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Which actor would you want as your older brother?

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While there are some celebrities that make girls swoon and wish they were dating these hunky men, there are some celebrities who are popular and attractive just because they seem like really nice and warm guys - like an older brother!

So out of the choices of actors below, which would you want most as your older brother?

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Jo In Sung

Handsome and charismatic, Jo In Sung would make one of those awesome brothers you"d like to put on display in front of your friends to make them green with envy. He also played a brotherly figure in his last drama "Wind Blows In Winter" alongside Song Hye Kyo. Of course, he wasn"t her real brother

Which Second-Lead Couple Were You Rooting for?

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While we smile at the two main characters happy ending at the conclusion of every other rom-com, there’s always that little place in our hearts where we secretly hope that the girl would get with the second-lead.

Hit by the second-lead syndrome, we want to know which second-lead couple in popular rom-coms you rooting for. Let us know by voting below!

Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong) – Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Sun)

We’ll always remember Ji Hoo sunbae as the beautiful creature that knew he could go anywhere if he had a white sail and the wind to carry him.

While he appeared a bit cold at first in Boys Before Flowers, he was always watching over Geum Jan Di whenever she was in trouble (too many times to count) and played her prince on a white stallion when Goo Joon Pyo was being a butthole

A Pink dish on their rising popularity and their love for eating

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The lovely ladies of A Pink, who have solidified their refreshingly cute and girly image with their latest comeback, discussed their thoughts about rising in popularity as well as revealing that when it comes to food, they can"t say "no no no".

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Eunji started off the discussion, sharing, "We received interest from the public with "No No No" last year, and we thought of continuing that image this time too. We wanted to imprint our image [on the public] with a bit of that vibe from last time. As there are those among us who are still under age, and our average is only 21, I think the public is generously looking upon us fondly." 

When it was mentioned that their new stage was refreshing, Namjoo commented, "The feeling on stage is very different now

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 3

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A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” comes from outside of the top 10 and moves up 16 spots to become our new No. 1 song this week!

This song swept all the music shows last week and easily won over Lee Sun Hee’s “Meet Him Among Them.” Orange Caramel’s “Catallena” rounds out the all female top three this week.

“Mr. Chu” is the title track of A Pink’s 4th mini album, “Pink Blossom.” It is a cute pop dance song about the thrill of sharing the first kiss with one’s significant other. The various synth effects and the upbeat rhythm highlight the sweet and lovable qualities of A Pink. This is A Pink’s second No. 1 song on our chart as they did it last year with “NoNoNo.” Congratulations to A Pink.

Besides “Mr

Choi Jin Hyuk Constantly Told Himself Song Ji Hyo is Pretty

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Would it be possible for a divorced couple to fall in love with each other again?

In the recently ended tvN drama Emergency Couple, Choi Jin Hyuk acted as ‘Oh Chang Min’ who falls in love with his ex-wife ‘Oh Jin Hee,’ played by Song Ji Hyo.

In a recent interview with Newsen, however, Choi Jin Hyuk waved off as he said, “It’s not an easy thing for a divorced couple to fall in love with each other again.”

He continued, “Of course, it’s possible and it probably happens somewhere. But among the cast members, we said that it’s possible because it’s a drama, especially because Chang Min and Jin Hee hated each other when they split up.”

As personal thoughts are separate from the drama role, what did Choi Jin Hyuk do to play Oh Chang Min, who falls for his ex-wife?

He said, “I constantly thought to myself, ‘Song Ji Hyo is pretty, she is pretty

Interview with Uprising YouTube Star Megan Lee!

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Some might already be familiar with Megan Lee through her participation on MBC’s audition program “Birth of a Great Star,” or have come across one of her many videos on YouTube. Already active as a YouTube artist, she continually tries to stretch her boundaries as an artist. Currently preparing for her official debut, which is just around the corner, Megan Lee was gracious enough to set aside time from her VERY busy schedule (read the interview to find out) to share with us just her pretty awesome journey.

Here’s a quick bio, and scroll down for the interview. ^^

Name: Megan Lee
D.O.B: September 18,1995 in California, United States
Agency Label: Soulshop Entertainment
Appearances: “Birth of a Great Star” season 1 & 2

OFFICIAL SNS (hover over the links to go to the respective page)
YouTube Channel

* March 2011 – Love, Laugh & Live [Single]
* July 2011 – Destiny [Single]
* October 2011 – Destiny [Single]

* 2008 – Tranquility [Role: Sun Kim] – Short Film
* 2009 – Crush [Role: Jeremy's Sister]- Short Film
* 2010 – The Legend of Beaver Dam [Role: JuJu] – Short Film
* 2010 – The Case Against Jill [Role: Jill] – Short Film

* 2008 – Award of Merit (U

Pianist Yiruma Receives Standing Ovation During Sold-Out Concert in Singapore

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Yiruma, the internationally-renowned pianist-composer from South Korea was in Singapore to perform publicly for the very first time at The Star Performing Arts Center on April 5. All 5,000 tickets were completely sold out. I was so lucky to be able to watch him perform his beautiful melodies; it was even more meaningful because that day was my birthday!

The soft-spoken pianist has a great sense of humor, surprisingly. After opening the concert with “May Be“, Yiruma stood up to greet the 5,000 strong audience.

“Hi Singapore, hi everyone. Wow! This is really wonderful, it’s very scary. It’s scary, but it’s very exciting to be here in Singapore. Are there any Koreans here? Annyeonghaseyo! I’m composer and pianist Yiruma, it’s so nice to meet you. Thank You!”

“Xie xie (Thank you, in Mandarin), I started with the song called ‘May Be

Haru Feels the YG Love, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Asks What’s Your Name and More

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From YG Family took over our SNS feeds to top stars kicking back with a few drinks, flip through to see today’s Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Sandara Park and Tablo’s daughter Haru made an adorable pair, as Sandara Park tweeted on April 13, Harudara (Haru + Sandara Park)! Our pretty Haru~ With Dara auntie.”

Haru was the center of attention all day as Big Bang’s Taeyang posted a photo with her as well, writing “My superstar #Haru.”

Sandara Park also tweeted a photo with Tablo, writing “Epik High’s Love Love Love~!!! I love that song~ I loved being able to collab with the Epik High oppas at this year’s family concert~!!!”

Over on Instagram, she postedthe above photo pm April 14 with the caption, “Same beanie, different feel

Weekly K-Pop Music Chart 2014 – April Week 2

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Lim Chang Jung repeats as No. 1 for the second week in a row with “Ordinary Song.” In another wide open week last week in which different songs were winning on various music shows, “Ordinary Song” was clearly the most consistent song amongst music charts and was able to win again. Congratulations to Lim Chang Jung.

Moving up three spots to No. 2 is Orange Caramel’s “Catallena.” This song dropped to No. 5 last week and was able to rebound three spots up to second this week, just ten points below “Ordinary Song.” Historically, Orange Caramel’s songs have done well and also fared better than After School’s songs on our chart. This time is no exception. Let see if “Catallena” can move up to the top spot next week.

There are four new songs in the top 10, all by non-idol artists

Kim Hyun Joong Talks About Facing Drama Competition with Kim Soo Hyun

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Kim Hyun Joong revealed his thoughts on having competed with Kim Soo Hyun through the dramas airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In an interview that took place in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong confessed how he felt when he compared the viewership ratings of KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feeling and SBS’s You Who Came From the Stars.

About acting as ‘Shin Jung Tae’ in The Age of Feeling, he said, “I did everything that I could. I poured my everything in to the point that I wouldn’t have made it to 25th episode.”

Despite Kim Hyun Joong’s enthusiastic performance, The Age of Feeling recorded a relatively low viewership rating, because it faced You Who Came From the Stars, which reached 30% ratings

POP QUIZ: Which Running Man Member Are You?

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Which Running Man Member Are You? 

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What"s your favorite coffee drink? Caramel Macchiato ✓ Black with Sugar ✓ Cream and Sugar ✓ White Chocolate Mocha with Whip Cream ✓ Latte ✓ Black ✓ Espresso ✓ Pick Your Social Network or Messaging Service Pinterest ✓ me2day ✓ Facebook ✓ KakaoTalk ✓ Snapchat ✓ Twitter ✓ LINE ✓ What best describes your dance moves Shuffling ✓ I am the definition of dancing ✓ R-O-B-O-T ✓ Bounce Bounce ✓ One, Two Step ✓ Jo Jo Dance ✓ FIST PUMP ✓ Pick a color White ✓ Green ✓ Blue ✓ Red ✓ Yellow ✓ Black ✓ Grey ✓ What are you most afraid of? Growing Up ✓ Bugs ✓ Heights ✓ Yoon Eun Hye ✓ Race Start! ✓ The Gym ✓ Rejection ✓ I LOVE ... My Family ✓ Everyone ✓ YOU ✓ Betrayal ✓ Gold ✓ ME ✓ Burning Calories ✓ When the race starts, the first person that comes into my mind is HaHa ✓ Ji Suk Jin ✓ Gary ✓ Kim Jong Kook ✓ Lee Kwang Soo ✓ Yoo Jae Suk ✓ Song Ji Hyo ✓ POP QUIZ: Which Running Man Member Are You? Yoo Jae SukLike this much beloved "grasshopper," you are quick on your feet, easily escaping capture with your agile limbs, and you are one of the two main powerhouses in any racing mission

Eric Nam Breaks Out of the Mold with ′Ooh Ooh′

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After 15 months since his last single, Eric Nam is finally back - not that it ever seemed like he was really away.

Appearing on television every week, interviewing top international stars, and greeting overseas fans through various programs, Eric Nam has been working hard, and working a lot - but not quite in the capacity that he wanted.

“I think last year was a very difficult and trying year for me personally and professionally, on many levels,” said Eric Nam, in an interview with Mwave’s enewsWorld. “And part of that came from the fact that I came and signed as a singer and .. I wasn’t singing. To be releasing one song a year, and this song 15 months after that song - as a singer, it’s very depressing in a way. It’s disheartening.”

But thankfully, Eric Nam’s latest single, Ooh Oohhas already been garnering a positive response, despite, or perhaps, because of, the different direction he’s gone since releasing his soft ballad, Heaven’s Door

Kim Hyun Joong Plans on Enlisting in the Army Next Year

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Recently having starred in a drama as the lead actor, Kim Hyun Joong shared his plans to enlist in the army.

Attending an interview for KBS 2TV’s The Age of Feeling in a café near Samcheong-dong, Kim Hyun Joong revealed, “I’m planning to enlist in the army when I turn 30.”

“I should be enlisting soon since I’ll be in level 1. Some people might not be so fond of the fact that I’m enlisting so late. It’s because of my career as an entertainer, but I still want to apologize. I was waiting for the right time and I will surely be enlisting now. I will be leaving early next year,” said Kim Hyun Joong.

He also shared his thoughts on turning 30. He said, “I think I will feel heaviness. I thought I’d get married when I’m 30. When I was 20 years old, 30 year olds seemed like real adults

JJCC Reaches for the Top with Jackie Chan

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JJCC - written J-J-C-C and pronounced Double JC - has got world star written all over it - literally.

“JJCC stands for Jackie Chan Joint Culture, so it means, with Jackie Chan, let’s spread K-Pop. And Double JC stands for Double Joy Creative, which means, let’s create double the joy,” explained the group’s leader, Simba, in an interview with enewsWorld.

Borne out of Jackie Chan Group Korea, JJCC is the first K-Pop idol group to benefit from being reared by a true international icon - Jackie Chan himself.

Composed of four Koreans (Simba,, Eddy and San Cheong) and one Chinese Australian (Prince Mak), JJCC was created with the intent to spread K-pop and Korean culture internationally. And though the goals might be lofty, it seems Jackie Chan and his Korea Group have taken pains to rear a group that may manage to reach that longevity that eludes many idol groups

Teen Top Goes “Crazy” During “High Kick” Tour in NYC

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Last Sunday night was a roller-coaster ride of emotions as fans (“Angels”) laughed, cries and obsessed over their favorite K-Pop celebs at the first stop of the U.S. leg of Teen Top’s “2014 HIGH KICK World Tour” in NYC. The tour, crowdfunded by fans via Krowdpop, is part of Mnet America’s Headliner series, which also brought U-KISS and CNBlue’s U.S. tours this year. The tour will spawn documentary series “Go! Teen Top,” which will give fans an insider look into the boys’ lives behind-the-scenes.

Even before the show began, the Best Buy Theater in Times Square was abuzz with fans’ excitement as a wave of fan chants could be heard echoing around the venue. At 7:30, the white curtain covering the stage dramatically gave way to the six shadows in a picture-perfect formation

Pop Quiz: Which member of 2NE1 or Girls’ Generation are you?

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What do you feel like drinking? Coffee ✓ Water ✓ Root Beer ✓ Cocktail ✓ Soju ✓ Wine ✓ Sprite ✓ Beer ✓ Orange juice ✓ Apple juice ✓ Lemonade ✓ Gatorade ✓ Slushie ✓ What would be if you weren"t a singer? Vocal instructor ✓ Boutique owner ✓ Music producer ✓ Dance instructor ✓ TV personality ✓ Musical actress ✓ Model ✓ Dancer ✓ Head of agency ✓ Stylist ✓ Socialite ✓ Actress ✓ Student ✓ Choose an outfit. Loose button-down shirt and hot shorts ✓ Elegant cocktail dress ✓ Preppy shorts and a bright-colored T-shirt ✓ Lovely pea coat over sweater and skirt ✓ White lacey dress with floral hair accessory ✓ Loose training clothes ✓ Form fitting casual shirt and jeans with one striking accessory ✓ Short dress ✓ Bright red leather pants with crop top and lots of accessories ✓ Blazer and pants ✓ Anything pink and girly ✓ Comfortable in loose T-shirt, sweatshirt, and pants ✓ Graphic T-shirt, black pants, and sneakers ✓ Which statement best describes you? People are too fond of my cute cheeks ✓ People think I"m cold, but I"m not ✓ More accomplished than the rest of my age group ✓ Possible shopaholic? ✓ Look, I can make myself cross-eyed! ✓ I"m the star athlete of my school ✓ My smile is sweeter than honey ✓ I"m tired of being carded ✓ A singing diva in the shower ✓ I"m sexy and I know it ✓ I don"t care what people say about me ✓ I eat and eat but don"t gain weight ✓ I"m a stickler for the rules ✓ Which idol group would you want to be in? Orange Caramel ✓ f(x) ✓ S

Shinhwa Owns the Weekend, miss A’s Min and SNSD’s Hyoyeon Chill and More

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview The weekend was filled with festivities as one legendary idol group returned to the concert stage, while another hot girl group heat up Hong Kong.

Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Eric Nam posted a photo on his Instagram, following his appearance on Challenge! 1000 Songs, on March 23, writing “I was able to film ‘Challenge! 1000 Songs’ with ease and had fun thanks to Lee Sang Mi nuna!!!!!^^ Thanks for your hard work, nuna~~.”

A Pink’s Bomi shared two photos via the group’s official Facebook page on March 24, writing “Rong mama and Bbomi in the rehearsal room hahahaha Chu~~~~~~Wait just a little bit”

B2ST’s Yang Yo Seop hit the gym and tweeted a photo to prove it on March 24, writing “Morning workout!”


12 Female Celebrities who don’t look their age

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If you paid attention to the "Korean Terms All K-Pop Fans Should Know" article, then you know that there are such things as dongans and no-ans. As a reminder, dongan is used to refer to someone who looks younger than their age - a "baby face." On the other hand, no-an is used to refer to someone who looks older than their age.

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A lot of people, like myself, are shocked when they find out the real age of a certain celebrity whom they presumed to be younger or older. So which female celebrities were you wrong about? Check out the list below.

Crayon Pop

This whole group is older than most people would think and the surprise is partly because the girls are so youthful and energetic and caters more to a younger audience with their bright costumes and catchy songs

Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara May Reunite for “Fated to Love You” Drama Remake

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Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara may be reuniting for another drama, 12 years after starring together in SBS drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl.”

The two are tipped to star in MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Fated to Love You ”(working title) this summer. Both sides are said to be positively reviewing the offer, although nothing can be confirmed just yet.

“Fated to Love You” is a remake of a 2008 Taiwanese drama of the same name. The drama achieved historically high average ratings of 10%, with peak ratings hitting 14.6%, in Taiwan. This would be equivalent to a rating of 70% in Korea. The drama will be produced by Number Three Pictures (“Arang and the Magistrate”) and directed by Lee Dong Yoon (“Queen’s Classroom,” “The Greatest Love”), and is scheduled to follow after Kim Myung Min’s “A New Leaf” in July

Hong Dae Kwang Finds ′The Silver Lining′ at Showcase

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preview nextview 1/9 preview nextview Hong Dae Kwang sits down to chat at his first showcase

Hong Dae Kwang unveiled new single Thank You, My Love from The Silver Lining Part 2 at his first ever showcase, held at the IFC Mall M PUB in Seoul on March 19.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Hong Dae Kwang grins from ear to ear

Hong Dae Kwang unveiled new single Thank You, My Love from The Silver Lining Part 2 at his first ever showcase, held at the IFC Mall M PUB in Seoul on March 19.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Oh hay, jawline

Hong Dae Kwang unveiled new single Thank You, My Love from The Silver Lining Part 2 at his first ever showcase, held at the IFC Mall M PUB in Seoul on March 19