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Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 21

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview The end is here!

And boy, was it grand.

You Who Came From the Stars left us with warm fuzzy feelings to know that Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi′s relationship somehow worked out, at the same time, putting an emphasis on how precious time spent with a loved one is.

It was great while it lasted, and here are our final top 10 moments of You Who Came From the Stars.

Do Min Joon: Chun Song Yi. My beloved, Chun Song Yi.
Don′t wear such revealing outfits while it′s cold.
You′re prettier when you′re covered up.
Like I said before, kiss scenes and back hugs scenes are a no.
Passionate romance, no.

Don′t get sick and don′t look at negative comments

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap by Softy (finish) MJ says the greatest superpower I have is to stop time. SY: you know how to do that? MJ: of course. i am a way more impressive man than you think. I stopped time many times - inside that time you didn’t know about - I said this “I love you Chun SY.” when time resumes (flows) and I say this I thought everything would flow and disappear so I said it in that stopped time “I love you chun SY. I love you.”SY says in the time I didnt know – I love you. she rests her head on his lap and closes her eyes as he pets her hair.MJ narrates about 400 yrs ago and now – how he isnt able to take anything with him when he leaves so he had that rule not to have anything. he kept that rule well all this time but in the last 3 months everything collapsedSY asks when he first liked her

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star ep21 preview (Text Preview for Final Episode)

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The day has come! SBS’ hit alien-human romance drama, “Man from the Stars,” will be airing its final episode today (February 27 KST), and thankfully, the cast and staff has wrapped up filming the final episode earlier today.Such is the case for many Korean dramas, where episodes are almost shot right up to the airing on the same day. Called “live-shooting,” each scene is shot and sent to the editing room, and the episode gets edited piece by piece as the footage comes in, almost right up to the hour of the broadcast.“Man from the Stars” wasn’t terribly backed up like some other dramas, but it did keep the race tight. The first report of the drama finishing filming was released at 8:08AM February 27 KST, just a little over 12 hours until the broadcast time. The filming proceeded as clandestinely as possible and the staff was giving a gag order to prohibit any specific details about the ending from leaking

You Who Came From the Stars/My Love From the Star EP20 preview

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My Love From the Star EP20 Text Preview Suspicions about DMJ has turned South Korea upside down. DMJ is arrested under the suspicion of kidnapping CSY. SY is worried about DMJ that's why she doesn't want to leave his side but the moment she's away, DMJ's body starts to have abnormal reactions and collapses onto the ground.pic source (bts): heukbakipreview: sbs back in Joseon – the man says i wont forget what you said today.before I leave can I say one thing. before you leave this place I think you will love some woman and for her you will throw everything away for her. cuz a person who doesn’t believe in love will be miserable. “Man from the Stars” Final Episode Script CompletedThe script of “Man from the Stars” has been finalized

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 6

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars just keeps getting more and more interesting, explaining why it set another highest ratings with episode 6!

We don’t know about you, but we’re completely in love with Chun Song Yi’s antics as well as Do Min Joon, whose shell is slowly starting to crack.

Check out what we picked for our favorite moments from episode 6!

Student: Have you ever been jealous after liking someone before?


Lee Hwi Kyung: You understand me right? So from now on, don’t hang out around Song Yi’s house.

Do Min Joon: Chun Song Yi left her purple hair tie at my house. I told her take it home.

Lee Hwi Kyung: What? Why was that – Did she get drunk and pass out at your house again?

Do Min Joon: Ah~ Don’t misunderstand

Kdrama The Heirs Episode 12 Preview

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Kdrama The Heirs Episode 12 Preview

MS: You really like Cha Eun Sang?

YD: Is that what he/she/they said?

YD: I look at Cha Eun Sang with this look.

Tan: I’m not the director ‘s (JS) son. I’ve deceived you. I’m sorry.

Yoon: I think this is as much as I can help you personally.

Won: Are you crazy?

YD: You’re ES’s mom, right?

YD: A maid’s daughter.

ES: If you want to tell the other kids, go head. If you want to bother me, go ahead.

YD: I didn’t say anything.

ES: What you are going to do to me?!

YD: I’m not going to do anything! (literally, he said “What is there for me to do?)

Tan: Don’t think about threatening Cha Eun Sang with something like this.

YD: Don’t mindlessly protect Cha Eun Sang

Highlights: “Misaeng,” Episodes 9 and 10

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Episode 9, or how to work with the a**@#%$ you hate

Our favorite sales team finally gets a new addition! Unfortunately, the guy turns out to be a total troublemaker who has fun publicly humiliating our courageous Geu Rae for getting in without any talents (and no university degree). The man, Mr. Park, also likes to lounge around, make Geu Rae massage his feet, play pool and go to saunas during working hours. And he’s a total suck-up towards the big boss, even though he’s pissed off at having been sent to the team.

Geu Rae decides to follow another of his go (badeuk) lessons, which states that the trick is to always keep your cool, for at one point your adversary will make a mistake.

Geu Rae is not the only one who has to deal with Most Horrible No Good Colleague

Review episode 12 and 13 of “Greatest marriage”

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In this episode, I felt quite unsatisfied until I found out that the director's intention is ending the relationship between Tae-Yeon and Gi-Young. Myung- Yion maybe appeared so much on screen. I thought that Gi-Young appeared less than Myung-Yion. I hope that their appearnce on screen is equal.After Gi-Young comes back to the number one spot, she starts reading the out of date news. Their news room gets panic. Her action is always complained by her colleague. She is always doing what she wants. Outside, the women’s group cheers that Gi-Young is back while downstairs, the team is happy the boycott has ended. They watch the ratings, which jump up above 15% and celebrate, like they had anything to do with it. Pffttt, bunch of jerks. Even more hilarious, as soon as Eun Cha starts reading the news, the ratings nosedive below 5%

DramaFever Celebrates Five Years Of Subtitled Korean & International Drama

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(Photo : Angie Mills for Kdramastars)
The DramaFever 5th Anniversary Party was a fantastic time for K-Drama fans.

On Thursday, October 9 online subtitled content provider DramaFever celebrated its five year anniversary. The DramaFever 5th Anniversary Party was held at Toshi’s Living Room, a midtown Manhattan venue which also hosted INFINITE’s MTVK performance in 2013.


K-Drama and international drama fans gathered together for the opportunity to mingle with one another and speak with DramaFever staff. The party featured a live band who performed rousing renditions of K-Drama original soundtrack hits. Attendees also enjoyed the an open bar and appetizers, during the three hour party.

(Photo : Angie Mills for Kdramastars)
Party-goers had the chance to see a preview of "Tomorrow"s Cantabile

“Empress Ki” Episode 17 – 18 Recap

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“Empress Ki” Episode 17 - 18 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

Things moved along nicely, I’m happy with the pace since we have a long ways to go. We have a curse to deal with and we got to see a jealous Goryeo King! I’m thisclose to boarding the WY/SN ship but who knows where I’ll be next week. (LOL) My mind changes on an hourly basis.
We open on Wang Yoo flashing back on the intimate scene on the bridge. He breaks the cup he’s holding in frustration (anger? sadness? all of these?) cutting his hand. Ta Hwan watches Ki and teases that she only allowed him her back – why not a hug? (LOL) He suddenly pulls her close and covers her ears, telling her he wants to challenge El Terror but that she witnessed him weak makes him want to die. Can she hear him? If so, she pretends that she can’t.

While Ki reads to Ta Hwan, Wang Yoo is outside shooting arrows

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 20 Recap [Korean Drama 2013]

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Korean Drama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 20 Recap by joonniTan and Young Do stand apart, but together, looking out into the city. YD finally breaks the silence: “It’s cold.” He’s describing the weather, but it is also how he feels. Tan adds, “It’s cold…and dark.” Silence falls between them again as they each try to fight off the cold and dark feeling hovering over them because of their fathers.At a cafe, Tan discusses his situation with a woman, who we learn is a lawyer. Tan doesn’t trust the lawyers at Jeguk anymore, and he wants this new lawyer’s help transferring legal proxy rights to Won from JS for his stocks.Yoon and Won are busy preparing for battle against JS too. Yoon reports to Won which person has how many percentage of stocks. Won notes that because the margin between the percentage held by JS and her people are close to the percentage held by Won and Tan and their people, it’s going to a battle to try to get the rest of the stockholders to side with them

Kdrama ‘The Heirs’ Episode 17 Recap

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Kdrama Recap: The Heirs Episode 17 Recap by joonni Episode 17 Tan ends up back at the empty apartment, the last place he saw Eun Sang, smiling back at him. He remembers what Dad said to him after the meeting- “Don’t forget this day. You lost that child today as the consequence of the sword you wielded.” Tears start to fall silently out of Tan’s eyes first, but as the sobs rise in his chest, Tan pants for breath and he falls on his knees. He clutches his chest as he cries. Tan walks the streets calling Eun Sang, but the operator is saying the phone number doesn’t exist. Tan weeps, going numb from the pain as he remembers Eun Sang saying bye to him with a smile at the apartment. Tan arrives home and goes to his dad. He tells him that Eun Sang is gone; he can’t find her

The Awesome that is The Heirs Episode 13 & 14

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The Heirs episode 13 and 14 left Frau, BBSwooner, The Crazy Ahjumma and I with many feelings that can not be expressed in just a few words. We decided to create this post with all our favourite scenes from the two daebak episodes. We will rant, swoon and die as we discuss each scene and why we love it so much. Come and swoon/rant/die with us!!!!

Episode 13

“The Emotional Hug”

Ducky: My first favourite scene is the emotional hug that we waited one whole week for! Why was it such a great scene and delivered so much emotions?

Frau: Yes, I love it! It was full of warmth and comfort as well as reassuring. It also signifies ES accepting Tan not only taking his hand but him as a whole

Kdrama The Heirs Episode 14 Recap

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Tan has arrived just outside the broadcast room. Through the door window, he can see YD, and he realizes that ES is in there too. He tries to get it, but YD locks the door. Tan kicks the door furiously, yelling at YD to open the door before he kills him.Inside, ES asks YD to open the door. YD replies, “When I said I would torture all those around you, it included Kim Tan. And me.”Tan finally kicks the door open, and telling ES to get out, punches YD. I noticed here that YD has pushed ES behind him so she doesn’t get hurt, knowing Tan is going to beat him up. Tan picks up a chair to hit Young Do, but ES desperately grabs Tan’s waist to stop him. “Don’t do this.” Meanwhile, YD never fights back, steps back, or drops his gaze from ES.Tan throws the chair down and pushes ES outside. “Don’t come in.” Tan grabs YD’s collar and seethes, “I warned you not to bother ES

Kdrama The Heirs Episode 13 Recap

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Kdrama "The Heirs" Episode 13 Recap and Screenshot ES goes outside to throw out garbage. She sees Tan standing in front of the café with a dazed look and tears brimming in his eyes. She looks at him silently, feeling what he feels, as he struggles to breathe with the tears rising in his throat and his chest squeezing in pain. ES starts to cry, and tears fall on both ES and Tan’s cheeks, mirroring each other.Eun Sang walks over to Tan and asks if he is okay. Tan doesn’t answer. She tearfully asks what happened. Tan reminds her of the time she said in the US she would hold his hand and run with him if it got dangerous for him. “Does that still apply here?” Eun Sang shakes her head, still crying. Tan looks devastated: “I see.”Suddenly, ES rushes closer and wraps her arms around his neck and embraces him tight, standing on her toes

Running Man: Episode 171 Recap

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EPISODE 171. Broadcast on November 10, 2013.

Today’s opening is a mostly recycled version of last week’s super-long intro of Ryu Hyun-jin (LA Dodgers). There are couple of adorable moments at the start, however, like how Gary shoots Ji-hyo cutesy heart baseball signals and Ji-hyo’s flubbed pitch.

The cast marvels at the baseball star’s sweet digs, joking that they should have treated him better during his last visit. Then they collectively cringe when Hyun-jin shouts out the corny magical incantation.

This time, Hyun-jin’s superpower gives him control of the cast’s future, but mostly it means that he’ll be issuing the missions today. So it’s likely he won’t even show up until much later or possibly even next week

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2013 – November Week 2

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K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love” moves up five spots to become our new No. 1 song this week. This song was No. 1 on most music shows last week. It is his first No. 1 song on our chart this year. His “Love Blossom” went to No. 2 earlier this Spring. K.Will is trying to defend his top male soloist title in our year end soompi gayo award. With “You Don’t Know Love” topping the chart, he will have a solid chance. His main competition this year will be G-Dragon.

See also: New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 November Week 2

“You Don’t Know Love” just narrowly won over a surprise hit from Park Ji Yoon’s “Mr. Lee,” which moves up 13 spots to No. 2. Despite only 31 years old, Park Ji Yoon has been in the music industry for 16 years, and was one of the first generation K-Pop idols

Running Man Episode 170 Recap

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Running Man Episode 170 Recap By DramaBeans

Running Man EPISODE 170. Broadcast on November 3, 2013.

A cyclone descends on the land of Oz, leaving behind two bewildered visitors: co-stars of the spy movie Alumni, Kim Yoo-jung and TOP. I have a feeling you’re not at the Busan International Film Festival anymore.

Still, the My Sassy Girl tree is a familiar site, and when TOP asks if she recognizes it, he gives us our first corny joke of the day with the answer: “It’s a pine tree.” Lol.

A nearby note (and trademark red heels, natch) teaches them of their mission: find your way home with the help of the Scarecrows, Tin Men, and Cowardly Lions, and plead your case to the Wizard of Oz

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap

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Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live RecapOutside, Tan and YD talk. Tan: “I’m sorry I thought of you lightly. I didn’t know you’d be this much of a bastard. ” YD: “Now that you know, is all that is left you kneeling in front of me?” Tan: “Is that what you wanted? Then this not a good plan.” Uh Oh, YD sees ES walking up. YD: “I think I set a good plan.” ES also now sees YD and Tan. YD: “ES even comes to your house? I didn’t come for this, but…Jackpot.”Tan lies, telling YD that he had a previously promised date with ES today. He apologizes to ES, saying they should go see the performance next time. ES gets the hint, and turns to leave. YD calls after her, but Tan tells her to just go. ES hurries off.YD finds it curious that ES comes to Tan’s house so freely, which is full of secrets- “It only means one thing

allkpop [TV Program Guide] [Variety Edition]: [Op-Ed] Leessangs departure from variety: the problem with jumping to conclusions

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I don’t usually discuss serious topics on the allkpop TV Guide. But this past week, something really big happened, something worth talking about – and it, sadly, didn’t need to happen at all.

I am, of course, talking about the hip-hop duo Leessang‘s announcement that they would be ending all of their stints on variety programs, with Gil on ‘Infinity Challenge‘ and Gary on ‘Running Man’. This is a reaction to the massive backlash they have received over a concert (‘Super 7‘), featuring the ‘Infinity Challenge’ members, that was produced by Leessang Company.

First of all, here’s a quick overview of everything that went down:

Leessang Company (a separate entity from the hip-hop duo, albeit managed by them) announced a ‘Super 7′ concert a few months ago featuring the Infinity Challenge members, meant as a project for their loyal fans who had waited for them throughout the entire MBC strike