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Park Min Young Updates Fans with a Sweet Selca from Switzerland

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Actress Park Min Young has sent greetings from Switzerland, the next stop of her European tour.

After revealing a series of photos taken in the romantic city of Paris, France, she has updated her fans with a selca taken in Switzerland.

On July 25, the actress wrote on her Twitter, “In Swiss,” along with a cute snapshot. Even with simple makeup and effortlessly wavy hair, she looks absolutely gorgeous. While showing a V-sign to the camera, she is posing in front of a picturesque background of mountains and lush trees that Switzerland is widely known for.

Park Min Young recently appeared on the MBC drama “A New Leaf,” which ended its run in June. The actress is currently in talks for KBS2TV’s new drama “Healer.”

Singer-songwriter Ruamin makes her solo debut with sweet acoustic track “I Can Fly”

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On Friday, July 25th, singer-songwriter Ruamin made her solo debut with a self-produced acoustic track “I Can Fly”!

Showcasing a clean, natural image, Ruamin is seen performing a song about her breakthrough from feeling a slump, singing in a light and melodic voice in scenic areas. With blonde hair, simple makeup, and casual clothing, the producer has set her apart from most music videos by choosing the direction of a more raw, relatable view of her song and performance.

Throughout the music video, she is seen both writing and composing her song indoors as well as outdoors, in snippets of her full performance that she has completed. In this way, the title of her debut track may also relate to the concept of the next step in her career, as this beginning song will help her to hopefully rise higher in the music industry as time goes by

Juniel is sweet in military-inspired looks for magazine "HIM"

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Cute and refreshing solo artist, Juniel, recently donned different military-style looks for a photo shoot with military culture magazine, "HIM".

Wearing either a very cool and tough looking outfit of khaki and camouflage, she perfectly completes the look with leather bracelets and a dog tag necklace.  She then does a 180, returning to her usual sweet demeanor with a white-and-blue sailor outfit that is sure to brighten up the navy.  

You can see more of her pictures in the August issue of "HIM" magazine!

Jaekyung is sweet and sexy in pictorials for 'Jill Stuart' and 'Men's Health'

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Rainbow"s Jaekyung is busy as a model these days as she graced the cover of "Men"s Health" and also posed for the ever stylish "Jill Stuart." She uploaded both pictures onto her Instagram to show off her radiant summer tan and fit body perfect for parading around the beach in a bikini.

She wrote on Instagram, "Aren"t you all going to look at "Men"s Health"? Even though I"m the cover model? I"m going to quickly go look at the August issue of "Men"s Health.""

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Her cover picture for "Men"s Health" is perfectly riveting as she poses with a muscular male model and gives the camera a seductive look.

“It’s Okay It’s Love” Sets Us Up with Some Tantalizing Stills, and a Word from the Producers

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The new drama “It’s Okay It’s Love” is airing its first episode tonight (July 23, KST), and the production has revealed some preview stills to whet our drama appetites!

The first set of stills shows Jung Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) in a sea of pretty ladies at his pool birthday party, where he is the DJ. Jung Jae Yeol’s brother then shows up, with whom he has had a bad relationship due to an unknown past event, and we see in subsequent photos Jo In Sung lying on the floor and his brother being restrained, gripping a knife.

In yet another set of stills, we see Jung Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) and Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) in what seems to be a tense conversation. The next photo then shows a passed out Ji Hae Soo, being held by Jung Jae Yeol, who is bleeding

Teen Top’s Chunji Is a Sweet Sommelier in CéCi Magazine

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Teen Top‘s Chunji showed off his romantic side in a fashion spread for CéCi Magazine’s August 2014 issue.

The singer, who will be making his musical debut through “Café-In,” appears dashing in a black and white ensemble. Assuming his role as a sommelier who is a love expert, one picture shows Chunji holding a wine glass and another has him with a bunch of red roses on his hand. Chunji looks very manly and classy in this photo shoot, showing his mature side.

In the interview, the singer talked about his excitement for his very first musical wherein he plays the role of “Kang Ji Min,” a sommelier who claims to be a love expert who can perfectly balance both love and work.

Compared to the other actors who have played the role, Chunji takes on the role of Kang Ji Min with a different approach as he shows a brighter and fresh side to the character

Eddy Kim is sweet and summery in concert poster for upcoming concert 'Hello, Summer'

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As previously revealed, Eddy Kim will be holding his second exclusive concert!

Following the success of his very first one, Eddy Kim will be performing in front of a crowd of adoring fans at "Hello, Summer", which will take place at Sogang University"s Mary Hall on August 8-10 (FRI-SUN) at 8 PM KST.

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Meanwhile, his agency Mystic89 released a cute, summery poster of Eddy Kim, strumming away on his guitar dreamily, making fans even more excited for the refreshing concert during the hot summertime.

Shinhwa′s Eric and Jung Yumi Take Lots of Sweet Selfies for ′Discovery of Romance′

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After floating a string of stills and teasers, Discovery of Romance decided to keep love in the air by releasing yet more stills from the drama.

New selfie stills from the KBS2 drama Discovery of Romance were released on July 22.

In the stills, Jung Yumi and Shinhwa′s Eric (real name Mun Jung Hyuk) each pose as their roles Han Yeo Reum and Kang Tae Ha, appearing as a lovey dovey and cute couple.

A source from the drama′s production company JS Pictures commented, "Jung Yumi and Mun Jung Hyuk kept having to move to new locations and change clothes, but they still managed to draw out many different expressions as if they were really enjoying a date. This series of selfies again represents how realistic the drama will be. Discovery of Romance will be a drama that everyone, whether in a relationship or not, can relate to

AOA’s Seolhyun Looks Like a Doll in a Sweet and Colorful Pictorial for CeCi

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Girl group AOA’s Seolhyun transformed into a lovely ‘candy girl’ for a refreshingly sweet photo shoot with CeCi magazine in the most recent issue for the month of August.

In this pictorial, Seolhyun is drawing attention for looking youthful and appearing like a doll-like goddess, as she poses in a colorful and lively atmosphere. The unveiled photos display the AOA member successfully pulling off various makeup trends, such as a vivid hot pink lip color, bright coral cheeks, and beautiful long eyelashes that resemble those of a doll.

Seolhyun makes use of a number of different food props, including lollipops and an ice cream bar, making her distinctive sweet and lovely charms stand out even more.

The full pictorial can be found in the August issue of CeCi magazine, but you can check out a few of the cuts below!

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Girl's Day make a sweet splash with MV teaser for 'Darling'

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Girl"s Day celebrated their 4th anniversary with the release of their MV teaser for their upcoming song "Darling"!

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The girls made a splash with their sweet and sexy charms for the summer and asked you to call them your "darling"! They look like they"re having loads of fun, but the fun won"t stop there as they get ready to make their comeback next week!

As mentioned earlier, Girl"s Day"s first solo concert "Summer Party", which will be held at UNIQLO AX Hall, Gwangjingu on July 13 (Sunday), ahead of their summer special album release on the 14th!

San E and After School’s Raina Get Sweet on a Midsummer Night

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Stirring up just a bit of jealousy (just a bit) in us, San E and After School’s Raina unveiled their duet project together, presenting the music video for A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness.

Just like the title, the song began like a soft breeze, making our hearts flutter at the anticipation of a new summer love.

E: San E! where is he now?
G: In this MV?
G: Oh you meant agency wise
E: Yea hahaha

E: He has blue hair
E: And a big butt

G: Okay, no one looksthat beautiful waking up in the morning
E: Seriously, Raina looks too cute for having just woken up

E: I′m not feeling the split screen that keeps going from horizontal to vertical, giving me a headache
E: Oh good it′s over
G: Yeah

(SPOILER) Jiyeon gives Siwan a sweet kiss on 'Triangle'

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T-ara"s Jiyeon resumed her acting career by first appearing in the fifteenth episode of "Triangle" just the other day. She again made an appearance in today"s episode to continue her possibly blossoming romance with ZE:A"s Siwan as his potential partner in a marriage of convenience.

She proved to be forward and adamant about their relationship as in this club scene, she surprises Siwan with a quick kiss and asks him afterward, "Even when I do this, is it not fun for you?" Siwan follows up with a 19+ comment, saying he couldn"t tell with a kiss, but perhaps he could if they slept together in clear hopes of sending her scurrying away.

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However, she was just as brash as she said, "Let"s go, then," to his surprise

T-ara’s Jiyeon Gives a Short and Sweet Shoutout for Soompiers!

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Hey Soompiers!

Jiyeon is the first member from girl group T-ara to make her solo debut later last month with title track “Never Ever” off of mini album with the same name.

Although she was met with a few setbacks, having to postpone her solo debut and change her choreography, she is still warmly received by the public. She’s currently placed ninth on Soompi’s weekly Singles Music Chart.

Jiyeon is thankful for the support and wanted to thank Soompiers with a short and sweet shoutout! Show her some love~ ^^

Don’t forget to click the CC button for English subs! French and spanish subs coming soon!

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VIXX's Hongbin and Rainbow's Woori share a sweet kiss on 'Good Day'

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Two co-stars of the SBS sitcom "Good Day", VIXX"s Hongbin and Rainbow"s Woori, took their on-screen relationship to the next level with a sweet surprise kiss!

Although it was only for an in-universe drama filming, Woori looked surprised at her co-worker"s kiss. Where do you think their relationship could go in the future?
Check out the sweet moment below.

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U-KISS’ Jun Joins Twitter and Greets Fans with a Sweet Message

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Jun, the new member of male group U-KISS, has joined Twitter!

On June 2, he created his account and wrote his first tweet, saying, “Hello!!! Everyone, I am U-KISS’ new maknae Jun. We wrapped up our showcase well today, and thank you so much to all KISSmes that came despite the rainy weather!! I will become a very hardworking maknae!! Thank you~♡ Please cheer for us and anticipate our activities a lot!!! hehe”

In addition to the sweet introductory message, he delighted KISSmes with a handsome selca on June 3. He wrote, “We finished our first music show well today! I was very nervous, and I should have done better, so I feel regretful and sorry. I will become maknae Jun that improves little by little!! KISSme nunas who came despite the rain!! Please go home safely and I love you~♡”

You can check out Jun’s profile and follow him here!

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