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Henry Feels Stressed About Looking Young, Says He Likes Lee Hyori for Her Ugly Looks?

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Super Junior-M’s Henry appeared as a guest on the July 29 broadcast of SBS’ talk show “Magic Eye,” to discuss the topic of ‘appearance.’

During the show, Henry shared that he doesn’t get treated like an adult due to his youthful appearance, and also confessed that he likes Lee Hyori for her ugly looks.

The singer explained that he feels stressed about how young he looks for his age. Henry went on to share an experience he had because he appears to look much younger than 26 years old (Korean age). During a Super Junior concert rehearsal, the staff called the other members’ names politely, while they called him “Henry” and spoke to him informally.

He added that the cleaning lady at the group’s dorm also spoke to him as if he was a child, unlike the way she spoke to the other members, which caused him stress as well

g.o.d. Will Refrain from Active Promotions of ‘Ugly Duckling’

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Despite coming back as a whole for the first time in twelve years, g.o.d is hesitant to carry on with active album promotional activities.

g.o.d. released its 15th anniversary project song Ugly Duckling on May 8, topping real time charts in eight music sites in just one hour, getting feedbacks that g.o.d. still holds its unique color.

However, apart from g.o.d.’s concert scheduled on July 12 and 13 in Jamsil reserve stadium, the group has announced that it will not be carrying out promotional activities on broadcast.

An affiliate of Sidus HQ, who is in charge of promoting g.o.d.’s project album, told Newsen, “It would be nice for g.o.d. to carry on with promotional activities but we’ve decided not to since the whole nation has fallen into grieving due to Seowl ferry

g.o.d.’s ‘Ugly Duckling’ Ranks No. 1 on Real Time Charts Within One Hour

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Bringing back memories, g.o.d.’s Ugly Duckling ranked number one on the real charts of all eight music sites within one hour of its release.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, group g.o.d. released a new ballad song Ugly Duckling on May 8 at noon (KST).

Ugly Duckling is a song written by hit maker Duble Sidekick, featuring g.o.d.’s signature ballad style of music.

Combining a slow tempo beat with sentimental narration and melody, the lyrics make a sad analogy between a lost ‘ugly duckling’ and a man suffering from a painful heart.

g.o.d.’s Ugly Duckling topped the real time charts on MelOn, Mnet Music, Olleh Music, Soribada, Bugs, Genie, Monkey3 and Naver Music within one hour of its release, proving the group’s undying popularity

g.o.d Returns with a Wave of Nostalgia in ‘Ugly Duckling’

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Bringing back their trademark ballad sound, the five g.o.d members returned to release their newest single together.

g.o.d made its grand return to music with all five members on May 8, when the first generation idol group released its first song together since 2002. The new song, Ugly Duckling was released at noon (KST), sending a wave of nostalgia to its listeners with all five voice welding together.

All proceeds made from Ugly Duckling will be donated to the victims and families of the Sewol ferry tragedy.

Ugly Duckling was created by Duble Sideick and is about a person in pain who compares himself to an ugly duckling.

g.o.d debuted in 1999, soon being called a national group with people of all ages singing its songs

g.o.d reveal that their pre-release track for tomorrow will be called 'The Ugly Duckling'

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g.o.d revealed that their pre-release track set for release tomorrow will be entitled "The Ugly Duckling"!

Sidus HQ revealed on May 7, "We decided to use the tentative title "The Ugly Duckling" from the early phases as the official title for this song. The song will be released tomorrow (May 8) at noon through music sites."

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"The Ugly Duckling" is a ballad song created by famous composers, Duble Sidekick. All proceeds from the song will be donated to those suffering from the tragic Sewol ferry accident, so check out the song once it"s released tomorrow!

Unique Hip Hop Trio “Ugly Pumpkin” Debuts with Fresh Love Single “From Yesterday”

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Unique hip hop trio Ugly Pumpkin has debuted with a fresh and alternative new single “From Yesterday.” The trio brings a breathe of fresh air in today’s hip hop genre with their relaxing beats, original style and creative flow. The group consists of vocal Omtae (Uhm Taehoon), and two rappers Shahgoon (Kim Daehwan) and Wormboy (Han Junghoon).

The single “From Yesterday” is about a man’s crush for a woman, and how he hopes to become a boyfriend of his crush. The trio is expressing the feelings that they had for their crush when they saw her yesterday.

The MV features the beautiful Seoul skyline and Han river as the trio perform in black and white outfits. The trio also wear colorful camouflage outfits as they stroll through the super market

Proof That Kim Woo Bin is In Fact Not Ugly

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Kim Woo Bin proved he’s his own worst critic when he once said in an interview that he is “shocked by how ugly he is” at times.

Well, we’re out to disprove such blasphemous claims made by the humble star because although Kim Woo Bin may not like looking at his face, we definitely do.

Get ready to do a lot of this.

And this.

Man or young god?

Definitely the big man on campus

Edward Cullen has nothing on Kim Woo Bin

But don′t worry, Kim Woo Bin doesn′t bite.

Come to us, Kim Woo Bin. Come to us.

Kim Woo Bin is squeaky clean

Big Bang’s T.O.P Walks Hand in Hand with Ugly Baby in 2nd Teaser

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Dressed in a suit, complete with a large bow tie and slicked back hair, Big Bang’s T.O.P unveiled his second teaser photo for Doom Dada.

The teaser was released on November 14 through the YG blog, showing T.O.P donning a silly yet classy mustache while holding the hand of the ugly baby from the first teaser.

The new teaser also revealed additional information about the song, including the fact that T.O.P created the song with Choice 37 and penned the lyrics himself. The music video is said to have been directed by Seo Hyun Seung, who also had a hand in Taeyang’s recent music video for Ringa Linga.

T.O.P’s newest single will be released on November 15 at noon (KST) with no plans for stage promotions due to Big Bang’s upcoming six-dome concert in Japan.

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[Trend Alert]: Ze Quun Hommes

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While I’m researching these fashion articles, I often see idols wearing the same item of clothing. But recently, I’ve seen so many people wearing a certain type of shirt that I had to do some digging. It turns out that the designer is a former ‘Project Runway: Korea‘ contestant named Kwang Jae Keun, and that the shirts come from his line called ‘Ze Quun Homme‘. His Flickr account shows that the shirt was released in May of this year.

This style, seen here on f(x)‘s Amber in their Japanese “Hot Summer” PV, MBLAQ‘s Thunder on August 20, NU’EST‘s Baekho at a Jamsil fan sign event, and actor Lee Hyun Woo at the ‘To the Beautiful You‘ press conference, has been all over the place in the K-pop world this past summer