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Son Ho Young Hopes to be Healed After Leaving the ‘Share House’

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After experiencing some tragic incidents in the past, Son Ho Young made brave steps by moving into O’live TV’s Share House, hoping to be healed from his pain.

On April 16’s broadcast of Share House, ten celebrities gathered together for the first time.

During the interview with the staff, Son Ho Young talked about what he’s been doing since his girlfriend’s death and his attempted suicide in 2013.

When asked if he was going to be active any time soon, he replied, “I will. That’s something I have to do. I haven’t done anything for the past ten months. I couldn’t work, and the only thing that increased was my alcohol intake,” said Son Ho Young. “Of course I want to see my fans soon….”

Then he added, “I really hope that by time I leave here, I leave with my heart will be completely healed

Park Min Young and Jin Yi Han reunite in still cuts for 'A New Leaf'

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Actors Park Min Young and Jin Yi Han are seen reuniting in still cuts from MBC"s upcoming drama, "A New Leaf"! The two previously played siblings in "Dr. Jin."

"A New Leaf" focuses on an ace attorney of a law firm, Kim Suk Joo, who loses his memory through a huge accident, allowing him to look back at his life and start over. It will be written by Choi Hee Ra of "Golden Time" and directed by Park Jae Bum of "Scandal."

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Meanwhile, Jin Yi Han plays Jun Ji Won, a modest man with a brilliant mind who coincidentally runs into Park Min Young"s character, Ji Yoon, at a wedding. As the two played siblings two years before, people are curious to see how they may interact again in this new drama as colleagues

Son Ho Young expresses how he felt returning to the entertainment world

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On the April 16th episode of Olive TV"s "Share House", Son Ho Young revealed how he felt returning to the entertainment world after the tragic events of last year.

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In his meeting with the producers, Son Ho Young expressed, "For 10 months, I couldn"t work and just drank more... Of course, I wanted to see my fans," adding that it was a tough decision to make a comeback. 

He continued, "After spending time here, I hope that what"s in my heart will be healed when I leave." 

"Share House" centers around 10 celebrities who live under one roof. Let"s hope the show and his roommates make Son Ho Young feel better!

YG Entertainment Signs On 13-Year-Old “K-Pop Star” Contestant Lee Chae Young

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The third season of SBS’ audition program “K-Pop Star” ended this past weekend, and now agencies are able to scout the contestants after the winner picked his home.

On April 16, a representative from YG Entertainment shared with a media outlet that YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk had his eyes on Lee Chae Young while being on the judging panel. YG doesn’t plan on making her debut right away, but for her to go through their methodical 3-4 year training.

Regarding her acceptance into YG Entertainment, Lee Chae Young said, “Joining YG Entertainment was always my dream.”

Lee Chae Young wowed the judges early on with her dance skills. However, her vocals weren’t up to par, but they gave her a chance

Yang Hyun Suk personally recruits 'K-Pop Star 3's Lee Chae Young into YG Entertainment

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"K-Pop Star 3"s Lee Chae Young has joined YG Entertainment!

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A YG rep told OSEN on the 16th, "We are aware that Lee Chae Young caught the eye of Yang Hyun Suk while he was judging for "K-Pop Star 3". Yang thinks that rather than YG competing to scout "K-Pop Star 3" contestants, we consult with JYP and Antenna Music about nurturing a dream with potential for growth together."

"We doubt that Yang Hyun Suk will make 13-year-old Lee Chae Young debut immediately. Yang thinks that she can grow more in a few areas if she spends 3-4 years training under YG"s systematic singer training program... It"s his style to find talent early on and train them well

YG Entertainment Signs with ‘K-Pop Star’s Lee Chae Young

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It appears that YG entertainment has signed a contract with SBS’ K-Pop Star’s Lee Chae Young.

On April 16, an YG Entertainment rep spoke with enews, who said, “Yang Hyun Suk personally expressed his opinions on scouting her to the broadcast station.”

“Lee Chae Young said it was her dream to get signed with YG. After hearing that, Yang Hyun Suk decided right there to sign with Lee Chae Young.”

On this day, one news source stated that Yang Hyun Suk decided to sign Lee Chae Young, who will receive three to four years of training through YG’s artist fostering program so that she can improve even more.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae Young appeared on the first season of K-Pop Star in 2011 at the age of ten, impressing the judges

Kim Young Jae leaves 4men following expiration of his contract amidst being accused of fraud

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It has been announced that Kim Young Jae has left 4men following the expiration of his contract last month.

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Their agency Happy Face Entertainment rep announced Kim Young Jae"s departure from the group on the 14th, "4men"s oldest hyung Kim Young Jae"s contract with our agency expired last month and he has decided to leave the team and go solo... 4men"s 5th full-length album to be released next month will be his final album and Shin Yong Jae and Kim Won Joo plan to conduct their new album activities as two members."

"We discussed with Young Jae a lot and made this decision for his future and growth. Although he left the agency and 4men, we ask that you show your love and support for Young Jae"s future activities

Baek Ji Young and Lee Seung Gi Perform “My Ear’s Candy” on “Healing Camp”

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Singers Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young have attracted a lot of attention for their adorable dance break to “My Ear’s Candy.”

On the April 14 episode of SBS’ talk show “Healing Camp,” Lee Sun Hee talked about her career and life as a singer. To make the episode a bit more special, Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young made special appearances on the show.

They entered the stage and performed “My Ear’s Candy,” a collaboration hit by Baek Ji Young and 2PM‘s Taecyeon from 2009. This was not the first time for Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young to show off their chemistry, as they performed the song at the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun.

After seeing their cute and entertaining performance, Lee Sun Hee praised Lee Seung Gi’s improved dancing skills, “Compared to the past, your dance has a better vibe now

Lee Sun Hee Special of ‘Healing Camp’ with Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young Pulls Viewers

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SBS’ Healing Camp ranked number one for another week with legendary singer Lee Sun Hee as its guest.

The ratings increased from 7.6 to 7.8 with the second half of Lee Sun Hee’s episode airing on Monday night.

Not only did Lee Sun Hee continue to tell her life story through all of her accomplishments, but she also performed her version of Baek Ji Young’s I Won’t Love, bringing a whole new mood to the already sad song. Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young also performed the song on the show for their senior.

Monday, April 14, 2014


1. MBC Empress Ki 25.3
2. SBS God’s Gift – 14 Days 8.5


1. SBS Healing Camp 7

Kim Young Jae Revealed to Have Parted Ways with 4Men, Charged with Fraud

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Singer Kim Young Jae‘s name has been a hot topic among the local news today due to two separate issues.

First it was announced the Kim Young Jae had parted way with his group, 4Men. It’s agency, Happy Face Entertainment, stated on April 14, “4Men’s oldest member, Kim Young Jae, has left the team and decided to stand alone after his exclusive contract with the agency ended last month. 4Men’s fifth studio album that is being released next month will be his last album [as part of the group], and the two remaining members, Shin Yong Jae and Kim Won Joo, will promote the new album.”

Kim Young Jae stated through the agency, “I was really happy starting my music career as a member of 4Men. I am truly grateful to everyone who has loved and supported me

Hong Jin Young Makes Nam Goong Min Speechless on “We Got Married”

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Singer Hong Jin Young acknowledged her previous relationship and threw a fastball against her pretend husband, actor Nam Goong Min.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” which aired on April 12, Hong Jin Young introduced Nam Goong Min to her friends, Shinji of Koyote and Joo Hyun of SPICA.

During their meeting Shinji asked Nam Goong Min, “When you searched Hong Jin Young on the Internet, didn’t you find another name in the search?” hinting on Hong Jin Young’s previous relationship. Nam Goong Min answered, “Ah…” signaling that he remembered.

Shinji tried to mitigate the situation by saying, “We (Hong Jin Young, Shinji, and male subject) were all close friends,” to Nam Goong Min, but Hong Jin Young corrected her and said, “No, I did go out with him

Jung Joon Young makes a surprise visit to Jung Yoo Mi's drama set on 'We Got Married'

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Singer Jung Joon Young made a surprise visit to his wife Jung Yoo Mi"s drama set on the April 12th episode of "We Got Married".

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The actress, who is currently starring in the MBC drama "Mother"s Garden", was pleasantly surprised when Jung Joon Young showed up with a little snack for the cast and crew. He made sure to make himself useful by critiquing Jung Yoo Mi"s acting skills as well.

They then went over to the basketball court where they played a little ball with Jung Joon Young"s friends. The two made a bet, and Jung Yoo Mi promptly won.

Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min meet up with Shinji and SPICA's Juhyun on 'We Got Married'

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Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young met up with her friends Shinji and SPICA"s Juhyun on the April 12th episode of "We Got Married".

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He had a few questions for them right off the bat. He asked Shinji, "Why is Hong Jin Young such a flirt?" Shinji replied, "She"s not flirting. That"s just her life. It could seem that way from a man"s point of view, but it"s really not like that."

Nam Goong Min then brought up the aegyo expressions that are Hong Jin Young"s trademark, saying, "I liked them thinking she would only do them for me, but on another program, she winked at Super Junior"s Kyuhyun. I"m worried about Hong Jin Ho too." Hong Jin Young explained, "No, it"s not like that

Wooyoung and Park Se Young go on an amusement park date on 'We Got Married'

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young went on a romantic amusement park date on the April 12th episode of "We Got Married". 

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Wooyoung finally succeeded in holding Park Se Young"s hand after he told her, "This is a really tough favor, but can you do it? I wanted to hold your hand in front of people carefree." He later said, "I"m never letting your hand go. Even if you let go, I"m not letting go."

Later on, they took a walk on the beach where Wooyoung took his shoes off and walked on the sand. It was a colder day, so he ended up asking her, "Give me a piggyback ride."

Park Se Young said during her solo interview, "It was cold, so I thought I should hurry up and get his feet off the cold ground."

2PM’s Wooyoung and Park Se Young Enjoy Date at Amusement Park

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2PM’s Wooyoung and his virtual wife Park Se Young enjoyed their date at an amusement park.

April 12’s broadcast of MBC’s We Got Married will show Wooyoung-Park Se Young couple visiting an amusement park, where Park Se Young attended a ‘princess beauty pageant’ in the past.

Upon arriving, Park Se Young suggested that they try a ride that drops people from 50 meters above the ground, making Wooyoung nervous.

After the ride, Wooyoung asked Park Se Young to do him a favor and asked her to walk with him by holding hands in a crowded place.

A few days later, the two decide to take a trip to Busan and when it rained, Wooyoung put his jacket around Park Se Young and walked with his arm over her shoulder.

The full story on the couple will be broadcasted on April 12!

Photo credit: MBC