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Park Shin Hye, Henry and More Top the Week′s Headlines

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Lee Seung Hwan Says It Was a Good Thing Park Shin Hye Left His Company

Lee Seung Hwan kept it real when he admitted he was glad that Park Shin Hye left his company - but not for the reasons you might think. Lee Seung Hwan admitted that he was holding the young star back and he′s now glad to see the actress on top.

We have to say - good job, both of you.

2PM′s Jun. K Designs Special NOLOVE Necklace for Fans

2PM′s Jun. K got everyone excited when we announced that he′d designed a special necklace for his fans

2NE1’s Sandara Park Says Yang Hyun Suk is More Worried About Her Dating Life

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2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed her concerns regarding her relationship status.

In a recent interview, the 2NE1 members coolly said, “[Compared to the other groups], we’re far behind in terms of dating.”

As she talked about how she got the ideas for her songs, CL naturally began talking about dating.

“I got inspiration from the members for Crush and for Baby I miss you, I imagined the situation where you like someone but don’t want to express it,” said CL.

When asked if they are refraining from dating on purpose, Park Bom said, “I don’t have any opportunities. There’s no one to date around me.”

CL answered, “I think being too close as friends is not a good thing. I also have some conservative sides of me and think ‘I shouldn’t do this.’ [Park Bom and Sandara Park] Unnies don’t go outside

2NE1: “We’re Running Behind When It Comes to Dating”

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The members of girl group 2NE1 evoked laughter when they stated, “We’re running behind when it comes to dating.”

On March 14, 2NE1 held an interview session at a hotel in Yeouido, Seoul in celebration for the release of their second full album, “Crush.” When posed with a question relating to dating, they answered, “We acknowledge. We’re running behind.”

CL remarked, “There are many oppas in our company, but I think it’s not good that we’re close with them. I think they try to be protective because they see us as their younger sisters. I think the unnie members (Park Bom, Sandara Park) aren’t able to find anyone because they don’t go out.”

Park Bom added to CL’s comment and said, “We really don’t have any opportunities [to meet guys]

Eric Nam, B1A4, 2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, and More Cheer on Korea Against Algeria

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Many people stayed up all night, prepared with fried chicken, beer, and raincoats to cheer on the Korean team in its second game against Algeria in the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

The game started at 4AM (KST), but the festivities had already started even earlier than that with stars updating their SNS accounts with how they are cheering for the team.

Unfortunately, the game ended as a 2:4 loss, but the SNS updates proved no one was pointing fingers, as an outpour of encouragement followed.

Eric Nam: Sunday chillin~~ ready to cheer Korea tonight?

B1A4’s Baro: #EstádioBeira-Rio #korea #Fighting

Jung Il Woo: Korea fighting!!

Alphabat is ready to watch the World Cup game! (Eating first) Let’s all shout it out Dae~Han Min Guk!!

Lee Kwang Soo: Fighting Korea!

BoA: I’m…

Super Junior Hits Up Bruno Mars Concert, SNSD’s Jessica Gets Her Bagel on and More

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While some stars were busy on set, others took it easy, catching bites to eat to shows, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Jessica posted a photo of herself grabbing a quick bite at a cafe on Weibo on April 8.

Actress Go Ara was seen getting prettied up, as she tweeted this photo on April 9 with the message, “Preparing to shoot (Be careful of catching a cold with the change of seasons).”

Super Junior’s Donghae posted a photo with actress Jung Ryeo Won from the audience at the Bruno Mars concert in Seoul, writing “Long time no see with RW^^.”

He also shared an Instagram video from the show, writing “I don′t know how to say ... It was great show!! Bruno Mars Just the way you are!!”

On April 9, Kim Heechul posted a photo on his Instagram with his fellow Flower Grandpa Investigative Team cast members