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2AM’s Jinwoon Discusses “Marriage Without Love,” His Dating Style, and Ideal Type with CeCi

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2AM’s Jinwoon recently took part in a pictorial and interview for the August issue of CeCi magazine, during which he talked about “Marriage Without Love,” the drama he’s currently starring in, as well as his dating style and ideal type.

Jinwoon—whose drama character, Han Yeo Reum, has been getting involved in a “square romance” with Han Groo, Yeon Woo Jin, and Secret’s Sunhwa in the “Marriage Without Love” storyline—displayed a bright and refreshing appearance for the newly released photo shoot.

In the interview following the photo shoot, Jinwoon described his own dating style as being very different from his character: “Push-and-pull (playing hard to get) is too difficult

Korean drama starting today 2014/07/31 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/07/31 in Korea : "Store Struck By Lightning Season 2"

"Store Struck By Lightning Season 2" (2014)Network : TooniverseWith Jung Da-bin, Kang Han-byeol, No Jeong-ee, Hong Tae-ee, Yang Han-yeol, Kim Gi-cheon,...SynopsisA drama about the happenings at an elementary school stationary shop which had been struck down by lightning.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/07/31

Korean movies opening today 2014/07/31 in Korea

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Korean movies opening today 2014/07/31 in Korea : "HARU" and "The Suffered"

"HARU" (2014)Directed by Kim Myeong-seoWith Kim Kyeong-ik, Jin Hye-kyeong, Ayaka Tomoda, Min Song-ah, Yoo Seon-yeong, Lim Ji-yeong,...SynopsisThere"s a relationship no one should know about.Psychiatrist Yeong-woong and his wife have been married for 10 years. They"ve lost interest and now neglect each other. Life is just a dull routine for them. Then one day, Haru, a child Soo-hyeon had when she was a student in Japan shows up in front of them hurt and exhausted from her boyfriend"s betrayal. Soo-hyeon asks Yeong-woong to treat her and as a psychiatrist, he does his job. However, as the sessions progress Yeong-woong feels more for Haru than he should and starts thinking of a relationship beyond a doctor and a patient

Lee Hyun Woo and Park Seo Jun Get Cozy Together in New Selca

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Actor Lee Hyun Woo recently released a photo taken with fellow entertainer Park Seo Jun.

On the afternoon of July 31, Lee Hyun Woo uploaded the photo on the Chinese SNS Weibo, commenting “I’m filming a commercial with Seo Jun hyung.” Both are represented by the same entertainment company and were picked to feature in the advertisement together.

In the picture, the two men exude a sense of warmth as they stand shoulder to shoulder looking up at the camera. Their handsome appearance and sense of camaraderie has attracted the attention of their female fans.

Lee Hyun Woo is also in the midst of filming the movie “The Engineers,” in which he will star alongside Kim Woo Bin. Park Seo Jun is likewise filming the movie “Chronicles of Evil

SISTAR talk about skinship and dating

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On July 31, the SISTAR members coolly talked about skinship and dating on KBS radio program "Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min"s 2 O"Clock."

It started with the question, "When is it a good time to start kissing and other skinship when you"re dating?"

Bora said, "Wouldn"t it be different depending on the situation? I think it would be hard on the first date. Wouldn"t you do it depending on how the first date goes?" Hyorin responded, "I"m not sure about that. It just happens or it doesn"t."

The DJs then asked whether they had broken up with any boyfriends before they got to kiss. Hyorin said, "I never met a guy for a short period of time

Sunny talks about Girls" Generation"s dating and her future

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Girls" Generation"s Sunny appeared on the July 31 edition of MBC"s "Stargazing" and talked honestly about dating.

In relation to YoonA and Lee Seung Gi, Tiffany and Nichkhun, and Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho, Sunny stated, "After the dating news, they became cautious and can"t even go on dates well. They order chicken in the dorm with the other members. Girls" Generation members talk about dating often. I was aware of it."

Kang Ho Dong said, "Sunny might be in a relationship with a boyfriend right now, too. Are you the type to publicize your relationship if you"re in one? Do you have a boyfriend?"

Sunny replied, "I don"t

Park Joon Hyung and Danny Ahn to Make Guest Appearances on “Infinity Challenge”

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On July 31, Park Joon Hyung of group g.o.d posted a photo on his Instagram showing that he and his group-mate Danny Ahn were to make guest appearances on “Infinity Challenge.” With this photo he commented, “A quick snapshot with the ‘Infinity Challenge’ family after recording all night. Everyone did great. Please enjoy the broadcast this coming Saturday.”

Also pictured in the photo were “Infinity Challenge” members Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Jung Joon Ha, Noh Hong Chul, as well as some of the other guests, including Kim Jae Dong, Kim Won Joon, and Hong Jin Young. You could tell that all of the members were having a blast from their playful expressions.

With regards to this photo, g.o.d’s management company, SidusHQ revealed in a phone interview with Xports News, saying that “Park Jun Hyung and Danny Ahn were able to make an appearance by making time in their own personal schedules

Park Si Yeon is as glamorous as ever for "Marie Claire" photoshoot

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Actress Park Si Yeon, who will be returning to the small screen for the first time in a long while through TV Chosun drama "Greatest Marriage", recently showed off her sexy and glamorous looks through a photo shoot with "Marie Claire" as the very first muse for designer brand, "CARLYN".

With Las Vegas as the backdrop of her pictures, Park Si Yeon strikes alluring poses and charismatic gazes, capturing the essence of chic and elegance.

You can see the full photo shoot in the August issue of "Marie Claire" while her drama will begin airing in September for a total of sixteen episodes!

Park Eun-ji reverts back to star as a weatherwoman

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Entertainer Park Eun-ji will star in her very first movie, according to local media yesterday.Park will be playing a role of a weather presenter, which is what she was working as before she joined the world of entertainment. The movie, tentatively named "Today"s Romance", will start filming soon and will be released next year.Actress Moon Chae-won of the KBS drama "Good Doctor" and actor Lee Seung-gi of the MBC drama "Gu Family Book" have been cast to play the lead roles in the movie. Park will be playing a senior weather presenter to the character played by Moon. The former weatherwoman has been taking on various challenges to become a successful entertainer and actress. She is currently the host of a radio program and has appeared in many entertainment shows, including a comedy show. BY LEE SUN-MIN [[email protected] ]

Korean movie opening today 2014/07/30 in Korea

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Korean movie opening today 2014/07/30 in Korea : "Roaring Currents"

"Roaring Currents" (2014)Directed by Kim Han-minWith Choi Min-sik, Ryoo Seung-ryong, Jo Jin-woong, Jin Goo, Lee Jeong-hyeon, Kim Myeong-gon,...Formerly known as "Battlefield - Whirlwind Sea" and "Battle of Myeongryang" on HanCinemaSynopsisThe story of Korean history"s most astonishing military victory by its greatly revered strategist, Admiral Yi Sunshin, who lures over 300 Japanese ships into a deadly trap where they meet their fate against only 13 battle ships.

Notes on a Scandal: What Can SM Entertainment Learn from 2014?

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Notes on a Scandal: What Can SM Entertainment Learn from 2014? Written by Kelsey On July 30, 2014

All is not well in the house of SM Entertainment. To be fair, 2014 thus far has given us a host of scandals across the entertainment companies, but SM has had more than a full plate of controversies, most of which have been handled really, really poorly.

I’m sure the big wigs in the management offices have asked each other the question we’re mulling over now: how can so many things go wrong in a such a short time period?

Over the course of just seven months, SM Entertainment has lost grip of the strict, faithful schedules and procedures by which they have always done their business.

These scandals give the public even more reasons to hold SM accountable for their actions, and if there’s anything that the Great Scandal Season of ’14 has offered, it’s that SM is fundamentally failing at managing their idols

Behind cut from Park Shin Hye’s fan meeting

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The behind cut photos of actress Park Shin Hye, who successfully hosted her fan meeting in Japan, were released. In the pictures, actress Park Shin Hye matched a white and black stripped shirt with a shoulder bag. Although it was early in the morning when actress Park Shin Hye posed for this picture at the international airport, she seemed lovely. Starting in 2014, actress Park Shin Hye has hosted fan meetings in Japan three years in a row. Last week, actress Park Shin Hye started the 2014 Story of Angel in Japan tour in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. The fan meeting consisted of interview about the popular SBS drama "The Heirs," making food with actress Park Shin Hye, and other episodes that gave fans opportunity to communicate with actress Park Shin Hye. In related news, actress Park Shin Hye recently finished filming the movie "The Tailors," which will premiere this fall

Superstar K2 Park Boram’s astonishing transformation gains attention prior to her debut

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Superstar K2 TOP8 contestant Park Boram will be making her debut soon, releasing a teaser image that has many talking regarding her obvious, but amazing transformation.

Park Boram shared the image teaser with followers via her Instagram on the 30th, revealing her gorgeous transformation since her Superstar K2 days.

Following a strict diet, Park Boram now dons beautiful long, blonde dyed locks. Her white skin tone is highlighted due to the studio lighting. Giving off an innocent look at the camera, she reveals her new slimmer body and face line, a difference from her appearance four years ago.

She had previously shared her weight lost four months ago, when she appeared in Hong Daekwang’s music video, bringing netizens to speculate cosmetic surgery. Park Boram denied the rumors and allegations, confirming her self-planned weight loss

Park Bom brings her "Roommate" friends to play in YG building

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For the 13th episode of "Roommate", an unaired clip of Park Bom bringing her "Roommate" friends Nana, Gayeon, nd SooHyun to YG building has been released.

In the clip, Bom toured her friends in her agency"s building. They get even to watch 2NE1"s video and enjoyed themselves in the recording and practice studio.

She sures to be enjoying her "Roommates" friends, but unfortunately, Park Bom won"t be appearing on the show starting this week"s episode so enjoy her cuts below:

"Superstar K2"s Park Bo Ram to make her debut on August 7 + teaser image

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"Superstar K2"s Park Bo Ram will finally make her debut on August 7!

Park Bo Ram unveiled the teaser image on her Instagram @ramramram2 on the 30th in a puzzle format with the hashtags, "#ParkBoRam #GotPrettier", perhaps in reference to her dramatic weight loss transformation.

Her agency MMO rep stated, "Thank you to those who have been showing a lot of interest in Park Bo Ram"s transformation. Park Bo Ram, who will make her debut in four years [since "Superstar K2"], has been putting all her effort into her visuals and skills. We ask that you look forward to the various charms that Park Bo Ram will show."

Park Bo Ram has already proven her talents before, so all that there is left to see is how she has honed her skills since the audition program when she makes her debut!