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“Man from the Stars” Hits the Right Notes in Episodes 1 & 2

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The new SBS drama “Man from the Stars” kicked off on December 18 taking over the Wednesday/Thursday time slot from Heirs. I will be covering this fantasy rom-com for Soompi on a weekly basis. Please be sure to check in and share your thoughts about this drama!


When Do Min Joon landed on Earth 400 years ago, he didn’t realize how much he would dislike living there. He doesn’t age, making it very hard to build relationships with other people, and his super abilities like extra sensitive hearing and the power to stop time don’t seem to do him much good. It’s understandable that over time Min Joon has developed a very cynical outlook towards human life. How will this viewpoint change as he interacts with the loud and opinionated actress Chun Song Yi? As fate would have it, these two already have a deep connection, a connection which spans over 400 years

Soompi Weekly Roundup December Week 3

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All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup!

This week in Korean entertainment news…

Busker Busker’s lead man Jang Beom Jun will be marrying actress Song Ji Soo. Song Ji Soo is twenty years old and will be having his child. Jonghyun, and one of the idol masters of SNS, changed his profile picture in support of a Korean transgender student. He said he had no interest in politices, but I’m glad he feels strongly about important matters other than K-pop! DMTN‘s Choi Daniel made a tearful statement for his first court appearance for his appeals. The poor kid, I hope he gets his sentence lessened! Wonbin and Lee Na Young went on a public date for the first time at a wedding

Lee Bo Young, Ji Sung are Top TV Stars in 2013 Gallup Korea Poll

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Gallup Korea interviewed 1702 people of both genders over the age of 13 between November 1 and 18. They asked interviewees to name two actors or actresses who were outstanding in 2013. Gallup Korea released the results of their survey on December 17.

2013’s top two spots were taken by married couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung, with 11.0% and 8.1% of votes respectively. Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung have had a great 2013, each starring in well-received dramas and finally getting married after a seven-year romance. They received support across all age groups, but were most popular amongst those in their 30s and 40s.

In first place, Lee Bo Young has had two huge hits this year, with KBS daily drama “My Daughter Seo Young” and SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice

“You Who Came From the Stars” Episode 2 Recap

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 “Man from the Stars” Episode 2 Recap by Drama Beans We begin back in the Joseon timeline, when our hero Min-joon is still a recent arrival on Earth. He and fellow aliens—dressed in vaguely futuristic, androgynous black clothing—pluck specimens from the forest and pack them away for study. These aliens are on a research mission, it seems.All of a sudden, time comes to a standstill in the village; the townspeople freeze mid-activity as a man arrives in the marketplace. It’s Min-joon, now dressed like a Joseon aristocrat, taking advantage of the suspended animation to freely observe the goings-on before letting time resume around him.Min-joon sidles up to a table where a con man is scamming people with the ol’ ball-and-cups game. Min-joon can see the cheating with his super-keen vision, and uses his telekinetic powers to keep the next round fair

Basketball: Episode 18 Recap

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Basketball: Episode 18 FINAL EPISODE RECAP by Drama Beans

San ends up finding a pin he gave his mother in the forest and cries now that the reality of her death has come crashing down.

Meanwhile, Takeshi’s dad tells him that he’s taken care of things so that Takeshi will end up playing in the finals (even though his team lost). But their talk is interrupted when San bursts into the house wielding a bat, smashing everything he can before he demands to know where his mother is.

Takeshi’s frightened, but asks San, “Do you have any proof? Do you have any proof I killed her?” This pushes San over the edge as he starts beating the living daylights out of Takeshi until he’s hauled off by the house servants

Kdrama You Who Came From the Stars Episode 1 recap

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“Man from the Stars” Episode 1 Recap by drama beansWe begin in 1609, the first year of Gwanghae’s reign during the Joseon era. It’s on August 25 that a mysterious “round, shining flying object” was sighted and logged in the official records; it zoomed overhead with “a thunderous noise” before disappearing into sparks, leaving the skies clear and cloudless.(This is a real part of historical record, and served as the basis for tvN’s sci-fi-mystery drama Joseon X-Files, which I recommend by the way.)A procession makes its way along a mountain road, carrying a young girl who was widowed just as soon as she was married. Suddenly, the UFO appears directly above them, kicking up such a fierce wind that the travelers go flying.The young widow is buffeted about in her sedan chair, which eventually gets caught up in the tornado and skids along the ground, teetering at the edge of a cliff

Master’s Sun Week Six (Episode 11-12) Recap: All for You

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Master’s Sun Week Six (Episode 11-12) Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

Joong Won really raised his stake. Not only is he risking his heart but his life as well, for love. It’s refreshing to see a man become better, in a series its mostly the woman we see changing. Here in Master’s Sun, I love how Joong Won’s love is profound than any man could possibly make a woman feel. It’s all out, withholding nothing. That’s why seeing how the week ended hurts so bad. He’s the one loving more, is he going to suffer much from it too?

Take heart everyone!!

We are in the most exciting phase. Surely Joong Won won’t just leave Gong Shil behind, hurting for him alone. This is one roller coaster ride I won’t mind repeating, even if it makes my heart stop beating for seconds or take my breathe away

Master’s Sun Week Five (Episode 9-10): It’s You

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Master’s Sun Week Five (Episode 9-10) by Couch-Kimchi:

Week Five is amazingly awesome! Yup, too much sweetness and heart combined. I’m not gagging nor complaining. We have progressed into something beautiful. Joong Won had me smiling all throughout and I can’t contain myself. He has transformed into a selfless man, so understanding and open. Even with a fiancee scare, love just find its way somehow.

When love is found, you won’t be able to let it go. Let’s all reminisce about the week and let love just scream, “Yes it’s you.”

Week Five:

We all need someone to just be there, especially when we needed it most. Gong Shil did not leave Joong Won’s side as he contemplates and think about his own hurt, RE: Hee Joo

Master’s Sun Second Week (Episode 3-4) Recap: Close to you

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This week has been great for Master’s Sun. I welcome the changes that transpired. When it comes to the ghost part, I do not mind if its going to be per episode solution type or when the ghosts’ story will help us get to know each character lead better. Since I’m really a happy camper, I’m going with the flow. No complaints there.

The Hong’s humor is so back!! And I’m feeling the romance brewing in the midst of all the chaos going on. Joong Won is slowly closing in on Gong Shil, more than he could ever imagine. He already allowed her to come into his life to a certain degree and I can’t wait for this to be full blown. I’ve never felt as giddy watching a couple in a Hong’s sister drama as I’m feeling now.

How amazing it is to just fall in love again.. with this two, the possibility I see is endless.

Week Two:

Bad Joong Won for cursing the love of his life

Master’s Sun Episode 1-2 Recap

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Master’s Sun Episode 1 Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

Another year when a sure Hong Sister’s drama will be shown. 2013, will you be the year when the sister’s can redeem themselves?

Strike two for the Hong’s since I was literally heartbroken (Best Love) and disappointed (Big) with their last two dramas. Having said that, I kinda lowered my expectations on their new drama and will let it be. This is how I move on. Besides, everyone deserves a chance, crossing my fingers they do deserve it.

I find the first week really engaging and heartfelt. I’m so easy to please you know. Without further a do, let’s dig in!

Week One:

Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) is your regular house keeper and for the nth time, she was again asked to clean Room 404

“Man from the Stars” Episode 1 Preview

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Man from the Stars” is the drama following the highly popular drama “The Heirs.” Lets enjoy another roller coaster ride together, my friends!Reporter 1: The early historical records state that an unfamiliar shape with a reddish light present was reported to the king.Reporter 2: The record states that it could possibly either be a meteorite or a UFO.Chun Song Yi: I’m Chun Song Yi.Do Min Joon: Do I need to know you?Chun Song Yi: How does he not know me? Is he an alien?Do Min Joon: I said this to people who didn’t know who I am.Chun Song Yi: This *smack.Do Min Joon: Not smack, but arrogant.Chun Song Yi: Geez, shut up!Chun Song Yi: Don’t people all do that and live?Do Min Joon: If this wasn’t a dream, I’d like to see you before I leave

“Master’s Sun” Episode 17

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This show didn’t just end on a high note – it screamed it out. Good luck finding another rom-com this good anytime soon. I love that all the necessary loose ends were tied up. There wasn’t a clear cut exposition of every minor detail, but it grazed the truth enough to give us satisfactory justifications. Every kdrama fan knows that happy endings come in all shapes and sizes. Some you have to read into it and draw your own conclusions while others you really have to work hard to make sense of things, but Master’s Sun left nothing to chance. From what I could see, everything that needed to be crossed and dotted was done. If anything – this finale will just leave you wanting more.

Written before it aired:

It all came down to sacrifice. How much each of them was willing to make for the other

Answer Me 1994 Episode 17 Recap

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Answer Me 1994: Episode 17 recap by Drama Beans: “Love, Fear Part 2: Answer Me 1997″

In 2013, Haitai wonders where Binggeure went, to which Yoon-jin asks, “Can’t you guess?” Haitai can but we can’t, since we’re being kept in the dark. Thanks for that, drama.

Back to May of 1997, where post-bus-accident Garbage now has his arm in a sling and his neck in a brace. That’s what you get for messing with fangirls, dude. He assures Na-jung over the phone that he’s totally fine, and his friend Min-jung raises an eyebrow at the obvious lie. He makes sure that Na-jung is coming down tomorrow for her birthday, and it’s sweet how much he clearly wants to see her, busy schedule and practicality be damned

Beautiful Man/Pretty Man (Bel Ami) Episode 7 Recap

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Beautiful Man/Pretty Man (Bel Ami) Episode 7 Recap by jangkeunsukforever:

As episode 7 starts, Ma Te is worried about the poor sales of cleaning socks on MG Home Shopping. Botong is distraught, almost in tears, concerned that Mate will be in debt by millions if the socks don’t sell out. David Choi on the other hand is willing to do anything to make Botong feel better, even going as far as taking responsibility for giving away free gifts just so they can sell more socks. Hmmm…. maybe he has some money we don’t know about?

Meanwhile, Hong Yoo Ra calls Mate suggesting that he should ask for Kim In Jong’s help

Beautiful Man/Pretty Man (Bel Ami) Episode 6 Recap

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Late again. Sorry guys. Real life kept calling me. I had the recap itself done, just didn't get a chance to post til now. Well at least you'll have episode 6 fresh in your mind before you watch episode 7.

Episode 6 Recap by k-dramacentra: Ma Te realizes David's button in Bo Tong. He walks over and tells both of them they worked hard, David says it was nothing and Bo Tong only suffered. She gives a cute laugh before Ma Te he has to take her away to talk to her, but Bo Tong just says to say it now. He leans in closer and tells her let's go, puts his arm around her and leads her out. At this point, I'm not sure if he likes her is just all weird because she's giving another guy attention. I think I'll go with the latter. So what exactly did Ma Te want? He gives Bo Tong her reward of 10 pictures for them selling the socks out

Beautiful Man/Pretty Man (Bel Ami) Episode 5 Recap

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I did it again, I put myself on a ship that will never set sail. It's a sad day when I love David to bits, but know he will always be friend zoned by Bo Tong. I hope he gets a happy ending, someone this sweet needs someone who will truly like him and all his quirkiness. I also have to say how gorgeous Han Chae Young is in this drama.

Episode 5 Recap by k-dramacentral: Ma Te and Yu Ra are inside drinking coffee and he wonders who made her cry. She asks him how it was spending all that time without his father. She tells him that Hong Ran is planning on sending her 6 year old daughter abroad to study. He just says Hong Ran is scary while Yu Ra apologizes for making him worry, but she had no where else to go. Ma Te tells her that he'll find both of their places soon and gets up to give her more coffee

Beautiful Man/Pretty Man (Bel Ami) Episode 4 Recap

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Sorry this has come so late, Thanksgiving weekend had me kind of busy. Hopefully there will be no more delays this week.
We peak more into Electric Fairy's persona life and see that even she isn't immune to Ma Te's prettiness.

Episode 4 Recap by k-dramacentra: After telling Ma Te his next mission is to read mission, Yu Ra says that Electric Fairy is a fake and manipulates people by reading them. He thinks she's joking, but she tells him he needs to learn from her. Electric Fairy is sitting across from her and Yu Ra wants to know the reason she came. She tells Yu Ra that she will become very powerful and successful with Ma Te by her side. Then turns around and says in return for that success, her daughter will die before she's 12 if she keeps Ma Te near her. Yu Ra is visibly upset even though she's saying she doesn't believe in such things

Beautiful Man/Pretty Man(Bel Ami) Episode 2 Recap

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by Esther Noloc and Liana Yus (guest appearance by thenatcat)
**Caution post contains spoilers**

E: We are back, now with the second episode recap,this drama hooked me in at first sight. For me it's more than I expected. It's perfect and has it all: drama, comedy, action, intrigue, revenge, tension, passion, and most importantly love. Whoa I am suffering because I have to wait to watch for a week and because it's only broadcast twice a week. Liana, awesome episode, right?
L: Yes, in the second episode we can see Botong with a cute hooded jacket with a leopard pattern that looks like an eel….hehehe. She's busy thinking about saving money to buy her Mate a car.

E: She even has a countdown of the money on the wall and thinks she needs another job to save more money for the car, awww, she has a kind heart

One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap

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A secret never stay hidden forever, the truth always prevails. No matter how hard people are trying to hide their secrets, their problems, sooner or later, people will discover them. For Jae Hak and Eun Jin; they know they cannot hide their relationship forever; they’re not naive but obviously they don’t realize that Mi Kyung has already found out about their “humane relationship”. People say the quiet ones usually are the ones who’ll attack and cause extensive damages; so they’d better get ready because Mi Kyung will do anything she can to “torture” them.

One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap by Beatuscorner:

Jae Hak pulls out micro memory card from his car’s (cctv) camera and asks his assistant to take his car for a service first thing tomorrow morning and to tell him if there’s something odd about the car

One Warm Word Episode 2 Recap

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One Warm Word Episode 2 Recap by Beatuscorner:

Eun Jin is astounded when Sung Soo accuses her of having an affair, she can’t say anything to defend herself.

Jae Hak respects Eun Jin’s decision to end their relationship, he wants to meet her for one last time but decides it’s best for them to walk their separate paths starting from now.

Flashback to Jae Hak who went to Eun Jin’s neighborhood at night, hoping to bump into Eun Jin there