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Mun Ka Young Chooses ‘Mimi’ As Her Number One Character

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Starting her acting career as a child, Mun Ka Young finally landed a lead role as ‘Mimi’ in Mnet’s drama Mimi in seven years.

Despite the fact that it was her first drama as the lead actress, there was no controversy surrounding her acting skills throughout the drama. Mun Ka Young was Mimi, and Mimi was Mun Ka Young.

“I tried to have similar looks to the character in the original version, movie M. I watched the original one, starred by Lee Yeon Hee sunbaenim, and tried to keep her pure, innocent look but added in sassy traits that are seen in a high school girl. It was easier to act since I’m actually in high school now.”

Acting out the role of ‘first love’ in the drama, Mun Ka Young had the pure looks to carry on the title of ‘the country’s first love,’ following miss A’s Suzy

Which Cross-Group Unit is Your Favorite?

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Most major idol groups have spun off units, but these days, the members aren’t always of the same breed.In fact, idols are mixing and matching with one another across groups, and we want to know which cross-group unit is your favorite!

From the most notable Trouble Maker to the latest ToHeart and even a few throwback unit groups, read on to see a few of our favorites and, of course, vote!


SHINee’s Key and Infinite’s Woohyun took their friendship to the next level, forming K-Pop’s latest cross-group unit, ToHeart.

If stalking the BFFs on Instagram just isn’t enough for you, watch the boys bring the funk in Delicious.

Two Song Place

Two Song Place might be the most random of unit groups, comprised of FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun and gag woman Song Eun I

ToHeart Oozes with Fan Service in ′Delicious′ MV

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Putting a smile on the faces of fans, Infinite’s Woo Hyun and SHINee’s Key finally teamed up as ToHeart to reveal their Delicious music video!

Full of colors and fun moments, the Delicious music video proved to be one giant present for that fans, who ship these two best friends. As proven through the flipbook in the attic room, these boys go way back and share everything from bunk beds to bathrooms, even a table at the Milky Way café.


E: This is a dusty room
G: Yeah... I think it′s like an attic or something

E: Key looks so avant garde....and Woo Hyun looks so normal
E: I know they′re bffs but this is still kind of an odd pairing

E: What are they looking for?
G: Old treasure chest!

E: Aww what a cute animation sequence
G: flip books!

E: hehe Woo Hyun was tubby

AlphaBAT Talks the Members′ Different Flavors and Creating a Real ‘AB City’

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AlphaBAT may only be four months old in idol age, but the K-Pop group already has two singles under its belt and is currently dominating the rookie scene with latest track Tantara.

The tight-knit nine-member idol group recently sat down with enewsWorld for an exclusive interview ahead of its MEET&GREET with Mwave and talked excitedly about its comeback as well as all of the qualities – from A to Z - that make the group uniquely AlphaBAT.

Can you tell us a little bit about ‘Tantara?’

BETA: This is a track we prepared for a year and three months. Although the track was created a year and three months ago, we loved the song so much, we kept editing and re-editing it to the point that the composer hyungs got annoyed with us, saying they were never going to give us another track [laughs]

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – March Week 2

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Even though it cannot repeat the perfect score of last week, the duet “Some” between Soyu and Junggigo is No. 1 for the third straight week. This song just keeps piling up music show wins. Even before very strong competitions, this week “Some” still wins on KBS Music Bank. Odds don’t favor this song to be No. 1 again next week since we have a trio of major artists coming back and eyeing the top spot (more on that below). But “Some” has been incredibly durable in popularity and may surprise again next week.

We have five new songs in the top 10 this week. Just below “Some” is our highest new song. Moving up 17 spots to No. 2 is Sunmi’s new hit “Full Moon.” Last year, Sunmi successfully came back as a solo artist with the chart topping hit “24 Hours

Kdrama Age of Feeling: Episode 15 recap

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EPISODE 15 RECAP by Dramabeans

Even after Shinichi receives one of Baek-san’s finishing moves, he continues to fight until a group of Kaya’s henchmen come to fetch him on her orders. Shinichi refuses at first, wanting to finish the fight, but acquiesces immediately when the henchmen show him a mysterious black bag.

Baek-san acts all friendly to Jung-tae after the fight, though Jung-tae’s not too keen on returning the kindness. He promises to repay the debt he owes Baek-san (for saving him from Shinichi), but there’s something darker in that promise—he’s talking revenge.

But Baek-san, none the wiser, tells him that he owes him nothing: “Hwangbang will always protect you.” Oh, you mean when Hwangbang isn’t trying to kill him?

Kaya gets another chance to ask Leader Seol who killed her mother, but instead of answering her directly he tells her about her mother; the way she lived and the way she was loved at Club Shanghai, even though she was the highest female on the yakuza food chain

Three Days: Episode 2 Recap

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Kdrama Three Days: Episode 2 RECAP by Drama Beans

In the woods, a SWAT team sweeps the area with dogs as a man flees for cover.

Inside the presidential villa, Security Team Leader Ham sits with his shirt off after bandaging a wound in his arm. He growls that the suspect in the assassination attempt against the president has been spotted: “It’s Secret Service agent Han Tae-kyung.”

And back in the woods, we see that it’s Tae-kyung who’s being chased by the army of agents. Crud.

90 minutes earlier. March 5. 8:00 PM.

We go back to the moment of the blackout, this time from the Secret Service agents’ perspective from inside the villa. They scramble to get communications back up to check on the president’s status when the shots ring out: one, two, three

Female Contestant of Popular Dating Show “Jjak” Commits Suicide on Set

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Shockwaves were sent around the nation as news of a woman committing suicide during the recording of a popular dating show “Jjak” (or “Match/Couple”) hit the media.

The woman was a contestant on the show and was discovered dead in the female contestants’ lodging room. The police has been investigating the other contestants as well as the staff members.

On March 5, the Seogwipo Police revealed that the woman (Ms. Jeon, age 29) was found dead in the bathroom. She was discovered by another female contestant and a producer.

The other contestants were having dinner at around 8PM on this day on the first floor. After dinner was over, they realized that Ms. Jeon was not present. So a female contestant went up to the second floor to look for Ms. Jeon, when she found Ms. Jeon with a hair dryer cord around her neck

Empress Ki Ep35 Recap

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Empress Ki Ep35 Recap by thetalkingcupboard

Seung-nyang continued to have nightmares and showed the new bruise she got on her neck to Taltal (Why am I getting a couple vibe from these two?!). Taltal had ordered for his men to find the shaman in the capital and told Seung-nyang about the tag for the Grim Reaper with her name on it, which would be hidden somewhere around her quarters. The maids conducted a search around her quarters and started digging the compound; however, nothing was found yet. Ta-hwan got to know about the curse after witnessing Seung-nyang having the nightmare and choking him in the process. He also thought that Tanashiri was the only person who would do such thing and he couldn’t stand still, watching her in that kind of suffering

MR.MR’s Agency Admits to Writing Song to Diss SM Entertainment

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MR.MR’s agency, Winning Insight M, released its official statement on the recent controversy surrounding MR.MR’s new song titled MR.MR, dissing Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

The agency reported on March 5, “It’s true the song was made to diss. But it was geared towards SM Entertainment. We have nothing against SNSD.”

Below is the official statement released by Lee Sung Ho, the CEO of Winning Insight M.

“Hello, this is CEO Lee Sung Ho from MR.MR’s agency, Winning Insight M. I am writing to explain the controversy surrounding dissing SNSD. It’s true we dissed, but it was geared towards SM Entertainment, and we have nothing against SNSD.”

“I’d like to let you know that this is really about the relationship between grand sized agencies and the small sized ones

Winning Insight releases official position on MR.MR’s ‘diss’ song towards Girls’ Generation’s title track name

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Boy group MR.MR recently stirred up some controversy with a song titled "Mr.Mr", which is not only their group name, but also the same as Girls" Generation"s latest title track. And with the situation becoming bigger, the agency has issued an official statement through their homepage to further express their position on the matter.

As mentioned before, when fans took a closer look at the lyrics for the boy group"s song, many interpreted the lyrics to be directed towards Girls" Generation and wondered if this was supposed to be a "diss" song. The boys" agency responded to say that it was indeed aimed towards Girls" Generation"s latest release.

With many directing negative comments toward MR.MR, the agency"s CEO has spoken up to explain their position and why they felt the need to release the group"s recent song through a post on the agency homepage

Emergency Couple: Episode 11 recap

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While under the sleepy effects of pain medicine, Jin-hee is dreaming of past happy (and sexy) times with Chang-min. In the real world, Chang-min kisses her, then notes the small smile on her face.

Later, Chun-soo comes to check on Jin-hee just as she’s waking up. She tries to get out of bed but he grabs her wrist and tells her to stay and rest. The wrist-grab seems to affect Jin-hee, and she weakly insists that she needs to get back to work, but Chun-soo gruffly tells her that doctors can’t get sick or hurt, because patients sometimes come from very far away to see a doctor, and it’s not right if the doctor is sick or hurt themselves. Jin-hee promises it won’t happen again, and obediently lays back down to rest.

Chang-min tells Yong-gyu about the accident, saying that he’s the best driver ever, so that call “from someone” must have gotten him upset enough to be careless

What is Your Favorite SNSD Concept So Far?

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As we patiently wait for Girls’ Generation (SNSD) to make its comeback stage with the newest song Mr. Mr., we′ve decided to break down SNSD′s previous concepts - the ones that vaulted the group to the top of the food chain.

From the simple skinny jeans to navy look, SNSD pulled off different costumes for different hits, satisfying the fans with their unique charms each time.

It might be hard to pick just one, but take a look at our selection of five of SNSD’s concepts, and pick your favorite!

The Simple and Classic Look in ‘Gee’

When girls released Gee from their first mini album, it became a sensational hit across the country and beyond. Ranking number one on music programs for over nine weeks straight, the girls took away the hearts of numerous fans with their lovely, simple and classic look with colorful skinny jeans and white tees

SNSD Operates on ‘Mr.Mr’ in New MV

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The nine fine ladies are back and they’re not kidding around when it comes to the color pink.

The music video was released on February 28 without a warning after postponing the original release due to some technical difficulties. But previous errors aside, the girls have returned, looking fiercer than ever and bringing both their feminine and masculine sides to the surface.

G: Okay creepy operating room
E: This is scary.

E: Oh pink lights
E: And Pink.... shots
E: Let′s go!
E: and pills
G: and pink surgeons

E: Hyoyeon looks like a with that syringe
G: Kinda of getting the vampire feel
G: with the pale faces and thick makeup

E: Oh this Oh Oh Ooh Oh reminds me of BoA′s Hurricane Venus
E: SM style
G: ah~~ yeahhhh
G: at least it’s not in the traditional box

G: It′s in a parking lot this time
E: Is this the EXO parking lot?
E: Do they OWN this parking lot?
G: It′s probably the underground parking lot of SM Entertainment

E: This is an interesting dance
E: Is it like

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – March Week 1

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Soyu and Jungigo’s “Some” not only repeated as No. 1 on our chart this week, but it becomes the first song in more than five and a half years to achieve a perfect score of 1000 points. The last song did it was Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” back in August Week 3 of 2008.

“Some” swept all the music shows last week and was also topped both GAON and Billboard Korea. It is still winning on music shows this week, and will be the favorite to be our No. 1 song for the third consecutive weeks next week. The question is whether “Some” can have another perfect score. We’ll find out next week.

Coming in a distant second to “Some” is our highest top 10 entry this week. Moving up 19 spots to No. 2 is a very special collaboration between Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and SHINee’s Jonghyun

BTS Talks the Difference Between Grownup Love and Teenage Love

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BTS is back with a new album and title track Boys in Luv, but don’t go taking the boys for softies now.

In fact, these lovesick boys are still rough around the edges, as BTS maintains its signature swag on the track and throughout the album.

BTS recently answered a few questions for enewsWorld, so read on if you’re prepared to be schooled – excuse us – skooled on love. Teenage love.

Could you talk a little bit about the new album ‘Skool Luv Affair?’

It’s our third record since we made our debut. It hasn’t even been a year yet, so it’s hard to believe that it’s our third. We’re really proud of ourselves. If the previous albums covered slightly serious topics, we picked ‘Love’ as the keyword this time around. Teenage love

Saying Goodbye to “Man from the Stars”

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With Episodes 20 and 21 “Man from the Stars” has officially come to an end. The final two episodes aired amongst great speculation about possible endings and the delivery was filled with largely satisfying emotions. That being said, saying goodbye is never easy, no matter if you are an alien, an actress, or an invested viewer.

Key Plot Developments:

Min Joon Explains His View on Death

During his 400 years on Earth, Min Joon has seen death countless times, but it is only now that he has experienced love that he understands the point of trying. It’s the moments in life that are the most important. Even with the certainty of death, we can still live happy lives.

Min Joon’s First Family Dinner

Not only is this meal Min Joon’s first dinner with his in-laws, it’s also his first meal with a family

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 21

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview The end is here!

And boy, was it grand.

You Who Came From the Stars left us with warm fuzzy feelings to know that Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi′s relationship somehow worked out, at the same time, putting an emphasis on how precious time spent with a loved one is.

It was great while it lasted, and here are our final top 10 moments of You Who Came From the Stars.

Do Min Joon: Chun Song Yi. My beloved, Chun Song Yi.
Don′t wear such revealing outfits while it′s cold.
You′re prettier when you′re covered up.
Like I said before, kiss scenes and back hugs scenes are a no.
Passionate romance, no.

Don′t get sick and don′t look at negative comments

Solbi and Sunny Hill’s SeungA graduate college

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Singers Solbi and Sunny Hill"s SeungA celebrated graduating from college! Both uploaded pictures from their ceremonies onto their SNS.

Solbi wrote on Twitter, "I graduated. The end and the beginning!! I love my alma mater, Yongin University." She is wearing her graduation gown in one picture, while in another she is holding up her diploma proudly.

The other members of Sunny Hill joined SeungA for her graduation. More pictures were uploaded via the group"s official and SeungA"s personal Twitter accounts, showing their festive celebration of the special occasion. The flowers wilted away at these girls" bright and happy smiles.

Congratulations to both women on their awesome achievements!

SEE ALSO: SeungA becomes a reporter in BTS video for Sunny Hill"s "Don"t Say Anything" MV

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap by Softy (finish) MJ says the greatest superpower I have is to stop time. SY: you know how to do that? MJ: of course. i am a way more impressive man than you think. I stopped time many times - inside that time you didn’t know about - I said this “I love you Chun SY.” when time resumes (flows) and I say this I thought everything would flow and disappear so I said it in that stopped time “I love you chun SY. I love you.”SY says in the time I didnt know – I love you. she rests her head on his lap and closes her eyes as he pets her hair.MJ narrates about 400 yrs ago and now – how he isnt able to take anything with him when he leaves so he had that rule not to have anything. he kept that rule well all this time but in the last 3 months everything collapsedSY asks when he first liked her