T-ara’s Former Member Hwa Young Signs with New Agency

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T-ara’s former member Hwa Young has signed a new contract with Wellmade STARM Entertainment.

“We’ve decided that Hwa Young has a lot of potential as an actress and offered a contract,” reported a rep from Wellmade STARM. “She will be able to show a different side of her through acting.”

The rep also stated, “I believe many fans are waiting for her comeback. As much as she is preparing hard for her return as an actress, we will do our best have her appear in a new project soon.”

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Zion.T Unveils Quirky Jacket Cover for “Mirror Ball”

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Zion.T is back and ready to make more music! The singer has just unveiled the quirky jacket cover of his single album, “Mirror Ball.”

According to Amoeba Culture, Zion. T’s agency, the title track from the single is called “Miss Kim.” The track will be a “trot dub” style that is different from Zion. T’s usual musical fare and a new style that he wanted to explore. The agency added that the music video will give a feeling of nostalgia and will send viewers back to the past.

“Mirror Ball” drops on December 19 and Zion. T will be having a comeback showcase on December 20 so fans can get to know more about the song.

What do you guys think of the jacket cover?

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Lee Seung Gi and Noel’s Jeon Woo Sung Turn Up in Teaser 2 of ′Tears Perfume′

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Unveiling the third mysterious singer, Duble Sidekick released its second teaser for Tears Perfume with singing by Noel’s Jeon Woo Sung and acting by Lee Seung Gi.

The teaser was released on December 15, showing Lee Seung Gi walking on the street, dazed with a bouquet of flowers in hand. A woman later sadly takes the abandoned bouquet from a bench.

The teaser video also gave Jeon Woo Sung a chance to be heard as his voice was featured in this teaser this time.

Tears Perfume, featuring the voices of K.Will and Jeon Woo Sung, will be released on December 17.

Photo credit: Double Kick Entertainment

2NE1’s Dara Wants to Act as a Mute Character in a Tragic Story

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2NE1’s Dara expressed her desire to act as a character that contrasts greatly from her image.

On the December 14 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Dara expressed her dreams to be an actress. During the interview, the singer stated, “I have a dream to be a lovely actress. I would like to act in a tragic story as a woman who has developed aphasia.” In addition she expressed, “People say that when they hear my voice it sounds very happy and sweet. So, I would like to act with my eyes and emotions as someone who cannot speak, so please contact me,” causing people to laugh.

Although humorous, Dara’s eager desire to act in a serious role displayed her wide range of ambitions. Furthermore, in regards to love, the singer said, “President Yang Hyung Suk always says ‘Dara, it’s now time to meet a boyfriend

YG’s New Unit Revealed to be 2NE1’s Park Bom and Lee Hi

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YG Entertainment’s highly anticipated new unit group was revealed to be 2NE1’s Park Bom and Lee Hi.

YG Entertainment reported on December 16, “Park Bom and Lee Hi have come together to form a unit group ‘BOM & HI’ and will reintroduce Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You in their own unique style.”

YG released a teaser photo on its official website on December 16, showing the two divas dressed all in white.

Two more teaser videos were also released

So Ji Sub and Lee Dong Wook Appear on ‘Infinity Challenge’

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Featuring rare variety appearances, MBC’ Infinity Challenge stole the spotlight during the weekend.

On December 14’s episode of Infinity Challenge, the cast members went off to find lonely friends for their ‘Introducing Lonely Friends’ holiday party.

While the members visited many of their single friends, the two that stood out were So Ji Sub and Lee Dong Wook, who rarely appear on variety programs. The two caught on immediately when Yoo Jae Suk, Noh Hong Chul, and Jung Jun Ha asked if they were lonely. Both actors claimed that they were not lonely but were forced to take an invitation.

Unfortunately, it looks like So Ji Sub and Lee Dong Wook will not be attending the ‘Introducing Lonely Friends’ party due to prior schedules, and because they are not lonely - whatever that means

Kdrama “Empress Ki” – Recap Week 7

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He’s back, he’s back! Our smexy Goryeo King is back! *squeals of excitement*
Ta Hwan yells at Ki to go ahead and laugh at him, laugh at him for being such a fool. Ki tells him she won’t do anything for him. Gol-ta arrives to inform Ta Hwan that they are re-checking Lady Park’s pulse – at the interrogation grounds. Palace maids, including our nasty Yeon-hwa help Lady Park get ready when Tana Shiri’s evil maid arrives and has her dragged out.

Dowager Empress meets up with Tana Shiri and Ki-Se, they exchange more I love that neither of these women show fear! Tana Shiri believes once it’s proven that Lady Park isn’t pregnant, she can banish Dowager Empress to a temple. Ahahaha, that is SO not going to happen.
Lady Park sits on a straw mat while the evil ones smirk and smile. Ta Hwan arrives, asking why this is being done here? El Temur tells him if she faked being pregnant, she must have had help

“I Need Romance 3″ 10-Second Teaser

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I think some viewers were a little worried that this installment of the series wouldn’t feature the group of close-knit friends we all love. Luckily for us, tvN has released a teaser to alleviate our worries. Even though it’s only ten seconds long, we can see that Shin Joo Yeon has three close friends, one of which is a man. I suppose that’s their way of spicing things up this time around.

Each teaser is cuter than the previous one which only makes me more excited. Dear Drama, don’t disappoint come January 13th.


“Reply 1994″ Episode 18 Preview + Proposal Scene & “Reply 1997″ Cameo

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Episode 17 was an awesome episode for Na Jung/Trash shippers but a terrible one for Trash/Binggeure and Joon Hee/Binggeure shippers because their ships sank. As well as Chil Bong fans because he only appeared on television.

But it was also a great episode for Reply 1997 fans because we got more awesome cameos from that cast, including Hak Chan.

But there are four more episodes. The writer and PD are known trolls and who knows, this may be one long con. Regardless, I’m still enjoying the journey and honestly don’t care who the husband is.

Here’s the preview for next Friday’s episode:

It looks like Na Jung’s family will encounter some financial difficulties due to her father’s bad investments

“You Came From The Stars” Official Posters

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The official posters for SBS’s new drama, You Came From The Stars, have just dropped, and the best way to describe them would be that they’re straightforward. I’d have liked for them to be more conceptually creative that they reflect the show’s clever and offbeat premise. These look more like fashion ads. Heh.

The first poster features the show’s six, main characters who are posing against a city backdrop with stars floating in the skyline. This one at least tries to reflect the drama’s title, but it’s still rather literal.

Meanwhile, only the show’s romantic leads—Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun—are introduced in the other two posters … I suppose if you have two A-listers, then, that’s enough to sell the drama.

You Came From The Stars will begin airing this week on SBS

When dramas go crazy: Aurora Princess, a case study

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We’ve been following the ever-evolving story of Aurora Princess with raised eyebrows for months, as it has become a fixture in the headlines for its parade of shenanigans. And while it’s not the type of drama we’d typically be devoting a lot of attention to, it’s worth looking at if only as the cautionary tale of what not to do when making a show. If ever there were a case of a drama having more drama behind the cameras than in front of them, this would be it.

Aurora Princess is a long-running daily series on MBC and therefore went under our radars at first, but the constant reports of its outrageous behind-the-scenes antics grew too crazy to ignore; it’s the kind of stuff girlfriday and I would send each other with comments like “Omg, can you believe this?” and “What the heck are they smoking over there?” Just when you thought they’d reached some kind of quota on how much lunacy to pile into one production, the drama one-upped itself with fresh insanity

JYP Entertainment trainee Park Sung Jin makes an appearance on ‘Hidden Singer 2′

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A hot JYP Entertainment trainee came as a guest on "Hidden Singer 2"!

J.Y. Park was the featured singer on the 14th"s episode. One of the 5 singers that came to imitate him was actually a JYP Entertainment trainee Park Sung Jin, who J.Y. Park revealed was the lead vocal of the upcoming rookie group debuting from JYPE - 5Live!

Park Sung Jin said, "I applied [to this program] through a 35:1 competition from the inside. I"m the only one who made it this far. [J.Y. Park] cares about us a lot, so when he yells at us, it"s kind of cute."

However, he stuttered on his words when he was talking, most likely because he was nervous. MC Jeon Hyun Moo joked, "He"s the coolest when he"s singing", and J

Is Baro’s ‘Reply 1994′ character going the same route as Hoya’s ‘Reply 1997′ character?

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If you"re a regular watcher of "Reply 1994" and you"ve also watched "Reply 1997", you might have noticed something in the preview for the last episode of the drama!

In the preview, Baro"s character stands waiting at the sidewalk, and he smiles when a red car pulls over in front of him. While this might mean nothing if you haven"t watched "Reply 1997", watchers of the previous drama might recognize the car - it"s the same exact car that picked Hoya up at the end of "Reply 1997"!

Hoya played a homosexual character in the drama, so many fans are wondering if Baro"s character may be the same! Do you think the two characters could be connected somehow?

(Or perhaps the driver of the red car specializes in abducting dating idols

Taemin wants to retire when he’s 30?

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Taemin revealed that he wanted to retire when he was 30!

On a recent episode of "We Got Married", Taemin and Na-Eun went to pay their utility bill. To do that, they had to make an account, and Taemin decided to make the account under his name. He said, "I"m going to do it under my name, since I"m the head of the household. Do you want to do it under your name?", but Na-Eun let him use his name.

It turned out to be a good thing, because he knew a lot about banking! Na-Eun commented, "He knows a lot more than I did. It"s like he"s an adult."

However, the actual surprising thing was his retirement age! When the banker asked him when he wanted to retire, he answered, "Thirty

The cast of ‘Real Men’ celebrate the end of the year with a BBQ party

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The cast of "Real Men" gained strength with a BBQ party as their successful year comes to a close!

Kim Soo Ro tweeted, "Our after party! Alive but skeletons. Skeletons until death. Love for one"s flesh and blood skeletons, skeletons fighting~~~^^♥ Starting this Sunday, the skeleton troop come out! hehe "Real Men" PDs, writers, as well as filming, lighting, production department, and outside team! All of you have worked incredibly hard this year so your hard work is very evident. You sincerely worked hard. I sincerely thank you. Kko buk~^^♥ "Real Men"s entire cast!"

Seo Kyung Suk, Ryu Soo Young, Jang Hyuk, Kim Soo Ro, ZE:A"s Hyungsik, Sam Hammington, and Son Jin Young look happy as one can be with their V-signs and thumbs up as they grill delicious beef, displaying their brotherly affection

Joo Won holds a ‘Hug Day’ event to promote his upcoming movie ‘Catch Me’

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Joo Won had a special "Hug Day" event for his upcoming movie "Catch Me"!
He and the director Lee Hyun Jong went around the biggest movie theaters in Seoul for the event. Every single ticket for the entire event was sold out by fans who wanted to see Joo Won and the movie.

Joo Won said, "Thank you for coming in this cold weather. We worked hard on it, so please have fun watching." After greeting his fans, he even picked fans from the audience to hug the fans! It didn"t matter if they were male or female - everyone wanted a chance to hug Joo Won.

The movie will be out on the 19th, so make sure you don"t miss it!

Gary mysteriously disappears in preview for next week’s ‘Running Man’ Christmas special

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When Gary gets kidnapped on next week"s episode of "Running Man", it becomes a race against the clock as the remaining cast members set out on an epic adventure on the eve of Christmas!

Featuring cameo appearances by numerous stars, next week"s episode seems to be a perfect mix of thrills and adrenaline that "Running Man" is famous for. Don"t miss it!

Check out the preview below!

Defconn shaves for the first time in 20 years for ’1 Night 2 Days’

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The scruffy beard has always been a part of rapper Defconn"s personality, but in light of his new gig as a permanent cast member for KBS"s "1 Night 2 Days", he was forced to go back to his non-mustached roots!

Together as a team with fellow cast members Cha Tae Hyun and Jung Joon Young, the three of them were given the opportunity to move up to a better class of transportation - if one of them would willingly go through a style makeover. Although Defconn tried to get out of the mission, Cha Tae Hyun couldn"t change his hairstyle due to a movie filming and Jung Joon Young gave the excuse of a new album concept, leaving the rapper out in the cold.

The new, facial hair-free Defconn was a shock to his fellow cast, commenting that he looked like he was in elementary school again

New YGE unit BH reveals third teaser & identity of second member!

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After it was revealed that 2NE1"s Park Bom will be making up half of YG Entertainment"s new unit group BH, fans focused on who the second member could be. Now, the veils have been taken off the second half, and it"s none other than powerful soloist Lee Hi!

The full group was revealed in a trailer released earlier today, showing Lee Hi and Park Bom enjoying the Christmas spirit to cheerful music from a music box. The new project sounds perfect for the upcoming holidays, giving fans one more song to enjoy the season with!

The unit"s debut song "All I Want for Christmas is You", a project collaboration between YGEand Samsung Music, will be pre-released on December 17, while its digital release will be on the 20th KST

Kim Ye Rim Mixes with Fans at Fan Signing

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview

Kim Ye Rim poses for press

Kim Ye Rim spent time meeting and taking photos with fans at a fan signing, held at the Centrum City Bandi & Luni′s in Gangnam on December 15.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Kim Ye Rim keeps her look minimalist for the fan signing

Kim Ye Rim spent time meeting and taking photos with fans at a fan signing, held at the Centrum City Bandi & Luni′s in Gangnam on December 15.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Kim Ye Rim can′t wait to meet her fans up close

Kim Ye Rim spent time meeting and taking photos with fans at a fan signing, held at the Centrum City Bandi & Luni′s in Gangnam on December 15