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Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:

Now that feelings are getting mixed up with warring agendas, things start to get complicated in a good way, and more is left unsaid than ever before. Sadly for our heroine, even denial leads to hiccups, which means she either has to confess her feelings, or be stuck hiccupping for the rest of her life. Or until she stops finding Dal-po swoony. Yeah, good luck with that.Note: The recap for Episode 6 will be a little later than usual. ‘Tis a holiday here, and there is much turkey to be eaten.SONG OF THE DAYThomas Cook – “솔직하게” (Honestly)

EPISODE 5: “The king’s ears are donkey ears” After finding out about his father’s death in the middle of his job interview, Dal-po heads to the police station to claim the remains

Korean Drama “Misaeng” Episode 11 Recap

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By: Dramabeans Late on the latest gossip, Seok-yul runs around the office frantically looking for Geu-rae to ask about Chief Park. When he finds him, Geu-rae ignores his hysteria and approaches Baek-ki to thank him for his help. Behind them, the audit team heads to Sales Team 3 with boxes to collect Chief Park’s items, and Seok-yul gapes at their sight.Seok-yul follows Geu-rae to the scene, where Chief Oh and Dong-shik watch the auditors pile all of Chief Park’s papers into boxes. Dong-shik notes that this is the biggest case of corruption since the company’s founding. As the audit team leaves, Geu-rae narrates the series of events that followed: all the previous bosses Chief Park worked under were called into examination, meaning that Manager Kim also couldn’t avoid blame. Chief Park desperately asks the executive director for his mercy, and the executive director seems to respond favorably

Highlights: “Birth of a Beauty” Episode 8

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Birth of a Beauty” continues with comedy relief. I am glad there is some character development and I still remain hopeful this show doesn’t go into makjang territory. There is some progress on Sa Ra‘s (Han Ye Seul) revenge and we’re moving on with the beauty’s growing feelings for Tae Hee (Joo Sang Wook). Aside, Han Min Hyeok (Han Sang Jin) is taking over Winner’s Group by ousting Tae Hee’s grandmother out of the company. Here are our top five moments from this episode:

1. Couple!

After discovering Tae Hee’s psychological results, Sa Ra was disappointed after hearing his answer about not loving her. After being teased by Sa Ra’s resolve about discovering Tae Hee’s true feelings, the genius counters her sly gags by pulling off his pants for dry cleaning with the idea of seeing him embarrassed

Korean Drama Pinocchio Episode 4 Recap

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By: Dramabeans We rewind a little to see that Dad finds the kids on the rooftop and hides out of sight, just in time to watch Dal-po try to stop In-ha’s day-long bout of hiccups, over having to lie that things went great with Mom and she’s totally fine giving up on journalism altogether. In-ha knows that Dal-po gave up college for her, and says she can’t live off of his taxi-driving income forever.But Dal-po stops her from burning all her books by declaring that he needs them now, because he’s going to become a reporter too. Just like that, her hiccups stop, and fireworks explode in the distance.As they head back down with her suitcase full of books, In-ha offers to give Dal-po her precious notes that she spent three years compiling. She worries about Grandpa finding out that Dal-po isn’t dumb, but he’s not concerned at all, since he plans to keep his cabbie job and just study intermittently because he’s positive he won’t be hired

Korean Drama King’s Face Episode 1 Recap

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By: Dramabeans We open on a chaotic scene as ministers of Joseon gather in protest outside the quarters of KING SEONJO (Lee Sung-jae), asking him to rescind his order to have the crown prince dethroned.While the crown princess’ son is torn from her arms and attendants of the court are cut down in cold blood, PRINCE GWANGHAE (Seo In-gook) stands in front all the portraits of the kings who came before.He focuses specifically on King Sejong’s portrait as he takes note of how his features were harmonious, signifying the peaceful era that would come about during his rule. “His is truly the face of a king,” Gwanghae thinks.It’s 1608, the forty-first—and final—year of King Seonjo’s reign. Gwanghae is wanted for treason, and though the ministers outside question the king’s command, Seonjo coldly quells the protest by killing one of the more outspoken ministers

Running Man Episode 221 Recap

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By: Dramabeans On this brisk fall day, our cast is dropped off at various locations in the Jirisan area (located in the southern region of Korea). Some of these businesses have been around for decades, and I love the little old lady who wrote herself a reminder on her palm. Basically, our cast is here to help promote these longstanding businesses as representatives in today’s Event Race.The good news is that our cast members won’t be going about it alone: Ji-hyo is joined by Super Junior’s Leeteuk (eee!) and Kyuhyun, the latter of which asks noona to pay attention to him, too. Gary is greeted by singers Bobby Kim and Jung In at the barber shop, and Haha and Suk-jin are joined by Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha.Haha jokes that their combined age is over 100, and they settle for the team name “이따구[ee-ddah-gu],” the Gyeongsangdo satoori of the phrase “이따위 [ee-ddah-whi]” aka “this kind of” in English

Korean Drama Modern Farmer Episode 11 Recep

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 By: DramabeansHyuk intercepts Yoon-hee, who’s still looking down after her discovery of Min-ho’s worry over her, on her way to rent tents for the village marketplace. He offers to go with her to help, not taking no for an answer. The other three boys hunt grasshoppers and wonder where Hyuk went, since he’s not answering his phone.Sang-eun comes squealing up to tell them that their appearance on her video blog was a hit — the video of her father fish-slapping them is going viral on the internet. They’re embarrassed, though she points out that it’s still promotion for their band. It’s interesting that Min-ki doesn’t seem that interested in band promotion, and is more concerned with getting enough grasshoppers for their market booth. Snake surprises Min-ki by grabbing a grasshopper before he gets to it, and HAHAHA, he’s dressed in country farmer clothing

Recap for SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 4

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Okay, I seriously love this episode. I swear it’s not even because our hero finally gets a makeover (even though that’s worth a round of applause in and of itself—fare thee well, Mop of Shame!), but because the family stuff hits all the right chords. It’s an episode about fathers, and the kind of love that’s so steadfast that sometimes a reminder is a shock to the system—a poignant, tear-filled, affectionate DramabeansTiger J.K – “첫사랑” (First Love) for the Pinocchio OST

EPISODE 4: “Romeo and Juliet” We rewind a little to see that Dad finds the kids on the rooftop and hides out of sight, just in time to watch Dal-po try to stop In-ha’s day-long bout of hiccups, over having to lie that things went great with Mom and she’s totally fine giving up on journalism altogether

[Drama Review] “Pinocchio” – Episode 3

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Pinocchio - Episode 3
The episodes keep improving as we get better acquainted with both our lovable main leads and their sad family dynamics.

This episode was a particularly emotional, heartbreaking one for me. I"m a sucker for parent-related issues, and when we"re shown how Dal Po and In Ha are denied the parental love they so desperately want, it strikes a chord within me.

This episode is titled "Snow Queen," and it appears that "Snow Queen" is none other than In Ha"s ice-cold mother, Cha Ok. I like how this episode was structured around Cha Ok--how it showed more of her work ethic, her interactions with her daughter, and how much of a powerful influence she is on both of our lead characters. While she can inspire or break In Ha"s will to become a reporter, she can fuel Dal Po to want to become a reporter himself in defiance of Cha Ok"s own work

Korean tvN Drama Misaeng Episode 10 Recap and Screenshots

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 by Dramabeans: During his coffee break, Chief Park decides that he’d prefer his coffee made by a woman, and requests one of the female staff members also taking a break to make a cup of coffee for him. She politely obliges, but she and the other women silently tense up when he makes them uncomfortable with his lewd remarks (which he excuses by pretending he’s actually referring to a car in the magazine he’s reading, ugh).They report the situation to Deputy Director Sun, and she immediately tracks down Chief Oh to tell him to keep a better handle on his employee. Chief Oh wastes no time in confronting Chief Park (in full view of the department), warning him that he’ll put up with negligence in his work, but he won’t tolerate Chief Park’s verbal abuse to the weak (aka Geu-rae) and sexual harassment of the female employees

Korean Drama “Pinocchio” Episode 3 Recap

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Korean Drama "Pinocchio" Episode 3 Recap by joonni

The sun is streaming into Dal Po’s room, who is still sleeping. A woman’s voice calls him, calling him Ha Myung and telling him to get up and come eat. Dal Po first whines for a few minutes more of sleep but then jumps up in his bed- “Mom?” He rushes out and he can’t believe his eyes. It’s his mom and dad in the kitchen- his dad telling tales of his latest heroic deed and his mom listening faithfully. His brother in the house, too, putting on his suit. His face is hidden to Dal Po, however, just at an angle away from a full facial view. Ha Myung (Dal Po) pinches his dad’s cheek, wanting to know if this is a dream? His family asks him what is he talking about- did he dream, what about? Ha Myung replies, “A bad dream,” and describes briefly what happened

SBS Modern Farmer Episode 10 Recap and Screenshots

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Some fences are mended, but at the expense of others, as the romantic feelings continue to circle around with nowhere to land. But it’s not all about love when it comes to hurt feelings, as some of the parents in Hadurok-ri discover when their children get a chance to say what they really think. What’s a parent to do when their child is ashamed of them, and for something they can’t control?by Dramabeans: Han-chul distracts the thugs while Soo-yeon makes a getaway, and she manages to escape in a cab. Meanwhile Yoon-hee leaves the bank with money to lend to Min-ki, having decided to help him even though she’s upset with him.The boys leave the birthday party with fat pockets but scarred souls, having been forced to let the women grope them in order to make money. But at least now they have the necessary money to buy plastic to cover their field

KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow episode 11 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Yoo-jin’s mother hears that her ex-husband is on his way to see Yoo-jin’s performance. Knowing that Dad’s presence is bound to mess with Yoo-jin, she decides to prevent his attendance, no matter what.With several hours till showtime, both Yoo-jin and Nae-il have dress rehearsals to attend. But when the gang drops by the dressing room to check on Nae-il, they find that she’s locked herself in the room and is refusing to perform.Yoo-jin connects the dots, thinking of Nae-il’s outburst about being pushed to play, and asks for some privacy. Once alone in the hallway, he speaks through the door to Nae-il, who’s huddled and shaking inside. KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow episode 11 Recap and ScreenshotsYoo-jin explains that he understands now why she was in such an unusually good mood today—that today would be the first time they’re standing on the same stage, even if it wasn’t in the same performance

Korean tvN drama Misaeng Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Chief Oh and Dong-shik freeze and stare at their unwelcome new team member, who smirks at their reaction and notes Geu-rae’s impressive luck in his position, considering his lacking credentials. He chooses to settle in at Dong-shik’s desk while the rest of Sales Team 3 remain stone-faced.Chief Oh requests a new team member, but Manager Kim refuses to comply. He says that Chief Park is a great addition to his team, since he’s had a great record in the company. He tells Chief Oh to compromise and just prioritize work.In the break room, Chief Oh confronts Resource Team Chief Jung about him recommending this new team member. He knows that Chief Jung has had problems with him, but Chief Jung feigns oblivion and says that he simply didn’t have the leadership to control this guy. Korean tvN drama Misaeng Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots Back at Sales Team 3, Chief Park (Kim Hee-won) calls Geu-rae over and asks him how he passed the intern presentation test and landed his position with only a high school equivalency exam

Super Junior-M’s Henry Reveals How Many Girlfriends He Has Had on “Real Men”

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Super Junior-M’s Henry has recently revealed how many girlfriends he has had on the latest episode of the MBC variety program, “Real Men.”

On the November 16 episode of “Real Men,” the soldiers went out of the barracks after dinner to teach the elementary school students living nearby English and Mathematics.

Henry and K.Will went together and taught English to some students. Henry, who acted as the English teacher of the kids, took some questions from one of the students who got curious and asked him how many girlfriends he has had. Henry revealed, “I have had only one girlfriend ever.”

The children were so curious about Henry that they continued asking him questions about his first and only relationship so far

[Drama Review] “Pinocchio” – Episode 2

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"Pinnochio" - Episode 2 This episode was a lot more light-hearted than the previous one, which was a definite plus for me. Seems like when it comes to cute and fluff, this drama can definitely deliver.

Before I start my review, I would just like to clear something up. Some readers seem to think that I was a pure hater of this drama with my review of the first episode, and I would like to say that I"m not. As I"ve stated in the intro of my previous review, I"m a fan of both the actors and the premise. The only con for me were moments in the drama in which I thought characters were being too illogical for my enjoyment. I understand that K-Dramas are not supposed to reflect real life completely and can even be cartoony at times, but there"s a difference between portraying a more exaggerated version of life and just showing unconvincing behavior

'M! Countdown' Highlights: Epik High Beats BEAST And Wins #1 On The November 13, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

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Another week of "M! Countdown" is here and featured awesome performances from some of your favorite K-Pop stars. Great stage settings and fan chants were all seen and heard once again.

The stars who made their comeback were the sexy "felines" AOA as they are "Like A Cat," Taiwanese singer Natthew said "Love Will Be OK," Ulala Session made their return with "Those Who Are Crying Now," Boys Republic returned with "The Real One," and Woolim Entertainment"s new female group Lovelyz made their debut with "Candy Jelly Love."

Your nominees for the night were BEAST and Epik High as they battled for the first place trophy. The winner was Epik High for their single titled, "Happen Ending." Congratulations to them!

This being all said, here are the performance recaps from yesterday

Korean tvN Drama Liar Game Episode 8 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Everyone seems to think Woo-jin is preparing to use physical force to break up the human shield blocking the voting booth, but all he does is raise his hand……So that Actor Gu can high-five him. That’s right, Woo-jin already secured his allegiance by having Sung-joon sneak a letter to Actor Gu during the Bulldog/Dal-goo kerfuffle.And without a fourth person to block the voting booth, Assemblyman Kang’s plan fails. Dal-goo gets elected president, and fulfills his promise to distribute the funds from the treasury to his supporters. Korean tvN Drama Liar Game Episode 8 Recap and ScreenshotsBut there’s a reason Do-young doesn’t look at all worried, which is likely because Dal-goo opens the safe to find it empty. Oh no. This is baaad.Naturally, Actor Gu and Bulldog turn on Team Dal-goo thinking they’ve been betrayed

SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 16 Recap and Screenshots

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by DramabeansTo nobody’s shock but Sun’s, Kim Taek and his Noron cronies have backstabbed him under the guise of helping. The prized ginseng that’s meant to grease the wheels of diplomacy with the Qing envoys turns out to be a putrid, maggot-infested mess—which, naturally, does not go over well.We see in flashback that Chul-joo had thought up this scheme, to prepare ginseng that appeared fine one day and then quickly rotted. Wouldn’t it have been easier to show the prince one good box of ginseng, and then just prepare the others with rotting merchandise? Bah, I can’t believe I care about the logic of the most boring plot twist ever. Moreover, I can’t believe we’re in a drama about the tragic life of Sado and we’re spending time on ginseng storylines, but whatever.The Qing envoys are so insulted that they declare the negotiations off, intending to leave Joseon at once

Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 15 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans: Yeongjo gives Sun a chance to be reinstated as prince-regent—all he has to do is meet the Qing envoys who are on their way and ready to declare war (over a naval skirmish with a Joseon fishing boat), and stop a war from happening. Oh, is that all?He makes it clear that taking on the task is a double-edged sword because if Sun succeeds, he does get to be regent again, but if he fails, he will forever be stripped of his rights to the regency. That means he’ll never practice politics ever again. Yeongjo makes sure to add that he won’t be lenient on him just because he’s his only son. I’m pretty sure no one here thought you would. But his point stings nonetheless—he’s happy to find a successor elsewhere.The extreme terms of the deal don’t dissuade Sun, and he agrees to take on the challenge to convince the Qing envoys without caving to their demands