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Korean Drama ‘Legendary Witch’ Episode 11 Preview

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Here is the preview of Korean MBC drama ‘Legendary WitchEpisode 11. This Episode will air on MBC on November 29th. Don’t miss it!

Korean Drama 'Pinocchio' Episode 5 Preview

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Dram Here is the preview of Korean SBS drama ‘Pinocchio’ Episode 5. This Episode will air on SBS on November 26th. Don’t miss it!

Korean Drama 'The King's Face' Episode 3 Preview

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  Here is the preview of Korean KBS drama ‘The King’s Face’ Episode 3. This Episode will air on KBS on November 26th. Don’t miss it!

Korean Drama Pride and Prejudice Episode 8 Preview

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Here is the preview of Korean MBC drama Pride and Prejudice Episode 8 (오만과 편견 8회 예고). This Episode will airs on MBC on November 24th at 22:00 PM. Let’s check!

Korean Drama Pinocchio Episode 4 Recap

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By: Dramabeans We rewind a little to see that Dad finds the kids on the rooftop and hides out of sight, just in time to watch Dal-po try to stop In-ha’s day-long bout of hiccups, over having to lie that things went great with Mom and she’s totally fine giving up on journalism altogether. In-ha knows that Dal-po gave up college for her, and says she can’t live off of his taxi-driving income forever.But Dal-po stops her from burning all her books by declaring that he needs them now, because he’s going to become a reporter too. Just like that, her hiccups stop, and fireworks explode in the distance.As they head back down with her suitcase full of books, In-ha offers to give Dal-po her precious notes that she spent three years compiling. She worries about Grandpa finding out that Dal-po isn’t dumb, but he’s not concerned at all, since he plans to keep his cabbie job and just study intermittently because he’s positive he won’t be hired

Korean Drama King's Face Episode 1 Recap

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By: Dramabeans We open on a chaotic scene as ministers of Joseon gather in protest outside the quarters of KING SEONJO (Lee Sung-jae), asking him to rescind his order to have the crown prince dethroned.While the crown princess’ son is torn from her arms and attendants of the court are cut down in cold blood, PRINCE GWANGHAE (Seo In-gook) stands in front all the portraits of the kings who came before.He focuses specifically on King Sejong’s portrait as he takes note of how his features were harmonious, signifying the peaceful era that would come about during his rule. “His is truly the face of a king,” Gwanghae thinks.It’s 1608, the forty-first—and final—year of King Seonjo’s reign. Gwanghae is wanted for treason, and though the ministers outside question the king’s command, Seonjo coldly quells the protest by killing one of the more outspoken ministers

Korean Drama Modern Farmer Episode 11 Recep

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 By: DramabeansHyuk intercepts Yoon-hee, who’s still looking down after her discovery of Min-ho’s worry over her, on her way to rent tents for the village marketplace. He offers to go with her to help, not taking no for an answer. The other three boys hunt grasshoppers and wonder where Hyuk went, since he’s not answering his phone.Sang-eun comes squealing up to tell them that their appearance on her video blog was a hit — the video of her father fish-slapping them is going viral on the internet. They’re embarrassed, though she points out that it’s still promotion for their band. It’s interesting that Min-ki doesn’t seem that interested in band promotion, and is more concerned with getting enough grasshoppers for their market booth. Snake surprises Min-ki by grabbing a grasshopper before he gets to it, and HAHAHA, he’s dressed in country farmer clothing

Korean Drama Bad Guys Episode 8 Recap

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By Dramabeans: We pick up right where we left off, with the Scarred Man revealing that the Hwayeondong serial killer is none other than Jung-moon himself. He didn’t believe it either at first, because who would be crazy enough to ask someone else to keep record of their crimes?But he did as he was told for the money, tailing Jung-moon without questioning why the latter chose his victims. And there was a pattern in Jung-moon’s movements: every Tuesday evening, he would follow his chosen targets into their houses and leave exactly one hour later, like clockwork. Six victims were found dead some hours later that way.“Did you see me kill those people yourself?” Jung-moon asks. Of course the Scarred Man didn’t, since he was both too much of a coward and wished to shed any responsibility of the murders.Assuming that Jung-moon killed those people he followed just because they were later found dead sounds like too much of a leap in Jung-moon’s mind (but… does it, Jung-moon?), but the Scarred Man has a counter-argument at the ready—why did Jung-moon return to the crime scenes then?Something about recalling Jung-moon’s last victim—that detective’s daughter—still frightens the Scarred Man to this day

The Rich As A K-Drama Fixture: A Couch Kimchi Roundtable

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The rich are common in K-dramas; we can expect them to show up like soju, ramyun, and kimchi. However, why are they so prevalent? Regardless of the protagonists being poor and probably unlikely to run into them, they often find themselves flanked with the rich’s presence.


Rinchan: I feel it is mixed. There are some with a god complex that stinks to high heaven and need a reality check. Then there are others that don’t seem too bad and are sympathetic.

Tessieroo: True, but the majority of rich people in the dramas I’ve watched are evil—just in varying degrees. Maybe it’s the weekend dramas that are skewing the numbers a bit for me? Rich families are usually owners of a major corporation, live in a huge mansion, and don’t like each other, or they do like each other but no one else does

‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestants Learn Acting From K-Drama Stars Clara & Yoon Jong Hoon At Namsan Tower

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(Photo : The CW ) K-Drama actress Clara with J. Alexander during "America"s Next Top Model."

“America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 21 contestants performed Korean drama scenes with Clara and Yoon Jong Hoon in the latest episode, “The Guy With Moves Like Elvis.” The latest challenge for the Cycle 21 contestants was to perform a scene from the tvN drama “Emergency Couple” with Yoon Jong Hoon and Clara standing in as acting partners.

“Emergency Couple” was a popular tvN K-Drama which concluded in April 2014. The drama also starred Song Ji Hyo (Running Man) and Choi Jin Hyuk (Gu Family Book, The Heirs) as a divorced couple who struggled to work together as interns at a hospital.

The five contestants watched scenes from “Emergency Couple” prior to meeting the actors at Namsan Tower

[Spoiler] Added episode 6 captures for the Korean drama "Mister Baek"

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Added episode 6 captures for the Korean drama "Mister Baek" (2014)Directed by Lee Sang-yeob-IWritten by Choi Yoon-jungNetwork : MBCWith Sin Ha-gyoon, Jang Nara, Lee Joon, Park Ye-jin, Jeong Seok-won, Hwang Bo-ra,...20 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA hotel owner in his 70s, who has known nothing but money all his life, suddenly turns into a young man in his 30s.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/05


[Spoiler] Added episode 4 captures for the Korean drama "Pinocchio"

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Added episode 4 captures for the Korean drama "Pinocchio" (2014)Directed by Jo Soo-won, Sin Seung-wooWritten by Park Hye-ryeonNetwork : SBSWith Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi, Lee Pil-mo, Kang Shin-il,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA green drama of reporters who chase after truth and those who spend 24 hours with them while sharing the war together.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/12


Remembering 'Boys Over Flowers': The Best K-Drama Cliché

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(Photo : KBS)

Let"s take a moment to imagine this scenario.

You"re a broke high school student with four millionaire best friends. The first is a musical prodigy, the second is a mob boss"s son, the third is a renowned artist, and the last is a spoiled-rotten brat set to inherit one of the country"s biggest conglomerates. Yes, please!

There are so many wonderful clichés in KBS"s Boys Over Flowers, the 2009 K-drama starring Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon that became a global phenomenon.

Did it have an evil mother determined to separate the main couple? Check. Was there a childish male lead who is cold and evil in the beginning but slowly warms up to the tough and spunky female lead? Check

Webtoon-based web drama "Dating DNA" surpasses 5 million views

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Web drama "Dating DNA" surpassed 5 million views, setting a new record among web dramas. "Dating DNA" is a 15-episode web-drama, which aired its last episode on November 21 through Naver TV Cast.

The series received positive reviews from viewers with its refreshing, exciting storyline and unique execution. In addition, the actors who appeared in the web-drama, such as Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Park Sun Ho, and Kim Yoo Jung, brought in audience members of various age groups and genders. Kim Yoo Jung also played a human version of the cat, while Park Sun Ho and Jihyun played the love interests.

As it was previously reported, the drama will be based on the popular webtoon series of the same name

Rainbow Jung Yoon Hye and KARA’s Han Seung Yeon to Form Project Group for Drama

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Rainbow‘s member Jung Yoon Hye and KARA‘s Han Seung Yeon will be forming a special project group for their drama.

Jung Yoon Hye, Han Seung Yeon, and actress Han Ga Rim will be forming a project group called “Tinker Bell” on their miniseries drama “Guitar and Hot Pants.” They will be performing KARA’s “So Good,” from the girl group’s latest sixth mini album “Day & Night.”

Jung Yoon Hye has rehearsed the choreography and even recorded her own part for the performance. She even took to her Twitter account to promote the drama, posting a picture in her costume with a message that read, “Please watch ‘Guitar and Hot Pants!’”

“Guitar and Hot Pants” is a special musical drama about a guitarist (Kim Da Hyun) and idol Ana (Han Seung Yeon)