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[Interview] Eric Nam Dishes About 'After School Club' & His K-Pop Solo Career At KCON 2014

By in News posted Oct August 21st, 2014 No comments
(Photo : Kpopstarz)

Eric Nam is an enthusiastic K-Pop vocalist and leader in the Hallyu Wave.

B2M solo vocalist Eric Nam is one of the leaders in the movement to deliver K-Pop to worldwide audiences. As the host of Arirang TV"s popular music interview show "After School Club” Eric Nam has helped to bridge the gap between Korean speaking idols and their burgeoning global audiences.

English-speaking K-Pop fans have flocked to “After School Club,” which provides an opportunity for fans throughout the world to interact with their favorite K-Pop idols during its live stream. “After School Club” or “ASC” incorporates social media and YouTube in a unprecedented way.

Due to the success of “After School Club” and his appeal as a Korean-American solo artist, it was not surprising to find a large crowd gathered outside of the Viki booth at KCON 2014 that were hoping to have a chance to take a selfie with Eric Nam