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Check Out a Behind-the-Scenes Reel of “Plus Nine Boys” Kim Young Kwang, BTOB Yook Sungjae, and Oh Jung Sae for Vogue

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A behind-the-scenes reel of the “Plus Nine BoysVogue photo shoot was recently revealed on tvN’s official YouTube channel. The three oldest of the “plus nine boys” from the drama were featured in the shoot: Kim Young Kwang (playing 29-year-old Kang Jin Goo), BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae (19-year-old Kang Min Goo), and Oh Jung Sae (39-year-old Goo Kwang Soo).

The photo shoot was a playful one, the three actors striking playful poses appropriate for their respectful character ages, whether holding a dumbbell or sipping liquor from the bottle with a straw. Watch the video below:

“Plus Nine Boys” airs its first episode on Friday, August 29 at 8:40 p.m. (KST)

Baek Ji Young to Become the First Korean Pop Singer to Hold Solo Concert at New York’s Lincoln Center

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Singer Baek Ji Young will be holding a very significant solo concert in New York on August 30.

She is scheduled to hold her very first American solo concert series “Sentimental Memories” in Los Angeles’ Club Nokia and New York’s Lincoln Center, on August 28 and August 30, respectively.

Lincoln Center in New York City is a world-famous venue. Baek Ji Young will be performing in the Avery Fischer Hall, where the New York Philharmonic usually performs. It has approximately 2700 seats.

This is a very significant feat for Baek Ji Young, as she will be the first Korean pop singer to be able to perform at the selective venue.

After her American shows, Baek Ji Young will return to Korea for her solo concert tour “2014 Baek Ji Young Show – That Woman”, starting in Seoul on September 20

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young pose as a stylish outdoor couple for "Merrell Korea"

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Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young posed as a chic couple as models for outdoor brand "Merrell Korea"!

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young showed how stylish camping can be in their matching outerwear in the latest ad photos released by the brand. The two are also said to have lightened up the atmosphere during the photoshoot with their jokes and professionalism, receiving compliments from the staff.

The brand"s rep stated, "We plan to hold a fan signing session and various promotions with models Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young to get closer with our customers for the FW season."

Models and Actors Kim Young Gwang and Hong Jong Hyun Show Off Their Bromance For “Jill by Jill Stuart”

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Models and actors Kim Young Gwang and Hong Jong Hyun posed for the clothing brand “Jill by Jill Stuart” as representative models for the 2014 F/W line.

The concept of this pictorial was “bromance” which was not such a difficult for these two handsome boys and they are widely known to be best friends in real life as well.

A representative of the brand said, “These two actors give off a special kind of bromance vibe which is a great match for the brand that is known to be romantic and sensual at the same time. We will be continuing with this specific image of the brand indefinitely.”

The pictorial took place on August 10 and apparently, the atmosphere among the staff and actors was great and very relaxed.

Kim Young Gwang will be coming back to the audience with the tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys” and as for Hong Jong Hyun, he is currently appearing in the drama “Mama” and on the variety show “We Got Married

Model-Turned-Actor Kim Young Gwang Looks Immaculate For Singles Magazine

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Model and actor Kim Young Gwang is ready for the upcoming autumn season. He showed that in Bean Pole clothing and accessories through the fashion magazine Singles.

More pictures can be seen on the September issue of Singles.

Kim Young Gwang made his first debut into the entertainment world by being a runway model for various famous fashion designers including Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Etro and became the first Asian model to walk the Dior Homme’s show. After that, he appeared in several movies and television series, most notably “Can We Get Married?” and “Hot Young Bloods.”

Starting from August 29, Kim Young Gwang will appear in the tvN series “Plus Nine Boys,” a romantic comedy which involves four boys who confront different challenged depending on their age that ends with the number 9 (9, 19, 29, 39 years old)

Lee Bo Young Talks About Lee Jong Suk And Ji Sung

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Even though Lee Bo Young has filmed another series since finishing "I Hear Your Voice," it seems that interviewers are most curious about her interactions with co-star Lee Jong Suk.

The actress, who played a desperate mom in "God"s Gift - 14 Days" and a prosecutor in love with a younger man in "I Hear Your Voice" recently appeared on MBC"s "Section TV Entertainment Relay."

The interviewer asked her how it felt to romance her ten-year-younger co-star and she had to laugh.

"While filming I thought, "When will I be able to act alongside such a young man again?" and I felt very thankful every day."

The actors made an engagingly mismatched couple that ultimately overcame their differences. One reason that they came across so convincingly is that they were good friends on set

Lee Bo Young Says Relationship With Husband Ji Sung is Over-exaggerated by the Public

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Married life is not all good as it seems as Lee Bo Young proved when she busted husband Ji Sung for his good image of being crazily in love with her on the Sunday broadcast of MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment Relay.”

Upon touching on the subject about husband Ji Sung who was known for being crazily in love with her, Lee Bo Young explained and addressed those rumors saying: “But I think it’s a bit over exaggerated. A lot of people ask me if we are like this at home as well, if he takes care of me at home too and now thinking about it, I think everything was over-exaggerated (by the public).”

Meanwhile, Lee Bo Young also talked about being partnered with Lee Jong Suk on the 2013 drama “I Hear Your Voice” on the same interview as well

Lee Bo Young: “I Was Grateful for My Role as Lee Jong Suk’s Lover”

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Actress Lee Bo Young has reminisced the filming process of 2013 hit drama “I Can Hear Your Voice” and her role as the lover of actor Lee Jong Suk.

The actress recently sat down with a reporter of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay” for a short interview, which was revealed on the August 24 episode of the show.

When asked how she felt about engaging in a thrilling but sweet romance with Lee Jong Suk, who happens to be around ten years younger than the actress, Lee Bo Young replied while laughing, “While filming, I thought, ‘When will I be able to act alongside such a young man again?” and felt thankful every day.”

She continued to reveal details about their close relationship, “Lee Jong Suk is very heartfelt

Nam Goong Min Prepares a Special Event for Hong Jin Young’s Birthday on “We Got Married”

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On the August 23 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married,” actor Nam Goong Min made a surprise appearance at the fan meeting for his virtual wife, singer Hong Jin Young’s birthday celebration.

On this day, Nam Goong Min had a very special event prepared secretly with the help of comedian Heo Kyung Hwan—who was MC for the fan meeting—just for Hong Jin Young’s birthday.

The surprise event began with a conversation with Nam Goong Min over the phone, before he confessed that he wanted to sing a song dedicated to his wife on her special day. As soon as the music began, the actor walked through the door and sang the song “Etude of Memory” live, in front of Hong Jin Young, who was completely shocked upon his entrance

Nam Goong Min surprises Hong Jin Young with a serenade on her birthday on "We Got Married"

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Nam Goong Min surprised Hong Jin Young with a serenade on her birthday on the August 23rd installment of "We Got Married".

The actor unexpectedly showed up at the singer"s fan meeting, coming in by serenading her. He sang Kim Dong Ryul"s "Etude of Memory", which Hong Jin Young mentioned she"d like to hear from him at their honeymoon. 

Hong Jin Young expressed, "I was thankful to Oppa, and I was thankful that my fans understood the situation. I was grateful all day." Nam Goong Min wrote to her in a letter, "It"s been a while since we started "WGM". I think it would"ve been difficult to smile this wide if you weren"t in my life. Thank you for being my honey."

Happy belated birthday to Hong Jin Young!

Wooyoung and Park Se Young go on a biking trip on "We Got Married"

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young went on a healthy biking trip on the August 23rd episode of "We Got Married".

Park Se Young and Wooyoung started the healthy theme of the episode by going jogging next to the Han River. The 2PM member said, "My wife has a nice body," making the actress a little shy. The two were ecstatic when they received a mission to spend money for a summer trip.

The couple then traveled by train and enjoyed a nice date on bikes, making sure to keep up their energy by eating grilled eel. Park Se Young also planned for the two to go paragliding, but she made sure to keep it a secret until they got to their destination.

It looks like things are heating up between the two on next week"s episode, so stay tuned!

Kim Young Kwang and Yook Sung Jae Show Off Their Abs in “Plus Nine Boys” Stills

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Actors Kim Young Kwang and Yook Sung Jae’s recent stills are giving them the name of “visual brothers” in the upcoming tvN drama “Plus Nine Boys.”

Both actors showed off their manly charms with their shirtless bodies in the recent stills. The two will be portraying the roles of brothers with an age difference of 10 years.

In the released stills, Kim Young Kwang is at a swimming pool. As a model-turned-actor, his broad shoulders and perfect proportions are impeccable. On the other hand, Yook Sung Jae is showing off his charisma at a judo gymnasium.

In the drama, Kim Young Kwang and Yook Sung Jae will be portraying the roles of a 20s male representative and a teen male representative, respectively. First, Kim Young Kwang is the attractive 29-year-old tour planner Kang Jin Goo

Best Buds Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young Reveal Future Plans Behind the Scenes of Cosmopolitan Photoshoot

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A pictorial with Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young was recently revealed through the Cosmopolitan website.

The concept for the photoshoot was a road trip in Jeju Island. The two that reached their stardom from Superstar K showed their long friendship on the beaches and fields of the island.

In the released photos, they showed their “fall men” images with their guitars and stern expressions. However, it was also revealed that behind the scenes they played around like children when the cameras were off. The photoshoot was taken in a free atmosphere. A representative of Cosmopolitan revealed, “As soon as Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim arrived at the fields, they immediately began to take photos with their phones, complimenting the beauty of the location

g.o.d’s Son Ho Young Reveals a Heartfelt Text Message from EXO’s Suho

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Son Ho Young of g.o.d recently revealed a heartfelt text message that he received from EXO‘s Suho.

On August 22, Son Ho Young wrote on his Twitter account, “This is a personal text message, but I’m posting this because I just feel so grateful and happy~ I’m definitely going to have to tune in today^^ Everyone is going to watch the music video that Suho worked hard to film, right?~” Along with this message, the g.o.d member posted a screenshot of the text that Suho had sent to him.

The text message said: “Hello, Son Ho Young sunbae-nim~ This is EXO’s leader Suho.^^ We filmed for ‘EXO 90:2014’ today and I was just reminded during filming that the broadcast date for the episode we did with g.o.d sunbae-nim is tomorrow

Baek Ji Young to release her "O.S.T Best Limited Package" album

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The "OST Queen", Baek Ji Young, will release a "O.S.T Best Limited Package" album on the 25th!

This compilation album, which follows her previous OST best album "Flash Back" one year ago, consists of the acoustic versions of "Don"t Forget" and "Love and Love", "That Woman", "Fervor", "Crying", and "Spring Rain".

In other news, Baek Ji Young will perform overseas for her concerts at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on August 28 followed by a concert at Manhattan Lincoln Center in New York on August 30.

Baek Ji Young will also kick off her domestic tour, "2014 Baek Ji Young Show - That Woman", at Olympic Park - Olympic Hall, Seoul on September 20 (SAT) at 4 and 8 PM KST and move on to Busan, Daegu, and Cheonan