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Director Park Chan Wook to Direct Korean Movie “Lady”

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Famed director Park Chan Wook will be directing a movie in his home country.

According to industry insiders, Park Chan Wook has decided on “Lady” as his next project, and has begun preparations for production.

“Lady” is based on “Fingersmith,” a British crime novel written by Sarah Waters. According to insiders, Park Chan Wook is currently finalizing and making final edits to the script for the film.

Park Chan Wook’s latest film was the 2013 film “Stoker” starring Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode. This movie was the director’s English-language debut. His last Korean movie was “Thirst,” released in 2009

John Park to release English version of Gary and Jungin’s single, “Bicycle”

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John Park is said to be releasing an English version of the track “Bicycle” as shared by Lessang’s Gary.

On September 2nd, Gary updated his Instagram account with a video of his recording session revealing his collaboration with John Park. It was further confirmed that John Park, along with Jungin and Gary, was recording for the English version of the track, “Bicycle.”

“Bicycle” is the second project single from Jungin and Gary following their first hit, “Your Scent.” The single and full music video was released on September 1st.

Are you looking forward to this new version?

Source: Gary’s Instagram

Park Shin Hye Is an Autumn Goddess for Agatha

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On September 1, the new pictorial cuts for French jewelry brand Agatha was revealed, featuring actress Park Shin Hye.

In the first image of the pictorial, Park Shin Hye sports a trench coat that gives the feeling of autumn. She expresses elegance, by emphasizing her attire with bold layered jewelry.

In the second shot, she wears a black off-the-shoulder dress, revealing her delicate collarbone, expressing her seductive charms. The jewelry of choice was the pearl, which expressed elegance.

Park Shin Hye wears a sleeveless pink top and a thin gold bracelet in the last shot. This simple arrangement shows off a lovely atmosphere.

Along with last year, Park Shin Hye is currently on and Asian-wide tour titled “2014 story of Angel.” She has currently concluded her fan meetings in Japan and China

Shin Min Ah Shows Her Casual Yet Elegant Charms in Elle Pictorial

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Actress Shin Min Ah recently participated in a photo shoot for Elle magazine. The shoot advertised Zanellato designer bags, which hold the concept of casual yet elegant lifestyles. The brand’s muse, Shin Min Ah, unsurprisingly pulled off this concept flawlessly.

The pictorial expressed the stylish combination of a daily lifestyle bag—simple but inspiring—with the mystical charms of Shin Min Ah. She was able to naturally depict different styles with each bag, from the styling of an elegant fashionista to a chic career woman. With her natural ability to adapt to the unique concept of each bag, behind stories say that she received many compliments from the staff members present at the scene.

Meanwhile, the pictorial will be release in the September issue of Elle

John Park Set to Make His Return on September 12, More Details on His Comeback Revealed

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More details have recently been released on singer John Park’s upcoming return to the stage as a singer.

On September 1, a representative of John Park’s agency, Music Farm, told The Fact, “John Park will release his new single ‘U’ this coming September 12.” It has been a little over one year since the singer released his first full-length album, “Inner Child,” in July of 2013.

The upcoming single titled “U,” is a song with a soul-based UK pop style. It is a song of quality that will bring out his bass range voice and a more developed expression of emotions. The song was tuned by producer Shin Hyuk—the composer of EXO’s “Growl”—and created by the team of producers who made the hit song “One Less Lonely Girl” by singer Justin Bieber

Shin Min Ah Sings Taeyeon’s “If…” in Her Upcoming Movie “My Love, My Bride”

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Actress Shin Min Ah will be showing off her vocal skills in her upcoming film “My Love, My Bride.” In the movie, she will be singing the hit ballad song “If…” by Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

On August 1, “My Love, My Bride” had its press conference, with cast members Shin Min Ah, Jo Jung Suk, Ra Mi Ran, Bae Sung Woo, Yoon Jung Hee, and Go Kyu Pil in attendance, along with the film’s director Lim Chan Sang. 

At the press conference, Shin Min Ah revealed that her character sings Taeyeon’s “If…” in the movie to impress her husband’s friends. When asked about Shin Min Ah’s singing skills, Jo Jung Suk jokingly replied, “She’s so ba…

Gary and Jung In Drop Atmospheric “Bicycle” Music Video

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Leessang’s Gary and solo star Jung In have dropped the music video for their latest duet release, “Bicycle.” The video features couples and families enjoying the fine weather near Seoul’s Han River, and even features some cycling scenes, true to its title. Musically, the song will not disappoint fans of the two singing stars’ previous collaborations.

Featuring an atmospheric piano accompaniment, a hip hop beat and a deep bassline, the instrumentation provides a perfect backdrop for Jung In and Gary to showcase their vocal and rapping skills. The lyrics use the metaphor of a bicycle ride to express the happiness of a moment spent with a loved one.

The song is the musical duo’s follow-up to the smash hit, “Your Scent,” which raced to the top of music charts after it was released in May this year

Leessang"s Gary and Jung In collaborate again with "Bicycle"

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Leessang"s Gary and Jung In soothe listeners with a peaceful MV for their 2nd collaboration single, "Bicycle"!

"Bicycle" is the work of composer Delly Boi and depicts a bicycle date that will get listeners to feel the love in the air.

Gary and Jung In already achieved an all-kill on real-time music charts and picked up a music show win with their previous duet song "Your Scent" so they"re expected to top music charts again with this new song!

Check out the MV!

Jay Park releases 2nd studio album “Evolution” and “So Good” MV

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Jay Park opens the month of September with the release of his 2nd studio album “Evolution,” unveiling the title track’s music video “So Good” as well.

Featuring a whooping 17 tracks of unheard, remastered and remix songs, “Evolution” is Jay Park’s first full-length album in two years since “New Breed.” Since “New Breed,” Jay Park has been busy producing and releasing singles, busily working to release his best tracks to fans.

Prior to releasing the album, Jay Park teased fans with a pre-release song "The Promise" in August, garnering positive response from fans.

Along with the second album comes the music video of his title track, “So Good,” a fast, exciting, upbeat tempo song inspired by the late Michael Jackson, an artist Jay Park received many musical influences from since his childhood

Jay Park’s New Music Video is “So Good”

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Solo star Jay Park has made his long-awaited comeback, releasing the music video for “So Good,” from the album “Evolution.” The album is Jay Park’s second, and follows on from his debut album, “New Breed,” which was released in February 2012.

The new album sees the singer, a former member of 2PM, try his hand at a variety of different music genres, including hip-hop, RnB, dance and electronica. The singer’s Michael Jackson influences can be felt in the new track, and the video shows the star driving around in a convertible car, dancing and playing basketball in an urban setting.

“Evolution” comprises 17 songs, and features collaborations with the likes of Gray, Loco, Swings, Common Ground and others

Jay Park is "So Good" in MV for his 2nd full-length album "Evolution"

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Jay Park has released his 2nd full album "Evolution"!

His 2nd album includes 17 tracks, including "Evolution", "JOAH", title song "So Good", "Let"s Make Up (Remastered)", "Promise", "Secret (Remastered)", "Welcome", "Ride Me", "Metronome", "GGG", "WHO THE F*CK IS U", "1HUNNIT (Remix)", "Success Crazed", "I Like 2 Party (Remastered)", "Hot (Remastered)", "Hot (Remix)", and "Nana".

Check out his MV for title track "So Good" above!

Shin Ji Hoon Drops Soulful “Cry Baby” Teaser

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Shin Ji Hoon has dropped a second teaser video ahead of her comeback release “Cry Baby.”

The solo star is set to unveil the track on September 2. The new teaser video features an excerpt of the track, with a slow piano accompaniment, and viewers can hear a short portion of the song’s vocals.

An earlier teaser, featuring a Super Mario figurine (voiced by BEAST member Junhyung) telling Shin Ji Hoon not to cry, was released on August 28.

Shin Ji Hoon shot to fame when she reached the last six of SBS audition show “Superstar K2” in 2012-2013. She debuted with the song “Right Here” in the second part of last year, and also contributed a song to the soundtrack of SBS drama “Kind Words” earlier this year

Shin Jihoon releases main video teaser for “Crybaby”

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The first video teaser for Cube Entertainment’s new artist Shin Jihoon has been released!

With the recent merging of Cube Entertainment and its subsidiary company Cube DC, Shin Jihoon will be making a comeback under her new label on September 2.

After releasing various teasers (1, 2) in the past few days, the first video teaser for her single “Crybaby” was revealed on September 1 via United Cube’s YouTube channel.

Sitting somberly on a piano bench, the camera slowly pans out from Shin Jihoon to reveal burning, broken furniture in the background as a carousel spins. “Crybaby” will also feature the vocals of BEAST’s Junhyung.

Source: United CUBE

Shin Ji Hoon releases main teaser for her upcoming single "Crybaby" featuring B2ST"s Junhyung

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Shin Ji Hoon has released the teaser video to her upcoming song "Crybaby"!
The teaser video shows Shin Ji Hoon sitting alone at an abandoned playground with a slow-turning merry-go-round and a burning piano. The only lines she sings are "Don"t cry, now. Don"t cry. Smile, now". 

Check out the teaser above and get ready for her single release featuring B2ST"s Junhyung on the 2nd!

Yoon Jong Shin Praises Teen Top’s Upcoming “It’s Not Easy” in a Teaser Video

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Boy group Teen Top has released a teaser video for their upcoming single “It’s Not Easy” featuring producer Yoon Jong Shin.

In the video, Yoon Jong Shin, who appears in Mnet‘s “Entertainers” with Teen Top, praises the song, saying that it will do well. He is seen repeatedly saying “it’s good” in the video, while listening to the single.

Although Yoon Jong Shin asks the boy group whether the song was written by Brave Sound, it is not revealed in the video if the upcoming single is indeed a Brave Sound song or not.

Yoon Jong Shin also promised Teen Top that he will give them a song in the future.

Teen Top will release their single “It’s Not Easy” on September 15