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SBS’ Variety Shows Including “Running Man” and “Healing Camp” to Team Up with 2014 Incheon Asian Games for Special Program

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Broadcasting company SBS will be teaming up with the 2014 Incheon Asian Games for special coverage and entertaining content about the large-scale sports event.

The news was revealed on September 12 at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games press conference, held at the SBS building located in Mokdong, Seoul.

Kim Yoo Suk, who is in charge of SBS’ coverage on the Incheon Asian Games, revealed, “We are planning to produce a special program with ‘Running Man,’ ‘Star King‘ and the sports commentators of the Asian Games.”

“For ‘Healing Camp,’ we will invite athletes to talk about their emotional moments [during the Asian Games] and to share their behind-the-scenes stories with the viewers at home,” he continued

“Running Man” to Feature 2014 ‘Hot Stars’ Park Seo Joon, Jin Se Yeon, Girl’s Day’s Minah, and More!

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This weekend’s episode of “Running Man” will feature 2014’s ‘hot stars,’ with whom the “Running Man” members will carry out a couple race.

The star-studded guest list consists of Park Seo Joon (“Witch’s Love”), Ha Yeon Soo (“Potato Star”), Jin Se Yeon (“Doctor Stranger”), baseball announcer Choi Hee, model Han Hye Jin (“Witch Hunt”), Girl’s Day’s Minah, and Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha.

Check out the stills from the episode below to see which members are matched up with which guests! This episode will no doubt make for a tough competition!

“Running Man” will air on June 1 at 6:10PM (KST)

A Pink’s Surprise Appearance to Support the ‘2014 College Students Ddakji Competition’ on “Running Man”

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On the May 25 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Running Man,” college students from all over the nation came together to participate in a tournament of the traditional game of ‘ddakji,’ against the show’s cast members.

The ‘2014 College Students Ddakji Competition’ consisted of a total of seven teams, each led by a “Running Man” member. There was a tremendous amount of support from the audience, as some of the best college ddakji players from all around the country gathered together.

In order to show their support for the first-ever ddakji tournament on “Running Man,” the six members of A Pink made a surprise appearance. The girl group performed their hit songs “Mr. Chu” and “No No No,” brightening up the atmosphere even more

Park Ji Sung likely to join ‘Running Man’ for its ‘Asian Dream Cup 2014′ special in Indonesia

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"Running Man" will resume filming after five weeks and one of the upcoming recording schedules for the show include participation at the "Asian Dream Cup" in Indonesia!

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The "Running Man" team is reported to depart early next month to attend the "Asian Dream Cup 2014" in Jakarta, Indonesia. Park Ji Sung, who is part of the JS Foundation which is in charge of hosting the charity soccer event, is quite likely to join the cast on the show again as he will be in attendance at the game.

The PD of the show told Newsen, "We have confirmed to be participating in the "Asian Dream Cup 2014" in Jakarta. We will probably leave either on the 1st or 2nd of June

Cha Tae Hyun Wants to Try a Collaboration Episode Between Members of “Running Man” and “1 Night 2 Days”

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During an interview with OSEN on September 19, actor Cha Tae Hyun revealed that he wants to trade spots with his friend Kim Jong Kook to make an appearance on the variety program “Running Man.” The actor also shared his desire to try a collaboration between “Running Man” and the program in which he is currently a cast member, “1 Night 2 Days” (1N2D).

Cha Tae Hyun explained, “I want to try combining the members of ‘1N2D’ and ‘Running Man.’” However, these two programs are competing programs during the same time slot on its respective broadcast stations, KBS and SBS.

The actor also expressed his deep affection for “1N2D,” saying, “I wanted to do real variety. Unlike a talk show, real variety is similar to a drama or movie

“Music Bank”, “EXO 90:2014″, & more Friday/Weekend programs canceled or facing time changes due to the “Incheon Asian Games”

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The opening ceremony of the "17th Asian Games Incheon 2014" ("2014 Incheon Asian Games") will take place today (19th) which means some of your favorite programs will either face changes in time or be canceled for this week.

All 3 major broadcast channels KBS, MBC, and SBS will air a special on the "17th Asian Games Incheon 2014" today (19th) starting at 5:30 PM KST followed by the live broadcast of the opening ceremony starting at 6:30 PM KST which will air until 10 PM KST or later.

Thus, the September 19th broadcast of KBS 2TV"s "Music Bank", KBS 2TV daily drama "Two Mothers" (aka "Cuckoo"s Nest"), weekly drama "High School: Love On", MBC daily drama "Tell Me Your Wish", and SBS" "Curious Story Y" have been canceled

2014 Asian Games Result in Changes to TV Program Broadcasting

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Due to the 2014 Asian Games that began on September 17 in Incheon, KBS, MBC, and SBS dramas and other main entertainment programs will be put on hold beginning on September 19. For the two weeks following the preliminary soccer match, major changes in the TV programming will take place.

On September 17 KBS put on hold the daily dramas “Two Mothers,” “Live Info Show,” and “Vitamin” in favor of the soccer games. And on September 19, KBS will put “Music Bank” as well and rebroadcast the opening ceremony of the games.

The Asian Games, particularly men’s swimming and judo, women’s fencing, and soccer will be rebroadcast. On September 21, many entertainment programs will either be put on hold or shortened

Korean movies opening today 2014/09/17 in Korea

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Korean movies opening today 2014/09/17 in Korea: "Food Chain" and "Dangerous Seduction - There"s Only Loneliness Where Memories Lie"

"Food Chain" (2014)Directed by Han Dong-hoWith Yoon Seol-hee, Eom Da-hye, Kim Min-hyeok-II, Son Ji-wan, Ryoo Il-song, Yeon Ji-ah,...SynopsisIt"s alright if it"s not real. I wish someone would hold me closely. In-hee (Yoon Seol-hee), a skin care specialist and Nam-hyeok (Kim Min-hyeok) met in high school and got married early. Nam-hyeok has inferiority complex from not being getting able to get a job and is tired of the same old life. Feeling a sense of shame, Nam-hyeok goes into a cafe one day and pretends to be the section head of a major company. He visits the place everyday to be comforted by the female owner Joo-yeon (Yeon Ji-ah)

SBS announces tie-in episodes for variety shows with the 2014 Asian Games

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The 2014 Asian Games will soon begin in Incheon, South Korea, and the Games" broadcaster SBS has announced that their variety shows will take this opportunity to host several tie-in episodes.

"We will try to get those people not normally interested in sports to pay attention to the Asian Games," SBS announced during a press conference today.

"Programs such as "Running Man" and "Star King" will produce episodes with the Asian Games commentators and broadcast announcers," they said. ""Healing Camp" will produce a corner focusing on the biggest athletes for the Asian Games."

What do you think SBS could have in store for the Asian Games?

“Running Man” Cancelled This Week, “Roommate” to Air at Later Hour

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It has been announced that this week’s episode of SBS’ variety show “Running Man” will be cancelled, and “Roommate” will be airing at a later hour than its usual scheduled time due to the men’s soccer game broadcast of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

On September 14, a representative of SBS revealed that “Running Man,” which airs every Sunday at 4:50 PM (KST), has been cancelled on this day. In its place, the broadcast station is set to air the Incheon Asian Games’ Korea vs. Malaysia preliminary men’s soccer match for group A.

Additionally, for the same reason, the final episode of the first season of “Roommate” will hit the airwaves at 7 PM (KST), which is a few hours later than its normal time slot.

Song Ji Hyo talks about her long run on “Running Man” and Gary”s cameo in “Emergency Couple”

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Actress Song Ji Hyo shared how she"s managed to last so long as a cast member of the hit variety show "Running Man" on the Hong Kong show TVB J2"s "Star Talk".

When asked if she doesn"t find "Running Man" tiring, Song Ji Hyo said, "Though it is really tiring, I"ve done "Running Man" for 4 years, so I"m used to it by now. Now I think I can enjoy it. Even if I"m sleepy, I end up enjoying it. I"m able to [act and appear on a variety show at the same time] by choosing to sleep and eat a little less." 

As for her "Running Man" castmate Gary and his appearance on her past drama "Emergency Couple", Song Ji Hyo expressed how thankful she was. She said, "I was so thankful that he gave it his all despite the fact that it was a small role

Song Ji Hyo Proves She’s a Real Ace in Juggling Dramas and “Running Man”

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Song Ji Hyo proves that she is the real ace as she shares how she became an an all-around entertainer who juggles both her dramas and variety show SBSRunning Man“.

The lone female member of the variety show appeared in an interview for the Hong Kong show TVB J2Star Talk” and was asked how she can keep up with all her schedules. Song Ji Hyo explained, “It’s really hard, but even if it is, I’ve been filming ‘Running Man’ for four years now and I’ve learned to adapt to the situation. It’s been really fun and so I was able to do it. Even if I was sleepy, I still manage to have fun.”

Song Ji Hyo also talked about her previous drama character for the tvN drama “Emergency Couple” and talked about how she is similar to her when it comes to relationships

Lee Yoo Ri Takes Selca with Running Man Cast

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On August 28 actress Lee Yoo Ri uploaded a photo onto her SNS account with the caption, “Only one with thick makeup.” In one of the photos she could be seen making a playful expression in the middle of the “Running Man” members, and in the other she is seen with member Song Ji Hyo and guest Choi Yeo Jin. Her happy, carefree expressions are totally opposite of her antagonistic image from her current hit drama, “Jang Bori is Here!”

On the most recent episode of “Running Man,” a long preview of next week’s episode was revealed. In the preview, actresses served as the guests and they all portrayed evil characters from the drama. The members, waiting for the guests in their respective rooms, got startled when they entered and began to scream and yell at them

Both 'Running Man' And 'Roomate' Fall In The Ratings

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Neither "Running Man" not "Roommate" did very well in the ratings this week, with both the variety shows reporting low ratings. "Running Man" rated at 6.2 percent of the viewers, its lowest ratings yet. "Roomate" did poorly too, with 3.6 percent of the ratings, also its worst rating yet. The variety shows ranked last in their time slots.

K-drama fans may, however, want to take note of the show"s k-drama-related episode. "Running Man" is airing a special feature "It"s Okay, I"m a Chaebol," with actresses who have played k-drama villains. Lee Yu Ri, who plays the bitter and deceitful Yeon Min Jung in "Jang Bo Ri Is Here," will be on the show, as will Yoo In Young. Yoo In Jung has played unlikable characters in "Empress Ki" and "You Who Came From The Stars" and is now a woman out to poison the prince in "The Three Musketeers

“Running Man” and “Roommate” hit new lows in ratings

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The Sunday ratings battle for the variety crown among the Big 3 television networks continues!

MBC"s "Sunday Sunday Night" was first once again this week! "Real Men"s female soldier special rated at 16.6%, #1 for its timeslot and the entire night. "Dad! Where Are You Going?" came in 2nd for its timeslot at 7.3%. The entire segment rated at first with 12.2%.

KBS 2TV"s "Happy Sunday" was pushed again into 2nd place. "1 Night 2 Days" was 2nd in its timeslot with 10.4%. "Superman is Back" pulled the segment ratings up as #1 in its timeslot with 12.4%, and the entire segment rated at 11.1% at a close second.

SBS" "Good Sunday" suffered the worst ratings. "Running Man" fell behind both the other shows with a rating of 6

“Superman Returns” Ranks First in Viewer Ratings for 11 Weeks Running!

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KBS 2TV’s variety program “Superman Returns” has proven its popularity by maintaining its spot at number one in viewer ratings for the same time slot for 11 consecutive weeks.

According to Nielsen Korea on September 8, the most recent broadcast of “Superman Returns” on September 7 recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 12.4%, taking charge of the top spot during its time slot. With this latest viewer rating record, the program has been in first place for a total of 11 weeks running.

The September 7 episode aired its one year anniversary special, during which all of the families gathered together in one place. Viewers were touched by how much each family has grown and developed since appearing on “Superman Returns,” especially the relationships between the dads and their children

K-Drama villains show up in full force on next week”s “Running Man”

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Some of your favorite villains from your favorite K-Dramas will be appearing on next week"s "Running Man" mini-series special!

Fans of K-Dramas will be excited to see the appearances of famed actresses Lee Yu Ri, Choi Yeo Jin, Seo Woo, Yoo In Young and Kim Min Seo, as well as Song Ji Hyo herself.

Playing their stereotypical antagonistic roles typical of any K-Drama, the women caught the "Running Man" members off guard as excitement builds for next week"s dramatic episode titled "It"s Okay, I"m a Chaebol"!

Check out the extra-long trailer (at a whopping eight minutes) below!

Lee Kwang Soo Wants to Introduce Ji Chang Wook to His World of Lies on “Running Man”

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On the most recent episode of “Running Man,” the members and guests continued the two-part “Number Race – 1470” special. For the last mission, which they carried out in the children’s science center, each team had to obtain numbers and/or operators in 30 minutes to bring their initial value of 1470 down to zero. If they failed to do so, they would have to travel to Taiwan to ride their scariest roller coaster as punishment.

Many of the members have been known to be scared of heights, Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo being worst out of all of them. So all of the players did whatever they could to win—Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo hid the number cards in their pants while Gary hid them in a trash can.

Soon Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Chang Wook came face to face with Ji Suk Jin and Song Eun Yi

Lee Kwang Soo Was Ignored by His Fellow Giraffe on “Running Man”?

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Resident giraffe Lee Kwang Soo tried to do his best to connect with his fellow giraffe on this week’s episode of SBS‘ “Running Man.”

In this episode, Lee Kwang Soo’s team consisting of members Skull, Haha, Lee Sung Jae, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin and Ji Chang Wook had to receive a punishment for losing the game.

Upon arriving at the Taiwan zoo, Lee Kwang Soo discovered his own species roaming around and tried to reach out to the giraffe, however, he was greatly ignored by it. Lee Kwang Soo talked back at the giraffe like an old friend he had not met in a long while, and asked why it is ignoring him. He also asked the giraffe to hold his hand

“Running Man” to Go on a Fan Meeting Tour Across 5 Countries

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It has been recently revealed that “Running Man” members will be going on a fan meeting tour in five different countries across Asia. According to a representative of the team, members Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, and Song Ji Hyo will be starting the tour in Thailand this coming September 27. Members Yoo Jae Suk and Gary, unfortunately, will not be able to attend due to conflicts in their schedules.

With the start of a fan meeting in Thailand on September 27, they will continue to Hong Kong on October 4, Indonesia on October 25, Malaysia on November 1, and Singapore on November 29. They will spend around two nights and three days in each country for the fan meetings. Each fan meeting will be comprised of several different events, including individual performances by each of the members, “Running Man” game missions with participation from the audience, and interviews of the members, among other things