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5 Things I Loved About “Misaeng” Episodes 11 & 12

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What a week at One International!

In episodes 11 and 12 of “Misaeng” Manager Oh (Lee Sung Min) is finally promoted, we get another new face on Sales Team 3, and Geu Rae (Im Siwan) makes a bold and radical move on behalf of the team – all of which should be good things. But in the corporate world, you don’t work as an individual, and the consequences of an action or inaction have a ripple effect across the whole company. So even if we celebrated a win for the Team!GoodGuys last week by revealing Section Chief Park’s internal corruption, Sales Team 3 can’t rest easy because the fallout from exposing one of their own has ramifications that I don’t think anyone could have imagined.

Here are the 5 things I loved most about “Misaeng” episodes 11 & 12

Casting Commences for Perseverance, Goo Hae-ra

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Casting Commences for Perseverance, Goo Hae-ra Written by Amy L On November 22, 2014

Following the success of Monstar, another musical drama is in the works from Mnet. The series, called Perseverance, Goo Hae-ra (more literally translated as Fail seven times, succeed on the eighth), will center around heroine Goo Hae-ra, who hopes to get signed to agency in order to have her father’s work be known to the world. With this mission, she and twin brothers Kang Sae-jong and Kang Sae-chan audition in reality talent show Superstar K2. Fear not — the inevitable love triangle and coming-of-age storyline have also been confirmed.

The drama is currently casting, and the line-up features a star-studded cast. Actress Min Hyo-rin, who previously debuted as a singer, has been cast as Goo Hae-ra

'Running Man' Cast Gives Fans A Taste Of Variety TV During Fan Meeting In Malaysia

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(Photo : ONE HD)

No event or fan meeting captures the excitement of the Halyu (Korean wave) fans quite like Running Man. With a concept of "sports variety", where the Running Man members and their guests race against time while competing each other in order to complete a mission-make it a unique point to drawn-in fans to stay in front of their television for one hour of the show.

Therefore, the "Race Start Season 2 in Malaysia Running Man Fan meeting", which brought five of the members to Kuala Lumpur for the first time, was one for the calendar. There were star performances, non-stop laughing, fun games sessions and energetic finishes. Here, we"ll recap the fan meeting from beginning-when almost 2500 fans cheered for the members as they kick off the show, held on November 1st

“Criminal Designer” draws attention with noted cast

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Kim Hong-seon, who made a spectacular directorial debut with "The Traffickers" in 2012, is returning with a new thriller, "Criminal Designer".The upcoming movie has attracted attention because of its star-studded cast, featuring Kim Woo-bin and Lee Hyun-woo as the lead roles. Kim Woo-bin, who has won immense popularity since starring in the SBS drama "The Heirs", will be making his movie debut with this film."I loved the script and the fellow actors such as Kim Young-cheol and Ko Chang-seok", Kim Woo-bin said at a press conference held Tuesday at Lotte Cinema in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul."I thought it would be a very great opportunity to learn acting. I was also a big fan of filmmaker Kim Hong-seon since he was an assistant director on "Rough Cut"

K-pop stars find success on screen

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Si Wan of ZE:A - Children of Empire has been successfully building his acting career. The idol singer is currently starring in the popular drama series "Incomplete Life".

The phrase "Sprinkling SM on top of fully cooked rice", which derives from an old Korean saying that means adding one element can ruin a perfectly fine situation, is often used to criticize boy and girl group members who try their hand at acting without being fully prepared. SM refers to SM Entertainment, one of the largest music agencies in Korea.Similarly, the newly created term bal-yeon-gi is also used to mock idol singers who act. It literally means acting by foot and is used in reference to a person with terrible dramatic skills. Despite a lack of experience, famous singers are cast as actors because they bring star power that compels younger audiences to see musicals, plays and films and watch drama series

Race Starts 2 Press Conference : Running Man Casts Appreciate the Laughter and Support Over the Years

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(Photo : Ain Osman)

Since its" premier on ONE HD 3 years ago, Running Man has achieved a huge number of viewership and has reigned as the No. 1 rated program across all pay TV channels in Singapore and Malaysia during it"s time slot. After the incredibly successful run of the first season in Singapore last year, ONE HD , the home of Running Man in Asia together with the cast of Running Man took the region by storm again which started with Malaysia (Nov 1st), followed by Singapore (Nov 29th) by gathering 5 members from the urban action variety show in Malaysia namely, Kim Jong Kook, HAHA (Ha Dong Hoon), Song Ji Hyo, Ji Suk Jin and Lee Kwang Soo. Prior to the 2 hour fan meeting which was set to be held in Stadium Negara later that night, the casts met with the press at Double Tree Hilton, Kuala Lumpur.

Q1: Can you tell us your feeling about being in Malaysia?

Kim JongKook: It"s my third time being in Malaysia and also first with all Running Man members, I"m very happy for that, whenever I came here I always received a warm welcome, I really appreciate that

5 Things I LOVED in K-pop: 10/27 – 11/2

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5 Things I LOVED in K-pop: 10/27 – 11/2 Written by Johnelle On November 7, 2014

The last week in K-popverse brought us another couple of promising K-dramas in Pride and Prejudice and Birth of a Beauty, along with more K-pop comebacks and debuts and tons of laughter on the K-variety front.

The following are my picks for the best 5 Things that happened in K-pop last week. If you are not up-to-date with your K-pop, K-dramas, etc. and don’t like spoilers, do not proceed. You have been warned.

5. The Nation’s Siblings Reunite!

Some things never change, while others definitely do. But with the Nation’s Siblings, Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Hyori, you can count on it always being fun. Yoo Jae-suk and Jeong Hyung-don traveled to Jeju Island to visit Lee Hyori and coerce her into joining their special concert for an Infinite Challenge special called S

“My Lovely Girl” cast are full of laughter and smiles in another BTS clip

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With "My Lovely Girl" coming to an end this week, the drama thanked fans with another adorable BTS clip!

Rain and f(x)"s Krystal couldn"t stop smiling as Krystal rested her head on Rain"s shoulder for their romantic poster shoot. The set was also full of laughter when Rain had trouble unwrapping a lollipop for INFINITE"s L, and then ended up dropping it. Krystal also couldn"t hold back the laughs when she was around her handsome co-stars, showing her cheerful and cute charms that contrast with her chic image.

Get ready for the finale this Thursday!

My Lovable Girl, Episodes 1-6: Art Imitating Reality

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My Lovable Girl, Episodes 1-6: Art Imitating Reality Written by Joyce On October 9, 2014

I don’t think any drama has gotten so much hate for its casting, weeks before the drama even hit the small screens. Idol-actors castings are usually unfavourably received, and considering that three-quarters of the main cast are idols, My Lovable Girl (or She’s so Lovable) probably received three times the normal amounts of downvotes right from the start.

And to a certain extent, the critical reaction is not unwarranted. The subpar acting is something to cringe at, and it doesn’t help that the script is terribly cheesy and one-dimensional. Some dialogues are goosebumps-inducing, and romantic music chimes in at certain scenes to attempt to drill into my mind the non-existent chemistry between the lead couple

Hyun Bin Plays Two Sides Of A Love Triangle In The Same Drama

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If a character falls in love with another character"s two distinctive personalities, does that constitute a love triangle? Hyun Bin is about to find out when he returns to the small screen in a romantic comedy tentatively titled "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde."

The 20-episode comedy will be based on the Lee Choong Ho"s webtoon titled "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Hyun Bin will play a radio disc jockey and writer who has two very different personalities. He"s aloof and cold during the day and warm and charming at night. This makes it more likely that his night personality will inspire people to fall in love with him. But one lucky woman manages to fall in love with both sides of him.

The character who falls in love with both his personalities has not yet been cast

Series Overview: Fated to Love You is a Bundle of Laughter and Tears

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Series Overview: Fated to Love You is a Bundle of Laughter and Tears Written by Joyce On September 20, 2014

On the back of the finale of Fated to Love You, I’d like to say that the show will stay in my memory as the drama with the best character interpretations. It features the reunion of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, who starred together in Successful Story of a Bright Girl ten years ago. While Fated‘s plot is nothing out of the ordinary, the characters are really what steal the show and cement it as one of my favourite dramas ever.

If you’ve seen the Taiwanese version, you’d have a good sense of the plot – a one night stand, a pregnancy, a forced marriage, and then, a miscarriage. Cue angst with a capital ‘a’

“My Spring Day” – First Impressions

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“My Spring Day” premiered on MBC last week and I was very surprised by its setting. Initially, I found the couple’s pairing a bit odd due to the considerable age gap. However, thinking about it, a rookie actress could find more experience if she plays and learns alongside an experienced actor.

The story uses an interesting concept of cellular memory which is a medical hypothesis implying the recipients’ personalities are inherited from their donors. Will this show be able to make its way into the top ranking charts? Let’s find out.

About the cast

Lee Bom Yi (Sooyoung) is a clinical dietitian working in Hae Gil hospital and is dedicated to living her life to the fullest. She is very down-to-earth and her morals are well-placed

ABC buys rights to “My Love From the Star”

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"My Love from the Star"

A U.S. version of "My Love from the Star" could be broadcast in the near future as ABC has bought the rights to remake the much-loved Korean drama.Moon Bo-mi, head of HB Entertainment, confirmed yesterday that news reports about a possible remake were true. "ABC has been preparing for a remake of this Korean hit", Moon said, adding that she "very much appreciates that the Korean television drama could be reproduced into an American drama". Moon said she wants to maintain a "cautious stance over the issue until the season order early next year", and she also stressed that she will work hard so that numerous seasons of the hit drama could be produced in America.On Thursday, the Hollywood Star exclusively reported that ABC"s take on the drama is "described as an epic supernatural love story about a world-famous actress, Lark, and her anti-social neighbor, James, who happens to be from another planet"

ABC to remake Korea”s hit drama “Man From The Stars” for US viewers

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It is confirmed that broadcast station ABC is going to air their remake of Korea"s hit drama "Man From The Stars" (which stars Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun) and the production is already in progress.

Quoted from The Hollywood Reporter,

"Based on the Korean format, My Love explores why a superhero has to save the world and asks why he can"t save just one girl. ABC"s take is described as epic supernatural love story about a world-famous actress, Lark, and her anti-social neighbor, James, who happens to be from another planet. Disillusioned by the pettiness of human nature, and a resident of Earth for the past several hundred years, James has a centuries-old rule that he will never use his abilities to intervene in the lives of the people around him. But when he gets a premonition that the infuriatingly self-centered but compelling Lark is going to be murdered, James finds himself drawn into her chaotic life and falling deeply in love — just as he finally has the chance to return to his home in the stars

US Remake of “Man from the Stars” is in the Works

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It has just been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that the hit drama series “Man from the Stars” (also known as “My Love From Another Star”) has an American version in the works by broadcast station ABC.

As you probably already know, the original Korean version had 21 episodes and aired between December 2013 and February 2014. Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, the drama was a huge hit in Korea and all over Asia, especially China.

“ABC’s take is described as epic supernatural love story about a world-famous pop star, Lark, and her anti-social neighbor, James, who happens to be from another planet. Disillusioned by the pettiness of human nature, and a resident of Earth for the past several hundred years, James has a centuries-old rule that he will never use his abilities to intervene in the lives of the people around him

“My Lovely Girl” cast spotted watching the premiere of their drama together

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The cast of "My Lovely Girl" watched the premiere of their SBS Wed-Thurs drama together!

Rain tweeted on September 18, "We watched the broadcast all together...^^ Please look forward to today"s episode as well hehehe," and did what any 21st century guy does during moments like this, take a selca!

Rain, f(x)"s Krystal, INFINITE"s L, Clazziquai"s Alex, Cha Ye Ryun, Kim Jin Woo, and Kim Ki Bang took a star-studded selca together, showing that they"ve gotten close through filming.

Stay tuned for another episode today!

Lee Soo Hyuk Might Go For “Sensible Love”

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Lee Soo Hyuk recently finished his role as the detached and yet emotionally damaged chaebol Yoo Jin Woo in the comedy "High School King of Manners." So he is looking forward to his next project. The model-turned actor is considering a role in tvN"s upcoming drama "Sensible Love."

According to a tvN press release, he is considering the role of Kim Joon, a carpenter in the drama. Kim Joon is a young man with plenty of charisma but some tragic events in his past.

Lee Soo Hyuk"s agency, Star J Entertainment, confirmed that he is reviewing the script for "Sensible Love." The drama, set to air in November, concerns a girl who marries her high school teacher but then meets another man. Kim Joon would be that man but it"s not certain which male role would be the leading one

Jang Hyuk And Jang Na Ra Bid Farewell To ‘Fated To Love You’

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The recently-concluded MBC drama "Fated To Love You" aired its final episode last September 4, and like every ending, the cast and crew of the drama share their bittersweet memories during filming.

On the September 7 episode of MBC"s "Section TV," viewers were let inside the celebration for the final broadcast of "Fated To Love You."

During the interview, Jang Na Ra was asked about her chemistry with co-star Jang Hyuk, and she answered, "100 percent."

On ending the drama, she said, "Jang Hyuk and the staff all treated be very nicely. I am both grateful and happy that I was given the chance to experience everything, and I will take it with me as a meaningful memory."

She also mentioned that her favorite part was getting to do a bed scene with Jang Hyuk

Ladies’ Code RiSe wake begins as loved ones pay respects

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Ladies’ Code’s RiSe is being remembered as she is laid to rest at the Korea University Anan Hospital today with photos from the wake emerged.

On September 7th, RiSe’s wake catered to a number of mourners, including her family, friends and staff from Polaris Entertainment. It is expected that more will be arriving to pay their respects throughout the night.

Ladies’ Code and their staff were involved in major car accident last September 3rd, where their van slipped down a slippery road, hitting the expressway’s wall. Throughout the incident, EunB, passed away on the scene, while the rest of the members received minor injuries.

Earlier today, t was reported that after undergoing numerous surgeries, RiSe has also left this world.

The entire Korean entertainment industry and their fans alike are currently mourning for this loss and sending their condolences to RiSe’s family and friends

Mnet to Come Up with a New Music Drama as Follow-up to “Monstar”

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Music channel Mnet is looking towards coming up with a new music drama within the year. According to a news report, Mnet is already planning the follow-up to their first successful attempt at a music drama, 2013′s “Monstar.” 

The yet-untitled 2014 Mnet music drama is said to be about the stories of young people who have a passionate love of music, their growth, friendship and love lives.

The drama is already attracting attention for the people behind the scenes. Producers and writers from the production teams of reality and music shows are coming together to produce a drama. Director Kim Yong Bum of “Super Star K” and “Dancing 9″ takes the helm, while “Real Men” and “Music Bank” writer Shin Myung Jin joins forces with Jung Su Hyun of “Non-Stop” and “Apgujeong Diary” to produce the script