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Which collaboration with a female idol does Park Myung Soo like the most?

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Comedian Park Myung Soo has been lucky enough to work alongside female idols like Girls" Generation"s Jessica, former KARA member Nicole, and Kim Ye Rim, but which collaboration does he like the most?

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On the July 22nd broadcast of KBS COOLFM"s "Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min at 2 O"Clock", Park Myung Soo revealed, "To be honest, the previous songs were released with help from programs. I want to be recognized for the music that I enjoy doing. I think because Kim Ye Rim featured for me that the response was doubled, and I"m happy that I got recognition."

Park Myung Soo released "Myungsoo"s Ddukbokki" featuring Kim Ye Rim just last week. He also revealed that it only cost 80,000 Won (~$78 USD) to produce the track, saying, "I only fed the kids [who worked on it] food

Park Shin Hye graces Japan during her '2014 Story of Angel in Japan' tour

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Park Shin Hye stopped by Japan for her solo fan meeting!

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According to her agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment on July 22, Park Shin Hye met with fans on her "2014 Story of Angel in Japan" tour at Osaka and Yamano Hall, Tokyo on July 19-20. Park Shin Hye showcased her singing ability, performing six songs including her remake of Standing Egg"s "Breakup For You, Not Yet For Me", "Arm Pillow", "Pitch Black", and "My Dear". Park Shin Hye"s older brother and the composer behind "My Dear", Park Shin Won, also made a surprise guest appearance and played the guitar for Park Shin Hye"s performances.

During the talk session in the latter-half of the concert, Park Shin Hye chatted about "Heirs", played a "Cha Eun Sang impersonation" game with fans, and made mango juice

Baek Jin Hee Denies She′s Dating Park Seo Joon

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Baek Jin Hee denied rumors that she is in a relationship with Park Seo Joon.

A rep from Baek Jin Hee′s agency told Newsen on July 22, "It is not true that Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Joon are dating. They′re just good friends."

The women′s magazine Women Sense was the source that first broke the news this day. It reported in its August issue that Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee have been dating for about a year.

The two actors costarred in the MBC drama Gold, Appear! in 2013. They appeared as a couple that slowly and eventually came to fall in love following an unwanted marriage with each other.

Park Seo Joon recently gained in popularity through the tvN drama Witch′s Love. Baek Jin Hee currently appears in the MBC drama Triangle and the SBS reality show The Law of the City

Park Hae Jin′s Chinese Drama ′Qian Duo Duo′s Marriage Story′ to Air in Japan Following Great Success

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Park Hae Jin has been blazing a trail in Chinese dramas.

Park Hae Jin has been busy not only in Korea but also in China thanks to the success of his many dramas.

His Chinese drama Qian Duo Duo′s Marriage Story and Korean dramas My Daughter Seo Young, You Who Came From the Stars and Doctor Stranger have all been hits in China.

Qian Duo Duo′s Marriage Story let the actor break records in China in 2011 by getting over 30 billion views in total on the online video site LeTV. At the time of its release on LeTV, it reached 270 million views in a mere week and 1.5 billion views in two.

This record still stands, and was a feat big enough to grab him the LeTV Biggest Asian Star Award

Baek Jin Hee Says She and Park Seo Joon Are Not Dating

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Actress Baek Jin Hee has denied the recent rumors of dating “Pots of Gold” costar Park Seo Joon.

An official at KeyEast, Park Seo Joon’s agency, said to OSEN on July 22, “It is true that the two have become close, having filmed together for a long time. However, from what I know they are not dating. Park Seo Joon is currently out of the country, and we have not been able to confirm with him.”

Baek Jin Hee’s agency, Snowball Entertainment, said “We’ve confirmed with Baek Jin Hee, and she said that while they are close, they are not dating. The rumors are not true.”

It was revealed this morning that the August issue of popular magazine Woman Sense contained a story stating that Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee have been dating for a year

Agency reps deny actors Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee are in a relationship

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Actors Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee undoubtedly had a lot of fans shipping them after seeing their romance and chemistry in MBC drama, "Gold, Appear!" It was to the point that one women"s magazine claimed that the two had been dating for one year through its August issue.

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However, both actors" reps have denied that this is true. Park Seo Joon"s agency Key East commented, "It"s true that the two are close because they"ve filmed together for a while, but they are not a couple."

Baek Jin Hee"s agency Snowball Entertainment also responded, "When we confirmed with Baek Jin Hee, she said that it"s true that the two are good friends, but they are not dating

'Entertainment Relay' unveils unreleased photos from Park Ji Sung & Kim Min Ji's wedding pictorial

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Retired soccer star Park Ji Sung and former SBS announcer Kim Min Ji showed more of their blissful romance in additional photos from their wedding pictorial!

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"Entertainment Relay" unveiled the exclusive photos of the newlyweds-to-be showing their affection for each other and even dressing in traditional hanbok, making all of the single fans out there want to fall in love.

The couple will tie the knot at W Seoul Walkerhill in Gwangjingu, Seoul on July 27. We wish this couple all the best!

2PM's Wooyoung and Park Se Young cuddle up to watch a movie on 'We Got Married'

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young cuddled up while they watched a movie on the July 19th episode of "We Got Married".

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They started out the episode by doing things the other didn"t want to do. Park Se Young got Wooyoung to wash blankets with her, while Wooyoung asked Park Se Young to practice the choreography for their duet "Holding Hands". The couple then had some beer with snacks, and Wooyoung asked his onscreen wife to drink more often with him.

The two ended the night on a romantic tone by cuddling in bed and watching a horror film. Though the actress tried to scare him with a fake hand, she was unsuccessful.

How cute are they?!

Son Dam Bi and Yoon Park Confirmed to Play a Couple for “What’s with This Family?”

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Actress Son Dam Bi and Yoon Park will become a married couple for KBS2TV’s upcoming weekend drama ”What’s With This Family?”

The beautiful singer/actress has been confirmed for the role of Kwon Hyo Jin, a smart and elegant food stylist from a wealthy family. This will mark Son Dam Bi’s return to the acting scene after a two-year break, her previous work being “Lights and Shadows” in 2012. Through her new character, she can be expected to showcase a soft and feminine side of her.

The role of Kwon Hyo Jin’s husband Cha Kang Je will be played by actor Yoon Park, who made a lasting impression with his performance on “Good Doctor” and “Will You Love and Give It Away?” His character is a professional doctor with no interest in anything else than studying and curing stomach cancer

Seo Kang Jun meets up with soccer star Park Ji Sung

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Seo Kang Jun met up with his soccer idol Park Ji Sung while filming his drama!

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Seo Kang Jun shared on 5urprise"s Twitter on July 18, "I really would"ve never expected that I"d meet athlete Park Ji Sung today. I am really a fan, and it was an honor for me to meet him like this. It is moving as someone who loves soccer, moving! I will continue to be a fan of Captain Park forever~~," along with a photo of the soccer fan and star.

A rep from the idol-actor"s agency Fantagio stated, "Seo Kang Jun crossed paths with athlete Park Ji Sung coincidentally while filming his drama. Seo Kang Jun, who chose soccer as the sport he likes the most, politely asked for a photo upon seeing athlete Park Ji Sung, who he looks up to

Actor Seo Kang Joon Coincidentally Runs Into Park Ji Sung While Filming for New Drama

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On July 18, through 5urprise’s official Twitter page, actor Seo Kang Joon posted, “I really never thought [this would happen] but I met [soccer player] Park Ji Sung today. I’m a huge fan so it was an honor to be able to meet him, and as someone that loves soccer, I’m overwhelmed! I’ll continue to be a fan of Captain Park forever~~” along with a photo of the actor and soccer player together.

In the revealed photo, Seo Kang Joon and Park Ji Sung can both be seen flashing big smiles for the camera in a friendly selca.

A representative of the actor’s agency, Fantagio, explained, “Seo Kang Joon coincidentally met Park Ji Sung, who happened to be passing by, during his drama filming. Seo Kang Joon, who has always openly chosen soccer as his favorite sport, politely asked Park Ji Sung, whom he has always admired, for a picture together as soon as he saw [the athlete]

Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jae Joong, Kim Junsu Spill What JYJ Means to Them

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Coming back together in three years for the second full length album, JYJ decorated the cover of the August issue of Marie Claire.

In an interview that followed the photoshoot, JYJ revealed their tighter friendship despite being occupied with their individual activities for the past three years, as well as their congruent philosophy on music.

About JYJ as a team, the members stated, “Even when we are apart we can sense each other’s presence and it’s like a resting place where we can always lean on and come back to in order to take a rest.”

They added, “In terms of music, we each express different colors in our individual activities but when the three of us come together, we go back to doing music that best suits JYJ. The upcoming album also contains music that features a harmony of our voices, instead of trendy ones

Kim Hee Chul Says He Knew About the Park Bom Drug Rumors Four Years Ago

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Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul revealed that he had heard rumors about Park Bom four year ago.

On the July 17 episode of “War of Words” the MCs discussed Park Bom’s illegal drug scandal. During their discussion, Kim Hee Chul revealed that he had already known about the incident four years ago when it originally happened.

Kim Hee Chul said, “These kind of rumors spread quickly among celebrities, and four years ago I heard the rumors from a reporter over drinks. He said an incident at YG will blow up soon. I didn’t really think it would happen soon, but when it did come up he said ‘I told you it would, didn’t I?’”

Heo Ji Woong added, “After the incident YG’s president Yang Hyun Suk wrote on the YG blog, but it only made things bigger

Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun Rock the Couple Look in “Temptation”

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Actors Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun rocked the couple look in behind-the-scenes cuts of the newly aired drama “Temptation,” in which they play husband and wife. The photos, taken while the drama was filming in Hong Kong, were released on July 17, and show the two enjoying a tour of Hong Kong, and enjoying the sights with some refreshing drinks in hand.

The two actors’ Hong Kong date scenes were shot over the course of two days, and regardless of the crowd of spectators that gathered at each of the film sites, Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun comfortable enjoyed their “dates.”

A drama official said, “When Kwon Sang Woo and Park Ha Sun are on set, preparing for scenes, acting, or just having a conversation, they take care of each other like real spouses. It’ll be interesting to see how they portray a loving couple that develops a rift in their relationship because of Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo)

Park Myung Soo brags about being close with IU

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Comedian and host Park Myung Soo bragged about how close he is to IU.

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On the latest episode of MBC"s C-RADIO program "Idols" True Colors" hosted by miss A"s Fei and Jia as well as Super Junior"s Zhoumi, Park Myung Soo shared, "IU and I are close, but we barely contact each other. We"re friendly, but it"s not like I can call her and ask, "What are you up to? Do you want to get something to eat?""

IU relayed through the radio show"s producers, "Park Myung Soo is youthful. He talks about how much fun he has composing and laughs brightly, and I feel youth from him." Park Myung Soo seemed obviously touched and said, "We did a program together, and for Chuseok, IU gave me a full set of ginseng. As an idol definitely, but the fact that she thought of her sunbae like that made me thankful