oohlala couple ep 5 recap

Oohlala Couple: New still cuts of Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha to be revealed!

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The ongoing drama ‘Oohlala Couple‘ recently revealed several new still cuts of Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha, attracting a lot of attention.

In the drama, Narsha is playing the role of a lovely girl who would try to help main leads Shin Hyun Joon and Kim Jung Eun get together. Her character always had optimistic attitude and funny yet cute hairstyles.

In the newly released still cuts, Narsha transformed into a sexy lady with a white long-sleeved blouse and a ruffled-white skirt. She put her braid hair on her left side while walking on a beach, showing off her femininity as well as catching all of the eyes of viewers.

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to see her new image in the upcoming episode of ‘Oohlala Couple’

TV Guide [Drama Edition]: KBS2TV’s “Oohlala Couple” – Ep. 02

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Official Synopsis:

How much can a wife endure when her good-for-nothing husband is a womanizer who embarrasses her at every turn? Na Yeo Ok is fed up with the infidelity of her hotelier husband, Go Soo Nam, during their 12-year marriage and demands a divorce. However, a major accident causes the unimaginable to happen – their souls are switched into each other’s bodies. As the couple bumbles around in each other’s identities, will Yeo Ok and Soo Nam develop a deeper understanding of each other?


KBS2TV‘s ‘Oohlala Couple‘ (starring Kim Jung Eun and Shin Hyun Joon) brought in 14.5% of viewer ratings for its second episode

Oohlala Couple holds first place in viewer ratings in time slot

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KBS 2TV revealed the first episode of ‘Oohlala Couple‘ on October 1st.

The episode received much interest, especially with the cameos and the OST. It was reported that the first episode reached first place in its time slot in terms of viewer ratings, accounting for 10.9%. ‘Oohlala Couple’ talks about a couple who used to love each other dearly during the Japanese Imperial Period. However, in modern-day Korea, Kim Jung Eun‘s character finds her husband, Shin Hyun Joon‘s character, tricking on her.

Viewers were really interested in the comical aspects of the drama, and it achieved a victory over SBS‘s ‘Faith‘ and MBC‘s ‘The Horse Healer‘, which gained 9

Eugene and Kim Byung Man to feature in Oolala Couple

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Former S.E.S member Eugene and comedian Kim Byung Man will feature in the new KBS drama ‘Oolala Couple‘.

Kim Byung Man will star an engineer who is hired to install CCTV cameras to capture Go Soo Nam (acted by Shin Hyun Joon) tricking on his wife with Victoria (acted by Han Chae Ah).

In addition, Eugene will have an appearance as Go Soo Nam’s former lover who gives him indelible pains when breaking up.

‘Oohlala Couple’ is a family comedy that revolves around a married couple who stamp their seals on the divorce papers, however they finished their souls switched at court.

The drama is scheduled to broadcast its first episode after the conclusion of ‘Haeundae Lovers‘ on October 1st