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Recap: The 6th Episode of SBS Drama “Pinocchio”

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 by Jonni:When what we find is not the truth, truth sends a small signal- doubt. Listen to that signal.Episode 6- “The Adventures of 15 Boys” (aka “Two Years’ Vacation”)Cub reporters of every news station are sent out on mawaris. On a mawari, they make the rounds of the police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and courts in their line to find a good story to report. It basically requires that you live out of a suitcase for days on end, never getting enough sleep or food as you beg, plead, hide, eavesdrop, and do all that you can to get that good story before another news station. Newbies arrive at the police station all energetic, clean, and healthy, but it doesn’t take long until all you see are greasy heads, unshaven faces, and dark, sunken eyes.You’re basically a zombie

Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:

Now that feelings are getting mixed up with warring agendas, things start to get complicated in a good way, and more is left unsaid than ever before. Sadly for our heroine, even denial leads to hiccups, which means she either has to confess her feelings, or be stuck hiccupping for the rest of her life. Or until she stops finding Dal-po swoony. Yeah, good luck with that.Note: The recap for Episode 6 will be a little later than usual. ‘Tis a holiday here, and there is much turkey to be eaten.SONG OF THE DAYThomas Cook – “솔직하게” (Honestly)

EPISODE 5: “The king’s ears are donkey ears” After finding out about his father’s death in the middle of his job interview, Dal-po heads to the police station to claim the remains

Korean TVN Drama Misaeng Episode 12 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans

The hurdles to complete the used-car project are even higher than before now that the entire company is keeping a close eye on Sales Team 3, and Chief Oh’s confidence goes through a beating as he tries to figure out a way to convince the executives — and his own team — that this project is worth picking up again. Meanwhile, Young-yi must face a ghost from her past as we learn more about her life before joining One International.EPISODE 12 RECAP Korean TVN Drama Misaeng Episode 12 Recap and ScreenshotsChief Oh gathers the rest of Sales Team 3 around him to quietly tell them to go forward with the abandoned used-car import plan. Dong-shik reminds him that they won’t get much support for it from outside the team, and Manager Ma won’t approve it

Korean drama starting today 2014/11/24 in Korea

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Korean drama starting today 2014/11/24 in Korea: "Only You My Love"

"Only You My Love" (2014)Directed by Jin Hyeong-wookWritten by Ko Bong-hwangNetwork : KBSWith Han Chae-ah, Seong Hyeok, Ji Joo-yeon, Choi Dae-cheol, Kang Nam-gil, Kim Hae-sook,...Mon~Fri 20:25SynopsisBased on the concept of a "sharehouse" that"s been an issue these days, this drama is about discovering the true meaning of family through various families living under one roof.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/11/24

Why China Spent More On ‘Pinocchio’ Than ‘You Who Came From The Stars’

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"You Who Came From The Stars," starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, was a big hit in China. But "Pinocchio," starring Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye, is expected to become even bigger.

At least that"s the conclusion you can draw from the export price being paid for each of the episodes of the currently running drama. Each episode is being sold for $280,000. "You Who Came From the Stars," which inspired a rush of trends in China, only sold for $35,000. And while the price of exporting k-dramas has risen rapidly since then, even "My Lovable Girl" only earned $200,000 per episode.

Because of its record-breaking price, the drama"s name "Pinocchio, has become the most widely searched word on Chinese search portals.

There are several reasons that the drama may be going for such high prices

Korean Drama Pinocchio Episode 4 Recap

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By: Dramabeans We rewind a little to see that Dad finds the kids on the rooftop and hides out of sight, just in time to watch Dal-po try to stop In-ha’s day-long bout of hiccups, over having to lie that things went great with Mom and she’s totally fine giving up on journalism altogether. In-ha knows that Dal-po gave up college for her, and says she can’t live off of his taxi-driving income forever.But Dal-po stops her from burning all her books by declaring that he needs them now, because he’s going to become a reporter too. Just like that, her hiccups stop, and fireworks explode in the distance.As they head back down with her suitcase full of books, In-ha offers to give Dal-po her precious notes that she spent three years compiling. She worries about Grandpa finding out that Dal-po isn’t dumb, but he’s not concerned at all, since he plans to keep his cabbie job and just study intermittently because he’s positive he won’t be hired

Remembering 'Boys Over Flowers': The Best K-Drama Cliché

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(Photo : KBS)

Let"s take a moment to imagine this scenario.

You"re a broke high school student with four millionaire best friends. The first is a musical prodigy, the second is a mob boss"s son, the third is a renowned artist, and the last is a spoiled-rotten brat set to inherit one of the country"s biggest conglomerates. Yes, please!

There are so many wonderful clichés in KBS"s Boys Over Flowers, the 2009 K-drama starring Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon that became a global phenomenon.

Did it have an evil mother determined to separate the main couple? Check. Was there a childish male lead who is cold and evil in the beginning but slowly warms up to the tough and spunky female lead? Check

Vote For Best Actor, Best Kiss, Best Couple, In The Dramafever Awards

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K-drama lovers can now vote for their 2014 favorites to win the next Dramafever awards. As the content provider shows dramas and films from China, Japan, Europe and South America, some of the categories have international contestants but most of the categories are filled with Korean actors.

For example, the best actress category includes Krystal Jung, Gong Hyo Jin, Shim Eun Kyung, Song Ji Hyo, Gu Hye Sun and Spanish actress Amanda Ugarte.

The best actor category only contains Korean actors. The category features Rain, Lee Jong Suk, Choi Jin Hyuk, Joo Won, Jo In Sung and Lee Jun Ki.

And who would not want a chance to revisit some of the year"s best kisses? Contenders for the award in this contest include kisses between Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon, Jin Se Yeon and Lee Jong Suk

Recap for SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 4

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Okay, I seriously love this episode. I swear it’s not even because our hero finally gets a makeover (even though that’s worth a round of applause in and of itself—fare thee well, Mop of Shame!), but because the family stuff hits all the right chords. It’s an episode about fathers, and the kind of love that’s so steadfast that sometimes a reminder is a shock to the system—a poignant, tear-filled, affectionate DramabeansTiger J.K – “첫사랑” (First Love) for the Pinocchio OST

EPISODE 4: “Romeo and Juliet” We rewind a little to see that Dad finds the kids on the rooftop and hides out of sight, just in time to watch Dal-po try to stop In-ha’s day-long bout of hiccups, over having to lie that things went great with Mom and she’s totally fine giving up on journalism altogether

Korean KBS Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 12 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:After Yoo-jin’s failed hypnotherapy session, he happens upon his uncle talking to Nae-il, making mention of his airplane accident. Uncle had assumed Nae-il knew since she was aware of his water trauma, but Yoo-jin is upset to have his secret revealed and leaves the house, pulling Nae-il along with him.But the truth is out and there’s no use pretending she doesn’t know. Yoo-jin tells her of the plane crash that landed him in the sea, giving him a two-for-one trauma deal that prevents him from taking planes and boats. “It’s absurd, isn’t it?” he asks bitterly. “Go ahead, laugh.”She’s the furthest thing from laughing, and realizes that Yoo-jin isn’t choosing not to go abroad but actually unable to. Knowing how much he wanted to study overseas has her on the verge of tears, though Yoo-jin tells her that it’s not worth crying over

Korean tvN drama Misaeng Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Chief Oh and Dong-shik freeze and stare at their unwelcome new team member, who smirks at their reaction and notes Geu-rae’s impressive luck in his position, considering his lacking credentials. He chooses to settle in at Dong-shik’s desk while the rest of Sales Team 3 remain stone-faced.Chief Oh requests a new team member, but Manager Kim refuses to comply. He says that Chief Park is a great addition to his team, since he’s had a great record in the company. He tells Chief Oh to compromise and just prioritize work.In the break room, Chief Oh confronts Resource Team Chief Jung about him recommending this new team member. He knows that Chief Jung has had problems with him, but Chief Jung feigns oblivion and says that he simply didn’t have the leadership to control this guy. Korean tvN drama Misaeng Episode 9 Recap and Screenshots Back at Sales Team 3, Chief Park (Kim Hee-won) calls Geu-rae over and asks him how he passed the intern presentation test and landed his position with only a high school equivalency exam

K-pop stars find success on screen

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Si Wan of ZE:A - Children of Empire has been successfully building his acting career. The idol singer is currently starring in the popular drama series "Incomplete Life".

The phrase "Sprinkling SM on top of fully cooked rice", which derives from an old Korean saying that means adding one element can ruin a perfectly fine situation, is often used to criticize boy and girl group members who try their hand at acting without being fully prepared. SM refers to SM Entertainment, one of the largest music agencies in Korea.Similarly, the newly created term bal-yeon-gi is also used to mock idol singers who act. It literally means acting by foot and is used in reference to a person with terrible dramatic skills. Despite a lack of experience, famous singers are cast as actors because they bring star power that compels younger audiences to see musicals, plays and films and watch drama series

Korean OCN Drama Bad Guy Episode 7 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Back in the van, Goo-tak assures Tae-soo that they’ll find the guy that killed the pawnshop owner since they’ve found the weapon. But Tae-soo recognizes a fellow assassin’s work when he sees one—an expertly-placed stab wound caused Pawnbroker Im to die from massive blood loss within seconds.The professional they’re dealing with is among the best of the best: a completely emotionless assassin, whose work leaves no trace of evidence, no unnecessary wounds, and lastly, no sense of guilt.Team Crazy Dogs heads back to HQ where Prosecutor Oh is already waiting for them. He’s delighted to meet everyone in person—Jung-moon in particular, to whom he says it’s been three years since they’ve last seen one another. A quick flashback reveals that Prosecutor Oh had chuckled at Jung-moon’s high psychopathy score in the interrogation room years ago

Three Meals a Day, Meokbang, and the Korean Food Trend

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Three Meals a Day, Meokbang, and the Korean Food Trend Written by Adri On November 15, 2014

Ratings with more than 6% for a cable television channel are very rare. Crossing that threshold means that a show is officially a sensation. So if a tvN cooking-eating cable variety show reached 8.3% in ratings, no one could deny that it is simply crazy.

Na PD — the genius behind 2 Days 1 Night and the Over Flowers series — is responsible for coming out with this smashing hit; Three Meals a Day. The idea is to put actor Lee Seo-jin and 2PM member Taecyeon in a secluded village house and ask them to cook anything and eat those meals three times a day. Little that he knew, his simple idea has sent Korean audiences into a frenzy

Scandals stick for star draft dodgers

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MC Mong was cleared of dodging his military service, but his comeback was still controversial.

Scandalized entertainers are returning to the spotlight one after another, receiving forgiveness from the public for their past indiscretions. One example is actress Han Ye-seul, who is currently starring in the drama series "Birth of a Beauty". She reappeared on the small screen three years after she fled to the United States in the middle of shooting 2011"s "Spy MyeongWol".Han said she left the drama because of its hectic shooting schedule, and with the sudden departure of its lead actress, the series was abruptly canceled. But now she"s back in the public eye. Another actress, Park Si-yeon, has picked up a role in the drama series "Greatest Marriage". She recently returned to acting after she was found guilty of abusing the substance propofol last year

Korean TV, music sweeps Cuba

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Hallyu, the Korean Wave, is now sweeping across Cuba.Many domestic Korean media outlets have recently covered the Cuban people"s great interest in all things Korean. The dailies said that Korean TV soap operas, audition-themed survival programs and pop music are all enjoying great popularity in the Caribbean"s largest country. The Chosun Ilbo said in an article on November 5 that, "When "My Wife is a Superwoman" became the first Korean drama to ever air on Cuban TV last April, it soon became a hit show with a viewer"s rating exceeding 70 percent. Other Korean dramas, such as "My Fair Lady" and "Secret Garden", followed suit, creating a Korean soap opera boom".Such strong interest was reinforced at the 2014 Havana International Fair (FIHAV), which took place on November 2 for three days. According to domestic media outlets, Alex Castro, one of Fidel Castro"s sons, visited the Korean booth at the international fair along with high-profile Cuban officials, including the ministers of energy, agriculture and culture

[Spoiler] Added episode 16 captures for the Korean drama “My Lovely Girl”

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Added episode 16 captures for the Korean drama "My Lovely Girl" (2014)Directed by Park Hyeong-giWritten by No Ji-seolNetwork : SBSWith Rain, Krystal, Lee Si-ah, Cha Ye-ryeon, L, Kim Jin-woo,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00Formerly known as "Song For You" (송 포 유, song po yoo) and also known as "My Lovable Girl" and "She"s So Lovable"SynopsisA drama about Hyeon Wook, a man who loses his lover in an accident and falls madly in love with his dead lover"s sister.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/09/17


Korean tvN Drama Liar Game Episode 8 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:Everyone seems to think Woo-jin is preparing to use physical force to break up the human shield blocking the voting booth, but all he does is raise his hand……So that Actor Gu can high-five him. That’s right, Woo-jin already secured his allegiance by having Sung-joon sneak a letter to Actor Gu during the Bulldog/Dal-goo kerfuffle.And without a fourth person to block the voting booth, Assemblyman Kang’s plan fails. Dal-goo gets elected president, and fulfills his promise to distribute the funds from the treasury to his supporters. Korean tvN Drama Liar Game Episode 8 Recap and ScreenshotsBut there’s a reason Do-young doesn’t look at all worried, which is likely because Dal-goo opens the safe to find it empty. Oh no. This is baaad.Naturally, Actor Gu and Bulldog turn on Team Dal-goo thinking they’ve been betrayed

Korean SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 2 Recap and Screencaps

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by Dramabean:

Agh, they’re so cuuuuute. Now that our backstory is in place, the second episode actually brings our leads together onscreen, and I’m happy to say that their dynamic is adorable—their bickering relationship is funny and heartfelt, and I really like both characters. It was impossible to tell from the first episode alone if the show would reel me in, but by the end of this hour, they’ve got me. Last-place student Dal-po wins his first round of the TV quiz show, wiping the smirk off of the first-place champion and surprising everyone in their class. As the audience claps and the cameras turn to him, he narrates in voiceover that after suffering those cruel events with his family, he vowed to never set foot in a broadcast station or exchange words with anyone even remotely associated with a network

Korean KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 10 Recap and Screencaps

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by Dramabeans: Audition hall. After arriving to an empty auditorium, the judges receive word that there are students prepared to audition after all. Teacher Ahn is pleased at this sign that the boycott issue was resolved, while Teacher Do sniffs that an S Orchestra student is still going to fail, considering that judging will purely be based on ability.Yoo-jin and Nae-il arrive just in time for the first solo, recognizing Il-lac immediately. While he plays, Il-lac’s mind is full of Nae-il’s earlier reminder of everything Yoo-jin had done for them. In this case, Yoo-jin’s actions speak louder than his words (in that he offered no words). As Yoo-jin watches anxiously, Nae-il reaches out and takes his hand in a reassuring gesture. Korean KBS Drama Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 10 Recap and ScreencapsThe A Orchestra members are also alerted to the end of the boycott, but Shi-won is confused to see that many are skipping auditions anyway