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'The Heirs' Stars Sparkle In Theaters This Winter

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When k-drama fans go to the movies this winter, their choice may likely be one of the three films featuring the stars of “The Heirs.” Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin all have films coming out in the next few months.

Lee Min Ho appears in his first film “Gangnam Blues,” also known as “Gangnam 1970.” The film takes place during the 1970s when the now affluent Gangnam section of Seoul was quickly being developed for profit. The desire to acquire land led to political corruption and involved gangs.
Lee Min Ho’s character grew up in an orphanage with another character played by Kim Rae Won. The struggle for land will pit them against each other. The film also stars Kim Ji Su and Jung Jin Young. Every one of Lee Min Ho’s dramas has been a success, so his film debut is highly anticipated

“The Heirs” Stars Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, and Park Shin Hye to Take Over Theaters This Winter

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Popular SBS drama “The Heirs” lead stars Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, and Park Shin Hye will be going head to head in theaters this winter.

“The Heirs,” which aired in 2013, received much love not only in Korea, but also throughout other parts of Asia, earning immense popularity for its actors as well. These actors are now preparing to take over movie theaters with their respective films.

Actor Kim Woo Bin, who played the role of Choi Young Do in the drama, will be starring in the film “The Technicians” (also called “Criminal Designer”), scheduled to premiere this coming December 24. It is said that his character in the movie was a perfect match for the actor, allowing him the opportunity to display his acting abilities as well as his action skills

Park Shin Hye takes a photo from the set of last year"s "Heirs"

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Park Shin Hye took a trip down memory lane when she visited the set of last year"s drama, SBS"s "Heirs"!

"Jeguk High School graduate Cha Eun Sang, visited the school"s cafeteria," she posted on social media earlier. "I can"t believe this is still here."

Park Shin Hye played one of the protagonist roles on "Heirs", which also starred Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin and other high-profile stars.

Do you miss the drama?

Park Shin Hye Revisits Jeguk High School from Her Drama “The Heirs”

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Actress Park Shin Hye recently revisited the site that was used as the Jeguk High School from her previous hit drama “The Heirs.”

Park Shin Hye posted on her Twitter account on November 9 a picture of her standing in front of the Jeguk High sign in the cafeteria, with a caption that read, “Jeguk High alum Cha Eun Sang (her character’s name from the show), visiting the school cafeteria for the first time in a while. This sign is still up here!”

Park Shin Hye starred alongside Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin in the 2013 hit drama “The Heirs.” She will be starring in the upcoming romance drama “Pinnochio” with Lee Jong Suk.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of “Pinnochio” on SoompiTV!

Park Shin Hye said Pinocchio Choi In was different from The Heirs Cha Eun Sang Ha Character

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Park Shin Hye shared her opinion about the role of Choi In Ha in Upcoming Pinocchio during Pinocchio Press Conference which was held on November 6th, at SBS Building in Mokdong. Park Shin Hye made a comment about dressing a school uniform again after the previous drama "The Heirs".Park Shin Hye said, “I didn’t know that I would be on screen wearing a school uniform again after one year. It’s a story about growth of a reporter. It is also a story about young people trying to become reporters and it shows the characters’ part as part of the story,” and explained, “I wasn’t hesitant about wearing a school uniform again or worried about being compared to The Heirs since it’s a part of the explanation on how In Hwa and Dal Po meet each other.”She confidently said, “Since the character itself is different and the way I acted is different, I think you will be able to see ‘Choi In Hwa’ instead of ‘Eun Sang

[Video] Watch "The Heirs and I Hear Your Voice" parody video for the upcoming drama Pinocchio

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This parody video features scenes cut from "The Heirs" and "I Hear Your Voice" which features Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk. It was uploaded by SBS on YouTube earlier. You can watch it here:

[Spoiler] "The Idle Mermaid" Nam Joo-hyeok and Kim Seul-gi-I parody "The Heirs"

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Nam Joo-hyeok and Kim Seul-gi-I parodied "The Heirs".

In the final episode of the tvN drama "The Idle Mermaid", Ahn Hye-yeong (Kim Seul-gi-I) and Vick (Nam Joo-hyeok) exchanged their feelings for each other.

Vick asked Ahn Hye-yeong to respond to his confession. However, she was pressured by the fact that they were getting serious and said, "I like you as a younger brother. Let"s go drink", but Vick got serious at this remark and responded, "Why am I your younger brother? Why are you drawing a line? If you"re not careful I might step over it. I was being serious so I can"t pretend like it never happened".

Ahn Hye-yeong ended up rejecting him. But she felt jealous when she heard he was going on a blind date. She went up to him and asked, "Do you like me?"

She then said, "Alright, let"s date

Chinese Film “The Heirs from the Stars” Refutes Accusations of Plagiarism

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Chinese online movie “The Heirs from the Stars” (“来自星星的继承者们“) has come forward refuting accusations of plagiarism that say that it is simply a combination of popular Korean dramas “The Heirs” and “My Love from the Stars.”

At a production press conference on September 16 in Beijing, the director of the Chinese film said that “The Heirs from the Stars” has nothing to do with the two Korean dramas and that the scenario had been out even before “The Heirs” and “My Love from the Stars” were aired.

The director said, “The title was decided upon simply for the commercial and buzz appeal.”

“Many might point fingers, but if people who watch the movie enjoy themselves, that is enough,” the director said, also reiterating the creativity of the movie and mentioning the possibility of a sequel

Just Music rappers Swings, C Jamm, and Giriboy upload a controversial execution parody video

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Rapper Swings and two other Just Music rappers released a controversial parody video via Facebook in which they reenact an execution scene.

On September 9th, Swings posted a short comment on Facebook, "At Gapyong," along with a video in which C Jamm and Swings are on their knees at the edge of the swimming pool while Giriboy is standing over them with his hand posed as a gun. When Giriboy pulls the trigger, both C Jamm and Swings fall lifelessly into the pool. The video ends with both C Jamm and Swings" bodies floating in the swimming pool.

Netizens immediately reacted negatively towards the video, commenting that it was too similar to the recent viral videos of ISIS executing journalists as well as the Christian purging executions

Parody Pictures of Jung Yong Hwa in “The Three Musketeers” Surface

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These composed photos of Jung Yong Hwa are a hot topic among netizens.

Parody photos of Jung Yong Hwa, who is playing the role of Park Dal Hyang in tvN’s Sunday drama “The Three Musketeers,” is spreading like fire on online communities. There are many scenes of Jung Yong Hwa, whose Park Dal Hyang character is the Joseon version of D’Artagnan, riding horses. There is a lot of attention on Jung Yong Hwa from inside and outside of Korea, as this is his first sageuk drama. The parody images have Yong Hwa riding a camel, a banana boat, and a broom, among other items.

In “The Three Musketeers,” Park Dal Hyang corresponds to D’Artagnan of the original novel, and Dal Hyang is a self-made man with exceptional martial arts skills, and he displays his abilities in both Joseon and Qing

"The Heirs" star Park Shin-hye meets fans in two Chinese cities

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Actress Park Shin-hye, star of the SBS drama "The Heirs", met her fans in Chongqing and Shenzhen, China, on Aug. 2 and 3.Park has held fan meets in Shanghai before, but this was the first time she has held her Asia tour, "2014 Story of Angel", in Chongqing and Shenzhen, according to Park"s agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment.During the fan meets, Park sang five songs, including "Lovely Day", part of the original soundtrack, "You"re Beautiful" and "My Dear", which Park"s brother, Park Shin-won, composed. Park"s fans sang along with her when she started to sing "Story" from the drama "The Heirs".Park will meet with her fans in Changsha and Beijing on Aug. 9 and 10, and will continue on to Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.By Song Dain [[email protected] ]

Which Star Of ‘The Heirs’ Will Be The Next Top K-Movie Star?

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(Photo : Star Haus Entertainment,SidusHQ, Atree Media) Which of these four stars of "The Heirs" has will be the next top K-Movie star?

“The Divine Move” starring Jung Woo Sung, Lee Bum Soo, and “Fated to Love You” star Choi Jin Hyuk opened in theaters throughout North America, this past weekend.

Choi Jin Hyuk has one of his first major film roles in “The Divine Move” the GO hustling gangster Sun Soo. he role is a departure from the sweet yet slightly detached characters he has portrayed over the past year in the popular Korean dramas “Emergency Couple” and “The Heirs.”

Choi Jin Hyuk delivers a captivating performance as Sun Soo and is featured in one of the best scenes of “The Divine Move

Dynamic Duo act out a 'Show Me The Money' parody on 'SNL Korea'

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Dynamic Duo were your hosts for this week"s episode of "SNL Korea" and brought hip hop to their skits!

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One of the highlights was their parody of "Show Me The Money" with a skit titled, "Show Me The Money Family". Dynamic Duo, Jay Park, Yoo Se Yoon, and more leaned back in hip-hop fashion as they walked into the room with Choiza transforming into a cute yet creepy baby. They broke out into random rap performances while discussing their dysfunctional family matters.

Check out the hilarious skit above!

Poll: Which celebrity cover or parody of Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' is your favorite?

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It appears Taeyang"s current title track "Eyes, Nose, Lips" may be the next Frozen"s "Let It Go" in South Korea as celebrity after celebrity release their cover or parody of this song, proving that he is a respected artist and worthy of imitation!

Check out some of the truly touching covers as well as hilarious parodies below and choose which one you can"t get enough of by voting in the poll below.

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Akdong Musician



BTS (Bangtan Boys)

Roy Kim

Topp Dogg


Eric Nam


Whoa, there were some amazing covers, some adorable singing by Haru, and some funny parodies with over-the-top expressions

BTS have fun with a parody of Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips'

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Taeyang"s "Eyes, Nose, Lips" has truly become a hit as countless artists are either covering or parodying the song lately! BTS (Bangtan Boys) are the next ones to have fun with the song, clearly having fun as each member takes a turn lip syncing to the dramatic song, even overdramatizing it with big hand gestures and scrunched up faces to the amusement of the other members.

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Of course, the boys can"t help but actually sing along at times either on their own accord or by requests from the others. Check out the fun they"re having in the video above!

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