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Park Shin Hye Rocks All Denim in Sultry Pictorial Featuring Ahn Jae Hyun

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Actress Park Shin Hye and model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyun have turned into a charming couple for a pictorial.

The pictures were revealed by a denim brand on March 5. The two models can be seen dressed up in denim from head to toe, showcasing the versatility of the clothing and their charming aura.

Despite gently grabbing the waist of the beautiful actress, Ahn Jae Hyun maintains his professionalism and focuses on posing for the camera. Park Shin Hye has placed her arm behind the actor’s neck, but as expected, she looks absolutely stunning in her denim vest while striking a confident pose. In her solo shot, she is drawing attention with her long and slim legs.

A representative said and expressed their satisfaction, “Park Shin Hye is an actress with both lovely and chic features

Park Shin Hye and Ahn Jae Hyun are sexy in denim for ‘Jambangee’

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Park Shin Hye and model/actor Ahn Jae Hyun must have melted a lot of cameras with their intense heat and chemistry shown through their new photoshoot for "Jambangee"

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The actress has been an on-going model for the apparel brand while Ahn Jae Hyun is a new face with his recent appointment for the 2014 spring and summer collection. The two sizzle with their good looks and figures that make it rather hard to focus our eyes on the clothing.

Although we"re used to seeing Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk couple up for the brand, it can"t be denied that she and Ahn Jae Hyun also look very compatible! Check out more pictures below

Park Shin Hye Discusses Female Beauty and Actress Ha Ji Won

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The timeless icon of beauty, Audrey Hepburn, reportedly once said, “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” It seems actress Park Shin Hye would agree.

On an interview with MBC’s weekly entertainment news show, “Section TV,” Park Shin Hye commented, “I don’t think my beauty is complete yet.” She explained, “I think a woman’s beauty comes out in her 40s. When I grow older, I want to be as beautiful as [my senior actresses] Lee Mi Yeon, Jun Do Hyun, and Kim Hee Ae.”

Park Shin Hye also expressed her desire to meet another one of her senior actresses, Ha Ji Won. She complimented the “Empress Ki” actress, saying, “Ha Ji Won freely moves from action to melodrama

Jang Geun Suk Releases Candid Selca with Park Shin Hye on Set of Jeju CF

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Actor Jang Geun Suk has posted a candid picture of himself with Park Shin Hye on his Twitter account along with the message “Let’s go~~~ together~~~ throwing away everything~~ to Jeju island~~ duty free shop~~~ Lotte Duty Free.” The photo was posted on February 26, and it shows the two enjoying a nice breakfast in Jeju.

The two actors are currently filming a promotional movie in Jeju to promote Duty Free Shops. The CF is a reunion for the two actors who played a couple in the 2009 drama “You’re Beautiful.”

The two actors show good chemistry as they sit down for a meal. They will be playing a couple in their upcoming CF movie which will be released in April.

In other news, Jang Geun Suk recently attended his college graduation ceremony at Hanyang University, while Park Shin Hye looked lovely in a white outfit during a recent fan signing event

Ku Hye Sun Cast as Lead Actress for ‘Angel Eyes’

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Ku Hye Sun will be returning to the small screen through drama Angel Eyes (tentative).

Through this project, Ku Hye Sun will be reuniting with writer Yoon Ji Ryun, who wrote KBS 2TV’s Boys Over Flowers. The drama will be directed by Park Shin Woo PD, who directed SBS’s Yawang and Ghost.

Taking the role of ‘Yoon Soo Wan,’ Ku Hye Sun will be acting as an emergency medical technician, who begins to live a new life after gaining eyesight through the transplant surgery.

Ku Hye Sun said, “I’m excited to be taking on a new project in a long time. As I will be a medical technician, I will be fully preparing for the role. The drama will be very realistic, so I’m nervous but I will be doing my best

Park Shin Hye Looks Elegant at Fan Signing Event for Bruno Magli’s Purse Collection

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Actress Park Shin Hye looked elegant in a lovely white outfit for her fan signing event for Bruno Magli’s Disney purse collection. The event was held on February 25 at the Lotte Department store in the So Gong neighborhood of Seoul.

The actress strikes a pose in front of the wall that is patterned with Mickey Mouse heads.

Park Shin Hye holds up the black and white purse from the new collection.

Park Shin Hye is busy signing autographs for her fans.

The actress looks graceful as she makes her entrance.

Park Shin Hye waves as she holds up the stylish purse.

Park Shin Hye shows off her beautiful smile in this close up

Park Shin Hye Attends Bruno Magli Fan Signing

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preview nextview 1/8 preview nextview Park Shin Hye teeters onto the scene in nude stilettos

Actress Park Shin Hye and current muse of Bruno Magli Korea attended a fan signing, held at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul′s Jung-gu on February 25.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Ji Suk

Park Shin Hye poses for photos with a bag from the line

Actress Park Shin Hye and current muse of Bruno Magli Korea attended a fan signing, held at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul′s Jung-gu on February 25.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Ji Suk

Park Shin Hye sports the trendy bag

Actress Park Shin Hye and current muse of Bruno Magli Korea attended a fan signing, held at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul′s Jung-gu on February 25

Lovely Park Shin Hye Models Bruno Magli’s 2014 SS Disney Purse Collection in Pictorial

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Actress Park Shin Hye looks lovely as she models a variety of purses from Bruno Magli‘s 2014 SS Disney Purse Collection. Many of the colorful purses feature Disney character designs.

Park Shin Hye models a red purse in a white dress. The tag on the purse has the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Park Shin Hye models a shiny blue purse in a sleek outfit.

The actress looks lovely in the striped white dress as she models the pink purse.

The checker patterned purse matches the sophisticated outfit.

This purse features a silhouette of Mickey Mouse.

Park Shin Hye holds a silver and dark green purse perfect for a night out

Park Shin Hye channels her role model Audrey Hepburn for ‘Marie Claire’

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Park Shin Hye channeled the spirit of her role model Audrey Hepburn for "Marie Claire"!

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The actress previously mentioned Audrey Hepburn to be her role model and now she is finally able to pay homage to her in the vintage-style pictorial. Park Shin Hye donned Audrey Hepburn"s signature hair bun and elegantly posed with the grace and mystery that was unique to the British actress.

Park Shin Hye shared, "Audrey Hepburn seems like she was a very dignified person. If you don"t love yourself, you can"t love others so living healthily and happily is my biggest goal."

"I realized that my job as an actress who gives relaxation and a peace of mind, even a little bit, to people is not something to scoff at

Park Shin Hye to Pair Up with Jang Keun Suk Instead of Lee Min Ho for Lotte Commercial

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Fans of The Heirs might be slightly disappointed, because Park Shin Hye will be pairing with Jang Keun Sun, instead of Lee Min Ho, for the upcoming promotional projects for Lotte Duty Free shops.

Lotte Duty Free recently cast Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, EXO and Eru as their new models, joining the others, including Jang Keun Suk, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Hyun Joong and Super Junior.

Despite many fans′ anticipation, however, Park Shin Hye will be pairing up with her old (?) partner Jang Keun Suk, instead of her co-star Lee Min Ho from The Heirs.

Park Shin Hye and Jang Keun Suk will be filming Lotte Duty Free’s promotional video in Jeju, introducing various tourist attractions in the area. The two will be acting as young lovers, re-introducing their chemistry from You’re Beautiful

Park Shin Hye becomes the new face of fashion brand ‘Bruno Magli’

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Park Shin Hye has become the new muse for the spring and summer season of fashion brand "Bruno Magli"! Pictures from her photo shoot were revealed on February 19, showing the actress looking gorgeous and fashionable in various outfits and holding gorgeous bags.

Although she normally shows a sweet and innocent image in her dramas, she definitely does not shy away from exuding confidence, sexiness, and charisma for fashion shoots!

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A "Bruno Magli" rep said, "Park Shin Hye, who has made advancements as a trendy woman, does not only have a lovable and friendly image but is also capable of portraying various images on the grounds of being a seasoned actress for a long time

Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kwang Hee, IU React to CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop” + More Comeback Details

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CNBLUE is continuing to amp up their soon-to-be comeback by releasing celebrity reaction clips for their new song!

Park Shin Hye, Yoon Do Hyun, IU, Kim Woo Bin, ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee and Park So Hyun all listened to CNBLUE’s “Can’t Stop” and shared their thoughts on the song.

FNC Entertainment also posted a poster containing some key points about CNBLUE’s comeback such as the music, stage, music video and even the style.

About the music, it will be different from CNBLUE’s past albums. The music and lyrics will be perfect for the current season and the album contains CNBLUE’s maturity over the past four years. All six tracks of the mini-album have been composed and writen by the members, which gives us a look into CNBLUE’s musical direction and identity

Lee Yubi to Face Off Park Shin Hye in ‘Royal Tailor’

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Lee Yubi will be making her debut on the big screen.

Sidus HQ, Lee Yubi’s agency, stated, “Lee Yubi has been cast in Royal Tailor. We′ve been preparing in a hurry since we had short notice. The filming will start this coming Friday.”

Lee Yubi will be acting as royal maid So Eui, who forms rivalry with the queen (Park Shin Hye), as they compete to capture the heart of the king. Yeon Yeji was originally cast for the role, but she suddenly decided to step down, passing the role onto Lee Yubi.

The other cast members include Han Seok Gyu, as the genius tailor, Yoo Yeon Seok, as the role of king and Park Shin Hye, who will act as queen.

Photo credit: Newsen

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Chooses Yang Jin Seong Over Park Shin Hye as Ideal Type

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FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi chose Yang Jin Seong over his previous partner, Park Shin Hye, as his ideal type.

TV Chosun’s Bride of the Century held its drama press conference on February 19, at Club Vanguard in Samsung-dong. The conference was attended by Yoon Sang Ho PD, Lee Hong Gi, Yang Jin Seong, Choi Il Hwa and the other cast members.

Lee Hong Gi, who had his heart set on Park Shin Hye in his previous drama, SBS’s You’re Beautiful, will be acting out a dangerous romance with Yang Jin Seong in Bride of the Century.

When the reporters asked who is closer to his ideal type, Lee Hong Gi answered, “I like both Park Shin Hye and Yang Jin Seong. I’m very comfortable with either of them. But I tend to like older girls, so if I have to pick one, I would say Yang Jin Seong, who is a year older than me,” making everyone break out in laughter

Park Shin Hye, IU and Yoon Do Hyun Listen to CN Blue’s New Songs

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With CN Blue counting down to its comeback, certain stars having special connections with the group got to listen to the group’s new songs in advance.

On February 18, SBS posted a video ahead of CN Blue′s comeback show Can’t Stop, featuring Park Shin Hye, Yoon Do Hyun and IU listening to CN Blue’s new songs through earphones and sharing their feedback.

Park Shin Hye made a surprised face as she listened to the song, while Yoon Do Hyun praised Jung Yong Hwa’s composing abilities.

Known to be a close friend of Jung Yong Hwa, IU was seen slightly disappointed as she discovered that the song she was hoping to get from Jung Yong Hwa was included in the album.

Starting with the three stars’ reaction video on February 18, Kim Woo Bin, Park Hae Jin, Park So Hyun, Song Eun I, Kim Tae Woo, ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Hyung Sik’s reaction to CN Blue’s new songs will be posted on the show’s website on SBS

Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, EXO and Eru Selected as New Models for Lotte’s Duty Free Shop

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Gathering popularity across Asia and beyond, hallyu stars Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, EXO and Eru will be joining the other stars as the new model for Lotte Duty Free shops.

Lotte Duty Free released its new lineup of models for 2014. The lineup, which included Jang Keun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong, Choi Ji Woo, Super Junior and 2PM will be adding Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, EXO and Eru.

Lotte Duty Free, well-known for recruiting representative hallyu stars as models, will be producing a special music video titled You’re so beautiful, featuring the models traveling around different tourist attractions.

Lotte Duty Free will also be producing a set of movies starring its models, divided into Jeju, Busan and Seoul episodes, with the Jeju episode releasing in March

Valentine’s Day special: A look into drama couples

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Today is Valentine"s Day!

You know what that means. Chocolates, flowers, teddy bears... Well.... if we had a significant other, maybe. Thankfully for the rest of us who happen to be single, we can overdose on ice cream and chocolate by our lonely selves and live vicariously through drama couples. For this Valentine"s Day, we decided to look at some of the drama couples with relationships that we dreamed of having (SPOILERS BELOW)!

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The Couple with the Worst Timing

Sung Shi Won (A Pink"s Eunji) and Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) of "Reply 1997" by contagion


Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk reunite as models for ‘Tongyi Juice’

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Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk had a "beautiful" reunion as models for China"s "Tongyi Juice"!

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Following her hit drama "Heirs" which has also become a success overseas, Park Shin Hye was chosen as the new muse for the Chinese brand, joining Jang Geun Suk who stayed on as the brand"s model for the third consecutive year. Of course, fans can"t forget their love line on their drama "You"re Beautiful" and were glad to see the two of them together again.

The juice brand"s rep stated, "In honor of the "Tongyi Juice" brand"s 15th anniversary, the beautiful collaboration with the two Korean artists, who are experiencing top popularity not just in Korea but across Asia, will further solidify the brand"s image which represents the bright youth

Park Shin Hye and Jang Keun Suk Reunite for Chinese Beverage Commercial

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Park Shin Hye and Jang Keun, who starred as a couple in You’re Beautiful have reunited, this time for a commercial.

Park Shin Hye, whose popularity has been increasing in China after SBS’s The Heirs became a big hit, has been chosen as the new model of Chinese popular beverage company, Tong Yi, partnering with Jang Keun Suk, who has been the model since last year.

An affiliate of Tong Yi Beverage said, “Celebrating the 15th anniversary, we will be cooperating with the two top artists from Korea, in order to set our brand image representing shining youth.”

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye has recently been cast to star in film Royal Tailor, where she will be transforming into a queen with captivating beauty.

Photo credit: S

Yoon Jong Shin, Yoo Hee Yeol, and the Changing Landscape of K-Pop

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Over the last few years, the K-Pop market has shown a diversification of genres, as well as a shift in power among key players.

While there companies that depend heavily on idols, such as the “Big 3,” consisting of SM, YG and JYP, there are also others that have caught the public’s attention with their offerings of ballad singers and singer-songwriters. Smaller companies have found that the internet has given them greater avenues to promote themselves, such as via YouTube and various SNS. Yoon Jong Shin’s Mystic89 and Yoo Hee Yeol’s Antenna Music are two such up-and-coming labels.

Mystic89 is home to Kim Yeon Woo, Park Ji Yoon, Jang Jae In, Puer Kim, Jo Jung Chi, Harim and Lim Kim, while Antenna Music houses artists such as Lucid Fall, Jung Jae Hyung and Peppertones