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Son Ho Young to Hit the Musical Stage after g.o.d Promotions

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g.o.d member Son Ho Young has been confirmed to star in the musical “All Star All Shook Up” after wrapping up g.o.d‘s ongoing promotions.

According to a representative of the musical, the star has been cast as the male lead, Chad. The musical premiered in 2005 with a star-studded Broadway cast, and has since made it way to Korea, among other countries. With the story based on William Shakespeare‘s “Twelfth Night” and the music borrowed from Elvis Presley, the show has enjoyed great popularity all around the world.

This will be Son Ho Young’s second time playing Chad, as he was the main star also back in 2010, when the musical first premiered in Korea

CNBLUE"s Jungshin and Kim So Young shed their maknae image for "CeCi"s October issue

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CNBLUE"s Jungshin and actress Kim So Young brought out their stylish charms in the October issue of "CeCi" flaunting their model-like statures.

With "CeCi", Jungshin and Kim So Young shed their fresh, maknae image from their recent drama SBS "Temptation" and transformed into a chic, city couple.

The two flaunted their model-like height during the photo shoot, leaving the staff members in awe with each shot taken. Aside from the couple shoot, Jungshin brought out the macho side of him with his hair damped in water. Kim So Young also tapped into her slender and feminine persona.

Jung Joon Young Finally Meets Jang Nara on His Radio Show

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On September 17, MBC’s radio show, “Jung Joon Young’s Shimshimtapa” had Jang Nara, Casker’s Yoong Jin, and Royal PiratesMoon as guest stars.

On this day, MBC released behind the scenes photos of Jang Nara and Jung Joon Young on the set of the recording. According to a staff member on the production team, DJ Jung Joon Young was shy throughout the entire recording and couldn’t even look her directly in the eyes.

Earlier, Jung Joon Young made a voice cameo on Jang Nara’s “Fated to Love You” and showed his fan love. To thank him for his continued support Jang Nara had personally requested to guest on the show. Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young had revealed on MBC’s “Stargazing” that during his time studying abroad in China, he had gotten his strength from the sitcom “Nonstop,” where Jang Nara had starred

"My Lovely Girl" releases Part 1 of its OST featuring LOCO, MAMAMOO, and Park Mi Young

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SBS Wed-Thurs drama "My Lovely Girl" released Part 1 of its OST for the viewers who already can"t get enough of the music they heard during the premiere this week!

The drama premiered on the 17th and viewers instantly became fond of the song "Crazy Boy" which f(x)"s Krystal"s character Se Na sang a portion of in the drama to describe Hyun Wook (Rain). "Crazy Boy" is the work of May and Lee Joo Ho, and sung by Park Mi Young.

LOCO and MAMAMOO also collaborated for "This Song" which expresses the feeling of wanting to approach someone you like and is the work of composer team Rebellious Teen.

Get ready for another episode today while you listen to these songs!

Paradise Award Committee to honor Sean and Jung Hye Young for their years of charitable work

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The Paradise Award Committee has recently announced that it plans to award the happily married couple Sean and Jung Hye Young on their years of charitable work in an upcoming ceremony.

The couple is certainly deserving of such an award, as Sean and Jung Hye Young together have participated in more than 1000 hours of volunteer work over the past 10 years. They"ve also donated billions of won (millions of dollars) to support children with incurable diseases.

Furthermore, they are honorary ambassadors to Holt Children"s Services Inc., an international adoption service that aids orphaned children across the world. They are also honorary ambassadors for the Purme Foundation, which is currently working on building a rehabilitation hospital for children

Upcoming Drama “Healer” Holds First Script Reading with Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Min Young

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On September 11, KBS’s upcoming drama, “Healer,” held its first script reading. Present at the scene were directors Lee Jung Sup and Kim Jin Woo, writer Song Ji Na, and actors Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Min Young, Park Sang Won, Do Ji Won, Woo Hee Jin, Kim Mi Kyung, Park Won Sang, and Oh Kwang Rok along with the rest of the staff members of the production team.

The reading lasted almost four hours, with only a five minute break in between. Despite the long hours they put in for this reading, the actors did not show any signs of tiredness, with each doing their best with their individual characters. Behind stories also reveal that despite the fact that it was their first reading, the actors showed perfect chemistry with their acting

CNBLUE"s Jungshin and Kim So Young relay their thanks to the viewers of "Temptation"

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CNBLUE"s Jungshin and Kim So Young relayed their thanks as their SBS Mon-Tues drama "Temptation" comes to an end!

Jungshin and Kim So Young shared through their agency FNC Entertainment on September 16, "It was a precious production because we got to work with good sunbaenims, director, and staff... We are really thankful to the viewers who showed a lot of love for the maknae couple. We ask that you look forward to the finale today."

Stay tuned for the finale of "Temptation" today at 10 PM KST!

Super Junior’s Heechul Revealed That Members Kangin and Yesung Once Fought Because of Actress Moon Geun Young

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Super Junior members have shown their tight friendship through the years, but all friendships also go through rough patches of fights and arguments, and this is what member Heechul admitted on this week’s episode of KBS 2TV‘s “Hello Counselor.

Heechul talked about one incident that happened in their dorm while he was eating ramen by himself and members Yesung and Kangin were watching TV, when actress Moon Geun Young came up on screen. Heechul explained that Yesung was a huge fan of the baby-faced actress and Kangin decided to playfully tease Yesung. Kangin kept saying that Moon Geun Young would never notice him and so Yesung got mad, the initial joke escalating into a huge fight.

Heechul mentioned that he also got mad as he angrily put down his ramen and asked them to keep quiet

Nam Young Joo Releases Steamy “Shower Concert” Image

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Solo singer Nam Young Joo has released a raunchy teaser image as part of the promotion of her debut single “6:09,” released on September 15. The black-and-white image shows the singer, who first shot to fame as a contestant on SBS audition show “K-Pop Star Season 3,” standing behind a shower curtain holding a microphone stand. The singer’s silhouette is visible, and her hair appears to be wet. A caption reads, “Shower Concert.”

A spokesperson for the star explained, “We were going for a sexy look that didn’t involve too much exposure. We decided upon using this image as it best it reflected what we were after.”

Nam Young Joo is said to have lost some 11 kilograms in the space of one month as part of the preparations for her debut

Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young, and Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks to Star in New tvN Drama

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Actors Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young, and Lee Soo Hyuk are currently considering offers to star in a new tvN drama titled “Valid Love” (tentative English title).

On September 15, a representative of Uhm Tae Woong’s agency told TV Report, “He is in the stages of making final adjustments to his casting.” Lee Si Young’s agency also revealed, “Lee Si Young received an offer to star in ‘Valid Love.’ She is currently looking it over.”

If confirmed, Uhm Tae Woong will be acting as the lead male character named Jang Tae Hee, a 41-year-old marine laboratory researcher, while Lee Si Young will be taking on the lead female role of Il Li (Illy). Also in talks of being cast in this drama as a carpenter named Kim Jun, is model-actor Lee Soo Hyuk

Heechul recalls a time Kangin and Yesung got in a fight because of Moon Geun Young

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On the September 15 installment of KBS 2TV"s "Hello," Super Junior"s Heechul revealed a time when Kangin and Yesung got in a huge fight over actress Moon Geun Young.

The boys were asked about fighting to which Kangin pointed out Heechul, saying, "He was wearing my outdoor clothes as pajamas. They were clothes that were very dear to me," making everyone laugh.

The MCs specifically asked if there was a time when they fought like men. Heechul said, "Yes. Kangin and Yesung in the past..." to which Ryeowook cut in, "Don"t say it."

Heechul continued, "Kangin and Yesung were watching TV. Kangin made me ramen, so I was eating ramen by myself when Moon Geun Young came out on TV

Jang Na Ra thanks Jung Joon Young for his support and promises to treat him to a meal

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Jang Na Ra thanked her "stargazer" aka fanboy Jung Joon Young for promoting her dramas!

During an interview at a cafe in Mapogu, Seoul on the 12th, Jang Na Ra commented on her fanboy, singer Jung Joon Young, "I met Jung Joon Young once on a radio show. I am really thankful and he worked so hard to promote my drama. I was really so thankful... I thought, "How is there a youngster like that?"... To be honest, I don"t know him well and we have a large age gap, but he kept mentioning [my drama] on the radio and he promoted it on the level of advertisements on broadcast. Honestly, I heard that affection suddenly comes and goes after becoming a celebrity, and I felt that a lot this time... I want to say that I am really thankful to that friend. I promised him that I would treat him to a meal

Hong Jin Young"s father lectures "We Got Married"s Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young on their table manners

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On the September 13 broadcast of MBC"s "We Got Married", Nam Goong Min had dinner with Hong Jin Young"s parents for the first time. As with any meeting with the "in-laws," the dinner turned out to be a bit awkward and tense, as Hong Jin Young"s father observed the couple with a critical eye.

On this episode, after the ending their baseball date, the happy couple went over to Hong Jin Young"s parents" house. Hong Jin Young"s mother prepared dinner, and the four sat down for a delicious meal.

Things got tense when Hong Jin Young attempted to first feed her "husband". While Nam Goong Min tried to remind her that it was impolite to eat before her parents, her father commented, "There are some table manners [you have to keep in mind]

Nam Goong Min Shocked by Hong Jin Young’s Past Photos on “We Got Married”

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Actor Nam Goong Min was completely caught by surprise after seeing his virtual wife and singer Hong Jin Young’s photos from the past.

On the September 13 broadcast of MBC’s variety program “We Got Married,” the Nam Goong Min – Hong Jin Young couple went on a trip to Hong Jin Young’s hometown of Gwangju in order to greet and visit the singer’s parents.

During their visit to her parents’ home, Nam Goong Min had an opportunity to take a look at his virtual wife’s childhood photos. The actor was shocked to see a completely different image of Hong Jin Young through these pictures, and jokingly said, “You look like a handsome young boy.”

In an interview with producers, Nam Goong Min shared, “[Hong Jin Young] looked quite different from her current appearance,” while Hong Jin Young said, “Husband, you shouldn’t be like that,” both causing laughter with their statements

Wooyoung and Park Se Young say a tearful goodbye on "We Got Married"

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young"s 9 months together came to an end on MBC"s "We Got Married".

Wooyoung and Park Se Young couldn"t help but to stare at their final mission card in sadness, but decided to make the most out of every moment together during their farewell date. Wooyoung fulfilled his wish of going on a street date while holding hands with Park Se Young and the two also painted their memorable bench together to donate to a local park.

As the sun set and it hit them that their time together was almost over, Park Se Young began to spill tears and was unable to make eye contact with Wooyoung for the first time. Wooyoung then kissed her on the cheek to stop her from crying and shared during his interview, "I really felt like I was breaking up with my real girlfriend