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Ryo Hei Otani and g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung are sharing room in 2nd season of "Roommate"

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SBS "Roommate" reveals the first two who will be sharing room from their new members and they are none other than the Japanese actor Ryo Hei Otani and g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung.

In fact a friendly photo of the two is released showing they"ve bonded already. While being roommates, the two are expected to show cultural experiences as Ryo Hei is from Japan while Joon Hyung has lived in both America and Korea.

Meanwhile, aside from them, SNSD"s Sunny, KARA"s Youngji, GOT7"s Jackson, Bae Jong Wook, and Lee Guk Joo are also the new members for 2nd season which first episode will be broadcast on 21st.

Let"s look forward for new roommates!

"Roommate" reveals profile cuts for Park Joon Hyung and Otani Ryohei

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"Roommate" season 2 has revealed the profile cuts for g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung and Otani Ryohei.

As you can see from the photos, new roommate Park Joon Hyung and Otani Ryohei look like they have completely different personalities. On the September 21st premiere, the g.o.d member will be showing his free, childlike qualities, while the actor will show his conservative side.

Are you excited for season 2 of "Roommate" featuring Bae Jong Ok, Park Joon Hyung, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, Otani Ryohei, Girls" Generation"s Sunny, Lee Kuk Ju, Heo Young Ji, Park Min Woo, Seo Kang Jun, and After School"s Nana!

Choi Ji Woo and Park Ha Sun share their thoughts on "Temptation"

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Choi Ji Woo and Park Ha Sun shared their thoughts on the SBS Mon-Tues drama "Temptation" as it came to an end on September 16.

Choi Ji Woo shared through her agency YG Entertainment, "I am always sad and disappointed [that it"s over] every time a production ends. It was very fun to reunite and film with Kwon Sang Woo after 11 years, and I think it was a good decision... I hope that I can meet you through my next production soon."

Park Ha Sun shared through her agency SLent, "Since I had an emotional role, it was not easy. I really worked hard to understand Na Hong Joo"s feelings... It was an opportunity to sincerely think about love."

"Secret Door" will premiere following "Temptation" on the 22nd!

Lee Min Jung returns to Korea + a source shares her response to Lee Byung Hun"s controversy

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Lee Min Jung returned to Korea on the 16th in the midst of her husband Lee Byung Hun"s ongoing blackmail case.

Lee Min Jung arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 16th after going to Paris on the 3rd, the day after Lee Byung Hun"s blackmail case broke out to the media, for her acquaintance"s wedding ceremony and stayed there for 2 weeks. She had been planning the trip to Paris since earlier this year, but after the case came to light, she had pulled up her plans to go earlier then previously intended, and stayed for a longer duration of time.

A source close to Lee Min Jung told Dispatch, "It would be a lie to say that [Lee Min Jung] did not go through an emotionally difficult time... She wanted to avoid people"s attention

"Temptation" Park Ha-seon, gets to think about love once again

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Actress Park Ha-seon made a speech about the end of the drama.

Park Ha-seon played the role of Na Hong-joo in the MBC drama "Temptation" which ended on the 16th. Through her management, Park Ha-seon said, "It wasn"t easy as my character has deep depths in character. I tried hard to understand Park Ha-seon"s character and I thought seriously about love".

At the end of the episode, Park Ha-seon chose the independent life after reconciling with everyone around her. Yoo Se-yeong (Choi Ji-woo) apologized to Na Hong-joo and Kang Min-woo (Lee Jeong-jin) admitted his mistakes and asked her to go to Hong Kong with him.

However, Na Hong-joo was already on "her way". She had become stronger through all the pain and decided what she wanted

Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Yoo Jung, Jihyun, and more to star in webtoon drama "Dating DNA"

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Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Yoo Jung, 4minute"s Jihyun, Park Sun Ho, and Baek Sung Hyun will star in the upcoming web drama "Dating DNA" (or "Love Cell")!

"Dating DNA" is a drama remake of the webtoon of the same title, which was made popular on portal site Naver from 2010-2012, and will be a mix of fantasy, romance, and comedy.

Park Sun Ho will play the role of Ma Dae Choong who is unemployed, hasn"t dated in 9 years, and wants to get out of his solo streak. Jang Hyuk will play the role of Ma Dae Chong"s neighbor, while Kim Woo Bin will play the role of a "dating god", Kim Yoo Jung will play the role of Ne Bi who teaches Ma Dae Choong the A-Zs of dating as his "love mentor", and Jihyun will play the role of top star Seo Rin

Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, 4-minute Jihyun, Park Sun Ho, and more cast in a web drama "Love Cell"

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A dream team line up for the upcoming web-drama "Love Cell" has been revealed. According to the production staff of the drama, Jang Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Sun Ho, 4-minute"s Nam JiHyun, and Baek Sung Hyun have confirmed their appearances making a dream team line up.

The drama is adapted from a fantasy romcom webtoon series which plot tells story of unemployed male protagonist and top celebrity female counterpart.

Below is the actors" character description:

Park Sun Ho as Ma Dae Chung - an unemployed male protagonist who never had a girlfriend. 4-minute Jihyun as Seo Rin - a top celebrity who attracts men with her good looks and smile. Jang Hyuk as Ma Dae Chung"s neighbor - specialized in martial arts and has a quite personality. Kim Woo Bin as "Dating King" - with his charismatic appearance who has gathered a lot of female fans, Kim Woo Bin"s playful character is going to be anticipated

Hyeri, Seulong, Park Min Woo, and Oh Yeon Seo go out for a run in photos from "High Cut" magazine

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With the "2014 Incheon Asian Games" just around the corner, 2AM"s Seulong, Girl"s Day"s Hyeri, Park Min Woo, and Oh Yeon Seo got into the spirit of the games by showing their sporty side as runners for "High Cut"!

The 4 stars showed off their toned figured in "adidas"s "Boost" running shoes and sportswear. They each had their own concepts with Hyeri waking up to go running as the "morning girl", Oh Yeon Seo giving some leg action as the "stretching girl", Park Min Woo being a running "energizer", and Seulong being the "night runner".

Check out more of their active pictorial in "High Cut"s 134th issue which will be available on the 18th. The pictorial and video will also be released through the magazine"s digital version on the 23rd!

Paradise Award Committee to honor Sean and Jung Hye Young for their years of charitable work

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The Paradise Award Committee has recently announced that it plans to award the happily married couple Sean and Jung Hye Young on their years of charitable work in an upcoming ceremony.

The couple is certainly deserving of such an award, as Sean and Jung Hye Young together have participated in more than 1000 hours of volunteer work over the past 10 years. They"ve also donated billions of won (millions of dollars) to support children with incurable diseases.

Furthermore, they are honorary ambassadors to Holt Children"s Services Inc., an international adoption service that aids orphaned children across the world. They are also honorary ambassadors for the Purme Foundation, which is currently working on building a rehabilitation hospital for children

Upcoming Drama “Healer” Holds First Script Reading with Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Min Young

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On September 11, KBS’s upcoming drama, “Healer,” held its first script reading. Present at the scene were directors Lee Jung Sup and Kim Jin Woo, writer Song Ji Na, and actors Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae, Park Min Young, Park Sang Won, Do Ji Won, Woo Hee Jin, Kim Mi Kyung, Park Won Sang, and Oh Kwang Rok along with the rest of the staff members of the production team.

The reading lasted almost four hours, with only a five minute break in between. Despite the long hours they put in for this reading, the actors did not show any signs of tiredness, with each doing their best with their individual characters. Behind stories also reveal that despite the fact that it was their first reading, the actors showed perfect chemistry with their acting

Park Shin Hye Remains Loyal To Friend Lee Eun Sung Despite Controversies

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Hallyu actress Park Shin Hye made headlines for being seen visiting her friend Lee Eun Sung, the wife of controversial 90"s singer Seo Tai Ji.

On September 15, several reports were released stating that actress Park Shin Hye was seen visiting her friend Lee Eun Sung in a postnatal clinic.

Lee Eun Sung is the second wife of 90"s musician Seo Tai Ji, who was previously married to actress Lee Ji Ah. Following their divorce, Seo Tai Ji married Lee Eun Sung on June 2013, and they became parents on August 2014.

Due to the controversial nature of her friend"s marriage and pregnancy, Park Shin Hye was lauded for staying by her friend"s side regardless of the negative press surrounding her situation.

According to a representative from Park Shin Hye"s agency, "Park Shin Hye and Lee Eun Sung have been friends since Park Shin Hye acted in "Stairway To Heaven," and Lee Eun Sung acted in "Sharps

Actor Jung Woo Sung to Introduce His Debut Film as Director at Seoul Senior Film Festival

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Actor Jung Woo Sung will be making his official debut as a director by introducing his very first self-directed film at the 7th annual Seoul Senior Film Festival (SISFF).

It has been revealed that Jung Woo Sung has made the list for this year’s SISFF, where he will have an opportunity to present his debut short film for the first time.

As an actor, he has continued to display his talents, and now, he is prepared to showcase a brand new side of himself as a director. Director Jung Woo Sung’s short film titled “The Killer and the Old Man” (tentative English title), tells the story of a killer who has no choice but to kill an old man. Actors Choi Jin Ho, Woo Sang Jin, and Yoo In Young starred in the film together

Park Shin Hye holds her 1st solo fan meeting in Taiwan for Asia tour, "2014 Story of Angel"

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Park Shin Hye continued on her Asia tour, "2014 Story of Angel", with her 1st solo fan meeting in Taiwan!

Park Shin Hye held her fan meeting in Taipei on the 14th and put on a concert for the 1st part of the event with a performance of "Story" from the "Heirs" OST and more. She also brought her big brother and composer Park Shin Won to the stage to perform an acoustic version of "My Dear". Taiwanese actor Gino also hosted the 2nd part of the show during which Park Shin Hye talked with fans and ended the 2-hour fan meeting with a high-touch and photo session.

Park Shin Hye will also be starring alongside Lee Jong Suk in the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama "Pinocchio" which is set to air in November!

The youngest couple in "Temptation": Lee Jung-shin and Kim So-yeong

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CNBlue singer and actor Lee Jung-shin actress Kim So-yeong made a statement before the end of the drama.

Through their management, they both said, "We are blessed to have been able to work with great people and staff. We are grateful to the viewers for supporting us and we hope you stay tuned to the final episode!"

A picture of them in an apple orchard came along where Lee Jung-shin is splitting an apple in half and sharing one half of it with Kim So-yeong.

In the roles of Na Hong-hyu and Yoo Se-jin, the two of them are known as the youngest couple in the drama.

Meanwhile, the final episode of "Temptation" is on the 16th.

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[Spoiler] "Temptation" Choi Ji-woo hires Park Ha-seon as a caregiver

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Choi Ji-woo hired Park Ha-seon as her caregiver.

On the nineteenth episode of the SBS drama "Temptation", Yoo Se-yeong (Choi Ji-woo) asked Cha Seok-hoon"s (kwon Sang-woo) ex-wife Na Hong-joo (Park Ha-seon) to be her caregiver.

Na Hong-joo put her relationship with Kang Min-woo (Lee Jeong-jin) in order and started looking for a new job. Na Hong-joo went to the hospital to meet a friend and her heart ached at the sight of Yoo Se-yeong and Cha Seok-hoon being close together.

Yoo Se-yeong saw Na Hong-joo and asked her friend Myeong-hwa (Jo Mi-ryeong) to hook her up with Na Hong-joo as her nurse. Na Hong-joo was shocked when she found out who she was going to work for.

Na Hong-joo said, "This is too much. There are plenty of people who can take care of you besides me