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Rain and Krystal are sweet and romantic in first teaser for "My Lovely Girl"

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SBS"s new drama "My Lovely Girl" releases the first trailer featuring Rain and Krystal.

The two already hooked viewers" interest in their chemistry as couple and a sneak peek to their sweet and romantic moment. "My Lovely Girl" premieres on September 17 at 10PM (kst).

Anticipating this drama?

SISTAR are sweet and sexy in dance practice video for "I Swear"

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SISTAR are providing a close look at their choreography to go along with their new summer jam through the dance practice video for "I Swear"!

Their special album is titled "Sweet & Sour", but SISTAR seem to be only sweet and sexy as they flaunt their fantastic figures as they dance to the lovely summer tune.

Get a better look at the choreography above!

SISTAR Is Back Again with “I Swear” MV from Special Album “Sweet & Sour”

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SISTAR is back for round two this summer with their new ‘special album’ “Sweet & Sour,” released today (August 26). Following up on their previous 2014 summer hit “Touch My Body,” the ladies are back with the fresh summer track “I Swear” and the ever-so-cute “Hold On Tight.”

Check out the music video for “I Swear” below, visual artistry for which is done by Lumpens, who previously worked with artists such as Tiger JK and Junggigo.

The new album also features some new remixes, the work of House Rulez, indie band Glen Check, Reno, DJ Smells, etc., for an electronic spin on classic SISTAR tracks

SISTAR reveals more information about upcoming special album "Sweet & Sour"

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SISTAR revealed more about their upcoming special album!

The album "Sweet & Sour" will be released tomorrow at noon KST. Their label said, "SISTAR"s hit songs were reborn as remix tracks through skilled electronic artists such as House Rulez, Glen Check, Reno, and DJ Smells. The original song"s melody was kept as much as possible, but the songs" moods were changed."

The title song of the album "I Swear" is a house dance song by Duble Sidekick. Other than that, past hits like "Loving U" and "Touch My Body" will also be included in the special album, but the songs were remixed ot have a completely different feel.

Are you looking forward to the girls" comeback?

g.o.d’s Son Hoyoung shares a sweet text from EXO’s Suho

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On August 22, g.o.d’s Son Hohoung shared a personal text from EXO’s leader Suho.

Son Hoyoung tweeted a picture of the text, along with the message:

This is a personal text, but I was so thankful and it made me happy that I’m uploading it~ I must watch the show live today ^^ Everyone will watch the music video Suho worked hard on, right?~

Suho’s text read:

Son Hoyoung sunbaenim. Hello~ It’s EXO leader Suho ^^ We were filming EXO 90:2014 today, and I realized that tomorrow is the broadcast date for the episode that we filmed with the g.o.d sunbaenim. So thinking about you and wanting to let you know, I asked the director for your number. That day’s filming was a really memorable day for me! Thank you so much. If you have time, please watch the program tomorrow!^^

The second episode of “EXO 90:2014” aired on August 22 and featured g

Boyfriend"s Jeongmin does a sweet acoustic cover of 10cm"s "Hug Me"

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Boyfriend"s Jeongmin showcased his amazingly soothing voice and great singing talents as he did an acoustic cover of 10cm"s "Hug Me"!

Sitting on a bench in the dark next to a guitarist, he put his heart and soul into the song, closing eyes in the particularly poignant moments and always having a small, sweet smile on his face.

Let him serenade you with this song by checking out the cover above!

Jiyoung signs with Japanese agency Sweet Power to start her acting career

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It has been reported that Jiyoung has signed with Japanese entertainment agency Sweet Power, confirming the past rumors and speculations that have been circulating since earlier this year.

Various Japanese media outlets including Oricon reported on the 21st, "Jiyoung has signed with Japanese entertainment agency Sweet Power and plans to promote using her name, Jiyoung."

A Sweet Power rep apparently stated, "Jiyoung will show more mature charms than previously shown. We anticipate her activities as a global actress with her proficiency in Japanese and English."

According to her agency, Jiyoung has been taking acting and English lessons in England after leaving KARA and signed her contract this month

Gong Hyo Jin lends her sweet smile as a model for "2econd Floor" clothes

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Actress Gong Hyo Jin went for a cute and lovable look as the model for clothing brand "2econd Floor"s 2014 fall and winter season.

She looks completely at ease and comfortable in her own skin, appearing like a complete pro when it comes to natural modeling. As usual, she showcases her trademark, winning smile for a bright and sweet look that never gets old.

You can also catch her in her starring drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love". Are you enjoying the story so far?

K-dramas' Sweet, Sweet Gestures And "Aw" Moments

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Whether they provoke tears or sighs, one of the things k-dramas do best is create the "aw" moment. It"s that sweet demonstration of a character"s feelings designed to make your heart flutter.

Two recent examples come to mind. One took place in the comedy "Fated To Love You." Choi Jin Hyuk put a bandage on Jang Nara"s scrape. Taking care of someone"s injury is a pretty common way for a k-drama character to express protective feelings for another character but in this case it was delivered with a twist.

When Jang Hyuk later noticed that Choi Jin Hyuk had placed a bandage on his wife"s arm, he slowly peeled it off while she was sleeping and replaced it with one of his own, fully reclaiming his territory. And although Jang Nara did not seem to wake up during this tender act, she later pasted Jang Hyuk"s bandage in her baby book as a token of his affection for her

Clara is sexy, sweet, elegant, and sporty for "International bnt" + making film

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Actress Clara took part in a diverse photo shoot with "International bnt," going for a natural mood as she dons comfortable, everyday clothing whether she"s working out at the gym, chilling at the poolside, ordering a cocktail, or just taking it off. As usual, she shows off her fine figure.

In the interview portion, she said, "I enjoy fashion styles that emphasizes a "Coca-Cola" bottle figure. I especially like a variety of one-piece styles and mostly pick out looks that make my body appear slim. I mostly prefer the nude toned color."

As for maintaining her body line, Clara stated, "I think ballet from my student days was helpful." In the past, she also mentioned wanting to do a nude photo shoot, which became a hot topic. She explained that she wanted to strive for the best body before she got any older: "I wanted to do a nude photo shoot for my private collection, but that became a bigger deal than expected

Shorry releases sweet duo MV for “Snapback Girl” ft. K.Will!

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After releasing a teaser for his first solo debut just yesterday, Mighty Mouth’s Shorry has officially revealed the MV for “Snapback Girl” featuring prime vocalist K.Will!

Intermixing powerful rap and melodic singing, Shorry manages to showcase a unique love song with rhythmic piano and overall soft beats. Acting out various comical and cute scenes with the girl of his dreams, Shorry entertains viewers through randomly riding skateboards, partaking in a photoshoot with the girl, holding a dog next to her on a car hood, and more. Filmed in both colorful studio rooms as well as the outside in the city, the MV ends with Shorry jumping high in the air after she returns his love for her.

Other props and characters further contribute to the whimsical plot of the music video, so tune in below and tell us what you think!

Source: YMC Entertainment (YMCent) Official YouTube Channel

Male Idols and their Sweet Rides

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Cars. For some, they"re just a mode of transportation. For others, they"re a badge of SWAG. And for celebrities who make it rain on the regular, an expensive, badass accessory on wheels is a must.

Last time, we covered "Female Idols and their Sweet Rides". Now that we got the baddest females all listed, check out this list of "Male Idols and their Sweet Rides" to see how these fancy gentlemen get around.

(Note: Keep in mind that the prices listed are all a general estimate and are subject to change depending on the location and year.)

Block B"s P.O.

P.O. is known to come from a wealthy family, and he owns that rep with pride via a flashy car

Female Idols and their Sweet Rides

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Cars. For some, they"re just a mode of transportation. For others, they"re a badge of stylish SWAG. And for these fine, independent female idols who make it rain on the regular, an expensive, badass accessory on wheels is a fashion-must.

Check out this list of "Female Idols and their Sweet Rides" to see how these fancy ladies get around!

(Note: Keep in mind that the prices listed are all a general estimate and are subject to change depending on the location and year.)

Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung and Tiffany

We have Girls" Generation"s reigning sweethearts to start us off with their pair of Chevrolet Spark"s (built by GM Korea in Korea) that cost around ₩12-16 million won (~ $12-16,000 USD). With their matching, blushing pair of cars, the "Soofany" girls show that they"re clearly soul sistas with a love for pink

GOT7 make you swoon with their sweet talk on the 1st episode of "Real GOT7" season 2

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GOT7 make you swoon with their overwhelming flirting and aegyo for the "A" teasers on the 1st episode of "Real GOT7" season 2!

After ending season 1 in March, GOT7 got back into the swing of things for season 2 by picking their secret member for the "Manito" mission. The members showed their individual talents with Jackson showing his basketball skills, Mark performing tricks on a skateboard, and Youngjae playing piano. But the highlight of the episode was GOT7 doing some sweet talk to the camera as if it was "A" for their teasers.

Revive your GOT7 feels by watching the season 2 premiere!

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As One bring back their sweet vocals for digital single "All Day All Night" ft. Kanto

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Female duo As One are back with their new digital single "All Day All Night"!

"All Day All Night" is produced by Deux"s Lee Hyun Do and includes a rap featuring by TROY"s maknae Kanto. The duo are returning to the music scene in 9 months during which Crystal also gave birth to her son last March.

Cool off with the refreshing soul house song "All Day All Night"!