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Kim Ki Lee Flaunts His Fit Body in Won Bin Parody of ‘The Man From Nowhere’

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After perfecting his body for the past several months, comedian Kim Ki Lee just had to make a parody of Won Bin from the movie The Man From Nowhere.

On April 7, Cube Entertainment tweeted, “Kim Ki Lee, Won Bin parody from The Man From Nowhere - Wow so cool!! And then the second cut. Kekekekeke.”

In the first photo, Kim Ki Lee perfectly reenacted the signature scene where Won Bin shaves his hair in the movie. However, unable to hide his comedic nature, Kim Ki Lee proceeded to shave his armpits in the second picture.

Meanwhile, Kim Ki Lee has been getting much attention for his newly fit body, which he revealed on April 6’s broadcast of KBS’ Gag concert. He revealed that he has been working out with Sean Lee

ZE:A's Hyungsik shares he would go nude for acting and reveals who were the mood makers on 'Heirs'

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ZE:A"s Hyungsik revealed that he has no problem going "all natural" on film. He recently spent time in nature climbing mountains in his pictorial for outdoor brand "Marmot" and also shared BTS stories from "Heirs".

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On the March 24th broadcast of "Shindong"s Shimshimtapa", Hyungsik commented on being compared to fellow idol-turned-actor member Siwan, "It doesn"t make sense that people are even comparing me with Siwan hyung. Siwan hyung acts way better than I do."

He also revealed Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin as the most fun to be around on set, "The actors are all the same age, so the atmosphere was always bright and good. The mood makers were Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin

A-Prince celebrate 500 days since debut + release their parody of Girl's Day's 'Something'

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Congratulations to A-PRINCE on their 500th day milestone since their debut! The boys celebrated by chowing down on some delicious looking pizza and uploaded a picture of proof onto their Twitter.

They wrote, "Happy 500th day. Thanks for the rice and we will also eat the pizza with thanks hehehe." It appears the fans had sent them a rice stand and possibly ordered them pizza in commemoration.

In addition, the boys posted a short video of themselves asking their fans if they "Want To Kiss?" in relation to their recent comeback teasers. What fan can say no to that request?

Lastly, A-PRINCE finally uploaded their sexy and humorous parody of Girl"s Day"s "Something"! Do you like their version better? Check it out below!

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Hyungdon and Daejun Make Parody of Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun’s CF

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Same idea, different feel?

Entertaining duo Hyungdon and Daejun decided to make their own version of Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun‘s commercial for apparel brand Bean Pole.

On March 14, the miss A member wrote on her Twitter, “Bean Pole Outdoor that blocks all wind,” and shared a compilation photo featuring screen caps from the parody video.

In the picture, Hyungdon and Daejun can be seen posing in a dorky manner, showing off their hilarious interpretation of the original scenes. The music drama starring Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun was revealed on March 6, and soon after, the parody by the duo was released. With Hyungdon as Suzy and Daejun as Kim Soo Hyun, their version looks quite similar to the original one, but the atmosphere is definitely far from it

Lee Min Ho reveals he thought his now famous line from 'Heirs' had a typo

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Actor Lee Min Ho revealed that he originally thought his now famous line from "Heirs" ("Do I like you?") had a typo in it.

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During his interview with @Star1 on March 20, Lee Min Ho was asked, "There was a lot of romantic acting and lines in "Heirs". Wasn"t it very difficult or burdensome?"

He responded that it wasn"t all his style, but he felt it was appropriate for his character, Kim Tan. "I don"t think I could personally say them. The romantic lines and scenes would be difficult for me as an individual, but I acted thinking that because he"s straightforward when it comes to love, Kim Tan could say those things confidently."

Lee Min Ho added, "As a guy, I think the way he doesn"t hesitate is cool

A-PRINCE get ready to seduce fans in teaser for their parody of Girl's Day's 'Something'

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A-PRINCE had fans laughing as they hit all the sexy poses for the teaser of their parody of Girl"s Day"s "Something"!

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A-PRINCE dropped down to the floor and showed off their legs in maxi skirts to perfect the choreography and seduced fans with their sexy expressions and poses. The boys definitely knew they were sexy and embraced their inner diva as they looked into the camera with a charisma that left you wanting to see more.

Stay tuned for their parody!

CNBLUE's Jonghyun became a fan of f's Krystal after watching 'Heirs'

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On MBC"s "Radio Star" this week, CNBLUE"s Jonghyun dished on his affections toward f(x)"s Krystal (or Soo Jung).

The MCs said to Minhyuk, who played her boyfriend in "Heirs," "You said that you automatically smile because our Soo Jung is so cute." Minhyuk replied, "She"s really cheerful, was really good to the oppas when we filmed in the school, and so on."

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Kyuhyun then said, "Does Jonghyun like Krystal too? Your expression is a bit dark," so Jonghyun said, "I monitored the show and her character was really refreshing and pretty, so I became a fan. That is why the members and I have talked to her altogether on the phone once

Yonghwa talks about a popular female idol asking for his number + why he turned down 'Heirs'

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The boys of CNBLUE appeared on MBC"s "Radio Star" on March 5 where member Yonghwa talked about getting asked for his number by a popular female idol and turning down the offer to be in drama "Heirs."

Kyuhyun said, "I heard CNBLUE"s popularity among girl groups is no joke. An anonymous tip tells us that a top A-level girl group member wrote a message to the manager asking for Yonghwa"s phone number."

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Yonghwa acknowledged this as true but said he did not give his number merely because she was not his style. Answering the MCs questions, he admits that if she were his style, he would have accepted her as a new friend.

Kim Gu Ra made everyone laugh by saying CNBLUE told him in the past that they did not want to date because it was all about the music, but they"ve changed a lot since then

Shin Dong Yup, Ahn Young Mi, and Narsha Parody “Man from the Stars” 15-Second Kiss

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Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha, comedian Ahn Young Mi and Shin Dong Yup played out a parody of popular SBS drama “Man from the Stars” on the March 1 episode of tvN’s “SNL Korea.”

The parody, “That Guy from the Stars,” featured Shin Dong Yup in the role of Do Min Joon and Ahn Young Mi as Chun Song Yi.

The scene that they chose to parody was the “15-second kiss” scene, in which Chun Song Yi had said to Do Min Joon, “Just give me 15 seconds,” after failing to get much of a reaction out of Do Min Joon.

Ahn Young Mi delivered an exaggerated version of Chun Song Yi’s charisma, successfully receiving a kiss from Shin Dong Yup.

Narsha fared not too badly herself, playing a door-to-door evangelist

Kim Woo Bin updates fans on his busy life after 'Heirs' and poses for the cover of 'The Star'

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Kim Woo Bin made the room just a bit warmer with his hot cover for "The Star"s March issue!

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Kim Woo Bin lied down a rug with a mix-and-match of casual and dressy attire, making fans wish they could fall asleep right next to him.

Kim Woo Bin updated fans, "I"ve become busier after "Heirs". Starting early March, I will enter filming for film "The Technicians". I am working hard to prepare for it... Although I want to play and drink until morning, I am really thankful for the work I have now."

When asked, "A person who receives such love should also know how to give love, right?" The actor shared, "Receiving love is a happy thing

EXO's Luhan, Suho, and Tao take on a scene from 'Heirs' for 'EXO's Showtime'

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On the last episode of of "EXO"s Showtime," EXO showed their acting skills by taking on a short scene from drama "Heirs."

The scene they did was when Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) asked Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) if he liked her. At first, Luhan played Kim Tan while Suho played Eun Sang, but that did not work out as both burst into laughter and Luhan jokingly claimed Suho was too ugly, so the boys switched it up. Tao stepped in for Suho to play Eun Sang.

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This time, it was a success! After Luhan delivered his line perfectly and charismatically, he grabbed Tao for a sudden hug, which made the other members squeal and jump up in excitement. Check out the short clip above!

Luhan and Tao Reenact a Scene from “The Heirs

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On the February 13 episode of MBC Everyone‘s “EXO’s Showtime,” Luhan and Tao reenacted a scene from the SBS drama, “The Heirs.”

Luhan played Kim Tan while Suho played the part of Cha Eun Sang. However, glancing at Suho, Luhan said, “The female actress is too ugly. I can’t do this.” The other members of EXO switched Suho with Tao.

Tao stepped up to the front saying, “I’ll play Choi Young Do. But Luhan hugged him saying the infamous line from the drama, “Do I like you?”

The members of EXO cheered and laughed in excitement. Tao gave a dumbfounded expression from the shock of Luhan’s hug

Park Shin Hye discusses how her popularity has risen following 'Heirs'

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Park Shin Hye opened up about her current popularity in China following the hit drama "Heirs".

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On the February 12th broadcast of SBS" "One Night of TV Entertainment", the reporter congratulated Park Shin Hye on becoming the first Korean actress to achieve 5 million followers on the Chinese SNS platform Weibo. The two confirmed it with their own eyes by looking up her profile of 5,592,913 followers, more than China"s representative actress Fan Bing Bing"s 4,300,000 followers.

Park Shin Hye shared, "It is really an honor. I attended an awards ceremony in China last year with Kim Woo Bin, and I was very surprised because a lot of people came out to meet us at the airport at the time

Veteran Actors Im Hyun Sik and Park Won Sook Parody “Man From the Stars”

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Fantasy couple Im Hyun Sik and Park Won Sook recently parodied the ’15-second seduction’ scene from SBS’s “Man From the Stars.”

On February 11, the production team for JTBC’s “With You” variety show revealed the “Man From the Stars” parody by the two veteran actors. The two comically reenacted the ’15-second seduction’ scene by Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun, where Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) claims she can make Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) feel something for her in 15 seconds and strikes various facial expressions and poses. For the title of the parody, they used Im Hyun Sik’s actual hometown, and called it “Man From Song Chu.”

Im Hyun Sik says, “Just give me 15 seconds

EXO will be the next boy group to take on a parody of 'Heirs'

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A few weeks ago, WINNER released their hilarious take on SBS drama "Heirs," but now EXO will the next boy group to try their own parody! Luhan will be playing Lee Min Ho"s Kim Tan while Tao will be playing Park Shin Hye"s Eun Sang during the last episode of MBC"s "EXO"s Showtime," set to air on February 13.

Also in this episode, the members will talk about their disappointments during the last three months. Luhan said, "I am usually a manly guy, but I don"t think I showed that [on Showtime]," and said he would show his true, manly self while acting as Kim Tan in their parody of "Heirs." The members then chose Tao to play Eun Sang.

According to a broadcasting rep, Lu Tan (Luhan and Kim Tan) and Ta Eun Sang (Tao + Eun Sang) acted out a scene in which Kim Tan asks Eun Sang whether he likes her and does a surprise hug all with such sincere acting that the surrounding people were surprised