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Shin Se Kyung gives her own take on filming the nothing-but-underwear scenes for "Tazza 2"

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Shin Se Kyung gave her own take on filming a scene for "Tazza 2" in which the actors played a card game while wearing nothing but their underwear, which T.O.P talked about yesterday.

During an interview with OSEN at a cafe in Samcheong-dong on August 26, she said, "I was shy and tried to cover myself up only at the beginning of filming. Later on, after a few days passed, it was okay. At first, when the director said "cut," I covered myself with a blanket or something, but later on, I found monitoring myself more important, so I would run out to the camera first to see how it came out. I even got used to that immediately."

The actress was also asked if she was satisfied with how her body appeared onscreen

Check Out a Behind-the-Scenes Reel of “Plus Nine Boys” Kim Young Kwang, BTOB Yook Sungjae, and Oh Jung Sae for Vogue

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A behind-the-scenes reel of the “Plus Nine BoysVogue photo shoot was recently revealed on tvN’s official YouTube channel. The three oldest of the “plus nine boys” from the drama were featured in the shoot: Kim Young Kwang (playing 29-year-old Kang Jin Goo), BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae (19-year-old Kang Min Goo), and Oh Jung Sae (39-year-old Goo Kwang Soo).

The photo shoot was a playful one, the three actors striking playful poses appropriate for their respectful character ages, whether holding a dumbbell or sipping liquor from the bottle with a straw. Watch the video below:

“Plus Nine Boys” airs its first episode on Friday, August 29 at 8:40 p.m. (KST)

Actress Lee Min Jung Is Full of Elegance For Cosmopolitan

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Actress Lee Min Jung showed off her elegant side through her recent Cosmopolitan pictorial. The pictures seem to focus on the bags that the actress is holding but one would find it difficult to concentrate on the accessories as the actress looks truly stunning.

During the interview that followed the shoot, the actress talked about participating in promoting the handbag brand Vincis Bench and said, “I feel like someone who was about to take a test. I was so lost in watching other people’s handbags. I really felt like I was the designer behind these bags and I had lots of fun.”

Earlier this year, the actress appeared in the drama “Cunning Single Lady,” for which she received positive reviews on her acting skills.

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik and Actress Nam Ji Hyun Talk Dating Experiences in High Cut Interview

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Couple pictorials of ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik and actress Nam Ji Hyun have been revealed.

Unlike the bickering sides they’ve shown on “What’s With This Family,” the two actors are exchanging warm gazes and giving off the sweet couple vibe. Park Hyung Sik shows off a fall style by wearing knits, turtlenecks and sweaters, while Nam Ji Hyun is wearing an outfit from Bean Pole’s Bike Repair Shop brand.

Recently, Park Hyung Sik has been receiving a lot of attention for paying the meals for soldiers who are on vacation. In the interview that took place after the photo shoot, Park Hyung Sik said, “My members and I went to a restaurant and saw four soldiers eating there, but next to them, there was one soldier that was eating with his family

Leessang’s Gary and Jung In to Release Follow-up to “Your Scent”

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Leessang rapper Gary and solo singer Jung In are set to team up for another duet. The new song is set to drop on September 1, and the rap star broke the news with a post on his Twitter page around midday on August 27.

Gary posted a cartoon image of the singing stars that bears the caption, “Bicycle,” which may well be the title of the new song. He also wrote the slightly cryptic message, “It is September 1. Enjoy your lunch.”

The stars will hope the new release can match or even better the phenomenal success of their last collaboration. Gary and Jung In released “Your Scent” in late May, featuring production by Duble Sidekick, and the track reached the Number 1 spot on numerous music charts. Jung In has also contributed vocals to a number of full-group Leessang releases

Leessang"s Gary and Jung In to return with new duet "Bicycle"

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Leessang"s Gary and Jung In will team up once again for another duet, "Bicycle"!

Gary confirmed the release date through his Twitter on the 27th, writing, "It"s on 9/1. Get a taste of it", along with the album jacket.

Gary and Jung In"s "Your Scent", which was released back in May, achieved an all-kill on real-time music charts and picked up a music show win. The singer and rapper already have the formula for success with their vocal chemistry and are expected to top charts again with their new song "Bicycle" which will drop on September 1!

Yoon Jong Shin Drops “Men Without Women” Video Starring Jung Woo Sung

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Singer Yoon Jong Shin has dropped a music video for his latest track “Men Without Women.” The song is the latest in the series of Monthly Yoon Jong Shin releases. The video features a cameo from actor Jung Woo Sung, the star of movies such as “The Good, The Bad and The Weird” and “Cold Eyes.”

The new song is a tie-in of sorts with a new book by acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami, which is also called “Men Without Women.” According to Yoon Jong Shin, the singer was able to read the new book ahead of its publication in Korea. Yoon Jong Shin then decided to use ideas from the author’s work as inspiration for his new song, and describes himself a fan of Haruki Murakami’s writing.

Recent collaborations on the Monthly Yoon Jong Shin project have included tracks recorded with the likes of Younha and Kelly

Lena Park, EXO-K, Girl’s Day, And More Artists Gather for “Infinite Dream MBC”

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A variety of artists including Lena Park, Lee Eun Mee, Kim Yeon Woo, After School, EXO-K, Teen Top, Girl’s Day, and more will light up the stage of “Infinite Dream MBC” on September 1.

The live program which will take place on September 1 in front of the New MBC Building in Sangam-dong will feature a variety of artists who will perform not only their own songs but a number of special stages as well.

Attendees will get to see Teen Top, After School, and other idol group members play the best songs from the MBC College Musicians Festival and Gangbyeon Festival such as “Damdadi” and “To J” with an indie band.

They can also listen to popular songs from the soundtracks of various MBC dramas chosen by the viewers themselves on the network’s homepage

Jay Park drops teaser for upcoming title track "So Good"

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Jay Park is getting ready for the release of his new album and his upcoming MV with a teaser for the title track "So Good"!

He"ll be releasing his 2nd full album "Evolution" on September 1, which boasts 17 tracks in total. One of those 17 tracks is "So Good", which sounds like a lighthearted and laid back track judging by the teaser.

Take a look above as you await the upcoming release!

Jay Park Releases a Feel-Good Teaser for “So Good”

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Jay Park has released a brand new teaser video for his upcoming comeback single “So Good.”

The video has a feel-good vibe to it, as Jay Park can be seen dancing and enjoying himself in the United States.

The title track to his second album “Evolution,” “So Good” will be released along with the album on September 1 worldwide. It will mark his first comeback in a year and six months after the release of his first album.

The music video is directed by close-collaborator of Jay Park, Jinooya.

Previously, Jay Park released a pre-release track called “The Promise,” which was a smooth R&B track drastically different from “So Good.”

Check out the teaser video for “So Good” below!

John Park to Work with the Composer of “Growl,” for His Upcoming Comeback

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Singer John Park is gearing up for his comeback, collaborating with composer Shin Hyuk who wrote EXO‘s mega-hit “Growl.”

John Park will release his comeback single “U“, written by Shin Hyuk, sometime in September. This would be his first comeback in a year and two months, after the release of his first full-length album “Inner Child” in July of last year.

Composer Shin Hyuk is most well-known for composing EXO’s hit “Growl,” and also VIXX‘s “Voodoo Doll” and SHINee‘s “Dream Girl” among others.

According to insiders, John Park and Shin Hyuk have been working together on the new song since Spring, with work being done in Los Angeles

Yoon Jong Shin releases "Men Without Women" MV featuring actor Jung Woo Sung

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Yoon Jong Shin crooned the next digital single from his monthly project for August, "Men Without Women", for which actor Jung Woo Sung starred in the MV!

Yoon Jong Shin used inspiration from Japanese writer Haruki Murakami"s novel "Men Without Women" for the song of the same title. The song and MV portray a man who picks up the phone in the middle of the night wondering if its that special someone calling.

Check out the MV above!

Actor Jung Hae In Reveals What It Was Like to Audition for “The Three Musketeers”

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Recently, rookie actor Jung Hae In has been receiving a lot of attention for his role as the flower boy Ahn Min Sun in tvN’s newest Sunday drama, “The Three Musketeers.” The actor worked with the fashion magazine Elle  and through the interview with them, he revealed the behind the scene stories of the audition.

Jung Hae In officially debuted through the drama “Bride of the Century.” He graduated with a degree in Broadcasting Entertainment Department and appeared in the independent film “The Youth.” As an actor, he was able to build a strong foundation and during the time of the audition, the writer of “The Three Musketeers” complimented the actor after hearing his voice by saying, “Your voice was meant to do historical dramas

Actress Shin Se Kyung Plans On Showing a Different Side of Herself on “Iron Man”

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Regarding her appearance as the main character on “Iron Man,” the staff revealed that actress, Shin Se Kyung, will be “Showing her unique charms.”

On August 26, the staff of KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Iron Man,” said, “Shin Se Kyung has been focusing on her role as Son Sae Dong and is currently constructing a new way to express that character. I ask that you give Shin Se Kyung a lot of attention and love as she takes one step forward towards the viewers with a side of her that’s never been seen.”

In the revealed stills, Shin Se Kyung is seen looking intently at one place and is also seen sitting on the back of a man while choking him with two hands. Also, Shin Se Kyung’s passion to show various sides of her can be seen as she’s monitoring herself in detail

Go Hyun Jung Shows off Her Clear Skin for Marie Claire

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Actress Go Hyun Jung has appeared in a “Re:NK” brand makeup pictorial for fashion magazine Marie Claire’s September issue. Her alluring and elegant charm, as well as the romantic mood set in the pictorial, has captured the public eye.

In the pictorial, the makeup colors are mainly bright pink and mellow red-brown, complimenting Go Hyun Jung’s soft feminine beauty. Gold, beige, and brown add contrast to her semi-smokey eyeshadow. The sophisticated atmosphere and Go Hyun Jung’s delicate smile make her look twice as lovely.

In particular, Go Hyun Jung’s unblemished complexion–which caused citizens to select her as first on the “Ten Stars with the Most Perfect Skin” survey–remains as always unchanged.

Fans can check out the actress’s fall/winter makeup pictorial in Marie Claire’s September edition