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Eric Nam and Park Ji Min do a sweet rendition of Adam Levine"s "Lost Star" + solo covers

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Matching in fall"s staple color, maroon, Eric Nam and Park Ji Min covers the next hit song, "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine perfect for the windy weather on a recent radio broadcast on MBC FM "Younha"s Starry Night"

In addition, Eric Nam sings a sweet rendition of Ra.D"s "I"m in Love" capturing the hearts of the listeners with his nicely flowing falsetto.

15&"s Park Ji Min flaunts her light yet powerful vocals with "Do you want to build a snowman?" a popular track that was highlighted in the hit Disney movie, "Frozen." The talented rookie singer not only hit the notes with ease but she also managed to make things more entertaining with her usual antics which you can watch in the video below

Filmmaker Salima Koroma Talks About 'Bad Rap' Documentary Featuring Jay Park, Dumbfoundead & Other Korean-American Hip-Hop Artists [Exclusive Interview]

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(Photo : Salima)

Is it safe to call you a filmmaker/editor/director extraordinaire?

Haha. Extraordinaire? That"s epic! I don"t want to be like Kanye West where I"m going around telling people I"m a genius or an extraordinaire - but hopefully one day I can be considered a household name. A filmmaker who"s made a huge, very important mark. I want people to know and respect the work I do because I love creating films! But right now, I"m just working on getting my filmmaking skills up and learning from other talented people.

You"re currently working on a documentary called "Bad Rap." Please tell our readers about this awesome film.

If you live in America or anywhere, really - think about how many Asian-American rappers there are

"Roommate" unveils character card for Park Joon Hyung + BTS photos of Seo Kang Jun, Jackson, and Youngji

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SBS" "Roommate" released the character card for g.o.d"s Park Joon Hyung as well as BTS photos of GOT7"s Jackson, 5urprise"s Seo Kang Jun, and KARA"s Youngji!

Park Joon Hyung"s character card reads:

"24-hour full operation! Year-round chit-chat ~man!

Powerful snoring~man!

Eating anything like a storm! Big eater~ man!

Words that he often uses: Wassup~man, You know what I"m taking about, right?, A little bit, Gub~ju (Guk~ju)."

Seo Kang Jun also shared on his group"s Twitter, "With Jackson, who I met up with at the "Hallyu Dream Concert" in Gyeongju~," along with a photo of their bromance. "Roommate" also released a BTS photo of the "maknae line" Seo Kang Jun, Jackson, and Youngji at the "2014 Hallyu Dream Festival"

Park Si Yeon and Bae Soo Bin Talk Marriage And Parenthood

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In a recent interview with the Chosun Ilbo, actress Park Si Yeon and actor Bae Soo Bin discussed their thoughts on marriage and single motherhood.

They spoke about these topics because they play characters that explore them in the drama "The Greatest Marriage," which began on Sept. 27.

In the drama she plays Cha Ki Young, a confident news anchorwoman who chooses to become a single mother. She becomes pregnant but doesn"t want to get married. So when she breaks up with her boyfriend, who is not ready to have a child, she decides she will raise their child alone.

"In the past it was socially unacceptable to be a single mother," Park told the Chosun Ilbo. "But things are changing little by little."

Both Park and Bae are new parents in real life

2PM"s Wooyoung reveals he lost contact with Park Se Young + recalls a painful parting experience

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2PM"s Wooyoung talks about his former on-air wife, Park Se Young, during a recent radio broadcast of KBS Cool FM"s "Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min"s 2 O"Clock."

During the recording, the DJs asked, "When filming for "We Got Married," did you have feelings for her?" Wooyoung answered frankly, "There is no way that you can film without thinking that. I deliberately tried to focus by thinking to myself, "She is my wife," during filming"

He added, "I endured a mental breakdown when the ending notice came because it was so sudden."

The DJs also asked if the two were still in contact with one another to which Wooyoung answered, "During the filming, we were in contact with each other, but I wasn"t able to contact her after [the show ended] because she had to film her drama

[Spoiler] "This Is Family" Yoon Park receives 200 million; Yoo Dong-geun is shocked

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Yoo Dong-geun and family were shocked at Yoon Park.

On the thirteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "This Is Family", Cha Kang-jae (Yoon Park) received 200 million in wedding gifts from his to-be mother and father-in-law.

Cha Kang-jae told his family, we are getting married on the 6th next month and declared his plans.

Cha Soon-geum (Yang Hee-kyeong) said, "How could they just decide on a date like that?"

Cha Kang-sim (Kim Hyeon-joo) thought carefully and said, "This is all we can do. We just need to dress up and go "watch" the wedding".

However, Cha Kang-jae said, "It"s all for show, it doesn"t have to have a meaning. This is all I have to say" and left his family dumbfounded.

Source : tvdaily

Dynamic Duo and Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) to come together for Christmas concert

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Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) and Dynamic Duo will be coming together this Christmas for the concert "This Year"s Winter"!
The hip hop duo will be joining the vocalist from December 20th to the 25th, once per day. In previous years, Park Jung Hyun has worked with others such as Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Bum Soo, and YB

Park Jung Hyun"s Christmas series is one of the fastest concerts to sell out at the end of the year, so she increased the number of shows this year to be able to meet even more fans. In previous years, she ony held 2 shows per year.

How do you think they"d sound together on stage?

Park Gun Hyung will be absent during "Real Men" filming + will not be leaving the show

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Actor Park Gun Hyung, who has suffered a neck injury, will be taking a break for the "Real Men" filming.

His label said, "Because of Park Gun Hyung"s recent neck injury, he probably won"t be participating in the upcoming "Real Men" filming. He won"t be leaving the show. He"ll be joining the show again once he is better."

The PD of the show had also said it would be difficult for Park Gun Hyung to participate in the upcoming episodes. Park Gun Hyung has stepped down from his musical "Hedwig", but his label has confirmed that he will only miss one filming of "Real Men" and join again once he is better.

Park Hae Jin becomes the first male model for cosmetic brand "Sooryehan"

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Actor Park Hae Jin has become the new face of "Sooryehan"!

The oriental herbal cosmetic has previously featured actresses such as Soo Ae and Moon Chae Won before, and it"s the first time that the brand has chosen a male model. "Sooryehan" chose Park Hae Jin because of his smooth, healthy skin, as well as his suave image that has grabbed at the hearts of many women.

He is also already very popular overseas in places such as Hong Kong aand China, so the brand is looking forward to Park Hae Jin bringing in interest to the brand. The company said, "Park Hae Jin not only has a sophisticated image that has both strength and smoothness, but his acting has also been recognized and many of the dramas he featured in has been exported overseas, so we chose him as the new model

Yoo Yeon Suk to show his carpentry skill in the next episode of "Healing Camp"

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Yoo Yeon Suk will prove himself as a multi-talented person in the upcoming episode of SBS"s "Healing Camp.

In particular, during the recording of the show in mid-September at a resort in Gyeonggi-do, Yangpyeong-dong, Yoo Yeon Suk surprised everyone on the set by showcasing his carpentry skill as he made a furniture directly from a schematic design and then even gave it as a gift to "Healing Camp". He also showed his photographic and singing skills which received much praise from the MCs.

This episode will be broadcasted at 11:15pm kst on September 29th.

"Modern Farmer" unveils first funny still cuts featuring Hongki, Park Min Woo, Kwak Dong Yeon, Lee Shi Un

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SBS"s upcoming weekend drama "Modern Farmer" has raised the expectation of the fans towards the premiere day by releasing some of its first still cuts today.

The still cuts unveil the members of the rock band EXO(Excellent Soul) include Hongki as Lee Min Ki, Park Min Woo as Kang Hyuk, Lee Shi Un as Yoo Han Chul, Kwak Dong Yeon as Han Ki Joon. The images seem to depict a funny situation in which the leader was so drunk that the other members had to carry him on a cart, rasing everyone"s curiosity about what happened at the scene.

"Modern Farmer" will have 20 episodes, tells the story of a rock band who comes and live in a countryside. It will start broadcasting on October 11th.

Yoo Yun Suk and Park Hae Il of upcoming movie "Whistle Blower" are stoic and mysterious for "Vogue Korea"

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Actors Yoo Yun Suk and Park Hae Il of the upcoming movie "Whistle Blower" are amping up excitement for its premiere as they participate in a pictorial for "Vogue Korea"!

Since their movie revolves around a scandal involving stem cells, the photoshoot background was made to give off the look of a science lab. With their stoic expressions, the actors added a mysterious vibe to the pictorial to accurately reflect the mood of the upcoming film.

Check out more photos below and catch more of the two in "Whistle Blower", which will premiere on October 2 in Korea!

Park Hae Jin is a dandy gentleman in "Burberry Prorsum" for Hong Kong"s "Esquire"

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Actor Park Hae Jin graced the cover of Hong Kong"s "Equire" magazine for its October issue.

The actor"s rep disclosed this fact on September 26, sharing pictures of him from this recent "Esquire" and "Burberry Prorsum" collaboration. As usual, he appears very chic and elegant.

Hong Kong"s "Esquire" side said, "Currently, Park Hae Jin is the hottest celebrity. These days, luxury brands choose actor Park Hae Jin as the very first person they want to dress up in their new products. That is how "Burberry Prorsum" and Park Hae Jin got to do a pictorial together."

Park Hae-jin on the cover of Hong Kong fashion magazine

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Park Hae-jin transformed into a spring man.

He displayed the cover of a Hong Kong fashion magazine in Esquire items for the October issue.

His stylish poses are drawing attention. He looks manly in a grey suit and wearing a white inner shirt.

His poses are also impressive. Hands on his hips, Park revealed broad shoulders and charismatic eyes. He even looks rebellious with his hands in his pocket.

The local magazine organizer said, "Park Hae-jin is a very hot celebrity in Hong Kong. Every fashion magazine is trying to get him to appear in their magazine".

Meanwhile, Park Hae-jin is starring in the OCN drama "Bad Guys" as a genius psychopath.

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Park Hae-jin hurts his knee and nearly his face

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Park Hae-jin hurt his knee while filming the OCN drama "Bad Guys".

A press meeting was held on the 25th in Seoul.

There was a scene where they were high up on barricades. It was too high to jump and too low to crawl, but Kim Sang-joong jumped over it anyway. "My knee got caught and I almost scratched my entire face", said Jo Dong-hyeok.

"The cut sign was supposed to come in right before the jump. We only needed to walk casually [to the point of the jump], but the director didn"t say "cut". Soon after, I was right behind Hae-jin as Kim Sang-joong and Ma Dong-seok jumped. I thought he had made it but when I turned back, he was already down".

The scene was repeated one more time but Park Hae-jin didn"t make it, although he continued to do it until he succeeded