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"Pinocchio", Kim Young Kwang Wants To Get Closer To Park Shin Hye

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The production crew of “Pinocchio” has released a string of stills, revealing the unexpected encounter of Park Shin Hye and Kim Young Kwang at a convenient store.Park Shin Hye works her part time job at a convenient store. She looks pale and more tired than usual.She is surprised by Kim Young Kwang, who suddenly appears in front of her eyes.The unexpected appearance of Kim Young Kwang creates an awkward moment. Park Shin Hye and Kim Young Kwang stare at each other without saying anything.The production crew stated that, “Bum Jo’s interest in In Ha will begin to surface as he makes his moves so please watch the change that will take place in the relationship between Dal Po, In Ha and Bum Bo. Please show your anticipation and love for Pinocchio which will begin unfolding its story in full-swing

Son Ho Young, Kahi, Dong Jun and Kang Sung Jin Confirmed To Record For "Hello"

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It has been reported that the musical team of “All Shook Up” will attend the upcoming episode of KBS2TV’s “Hello”. On November 25th, a representative of KBS stated that, “Son Ho Young, Kahi, Dong Jun and Kang Sung Jin will appear on Hello.” The news source revealed that Son Ho Young, Kahi, Dong Jun and Kang Sung Jin will participate in recording for “Hello” on November 23th. The episode is scheduled to air in December.

Lee Bo Young revealed to be ten weeks pregnant

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Actor Ji Sung and actress Lee Bo Young are expecting their first baby!

For those who are not familiar with the couple, the two first met in 2004 through SBS drama "Save the Last Dance with Me," acknowledged their relationship publicly in 2007, and dated for six more years before tying the knot in August last year! Now, there will be a new addition to their happy family.

Lee Bo Young"s agency, Will Entertainment, disclosed on November 24, "Lee Bo Young has entered into her tenth week of pregnancy. She is taking good care of her health and being careful. As she is with child, she plans to focus more on prenatal care than on production activities."

Ji Sung"s agency, Namoo Actors, said, "Ji Sung is extremely happy about his wife"s pregnancy

Lee Bo Young And Ji Sung Are Expecting

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When actors Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung married in September of 2013 they knew they wanted to have children.

"I want to be a father soon," Ji Sung said a few months after his wedding. " We don"t have any specific plans, like how many children we want; we just want to have children when it happens."

A year later the couple is expecting. On Nov. 24 Ji Sung"s agency Namoo Actors told Newsen that Lee Bo Young is 10 weeks pregnant and that the actor is extremely happy over the pregnancy news. They also said that she plans to take a break from acting.

For the time being, she won′t be active in projects but will focus on her baby," said the Namoo Actors representative. "She usually takes very good care of her health, but until next summer when the baby is due, she will be extra careful

BTS are suave young men for “W Korea”

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BTS utilized their handsome, fresh looks in their latest pictorial for W Korea’s December issue, displaying the youthful charms that only men their age have.

The members of BTS display another facet of their group dynamics, switching from their charismatic aura on-stage and silly personas off-stage to serious, languid young men for this photo-shoot. Each of the members’ relaxed poses and intense expressions reflect the ease and professionalism with which they work.

They dress in stylish suits and over-sized coats, modeling the trendiest outfits for the winter season. The monochrome colors of the photos draw attention to the boys’ poses and expressions.

In contrast to the serious mood of their monochromatic photos, the boys also shot some photos in color, displaying the crazy, fun side of being young men in their twenties

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Couple Expecting First Child

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Celebrity couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are expecting their first child. The couple married in September of 2013 after revealing in 2007 that they were dating. These two actors met in 2004 while appearing in the drama “Save the Last Dance” in 2004. Lee Bo Young is currently ten weeks pregnant.

Ji Sung’s management agency, Namoo Actors, commented, “Currently both are very happy with the news of the pregnancy. Please send many congratulations to the couple.”

Congratulations once again!

Dal Shabet"s Ah Young BTS photos from MBC "Love Frequency 37.2"

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Dal Shabet uploaded behind-the-scene photos of Ah Young while she was on the set of MBC"s "Love Frequency 37.2."

Ah Young is the lead female role for the drama which just aired on November 12th.

See her photos:

written by: SOURCE: Dal Shabet Facebook

Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min Share Intimate Moments During Picnic Date on “We Got Married”

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On the most recent episode of “We Got Married,” the couple of Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min had a lovely autumn picnic wherein they got a bit closer and even shared an indirect kiss!

Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min went on a picnic trip to a nearby park wherein they had a lovely time spent with each other. The on-screen couple even packed lunchboxes and shared stories about their childhood, among others.

As Namgoong Min recounted his younger years, he wanted to relive some of his memories and asked Hong Jin Young to go skating with him. Since it’s been a while since Hong Jin Young skated, she wasn’t that confident and had a bit of a hard time skating so Namgoong Min helped and guided her.

Hong Jin Young asked Namgoong Min, “Are you this thoughtful too when it comes to other things?,” and laughed

Lee Bo Young Makes “Pinocchio” Voice Cameo as Taxi Satellite Navigation System

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Actress Lee Bo Young has made a voice cameo in the latest edition of drama series “Pinocchio.”

On the third episode of the drama, which aired on November 19, the character In Ha (played by actress Park Shin Hye) relocated from her rural island home to Seoul, and Dal Po, the character played by actor Lee Jong Suk, took a job as a taxi driver to support her studies. In Ha needed to go to a broadcasting studio, as she dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist, so Dal Po gave her a lift in his taxi.

However, when he turned on his satellite navigation system, which was branded with the name “Hyesung,” the unmistakable voice of Lee Bo Young could be heard. Hyesung was the name of the character that Lee Bo Young played in drama series “I Hear Your Voice” earlier this year

Why Does Lee Si Young Choose Co-Star Uhm Tae Woong Over Lee Soo Hyuk as Her Ideal Type?

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On November 19, the cast of the new Monday-Tuesday tvN drama “Valid Love” attended a press conference for the upcoming drama, which took place at Youngdeungpo Time Square.

During the press conference, actress Lee Si Young was asked to choose who is closer to ideal type between her two male co-stars, Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Soo Hyuk. She revealed that it was difficult to choose, explaining, “The charms of the two are so different. Lee Soo Hyuk is good-looking at first sight, while Uhm Tae Woong has more comfortable charms.”

The actress ultimately shared, “For now, I like a more comfortable style like Uhm Tae Woong. If [you’re] too good-looking, it’s a bit of a burden.”

“Valid Love” is scheduled to air its first broadcast on December 1 at 11 p

“Valid Love” Starring Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young, and Lee Soo Hyuk Releases New Posters

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tvN‘s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Valid Love” has released its main poster, along with character posters.

“Valid Love,” which tells the story of a love triangle between Lee Si Young, Uhm Tae Woong, and Lee Soo Hyuk, showed this dynamic very well in the main poster.

In the main poster, the three main characters sit on a couch, with Lee Si Young and Lee Soo Hyuk looking into each other’s eyes lovingly. Meanwhile, it could be seen that Lee Si Young is still holding Uhm Tae Woong’s hand, while he looks on, directly into the camera.

The tagline on the poster reads, “All love is valid.”

The individual character posters also show each character with a tagline. Lee Si Young’s reads, “A woman who loves two men

Lee Bo Young to voice cameo in the upcoming episode of "Pinocchio"

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Following the food truck, this time Lee Bo Young continues showing her support for Lee Jong Suk by making a voice episode in the upcoming episode of "Pinocchio".

The viewers will be able to hear the actress"s voice on the 3rd episode of the drama on November 19th,
making a special "reunion" with Lee Jong Suk.

A drama rep said,"We"re thankful to Lee Bo Young for sending a food truck and making a surprise appearance due to her ties with director Jo Soo Won, writer Park Hye Ryun and Lee Jong Suk. This scene was even more fun to shoot thanks to the support of Lee Bo Young. Please look forward to it with a lot of your interest".

This episode of "Pinocchio" will be on air on November 19th at 10pm kst.

Kim Young Kwang and Park Shin Hye to build strong relationship and New Stills released for SBS Pinocchio

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 Seo Bum Jo (played by Kim Young Kwang) will be the chaser of Choi In Ha (played by Park Shin Hye) in SBS Wenesday - Thusday drama "Pinocchio". On Monday, the new still cut for Pinocchio were released. In the photos, Kim Young Kwang can't take his eyes off Park Shin Hye.Eyes of Kim Young-kwang looking at her are also very soft and tender, so it arouses curiosity about the relationship of Park Shin-hye and Kim Young-kwang. These photos were taken while they shot a scene that ‘Choi In-ha’(Park Shin-hye) and ‘Seo Beom-jo’(Kim Young-kwang) first met at the job interview.It was also seen that there was a story behind the relationship of them. Viewers wonder if Kim Young-kwang and Park Shin-hye start new relationship. People also wonder how love triangle between Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye and Kim Young-kwang will end up.Drama "Pinocchio" starring Lee Jong-suk , Park Shin-hye, Kim Young-kwang and Lee Yoo-bi tells a love story of a man who lives his life under fake name and a woman who can’t lie due to her chronic symptom

Lee Bo Young has chance to work with Lee Jong Suk again through Voice Cameo on “Pinocchio”

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It's reported that beautiful actress Lee Bo Young will perform a voice cameo on SBS drama Pinocchio, in support for her former co-star Lee Jong Suk and the production team (writer Park Hye Ryun; director Jo Soo Won) for “I Can Hear Your Voice,” which is now the team on “Pinocchio.”The actress’s voice can be heard on the third episode of the show, to be aired on November 19, through which she will have a ‘reunion’ of sorts with Lee Jong Suk. This is not the first time for the actress to show support for the drama, having previously sent a food truck to the “Pinocchio” set.The “Pinocchio” production company said, “We’re very thankful to Lee Bo Young, who sent a food truck to set, and is even making a special (vocal) appearance in the drama. Lee Bo Young’s voice makes for a really fun scene. Don’t miss it!”Episode three of “Pinocchio” airs on November 19 at 10 p

Lee Bo Young to make a voice cameo on "Pinocchio" + sends food truck to set

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Lee Bo Young showed support for her former co-star Lee Jong Suk from the hit series "I Hear Your Voice" by featuring on the upcoming episode of "Pinocchio"!

Viewers will get to hear Lee Bo Young"s voice on the third episode of "Pinocchio", which will air on November 19. That"s not the only way the actress is cheering on Lee Jong Suk as she also sent a food truck to the set, showcasing their close friendship.

A rep stated, "We thank Lee Bo Young for sending a food truck and making a surprise featuring due to her ties with director Jo Soo Won, writer Park Hye Ryun, and Lee Jong Suk... Thanks to Lee Bo Young"s strong support, we were able to make a scene that is more fun. We ask for a lot of anticipation and interest