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Young K-Drama Actresses To Watch Out For

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A few k-drama actresses under 30, and some even younger than 20, are making a positive impression in dramas and films. You may want to look out for these talented actresses in current and upcoming dramas.

Uhm Hyun Kyung: At only 22 this actress has an impressive resume. You can see her currently acting as Park Si Yeon"s scheming competition in "The Greatest Marriage." But she has also appeared in "Mother"s Garden," "Let"s Eat," "Good Doctor," "Horse Doctor" and a few other dramas. She had a role in the 2013 film "The Unwelcome Guest."

Baek Jin Hee. The 24-year-old actress had perhaps the most impressive year. She played a poisonous empress in "Empress Ki," Kim Jaejoong"s girlfriend in "Triangle," and now she gets to romance Choi Jin Hyuk in the upcoming courtroom drama "Pride and Prejudice

Seo In Young Is “Thinking of You” in New Music Video Featuring Zion.T

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Solo artist Seo In Young made returned with her new single, “Thinking of You,” featuring the talented hip-hop artist Zion.T.

After postponing the song release due to remastering, the single and music video were finally unveiled on October 17. This marks Seo In Young’s comeback after a one-year hiatus.

“Thinking of You” showcases the smooth and harmonious sound of Seo In Young and Zion.T. The catchy medium-tempo song is a perfect match for both artists’ unique and charming voices, making it the ideal jam for the fall season. As expected from the stylish star, the music video does not fail to impress with its beautiful color scheme and fashion-forward outfits. It has been revealed Seo In Young gave the video her personal touch by acting as the visual director

Seo In Young Pushes Back Single Release Due to Song Remastering

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Solo artist Seo In Young has postponed the release of her upcoming single, “Remember.”

Originally scheduled for release on October 15, the single will drop on October 17 instead.

Her agency EB explained, “In order to present high quality music, we have decided to postpone the release and remaster the song. We offer our apologies to fans, who have been waiting for Seo In Young’s new song.”

“Although the staff has done their best to stick to the original schedule, the song has been submitted to a British studio for remastering in order to ensure the high quality. Again, we express our apologies, and we ask for you continuous interest in Seo In Young’s new song, ‘Remember,’” the agency concluded

Eugene And Ki Tae Young Expect Their First Child

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Actress and former S.E.S. member Eugene and her husband actor Ki Tae Young are expecting. According to her agency, the baby will be born next spring. The couple has been married for three years but this will be their first child.

They have in the past said they wanted to have three or four children.

Although they are happy to be married and excited about the new addition to their family, their relationship initially got off to a rocky start.

"When we first met," said Eugene a.k.a. Kim Yoo Jin. "I had no idea we would develop feelings for each other."

Eugene and Ki Tae Young began dating after they met on a drama set in 2009. But when they first met on the set of "Creating Destiny," they were not sure they liked each other

Eugene of S.E.S and husband Ki Tae Young to welcome first child!

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Former "nation"s fairy" and S.E.S member Eugene has good news to share!

She and her husband, actor Ki Tae Young, will be welcoming the first child into the world after three years of marriage. According to her agency, Eugene is currently about 8 weeks pregnant, meaning that we"ll be seeing an adorable baby around next May. 

This past June, Ki Tae Young said on their baby plans, "We both received a health examination recently, and we were both healthy." It looks like things went according to plan!

Congratulations to the soon-to-be parents!

Seo In Young says her personal dating experiences are reflected in upcoming track "Remember"

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Singer Seo In Young revealed that her new track "Remember," which features Zion.T, was born from her personal dating experiences.

On October 13, she attended the press conference for her new single at a restaurant in Donggyo-dong where she was asked by one participant whether the song delineated her personal dating experiences. She replied, "I believe so... My last serious relationship was about a year ago."

In addition, she revealed that "Remember" was a song that was analogous to her showing her bare face to the public. She said, "Normally, rather than showing a bare face, I put on make up, and like this, I tend to like songs that do not show a woman"s inner feelings

Song Jieun is beautiful, young and free in “Beautiful 25” MV

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After a long anticipation, Secret’s Song Jieun has finally released the title track music video to “Beautiful 25” off her 1st solo mini-album, “25.”

Showcasing a bright and refreshing feel, Song Jieun reveals a complete 180 transformation compared to her last single, "Don’t Look At Me Like That."

Song Jieun celebrates the beautiful age of 25, singing “beautiful, young and free.” The music video also reveals the energetic choreography, matching the light mood track.

Check it out below!

Source: TSENT2008

Nam Goong Min"s mother thanks Hong Jin Young on "We Got Married"

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Nam Goong Min"s mother thanked Hong Jin Young on the October 11 installment of "We Got Married".

They were visiting the actor"s brother and his wife when the onscreen couple talked to Nam Goong Min"s mother over the phone. Mrs. Nam said, "After meeting you, my son laughs so much and became more at ease. Thank you so much... Whenever I see you Jin Young, the corners of my mouth move up automatically."

Hong Jin Young responded, "Thank you for giving birth to such a good, awesome son. I"ll make sure to come and see you."

It seems even Nam Goong Min was surprised by how happy his mom was to talk to Hong Jin Young. He said during his solo interview, "My mom is not the type of person to talk so brightly. I think Jin Young is a happy virus for sure. My mom was high in spirits. I haven"t heard her so happy in a while

Hwa Young debuts in drama

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Hwa Young, a former member of the girl group T-ara, will make her acting debut as a victimized high school student in a two-episode drama series titled, "Mother"s Choice", according to her agency Wellmade StarM. The plot centers on a mother who must embrace her troubled son. The back-to-back episodes are scheduled to air Sunday at 8:45 p.m.Hwa Young first appeared in 2010 as a member of the group T-ara, but was kicked out of the band two years later. The primary reason for her departure was not revealed at the time, though Hwa Young and her twin sister posted messages on their Twitter accounts implying that she had been bullied by the other members. Since leaving T-ara, the 21-year-old entertainer has been pursuing an acting career. By Sung So-young

Lee Na Young looks posh and refined in pictorial and campaign video for "LANCASTER"

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Actress Lee Na Young looked refined and posh for French contemporary accessory brand "LANCASTER"!

She modeled bags from the Mademoiselle Lana, Adèle - Made in France, Inès Vernis, and the Exotic Croco collection. These bags are available at the brand"s flagship store in Gangnam, Seoul and AK PLAZA in Suwon, Gyeonggido.

Check out the pictorial and 2014 F/W campaign video!

Seo In Young drops stylish MV teaser for "Remember" featuring Zion.T

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Seo In Young has released the MV teaser for her new single "Remember" featuring Zion.T!

As expected of the fashionista, Seo In Young served as the visual director for the MV and she and Zion.T had no problems pulling off the role of a stylish couple.

In addition the the video clip, the singer also shared a calligraphy design of her title in honor of Hangul Day (Korean Alphabet Day) on the 9th. She shared on her Instagram, "Today is Hangul Day. The title of my new single !! Thank you @okehhh oppa for the pretty hangul design !", along with the picture below.

"Remember" will drop on the 15th at noon KST!

Hwa Young"s first drama, SBS "Mother"s Choice"

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Former singer and current actress Hwa Young is starring in the SBS drama "Mother"s Choice", her first real act.

Hwa Young plays Hyeon-ah, one of the main characters of the case. She has recently completed filming the drama.

Although she must"ve felt awkward and nervous in a new environment, she got along well with actress Oh Hyeon-kyeong and asked advice from the director and such. She was passionate about her first actual act and monitored herself closely.

Hwa Young said, "I am worried and anxious at the same time. I will work hard to live up to the expectations although I have a long way to go".

Meanwhile, Hwa Young is currently starring in the film "Today"s Love".

"Mother"s Choice" will be first broadcast on the 12th at 8:45PM

Han Chae Young Says Hi To Fans In China

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Actress Han Chae Young said hi to fans in China through her Weibo account. Last week, actress Han Chae Young posted on her Weibo account pictures of herself, saying, "This is my fall look? What do you think?" In the pictures, actress Han Chae Young wore a warm looking short coat with black skinny jeans and a matching shoulder bag. She made funny poses for the picture, sitting in the chair and walking on the streets. In related news, actress Han Chae Young was casted for a main character of a Chinese drama and is currently filming the drama in China. 



[Spoiler] "My Spring Days" Choi Soo-young confesses to Kam Woo-seong in tears

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Choi Soo-young wasn"t able to hide her feelings about Kam Woo-seong despite the fact that she knew the secret about her heart.

On the ninth episode of the MBC drama "My Spring Days", Lee Bomi (Choi Soo-young) panicked when she found out it was Kang Dong-ha"s (Kam Woo-seong) late wife Yoon Soo-jeong (Min Ji-ah) who gave her the heart that saved her.

Lee Bomi sent a text to Kang Dong-ha saying, "I know now. I know who gave me the heart. Thank you. I didn"t know what it meant then when you told me. I am so sorry to think about how hard it must"ve been on you".

Kang Dong-ha replied, "Are you alright? Don"t be sorry. If you are sorry then the person who gave you the present won"t feel good. I"m sorry I didn"t say goodbye. I hope you forget everything and be happy

Former Boohwal vocalist Jung Dong Ha releases "If I" MV starring actress Lee Se Young

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Former member of rock band Boohwal, Jung Dong Ha, has finally released his first album as a soloist "BEGIN" as well as the MV for his ballad "If I"!

The video features actress Lee Se Young who portrays the emotion and sorrow conveyed through of Jung Dong Ha"s own powerful voice and song.

Make sure to check the MV out as well as listen to Jung Dong Ha"s newest album, which will mark the beginning of his new solo career.