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SNSD’s Taeyeon Puts Her Robe On, Block B Hits the Dance Studio and More

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preview nextview 1/8 preview nextview From concerts to musicals, the stars were hard at work rehearsing for their latest projects. Flip through too see more of what went down in the SNS world in our Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Sandara Park kept the #DOOMDARA photos coming with this update on her Instagram.

2PM’s Chansung, who recently joined Instagram, updated fans with a selfie on April 16, writing “#mmhonghol But what’s so great about this? #whatssogreat #selca.”

A Pink shared a photo of member Jung Eun Ji on itsvarious SNS platforms, writing “Rehearsing for Full House right now. Tomorrow is the first show! Nervous because I can’t believe it’s already the first show…”

The Block B boys were also hard at rehearsal, as Park Kyung tweeted a photo from the dance studio, writing “Rehearsing last minute to show a new side to Block B~!! Please look forward to our comeback ㅋ

Sandara Park and Taeyang Take Adorable Photos with Haru

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2NE1 member Sandara Park and Big Bang member Taeyang both took photos of their meeting with Tablo’s daughter, Haru!

On April 13, Sandara tweeted a photo of her making V-signs with Haru along with the caption, “Harudara (Haru + Sandara Park)! Our pretty Haru~ with auntie Dara.”

Big Bang’s Taeyang also shared a photo he had taken with Haru on his Instagram account with the adorable caption, “My superstar #Haru.” In the photo, Taeyang is seen giving Haru a kiss while Haru wears a hilarious expression, unable to contain her shock at being able to meet one of her favorite stars.

On that day, YG Entertainment artists were in Osaka, Japan performing at the Kyocera dome for the “2014 YG Family Concert

2NE1’s Park Bom Wants to Show Off Her Bikini Body on ‘Roommates’

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2NE1’s Park Bom revealed that she wants to wear a bikini on broadcast.

During April 9’s broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza, 2NE1’s Park Bom and Sandara Park appeared as special guests.

Showing her love for her new variety show SBS’s Roommates, Park Bom said, “I might reveal my bikini body on Roommates. I bought a pretty swimming suit, in case I have the opportunity to show you.” Lee Sora, who is sharing a room with Park Bom on the show said, “We’ll be going soon."

When the listeners started showing their interest in Park Bom mention of a bikini, she said “I will need to start exercising now.”

Sandara Park also said, “I want to wear a bikini too. I can’t wear it but I want to,” and revealed that she will prepare her body to show her bikini body

2NE1’s Sandara Park Sends a Love Call to ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’

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2NE1’s Sandara Park expressed her desire to appear on tvN’s variety show Grandpas Over Flowers.

On April 3, 2NE1 guested on MBC FM4U’s Hope Song.

Park Bom, who will be on SBS’s new variety show Roommates, said, “I recently joined SBS’s new variety program. The filming hasn’t finished yet, but it’s really fun. I’ve been enjoying it even though I can’t sleep much.”

When DJ Kim Shin Young asked Sandara Park, “Don’t you want a vacation?” she answered, “I would like to try something where I can both work and travel. I think I’d be a good bag carrier if I appeared on Grandpas Over Flowers. I can do all the work, like a manager.”

Then Kim Shin Young brought out laughter by saying, “To the staff of Grandpas Over Flowers, please do her a favor

2NE1’s Sandara Park and SUJU’s Donghae Catch Up, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa Takes Selfie with SHINee’s Onew and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and More

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preview nextview 1/14 preview nextview The celebs took selfie Sunday seriously, sharing photos of themselves all weekend. Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Miss A’s Suzy treat fans to a rush of photos on March 30, including the one above with the caption, “I’ll just post some photos.”

She also tweeted the above selfies with the caption, “Squint.”

Lee Hyori update fans with a selfie with Soon Shim on March 30, writing “Good morning~.”

Former Wonder Girls member Sohee popped up on Ha Yeon Soo’s Facebook on March 30, as the actress posted a photo from an agency outing, writing “Again, dinner outing! Everyone in our family is so warmhearted. Like the words itself BH. Be happy.”

Another idol actress, Uee, tweeted an update on March 30, posting the above photo with the message, “The last episode of ‘Golden Rainbow’ airs today! Feels weird~

2NE1′s Park Bom Takes a Selca While Shooting for the New Variety Show “Roommate”

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Girl group 2NE1‘s main vocalist Park Bom posted a selca of herself while shooting the upcoming SBS variety show she is appearing in called “Roommate.” Sandara Park was invited by the singer as a guest as well.

On March 29, Park Bom wrote on her Twitter, “Guess what I’m doing right now? Doing ‘Roommate’! This headband was given to me by my roommate.” The singer also tweeted Sandara Park by writing, “Come quick. My roommate is waiting for you as well!”

Through this new show, this is the first time that Park Bom is appearing as one of the regular cast in a variety show. There is a lot of anticipation going around since Park Bom is well known among her fans as well as to the netizens as being very fun.

As well as Park Bom, other stars include model Lee So Ra, actor Lee Dong Wook, Hong Soo Hyun, Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Woo, After School’s Nana, EXO’s Chanyeol, singer Shin Seong Woo, comedian Jo Sae Ho, and fighter Song Ga Yeon

Park Shin Hye, Henry and More Top the Week′s Headlines

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preview nextview 1/6 preview nextview If you’ve missed out on all the hottest news of the week, but you’re too busy to catch up on everything that’s been going on - no worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be recapping the Top 5 articles of the past week, based on reader views!

Lee Seung Hwan Says It Was a Good Thing Park Shin Hye Left His Company

Lee Seung Hwan kept it real when he admitted he was glad that Park Shin Hye left his company - but not for the reasons you might think. Lee Seung Hwan admitted that he was holding the young star back and he′s now glad to see the actress on top.

We have to say - good job, both of you.

2PM′s Jun. K Designs Special NOLOVE Necklace for Fans

2PM′s Jun. K got everyone excited when we announced that he′d designed a special necklace for his fans

Cheon Dung and Sandara Park vs. Mir and Ko Eun A

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It’s another two-on-two Battle this week, as we match up two sets of celebrity siblings currently in the spotlight.

With MBLAQ making a comeback this month, we pit members Cheon Dung and Mir, who each have famous older sisters who are currently active in the entertainment industry as well, against each other, so read on and vote for your favorite siblings below!

Cheon Dung and Sandara Park

Sandara Park may have a legion of fans, but only Cheon Dung can say the 2NE1 member is his number one fan.

When Cheon Dung isn’t talking up his big sister on TV shows, Sandara Park is tweeting emoticon-packed photos of her kid brother.

So with MBLAQ returning to the K-Pop scene and 2NE1 currently dominating the stage, you know what that means: More opportunities to catch some adorable brother-sister action between Cheon Dung and his big sis Sandara Park

MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung Says His Mom Wants Him to Be in Unit with Sandara Park

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MBLAQ’s Cheon Dung brought up his older sister, 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

Coming back with new title Be a Man, MBLAQ recently recorded KBS 2TV’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

With all the members staying active in fields of acting, hosting, musical and variety shows, the MBLAQ members confessed that even though each member was able to expand their respective career fields, they haven′t been able to perform events, leading to less profit.

The members also shared that some people laugh at them on stage because of their comical image shown on variety shows.

While talking about possibly forming a unit with his sister Sandara Park, Cheon Dung said, “My mom really wants that to happen, but it’ll be difficult since we’re in different agencies

SNSD’s Taeyeon Receives Stinky Gift, Super Junior-M Comeback is in Full Swing and More

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview The stars showered fans with updates, from concerts to comebacks, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted a hilarious photo on her Instagram on March 24, bringing the inner kid out of all of us, with the hashtag “#pooptoy.”

Sooyoung celebrated the warm weather with a selfie on March 24, writing “Why is the weather so nice? Let’s go on a picnic.”

Lee Hyori updated fans with a photo she tweeted of herself stuffing herself with jjajangmyun on March 24, writing “Visited Seoul for the first time in a while~~inhaled the jjajangmyun I wanted to eat and now I’m going back down~~byebye.”

Super Junior-M’s Kyuhyun posted a photo of himself with fellow member Choi Siwon on March 24 with the unit group’s new album in hand, writing the simple message, “Swing,” the title of Super Junior-M’s new album

2NE1 and WINNER Captured Together Backstage at Concert

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The members of 2NE1 posted a photo with YG Entertainment’s new boy group, WINNER demonstrating their amicable relationship to one another.

On March 23, 2NE1’s Sandara Park posted a photo on her Twitter account with the description,” After our Hong Kong concert with our cute WINNER dongsengs!!! Let’s have fun with all the remaining shows on our tour!!”

In the photo, 2NE1 and WINNER are seen together backstage. Each individual display their distinctive charm through their poses and facial expressions. It seems the two groups have a friendly relationship with each other.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will continue their “All Or Nothing” world tour in Shanghai, China on April 11. The members of WINNER will be accompanying 2NE1’s tour shows in China.

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2NE1′s Dara Reveals a Funky Hairdo from “HAPPY” Music Video

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We know that 2NE1 are pioneers towards new trends, but you can’t help but stare in awe at one of Dara’s hairstyles that she recently uploaded on her Twitter.

On March 5 the singer wrote, “Two years ago when we were filming “HAPPY” music video in L.A., I couldn’t adjust to the time change when all of a sudden CL joked around.”

Along with the message the singer uploaded a photo of CL and herself waiting to film their music video with their hair and makeup all set and ready.

Furthermore, on March 9 the singer uploaded another photo with the message, “I hope you’re HAPPY.” The two photos showed Dara with braided pigtails and what seemed to be part of her bangs styled to the side of her face.

Although the “HAPPY” music video turned out great, you can’t help but wonder: How much hairspray was used to paste her front bangs to the side of her face? Nonetheless, we praise 2NE1 for their great music and style that continues to mold K-Pop! What are your thoughts on Dara’s unique hairdo?

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Readers Declare SNSD’s Sunny Rocks Blue Hair Best

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You voted, and now we’re ready to announce which idol you voted rocks blue hair the best!

Many idols have gone blue, but SNSD’s Sunny took the win in our poll last week with 47.2 percent of votes, beating the newly blue 2NE1 member Sandara Park, who settled for second place with 34.4 percent of votes.

Big Bang’s T.O.P finished in third place with 8 percent of votes, while, B.A.P’s Zelo, Infinite’s Dong Woo and JYJ’s Kim Junsu followed suit with 5 percent, 3.3 percent and 2 percent of votes, respectively.

Thanks for voting, and be sure to vote for your favorite SNSD concept in our latest poll!

Yang Hyun Suk Explains the Concept for 2NE1′s “Come Back Home” Music Video

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2NE1 recently returned with music videos for the songs “Come Back Home” and “Happy” from their newly-released second album, and YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk, who also edited the videos, personally explained the concept of the “Come Back Home” video.

“Come Back Home” required a production cost of 500,000,000 won (approx. $467,000), and has a sci-fi movie vibe. In a futuristic background created by CG, the 2NE1 members straddle the real and fantasy worlds.

Yang Hyun Suk explained to Star News, “While the content of the music video may be hard to understand, if you look at it from the perspective that happiness is the most important thing in this world, the purpose of the music video should become clearer

2NE1’s Dara Reveals Toned Abs at “All or Nothing” World Tour

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2NE1’s Sandara Park surprised concert-goers at the girl group’s first “All or Nothing” World Tour concert on March 1 by revealing a set of perfect abs.

2NE1 kicked off their “All or Nothing” World Tour on March 1 at Seoul’s Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium. They held a second concert on March 2, which was attended by 6000 people, similar to the previous day’s concert.

The group performed new songs from their second studio album “Crush,” released earlier on February 27, for the first time. Fans and the 2NE1 members alike had been waiting for this for a long time.

The 2NE1 members appeared on the stage wearing powerful black and gold outfits, delivering a dynamic performance of “Crush,” which set the crowd on fire

2NE1′s Sandara Park Makes Surprise Cameo Appearance in “Man from The Stars”

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2NE1 member Sandara Park, who is a self-professed fan of “Man of The Stars,” recently made a surprise cameo appearance in the final episode!

On February 28, “Man from The Stars” aired their final episode and released behind-the-scenes cuts from shooting Sandara Park’s brief scene, where Sandara’s character shares the red carpet with Chun Song Yi, played by Jun Ji Hyun, and Yoo Se Mi, played by Yoo In Na, as a fellow top female actress.

For her scene, Sandara Park wore a simple wide-brimmed hat, dressed in all-black and added a pop of red color on her lips for a sexy and classy look.

According to sources, Sandara Park was cheerful and energetic throughout the shoot. Despite the cold weather, she clutched onto a hot pack and monitored her scene carefully

Which Idol Rocks Blue Hair the Best?

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Idols change their color – hair color, that is – more than chameleons it seems, and today we want to know which idol looks the best with a blue ‘do.

Many have ventured into the world of blue hair dye, but below are a few of our favorites. Read on and vote for your favorite!

2NE1’s Sandara Park

Minzy and Park Bom have both dabbled with blue tones, but Sandara Park is the latest 2NE1 member to go blue.

YG released a teaser photo of Sandara Park rocking her new blue ‘do under a black beanie for the group’s upcoming album Crush, set to be released on February 26.

Big Bang’s T.O.P

YG’s colorist has worked its blue magic on the Big Bang members as well, as G-Dragon, Daesung and T

2NE1’s Minzy and CL Get Charismatic for ‘Crush’ and ‘MTBD’ Teasers

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Following Sandara Park’s Seo Taiji tribute, 2NE1 unveiled member teasers for Minzy and CL, introducing two more songs off their upcoming album.

On February 24 and 25, YG Entertainment released two more teaser images for 2NE1’s second album, Crush. The members presented were Minzy for the song Crush and CL for MTBD (Mental Breakdown).

In Minzy’s photo, she donned a reddish pink hairstyle, while hiding behind a metal fence that was unable to cover up her fierceness. Meanwhile, CL stood in front of the fence her photo, as she held her head to prevent a mental breakdown from happening.

2NE1 will be releasing its new album on February 26.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment.

SUJU’s Ryeowook Wears No Makeup, 2NE1 Goes for a Ride and More

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The stars were all about letting loose, whether at rehearsal or during their downtime, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Minzy was ready to embark on a new chapter in her life, posting the above photo from her college orientation on February 24 with the message “Today is my entrance ceremony.”

The day before, CL posted an Instagram video, writing “#minzytakinmeforaride.”

Sandara Park also posted a photo on the same day, writing “CL’s special quick board ㅋㅋㅋ.”

She also tweeted a photo, writing “With a dog I meant while going for a walk~ The dog and I are rocking a couple look~ Cute.”

Big Bang’s Seungri shared a photo with his bodyguards in Japan, writing “Not afraid of anything #kobe #guard

Minzy Brings Edge to Pink in 2NE1′s “Crush” Teaser

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After releasing a teaser image for member Sandara Park just hours before, 2NE1 has released a teaser for member Minzy, who takes the color pink and makes in tough.

Sandara’s hair was electric blue, and Minzy turns her hair pink for 2NE1′s new album. She is behind a barbed wire fence, looking like she’s had enough of behind kept locked up. She channels fierce and tough for the album’s concept like Sandara Park did in her teaser.

With Sandara blue, Minzy pink, it remains to be seen what color CL and Park Bom will come out with for their individual teasers.

2NE1’s second album “Crush” is due to be released online on February 26 at 12:00 AM KST (technically February 27), with the offline release date scheduled for March 7