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Yoon Sang Hyun Helps 'Healing Camp''s Rating Viewers Raise Viewer Rating

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It’s so amazing! It Yoon Sang Hyun seems to be is a lucky star of the SBS’s “Healing Camp” as his appearance on the latest episode has helped the viewer rating of the program go up to 6.1 percent. Yoon Sang Hyuk previously confirmed that the songwriter Maybee and he are falling in love with each other, and the couple is planning to get married, drawing attention of viewers to this especial episode of “Healing Camp”. On this episode, Healing Camp also welcomed the participation of Kim Kwang Gyu and Joo Sang Wook.

Nicole continues to raise expectations with 2nd MV teaser for "MAMA"

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Former KARA member Nicole is continuing to raise expectations for her debut as a solo artist with her second music video teaser for "MAMA"!

The teaser hints at an artsy MV to come with the black-and-white scenes. We also get a peek at some sultry dancing to come, leaving us to anticipate the full choreography and stage to come.

Her solo album is slated for release on the 19th, so check out the teaser above as you wait!

Joo Won to hold a free fan meeting and raise fund for families in difficulties

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Joo Won will be holding a free fan meeting this October!

The actor will spend 2 hours with the fans at a fan meeting in the Seoul Campus of Kyung Hee University on October 4th.

Joo Won"s agency said,"The fan meeting will be free as a gift to thank all the domestic fans who have been sending their unchanging love and support for Joo Won. We will be receiving donations at the site to help all the sick people".

In particular, the donations will be used to help out a 17 years old boy named Kim Young Soo at Kyung Hee University Hospital who is suffering from spastic cerebral palsy. The fund will also be used for all the multicultural families who are receving treatments in pediatric, neurosurgery and vascular surgery departments of the hospital.

The agency also added,"In order to have more meaningful time with the fans, Joo Won is planning to have the event held not only this year but every year"

A Pink"s campaign to raise money for Lou Gehrig"s Disease meets its goal within a day

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A Pink"s campaign to build a hospital specifically for Lou Gehrig"s Disease patients has met its goal within a day.

The campaign started through the "We Generation" homepage. A Pink had stepped forward as the celebrities to endorse the campaign and to spread more knowledge about the Lou Gehrig"s Disease even after the ice bucket challenge.

Even though the campagin has already met its goal of 1,000,000 KRW (approximately 954 USD), the campaign will continue on until November 7th, and all the money collected will be donated to the Seungil Hope Foundation.

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T-ara raise excitement for their comeback with BTS photos from their album jacket photoshoot

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T-ara are back to get Queen"s excited for their return with behind-the-scenes cuts from their album jacket photoshoot!

Their agency Core Contents Media unveiled the photos on the 26th, showing T-ara showing their focus while getting their hair and makeup done, and monitoring their photos. Since T-ara will take on the EDM genre big room for the first time for the title track off their upcoming 10th mini album, things are expected to get even more exciting once they reveal what catchy dance they will show next.

Stay tuned for their comeback on September 11!

4minute"s Gayoon and Sohyun take over as 3-day DJs on "Raise the Volume"

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4minute"s Gayoon and Sohyun have been chosen as special DJs for "Raise the Volume"!

The girls started on the 22nd and were chosen as the special DJs for the following 3 days. Even though the girls have been on radio shows often as guests, it"s the first time they"re going to be on together as DJs.

The girls said, "We"re so happy and looking forward to going to the studio as radio DJs because we were always listeners or guests before. We want to make good memories and communicate happily with the listeners."

Have you heard them DJ yet?

More celebrities hop on the "Ice Bucket Challenge" bandwagon to raise awareness about ALS

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Kim Jong Kook, Super Junior"s Ryeowook and Kangin alongside Heechul, who redid his ice bucket challenge, EXO"s Suho, B1A4, BTOB"s Eunkwang, SECRET"s Hyosung, Wonder Girls" Yenny and Yubin, Jung Jun Ha, BoA, 4men"s Shin Yong Jae, 15&"s Park Ji Min, Baek Ah Yeon, Cha Tae Hyun, Dal Shabet, Sung Yuri, Joo Won, Shin Bora, After School"s LizzyClaraRoyal Pirates, and WINNER"s Kang Seung Yoon are the next Korean celebrities to take on the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" to spread awareness about the disease, also referred to as Lou Gehrig"s Disease.

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Royal Pirates tagged: President Park Geun Hye

BTOB"s Eunkwang tagged: A Pink"s Bomi and Chorong, Super Junior"s Ryeowook

SECRET"s Hyosung tagged: SECRET"s Ji Eun, Younha, WINNER"s Nam Tae Hyun

Jung Jun Ha tagged: Park Ji Yoon, Kim Shin Young, HaHa

Sung Yuri tagged: Kim Sung Kyun, writer Noh Hee Kyung, and Josh Hartnett

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Super Junior"s Ryeowook tagged: EXO"s D

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Donates Goods to Raise Funds for Refugee Children in Syria

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Girls’ Generation member Seohyun is receiving attention for her giving heart, as she donated some of her possessions in order to raise funds in support of Syrian refugee children.

It has been reported that Seohyun personally donated a signed purse and sneakers to the charity concert “Happy Day,” which was held on August 21 at The Laville in Gangnam, for the purpose of raising funds through a water and sanitation project to support refugee children in Syria.

The “Happy Day” charity concert is an event prepared by actor Jun Kwang Ryul and his family. It appears that Seohyun took part in the donation for the charity auction hosted at the concert, as she was able to meet and become close with the senior actor after appearing on SBS’ “Passionate Love” together

JYJ's 'Back Seat' Upsetting To Some Female Fans - Coercive Lyrics Raise Red Flags

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(Photo : CjeS) Nothing says romance like Jaejoong, an industrial work site, and the back seat of a car for the music video "Back Seat."

Let me start off by saying that I am extremely excited by the new JYJ release and cannot wait to hear the rest of their comeback album. With that out of the way, the lyrics of “Back Seat,” are disappointing to hear when delivered by some of the top male artists in K-Pop.

“Back Seat” is the lead single off of the second JYJ mini album "Just Us." The release has been highly anticipated by fans and is a soulful R&B track which is clearly intended to set the mood between potential lovers. Musically, "Back Seat" is a wonderful song, but the lyrics leave a lot to be desired.

There is a clear difference between a masculine and sexy image, when compared to one that suggests female listeners should “let your feelings go, you don’t have to fight, don’t be shy, put you on my back seat

Queen"s raise funds to plant a forest for T-ara"s 5th anniversary

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Queen"s raised funds to plant a forest in T-ara"s name for the group"s 5th anniversary on July 29, which undoubtedly warmed the hearts of the members.

T-ara"s domestic fan club site "" and their international fan sites "Diadem", "TARA6JAPAN", "T-ARACHINA", and "T-ARAHK" came together to take part in "TREE PLANET"s "Star Forest Project". 250 fans contributed to the fund raiser and raised approximately 9 million KRW (~8,800 USD).

Queen"s shared, "We are very joyful to have a forest made in T-ara"s name. We hope that this forest will be a place where many people can comfortably rest and once the forest is completed, we also want to visit."

The members also expressed through Core Contents Media"s Twitter, "Today is T-ara"s 5th anniversary since debut!! We are happy thanks to our awesome Queen"s and the T-ara members who have continued to strive forward!!

IU to be temporary weekend DJ on radio program 'Yoo In Na's Raise the Volume'

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Known to be good friends with actress Yoo In Na, IU will be filling in as the weekend DJ of KBS radio program, "Yoo In Na"s Raise the Volume"! She will be taking a seat in the recording studio this weekend from July 25 to 27.

Although it will be a short opportunity for fans to hear her charming voice through the radio, it"s still bound to have a lot of fun moments as she was greatly absent through broadcasts in the first half of 2014 because she was working on her music.

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This will also help out her friend as Yoo In Na has been cast as the female lead in tvN"s new drama, "My Secret Hotel," alongside Nam Goong Min and Jin Yi Han

IU to Take Over “Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume” for Three Days

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Singer IU will be substituting for her BFF and actress Yoo In Na on the KBS radio show “Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume.”

According to KBS, the DJ’s position will be taken over by IU for three days from July 25 to 27.

As the young artist has been busy in the booth since the beginning of this year, the news of her return to the radio has been received with great enthusiasm. She is known for her calming but youthful voice and bright personality.

With IU kicking off the series, “Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume” will be taken over by special DJs for the weekends until October, while the actress herself will entertain the listeners during the weekdays.

In related news, Yoo In Na is currently filming her latest project tvN’s “My Secret Hotel,” which is set to premiere in August

Park Bom to Guest on Sandara Park’s “Raise the Volume” Radio Show

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Fellow 2NE1 member Park Bom will have the honor of being Sandara Park‘s first guest on her radio show!

To substitute for the official MC Yoo In Na, Sandara Park was earlier reported to take over the position for a week. From May 26 to June 1, the idol will be hosting KBS Radio’s popular radio show “Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume.”

According to the show’s representatives, Park Bom will participate in the show on May 27. She will be appearing on the corner called “Your Reason” together with rapper H-Eugene.

DJ Sandara Park and the two special guests will be having a fun discussion under the title “The reason why you wandered around like a boy in his teens.” While this is Sandara Park’s first time to host a radio show, she has expressed her keen interest in the task, raising the expectations for her hosting debut

4minute raise the volume up with 1,000 fans at their solo concert in Spain

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4minute were the "hot issue" among the 1,000 fans at their solo concert in Spain!

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The "4Minute Fan Bash in Barcelona 2014" was held at Club Razzmatazz in Barcelona, Spain on May 23. Since it"s rare for European fans to be able to see a K-pop girl group in person on their side of the world, fans from not just Spain but from all over Europe also came out to see the girls in person.

4minute opened the concert with "What"s Your Name?" and continued to heat it up with "Whatcha Doin" Today". The members also taught their fans the word "daebak," and they introduced themselves in Spanish. The fans also surprised 4minute by singing "Happy Birthday" to Gayoon who turned 25 (24 in international age) on the 18th

Teen Top’s Changjo Wants Niel to Catch Fish in ‘The Jungle’ So He Can Raise It in the Dorms

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As Niel prepares to become thefirst to go to the jungle, the Teen Top members had a few requests.

On May 13, Teen Top released a short video with the members informally interviewing Niel about his upcoming journey to the jungle with SBS’ The Laws of the Jungle.

They asked what kind of preparations Niel made and if he has been exercising to go on this trip. Niel even proved that he’s been exercising a lot by showing various swimming techniques.

Changjo asked if Niel will catch a lot of fish, to which Niel said he would. Changjo then told Niel to make sure to catch fish and bringing them back to Korea so that he can raise them as pets.

Niel will be joining The Laws of the Jungle for the Indian Ocean special.

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