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“Pinocchio” Lee Yoo-bi rivals with Park Shin-hye over Kim Yeong-kwang

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While Lee Yoo-bi and Kim Yeong-kwang seem happy in the drama "Pinocchio", there seems to be a hint of rivalry between Lee Yoo-bi and Park Shin-hye.

Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Lee Yoo-bi, Kim Yeong-kwang and Lee Pil-mo attented the press conference of the new SBS drama "Pinocchio" on the 6th. Lee Yoo-bi and Kim Yeong-kwang showed up in a black dress with shoulders revealing and a classical checked suit.

Lee Yoo-bi and Kim Yeong-kwang"s difference in height also drew attention. Kim Yeong-kwang had to be considerate of Lee Yoo-bi due to his 187cm height when they were taking pictures. Park Shin-hye also wore a sexy dress as if to compete with Lee Yoo-bi on this day

[Video] Added new 3rd teaser, press photos and stills for the Korean drama “Pinocchio”

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Added new 3rd teaser, press photos and stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Pinocchio"

"Pinocchio" (2014)Directed by Jo Soo-won, Sin Seung-wooWritten by Park Hye-ryeonNetwork : SBSWith Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Yeong-kwang, Lee Yoo-bi, Lee Pil-mo, Kang Shin-il,...Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisA green drama of reporters who chase after truth and those who spend 24 hours with them while sharing the war together.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/12


Park Shin Hye Talks About How She Prepared For Role in “Pinocchio”

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At a recent production presentation for the upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Pinocchio” held last November 6, actress Park Shin Hye talked about her role and preparations as the junior reporter who cannot lie, Choi In Ha.

“I wasn’t able to personally experience the actual way of how junior reporters work (going around police stations and covering). However, I was able to indirectly experience it through documentaries and truthfully, while watching how the junior reporters could not go home and wash for over a week and go with very little sleep, I worried a lot whether I could portray all of these in the broadcast,” said Park Shin Hye.

“So far, I’ve only experienced talking about my thoughts through interviews. When I take on my role as a reporter, I feel the great importance of being objective and looking at the other truths that are actually hidden behind the truth,” added Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye Shin Hye made a comment about Choi In Ha Character

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Park Shin Hye spilled her thoughts on the young reporter named Choi In Ha during the Pinocchio Press Conference which took place on November 6 in the SBS building in Mokdong.Park Shin Hye said, “It’s meaningful since this is the first time that I played a character that has a job. As an actress, I always had many thoughts about spoken words. During interviews, I would worry about how I can convey my thoughts and information well, and this is the project that deals with and solves the issue so I really wanted to do it.”She continued, “I wanted to do it also because the writer wrote it so well. I met director Jo Soo Won when I was in high school and I’m excited and nervous to be working with him in a project. I’ve been enjoying filming because he has been guiding me on the set.”Pinocchio is a story about a man who lives with a fake name and a woman who cannot lie

Official Posters Revealed for “Pinocchio” Featuring Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, and More

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SBS’ upcoming Wednesday – Thursday drama “Pinocchio” has revealed brand new official posters ahead of its premiere.

On November 6, the production team of “Pinocchio” unveiled two different posters featuring the lead cast including Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Yoo Bi.

In one of the posters, Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are seen dressed in black suits, as they lie side by side floating on what appears to be clouds, with their faces toward each other. In another poster, the four main leads can be seen wearing pastel colors, posing closely with one another and giving off a warm atmosphere.

“Pinocchio” is a drama that tells the story of man who lies about his name and a woman who cannot lie. It is set to premiere this coming November 12 at 10 p

‘Pinocchio’ Park Shin Hye Says Hi To Fans In China

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Actress Park Shin Hye said hi to fans in China on her official Weibo account. On Wednesday, actress Park Shin Hye posted on her official Weibo account a picture of herself making a peace sign and said, "It was very nice to meet you all in Sung Do. I am having busy days filming the upcoming drama "Pinocchio." Everyone be careful not to get a cold. I look forward to meeting you all again." In the picture, Park Shin Hye wore red lips and a sleeveless dress. In the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio," actress Park Shin Hye is to play one of the two main characters, called Choi In Ha, who hiccups whenever she lies to other people. Actress Park Shin Hye is to play her role with actor Lee Jong Suk, who plays Choi Dal Po who is an attractive, smart reporter. The new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" is going to be produced by director Park Hye Ryun, and tells a story of entry level reporters working for a newspaper company

'Legendary Witch" Han Ji Hye Falls For Park Geun Hyung's Lies

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"Legendary Witch" Han Ji Hye gave her stocks to Park Geun Hyung.

On the MBC weekend drama "Legendary Witch" broadcast on November 2nd, Moon Soo In (played by Han Ji Hye) was dragged to the prosecutor"s office because of fixing stock prices.

On this day, Ma Tae San (played by Park Geun Hyung) went to Moon Soo In who was moved to the incarceration facility. He said, "I"ve made the best legal team so there"s going to be some good news. You"re a person recommending Shin Hwa so you need to behave with dignity and character." With this, he pretended to comfort her though he had an underlying scheme.

He said to Moon Soo In, "For management reasons, you"re going to have to give the stocks over that Do Hyun had gave to you" and handed over the contract

Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 14 Recap and Screenshots

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By Dramabeans:

Sun bursts in to stop the torture, too late to save Ji-dam’s father. He confronts his father with threat of the maengui, now that he has possession of the original document, and demands a stop to the proceedings. Yeongjo just literally walks over the pile of bodies he’s just killed and leaves without sparing Sun a word.The father-son confrontation continues that evening, when Yeongjo laughs bitterly, asking if he’s to try to rule the nation while feeling on the hook to his son. Which is rather missing the point, honey, if you think Sun would be happy letting you rule while pulling your puppet strings.Sun says that he has no intention of pulling those kinds of dirty tactics, and then pulls out the maengui. Yeongjo’s eyes widen in shock… and then widen even more when Sun walks very deliberately… to the torch nearby… Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 14 Recap What! I repeat, WHAT? Are you insane or is this a fakeout? Tell me this is a fakeout

Korean JTBC Drama Yoo-na’s Street Episode 48 Preview

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Here is the preview of Korean JTBC Drama Yoo-na’s Street Episode 48. This Episode will air on JTBC on November 4th at 21:50 PM. Let's check!

Yoo-na's Street (Hangul: 유나의 거리; RR: Yuna-eui Geoli) is a South Korean television series starring Kim Ok-bin and Lee Hee-joon. It airs on jTBC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:50 for 50 episodes beginning May 19, 2014.


Kang Yoo-na is the daughter of a pickpocket who learned the trade from her father and is already famous in her own right (with a prolific rap sheet of her very own, and three prior convictions). After being released from prison, she works as a part-time barista at a friend's café, but sometimes goes back to her old habits

Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 13 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:In the wake of Yeongjo’s order to kill everyone in possession of the book that makes him complicit in his brother’s death, Sun finally confronts him with the truth: Did he sign the maengui? Is he Juk-pa and does that mean that everything written in this book is true?Yeongjo quakes with rage to be confronted with the truth so head-on by Sun, and cries defensively, “‘How afraid were you? How difficult and scary was it? Didn’t someone threaten to kill you? If you didn’t sign that document, were you scared they would kill you?’ If you are my child… IF YOU ARE MY SON—that is what you should ask!”Father and son’s eyes are brimming with tears, and Sun drops to his knees as his tears spill out. He immediately realizes that he never considered it from his father’s perspective and begs forgiveness, acknowledging that being born his son (and therefore the rightful heir) means he can’t ever fathom the struggles Yeongjo went through as the king’s brother

“Pinocchio”, Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye on a date

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Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye in the roles of Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha in the new SBS drama "Pinocchio" were seen on a date in pictures reelased on the 4th.

The picture shows Lee Jong-suk with Park Shin-hye on his back on a lonely country road. They were walking far away from each other but Lee Jong-suk bent his needs and waited for Park Shin-hye to get piggy back on him.

As soon as she got on his back, he smiled and she became shy.

The one question about the picture is why Lee Jong-suk has a white bandage around his head. Also, why did Lee Jong-suk suddenly ask Park Shin-hye to get on his back?

Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha became part of a family due to a big incident when they were young

Lee Jong Suk Gives Park Shin Hye a Piggyback Ride in New “Pinocchio” Stills

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A new set of stills for SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Pinocchio” has been released.

The photos feature the lead couple Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) and In Ha (Park Shin Hye), and show Dal Po giving In Ha a sweet piggyback ride.

In the first picture, the two are seen walking on a rural road with In Ha struggling to match the pace of Dal Po. Soon, Dal Po squats down and waits for In Ha to reach him, telling her to hop on his back. The final still shows Dal Po grinning happily with In Ha laying on his back, who is trying to hide her shyness as she gently rests her arms around Dal Po’s neck.

In the drama, Dal Po and In Ha become family members following a dramatic incident that takes place in their childhood. The uncle and nephew, who are not related by blood and are of the same age, soon start developing feelings for each other

Park Shin Hye Rides Piggyback on Lee Jong Suk in New Stills of SBS Pinocchio

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Actor Lee Jong-suk and actress Park Shin-hye were spotted in a romantic mood in the SBS upcoming drama “Pinocchio.”The broadcaster revealed photos of the two actors walking on the street Tuesday.In the picture, Park is riding piggyback on Lee with a shy look while Lee is smiling, showing pure romantic chemistry between the two.Lee Jong Suk was shown wearing bandages around his head, making the drama fans wonder about the scene to be broadcast.Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk show pure love in ‘Pinocchio’“As Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are showing off great teamwork as the main leads of the drama, the staffs are very satisfied with their efforts,” an official of the drama said.The drama “Pinocchio” is about young news reporters writing on social affairs and fighting for justice. The first episode will be broadcast Nov

K-Drama Stars Celebrate November Birthdays

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The k-drama birthday celebrations this month start on Nov. 4, which is a special day for three k-drama and k-movie stars. Another year older and even more popular are BigBang"s T.O.P., So Ji Sub and actor Han Suk Kyu.

Nov. 4: Rapper T.O.P., whose acting resume now includes "Iris" and the films "Nineteen," "71: Into the Fire" and "The Commitment," turns 27 on Nov. 4. In 2014, he won praise for his role as the gambler Ham Dae-Gil in the sequel to Tazza, "Tazza 2: The Hidden Card."

So Ji Sub will be celebrating on the same day. The actor who had a big hit with "The Master"s Sun" last year, followed that Hong Sisters hit by indulging in his other passion: rapping. In June he released his third electro-hip-hop album "18 Years," for the number of years he has worked as an actor

Park Shin Hye seen riding a bicycle in school uniform in still cuts of “Pinocchio”

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Park Shin Hye once again transforms into a schoolgirl in new still cuts of SBS"s drama "Pinocchio".

The photos shows the actress wearing a school uniform and a gym pants while riding a bicycle. It was revealed that Park Shin Hye came up with the idea of wearing the gym pants underneath the uniform skirt herself after analyzing her character Choi In Ha, completing the look of an "island girl".

Park Shin Hye will portrai Choi In Ha who dreams to become a news reporter. She suffers from Pinocchio syndrome which causes her to hiccup whenever she tells lies.

"Pinocchio" will be broadcasted on November 12th.

Lee Jong Suk Makes a Complete Transformation into His Character in New “Pinocchio” Stills

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Actor Lee Jong Suk is getting a taste of the exciting city life in the latest stills of SBS’ new drama, “Pinocchio.”

Released on November 3, the stills show Lee Jong Suk (Choi Dal Po) rocking a school uniform while striking unique poses in front of a high-rise building. From his casually messy and overgrown hair to his carefree attitude, the actor has made a successful transformation into Choi Dal Po, who is not exactly familiar with the urban lifestyle.

The producers explained, “Dal Po, who lives on an island, had the chance to visit the city and participate in a quiz show. The episode will feature meaningful and cheerful events that Dal Po experiences,” and added, “The ‘Dal Po’ness of Lee Jong Suk is well represented in the stills

What Park Shin Hye Brings To Table On New Drama ‘Pinocchio’

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Actress Park Shin Hye in the upcoming SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio" is to play an entry level reporter. Since the popular SBS drama "The Heirs" actress Park Shin Hye has been remembered as a girl with a Cinderella syndrome, who got rescued by her prince. In the new drama, she is going to play a young professional, and a lot of scenes in the drama are going to show her running around the blocks as a reporter.

Park Shin Hye"s agency said on her change of characters in the upcoming drama, "Because Park Shin Hye"s age reflects the age of young professionals in the society, Park Shin Hye will be able to show different sides of her in this new drama that deals more with the work life than love life." In the new SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "Pinocchio," actress Park Shin Hye is to play one of the two main characters, called Choi In Ha, who hiccups whenever she lies to other people

SBS Releases The First Trailer For ‘Pinocchio’ Starring Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye

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(Photo : SBS ) The first teaser of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye in "Pinocchio" has been released by SBS.

The first trailer for “Pinocchio,” starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, was released on October 27. Fans are anticipating the chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, who are pictured together, in the twenty-five second trailer.

The trailer features Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po, a character who was hilariously referred to as “all-zero” by his high school classmates in honor of his lackluster grades.

Park Shin Hye makes her return to K-Drama as Choi In Ha, a character who cannot lie due to so-called “Pinocchio Syndrome” which forces her to hiccup anytime she attempts to lie

'Sweet Secrets' Offers A New Spin On The Single Mom Drama

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A new drama, "Sweet Secrets," takes on the subject of single moms. While it"s not the first k-drama to do so, it is the third one to tackle the subject this year.

The other two recent single mom dramas are "The Greatest Marriage" and "Mama." "The Greatest Marriage," starring Park Si Yeon, Bae Soo Bin and Noh Min Woo, is about a newscaster who decides she wants a baby but not marriage. Her decision creates a scandal, as she is a national figure. "Mama," with stars Hong Jung Hyun and Song Yun Ah, told the story of a successful painter who is a happy single mom until she learns she has a terminal illness.

And "Nine Plus Boys" even touched on the subject when Oh Jung Se"s sister told him that she did not want him to marry a single mom, even though the mom in question was his former girlfriend and a divorcee

'Modern Farmer' Is The Latest K-Drama About The Boys In The Band

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"Modern Farmer," the k-drama about a disenchanted band that tries to live the country life, begins this weekend. The drama, which stars FT Island"s Lee Hongki, Park Min Woo, Lee Si Un, Lee Ha Nui and Kwak Dong Yeon, is the latest in a k-drama legacy about the boys in the band.

In this drama the burned-out rock band Excellent Souls moves to the country to make a new life. Not only is it not the first show about idols or the only drama in which idols play idols; it"s not even Lee Hongki"s first k-drama role playing an idol. But that"s okay because k-dramas about bands are usually entertaining to watch.

Here are a few other k-dramas that strike the right note for music fans.

"My Lovable Girl": This currently running drama starring real life idols acting the roles of idols shows some of the darker sides of the entertainment industry