with not only their powerful voices and range but also with their ability to convey the sorrowful emotions of the song.

Without further ado, check out the ballad above!

Drama 'A New Leaf' releases third teaser featuring Kim Myung Min and Park Min Young

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MBC uploaded the latest teaser for upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama "A New Leaf" on April 22!

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The drama centers on ace attorney Kim Suk Joo (played by Kim Myung Min), who loses his memories in an accident, enabling him to start a new life. This third teaser shows Kim Suk Joo harshly interrogating somebody in trial while Ji Yoon (Park Min Young) watches him with a clearly uneasy expression.

The drama will start airing on April 30, but check out the teaser above for now!

Comedian Kim Shin Young thanks her father for his constant support

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Comedian Kim Shin Young took on a more serious topic on the April 22nd broadcast of MBC FM4U"s "Kim Shin Young"s Noon Song of Hope".

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DJ Kim Shin Young received stories about "Messages you couldn"t send," and shared one of her own. She said, "My father once said, "Scars you receive from friends and coworkers can be shaken off, but scars you receive from family become pain. Sometimes, I want to lean and rely on family.""

She continued, "It was really shocking for me at the time. After that, I started to express myself more. I hope [my listeners] realize that you can"t think that it"s expected for your mom and dad to be strong."

Kim Shin Young went on to say that she wouldn"t have gotten to where she is without her dad"s support

Lee Si Young and Kim Kang Woo enjoy a script practice date on the set of 'Golden Cross'

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Lee Si Young and Kim Kang Woo were spotted having a script practice date on the set of KBS2TV drama "Golden Cross".

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The behind-the-scenes photos show Lee Si Young and Kim Kang Woo practicing their script side by side, and their charismatic eyes hint at the serious scenes to come in the intense drama. The co-stars also made sure they were comfortable enough to focus on their characters in their Crocs and sneakers when the cameras weren"t rolling.

Is love in the air for these two? Stay tuned to find out on "Golden Cross" every Wednesday and Thursday!

Kim Myung Min and Park Min Young Meet at Court in Latest ‘Reformation’ Teaser

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Reformation’s leads Kim Myung Min and Park Min Young met at court.

On April 22, the production team of MBC’s upcoming drama Reformation released the third teaser video, featuring intense court scenes.

Reformation is a courtroom drama about a cold-hearted ace lawyer ‘Kim Suk Joo’ (Kim Myung Min) losing his memory due to an accident and going through a complete change as he starts leading a new life.

The teaser video shows Kim Myung Min pouring out questions as he harshly interrogates a witness as Park Min Young nervously watches him at court.

The first episode is set to air on April 30.

Check out the teaser below!

Photo credit: MBC

Kim Kang Woo and Lee Si Young Read Scripts Together in ‘Golden Cross’ BTS Photos

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Acting opposite each other in drama Golden Cross, Kim Kang Woo and Lee Si Young were caught practicing the scripts together in a set of BTS photos.

On April 22, KBS 2TV’s Golden Cross released a set of photos showing Kim Kang Woo and Lee Si Young reading the scripts together.

The photos show the two co-stars leaning against the windows as they concentrate on studying the scripts with pen in hand to take notes.

Golden Cross depicts the story of a secret organization called ‘Golden Cross,’ made up of the country’s top 0.001 percent and its conspiracy to sacrifice an ordinary family to get what it wants.

The drama will air its third episode on April 23.

Photo credit: Pan Entertainment

Leeteuk's sister Park In Young responds to malicious comments about her volunteering at the ferry site

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Recently, Leeteuk"s older sister, Park In Young, revealed that she was heading off to Jindo to provide voluntary service for the ferry incident. However, it appears she was getting a surprisingly negative response for this act of good will.

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While some netizens responded with support, others asked, "Are you using the Sewol sinking accident for publicity?"

She responded shortly thereafter with, "Please..refrain a heart hurts..really..ㅡㅡ;;;"

Netizens commented with encouragement, "It"s not easy to make up one"s mind about volunteering, so fighting Park In Young," "Don"t worry about other people and be strong to help out," "Why are these malicious comments about Park In Young"s voluntary service going on and on - it must be upsetting," and more

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young Couple Up Again to Endorse Another Brand

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Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young sign on another joint exclusive model contract this year.

The two actors first worked together earlier this year endorsing outdoor brand Merrell and will now also endorse coffee mix Maxim.

Lee Na Young first endorsed the brand earlier last year with partner Song Joong Ki, who is currently serving in the military.

Kim Woo Bin will transform into a reliable and trustworthy junior who will show off his gentle personality and sweet smile. A person close to Lee Na Young revealed that the filming atmosphere was great and the models naturally worked well.

One advertisement official stated, “Kim Woo Bin is currently one of the hottest advertisement models right now and so we signed him on with Lee Na Young, who extended her contract with us

Park Se Young is on the verge of tears in still cuts for 'Good Day'

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Park Se Young raised some curiosity for her upcoming SBS weekend drama "Good Day" with her acting skills shown in new still cuts.

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Park Se Young plays the role of Jung Da Jung who takes pride in her contractual job as a school nutritionist and acts as the "positivity virus" in the drama. She filmed the "box hug" scene in Jamsil, Seoul on the 7th and was on the verge of tears as she carried a box full of books in front of a hotel. When the staff suggested that they make the heavy box lighter, Park Se Young responded, "We should make it realistic! I"m okay!", showing that she"s just as positive as her character in real life.

"Good Day" is directed by "You"re Beautiful" and "The King of Dramas" PD Hong Sung Chang and writer Moon Hee Jung, and portrays the story of a single mother who raises her three daughters (Park Se Young, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, and Rainbow"s Woori) and tries to send them off to ideal marriages but ends up getting married herself

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young meet again for 'Maxim' coffee ad

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After endorsing outdoor wear brand "Merrell", Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young have joined hands once again as models for "Maxim" coffee.

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Lee Na Young has been the face of "Maxim", and Kim Woo Bin has now joined her. Though he"s been playing a prankster-type character for the CFs he"s featured in until now, Kim Woo Bin will transform into a strong yet sensitive hoobae for the upcoming endorsement.

As the two actors know each other, the shoot is reported to have gone smoothly and comfortably. How do they look together?

Leeteuk's older sister Park In Young goes to Jindo to provide voluntary service

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Leeteuk"s older sister, actress Park In Young, revealed she was heading off to Jindo to provide voluntary service at the site of the ferry incident. Upon learning that the families of the victims were gathered at a stadium and in need of relief goods, she headed over there to see how she could help.

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She tweeted on April 18, "I am going to Jindo with the Salvation Army"s communication director, two friends, and two manager oppas. It"s a small helping hand, but I hope we will be of some help. Everyone, have strength!"

Netizens commented, "Thank you for your good work," "I hope for a miracle," "You are warm-hearted," and more.

Kim Myung Min, Park Min Young and More Introduce Drama and Characters of ‘Reformation’

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With only days left until Reformation will air the first episode, the main cast introduced the characters and things to watch out for in the drama.

Lead actor Kim Myung Min will be acting as ace lawyer ‘Kim Sung Joo’ in a large law firm, who prides himself in having 100% winning rate with every case. This will be his return to the small screen after two years since he starred in The King of Dramas.

In the interview clip uploaded on the drama’s homepage, Kim Myung Min said, “It’s a drama about a man, who lived his life for money and victory by taking any measures, losing his memories and slowly changing himself.”

He also said, “In a situation where a man’s life completely changes, it will be interesting to watch how ‘Suk Joo’ will choose to live his ‘second life