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GOT7 & B1A4 Come Together With CLC To Celebrate Family Love Day With 'Family'

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(Photo : SMART ) B1A4, GOT7, and CLC come together for the cute video "Family."

JYP Entertainment’s GOT7 came together with WM Entertainment’s B1A4 to deliver an adorable music video. “Family” features B1A4, GOT7, and CLC as they promote Family Love Day for SMART school uniforms. The multi-agency project brought together the three groups, who serve as endorsement models for SMART.

The video provides a rare collaborative opportunity for two major male groups. As the the three groups perform together throughout the video, the potential of interagency releases is spotlighted. 

Throughout the video, the members of GOT7, B1A4, and CLC happily sing and dance. The project is part of a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Go Sung Hee considered to star alongside Jaejoong in new drama "Spy"

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Actress Go Sung Hee is in talks to star in KBS"s upcoming drama "Spy".

According to an official from KBS on November 7th, Go Sung Hee has been offered the role of Yoon Jin, Sunwoo(Jaejoong)"s lover. Her agency also confirmed the news and said as she is currently positively reviewing it, nothing has been decided yet.

Go Sung Hee previously stared alongside TVXQ"s Yunho in MBC"s "The Night"s Watchman" so it"s certain that her new project this time with JYJ"s Jaejoong is gathering quite a lot of attention.

"Spy" is based on an Israeil drama, telling the story of a former North Korean spy and her son, who works as an agent for NIS. Bae Jong Ok, Yoo Oh Sung, Jung Won Jung, Jaejoong have been confirmed for the drama.

"Spy" is set to be broadcasted in January 2015.

Cast of New Drama “Valid Love” Makes Ratings Promises

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The cast of forthcoming tvN drama “Valid Love” have been making promises about what they will do should the new series prove a ratings hit.

Cast members Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Si Young, and Lee Soo Hyuk were speaking on a tvN drama talk community event screened on the channel on November 27.

During the event, Lee Soo Hyuk said, “If the viewer ratings exceed 3 percent, I will invite viewers over to watch the drama together!”

Uhm Tae Woong said, “If the viewer ratings for the first episode exceed 1.5 percent, I will treat the crew to a buffet meal, as they have been working really hard with the cast to make this drama a success.”

“Valid Love” begins airing on December 1. The drama tells the story of a husband who tries to stop his wife from having an affair with another man

Jang Nara Thanks Fans For Their Great Love That Will Remain In Her Heart Forever

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Fans are always by Jang Nara’s side and always there for her! Jang Nara is currently filming for the MBC’s drama “Mr. Back.”On November 25th, fans unexpectedly treated the staff and Jang Nara’s co-actors of “Mr. Back” drama to a food truck and hot coffee.The surprise gifts were sent to the filming location at 11 p.m. Sadly, Jang Nara and her team couldn’t enjoy the sweetness due to their busy schedule until 4 a.m.Responding to the touching love for Jang Nara, the staff members said that, “We’re so lucky eating at this hour, thanks to Jang Nara.”Moreover, fans also surprised Jang Nara with a special song, A Good Day to Fall in Love that made the actress moved to tears. She sobbingly said “It’s a good day to freeze to death”, causing everyone burst into laughter

“Misaeng” Star Im Si Wan Signs Eight Endorsement Deals

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ZE:A‘s Im Si Wan has become one of the most sought-after faces in the advertising industry.

The actor/idol, who is currently starring on the extremely popular tvN drama “Misaeng,” recently signed eight modeling contracts with a wide range companies. In the upcoming months, Im Si Wan will be seen advertising clothing, cars, banking, communication services, outdoor clothing, beverages, groceries, and paper products.

The star is currently worth more than ever before, and he is said to be in the same range as actor Kim Woo Bin. After earning praise for his performance on “The Attorney” and “Triangle,” Im Si Wan surpassed the two hundred million won (approximately $200,000 USD) line, and his value has only increased thanks to the success of “Misaeng

Kyuhyun Praises Super Junior-M star Henry, "Henry Is Unpredictable"

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On the November 27th broadcast of E Channel’s “Brave Writer”, Super Junior member Kyuhyun has attend and revealed his short story behind the fame of Super Junior- M star Henry.Kyuhyun shared, “I appeared on KBS 2TV’s Happy Together with Henry, in the concept of introducing a star’s friend, and Henry ranked number one as the most searched word for two days afterwards.”The idol also said that, “Henry was cast in Real Man after and hasn’t been contacting me a lot these days.”After that, MC Jeon Hyun Moo teased Kyuhyun, “As someone who made Henry into a star, do you see any potential for Zhoumi to succeed in varieties?”Replying this question, Kyuhyun pointed out the basic differences between Henry and Zhoumi, “Henry is unpredictable and is the type that has to experience things first hand, while Zhoumi is stable and is the scholarly type who studies like a model student,” adding, “Instead of real variety shows, I think he suits variety programs that have a structured format like Non-Summit

[Video] Added new trailers and stills for the Korean drama "Sensible Love"

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Added new trailers and stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Sensible Love"

"Sensible Love" (2014)Directed by Han Ji-seungWritten by Kim Do-wooNetwork : tvNWith Eom Tae-woong, Lee Si-yeong, Lee Soo-hyeok, Choi Yeo-jin, Im Ha-ryong, Lee Yeong-ran,...Mon, Tue 23:00SynopsisA woman named Illy marries a man who was her teacher in high school and also meets another man.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2014/12/01


'My Lovely Sam Soon' Writer Creates Controversial New Love Story

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Kim Do Woo was one of the first k-drama writers to master the noona romance, creating the memorable 2005 romantic comedy "My Lovely Sam Soon." Now noona romances are an often-encountered and much-loved guilty pleasure.

The drama"s lovable character Sam Soon, played by Kim Sun Ah, was older, unmarried, and not considered conventionally desirable and yet she got her wish. After much trouble, she realized both her career and romantic dreams.

Kim is fond of creating unusual love stories and he"s created a new one titled "Righteous Love."

At the Nov. 19 press conference for the drama, Kim Do Woo said," I wanted to talk about an unconventional romance."

The romance is unconventional and somewhat controversial

Makers of New Drama “Valid Love” Release Uhm Tae Woong Pictures

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The makers of upcoming tvN drama “Valid Love” have released a series of photographs featuring actor Uhm Tae Woong, who will be starring in the new series alongside fellow actors Lee Si Young and Lee Soo Hyuk.

In the drama, Uhm Tae Woong plays the role of a man who tries to prevent his wife Il Ri (played by Lee Si Young) from having an affair with another man (played by Lee Soo Hyuk). The show’s producers have explained that Uhm Tae Woong’s character is a kind and naïve man, while Il Ri is a more complex and multi-dimensional character.

The two met at school, and one of the photographs show Uhm Tae Woong wearing a tight-fitting school uniform. In another picture, it seems that he is almost about to cry, which will fill would-be viewers with curiosity.

Han Ji Seung, the director of the series, explained that Uhm Tae Woong will be a success in the role, saying, “Although Uhm Tae Woong looks like a very straightforward guy, he can act in a variety of roles

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won Enchant in “Today’s Love” Trailer

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A video trailer has been released for upcoming movie “Today’s Love,” starring singer-actor Lee Seung Gi, as well as actress Moon Chae Won.

This romantic comedy tells the tale of an elementary school teacher (played by Lee Seung Gi) who falls for a TV weather forecaster (Moon Chae Won). It is scheduled for release in January 2015, and will also feature appearances from After School member Lizzy, as well as Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls.

The video shows clips from numerous scenes in the movie, including a comedic scene that involves Lee Seung Gi’s character carrying a seemingly drunk Moon Chae Won through the streets at nighttime, while the latter curses, insults him and even bites his ear

Ailee Set to Perform “Winter Concert” with US RnB Star Eric Benét

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Solo star Ailee is set to team up with American RnB superstar Eric Benét for a joint concert. The event will be entitled “Winter Concert,” and will be held at the SK Handball Stadium in Seoul’s Olympic Park on December 13.

The concert follows the two stars’ collaboration earlier this year, when they joined forces to record a remake of the track “Almost Paradise,” originally part of the “Footloose” movie soundtrack released in 1984. “Almost Paradise” was featured on Eric Benét ‘s album “From E to U: Volume 1,” which dropped in May 2014. You can take a listen to that track in the video below.

Representatives for the concert organizers explained, “Ailee is a powerful diva who will be representing Korea, while Eric Benét is well-known all over the world

Jaejoong in talks to star in new KBS drama "Spy"

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If you missed seeing Jaejoong on the small screen, you might have something to look forward to!

According to an exclusive, Jaejoong accepted a casting offer to star in upcoming KBS 2TV drama, "Spy (working title)," which will air on Fridays starting in January.  Star News cited a high-ranking representative in KBS"s drama department, who apparently stated, "Jaejoong has been confirmed to appear in "Spy."" The rep had also stated, "It is yet uncertain who the female actress playing alongside Jaejoong will be."

However, the same day the rep gave this statement, a rep from Jaejoong"s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, denied this was confirmed, telling OSEN, "Jaejoong received an offer to appear in "Spy" and is reviewing it

Lovelyz reveal making of "Candy Jelly Love" MV!

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New girl group Lovelyz have revealed the making of their music video for "Candy Jelly Love"!

The making-of shows footage of the Lovelyz members preparing for the MV scenes and joking around. Whether it"s attempting to play ping pong, balancing pencils on their lips, or shooting candy into a member"s mouth, the clip shows it all!

Lovelyz are getting attention as Woollim Entertainment"s first girl group as well as for the fact that their debut album "Girls" Invasion" was produced by respected composer Yoon Sang. DigiPedi directed the MV for the girls" debut track.

Check out the making-of above and the MV here if you missed it!

Jeong Il-woo to star in KBS drama "Blood"?

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Actor Jeong Il-woo is a likely candidate for the new KBS 2TV drama "Blood".

He"s been offered the role and he"s looking through the offer, says his management.

Jeong Il-woo"s to-be role is Park Ji-sang, a vampire who uses his powers to save terminally ill patients.

Coming in following February, "Blood" is a fantasy medical drama about a vampire doctor. Yoo Yeon-seok was initially cast first but he couldn"t do it because of a scheduling conflict.

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'Dr. Frost' Is A Character Who Feels Neither Love Nor Sorrow

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The new cable drama "Dr. Frost" follows two current k-drama trends. First, the drama concerns a character with mental problems and/or a medical background and second, it"s based on a popular webtoon. The drama"s leading character, Dr. Frost, is a prodigy who became a psychologist at a very early age but has some trouble relating to people. He is called Dr. Frost both because he has frosty white hair and because he cannot sympathize with others, which might create some problems when helping people cope with their problems.

Dr. Baek Nam Bong, played by Song Chang Eui, feels neither empathy nor love nor sorrow. But he has excellent deductive skills so he is good at guessing the cause of a patient"s problems.

Dr. Frost"s problems relate date back to a physical injury in which he damaged the frontal lobe of his brain