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MBC Music Core 08.16.14 – Secret Comeback Stage

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♬ Comeback Stage – SECRET 『I’m In Love』

♬ Hot Stage – SISTAR 『TOUCH MY BODY』 – Block B 『H.E.R』 – HyunA 『Red』 – Wheesung 『Night and Day』 – Girl’s Day 『Darling』 – K-Will 『Day 1』 – AOA 『Short Hair』 – HyoMin 『Nice Body』 – Henry 『Fantastic』 – NU’EST 『Good bye bye』 – LADIE’S CODE 『KISS KISS』 – Red Velvet 『Happiness』

♬ Sound-HOLIC – 100% 『U beauty』 – BESTie 『HOT BABY』 – Lucky J 『Can you hear me』 – C-CLOWN 『Let’s Love』 – B.I.G 『Hello』 – HISTORY 『Psycho』 – AirPlane 『 Back to the Future』

5 Must-see dramas starring Uhm Tae Woong

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K-film Architecture 101, starring Uhm Tae Woong, Han Ga In, Suzy, and Lee Je Hoon, will be premiering on DramaFever tomorrow! With 31 titles under his belt, actor Uhm Tae Woong is no stranger to audiences, but in case you haven’t heard of him before, get your marathon on with these k-dramas where he has made his mark!

1. The Devil - This action-packed thriller features Tae Woong as Kang Oh Soo, a detective trying to solve two seemingly unrelated murder cases where tarot cards are the only clues. Alongside a psychic librarian and a mysterious prosecutor, will he be able to discover the secrets in time?

2. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang - In this romantic comedy, Tae Woong plays CEO Byang Hak Do, a playboy who shakes up Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong’s relationship when he is determined to make Choon Hyang his own

SISTAR Takes #1 on Music Bank + Performances by Taemin, Secret, HyunA and More!

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On this week’s episode of KBS’ Music Bank, SISTAR beats Block B, taking home the win for “Touch My Body”! Congratulations!

Taemin made his solo debut with “Danger,” while SECRET and TASTY made their comebacks with “I’m in Love,” and “Addiction,” respectively. Other performers of the night includes Red Velvet, B1A4, Block B, C-CLOWN, HyunA, BESTie, Ladies’ Code, and more.

Check out the performances below!

SISTAR win & performance

Taemin – “Ace” & “Danger”



Red Velvet


Block B




Ladies’ Code

'Fated to Love" Jang Nara And Choi Jin Hyuk Makes Jang Hyuk Jealous

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"Fated to Love" Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara reunited after three years.

On the 13thth episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama "Fated to Love" broadcast on August 13th, Kim Mi Young (played by Jang Nara) and Lee Gun (played by Jang Hyuk) reunited after a long three years.

Before this episode, Lee Gun had made reservations at a nearby hotel to Kim Mi Young"s exhibition hall to see her exhibiton. The room that Lee Gun had made reservations was room 2006 but after hearing form the hotel that the room had been changed, she had to stay in room 2009 not by choice. In addition, in 2006, Kim MI Young was staying. Lee Gun had made connections with Kim Mi Young in Macao and this relationship had been repeating itself. Lee Gun was completely drunk and tried to open the door to 2006 and said, "My room is 2006

Song Hye Gyo Turns Into a Loving Mother for “My Brilliant Life,” Also Starring Kang Dong Won

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Top actor and actress Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Gyo have come together again for the movie “My Brilliant Life,” which will be released on September 3. This will be the second time they have starred in a movie together.

“My Brilliant Life” is a touching movie based on a novel about a young couple, Mira (Song Hye Gyo) and Dae Su (Kang Dong Won), who conceive a child at the young age of 17. Their newborn son, Ah Reum, is diagnosed with Progeria syndrome, a rare genetic defect that causes him to age rapidly from an early age.

Actress Song Hye Gyo diverges from her goddess image to play the realistic role of Mira: a beautiful girl that once dreamed of becoming a pop idol, yet through the turn of events of having a child, ends up becoming a hard-working mother who has great love for her son

High School-Love On, Episodes 1-4: Cute and Fluffy

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High School-Love On, Episodes 1-4: Cute and Fluffy Written by Joyce On August 14, 2014

If you, like me, are an ardent Infinite fan, High School – Love On would have been on your radar for a variety of reasons, the most important being that the two lead actors are Woohyun and Sungyeol. For those uninformed, High School is a romance fantasy 20-episoder in a high school setting.

The main premise is that Seul-bi (Kim Sae-ron), who is originally a death angel (think Scheduler from 49 days), becomes human after unintentionally saving Woohyun’s life; she goes to high school, and hijinks happen. Oh and, Sungyeol and Woohyun keep their own names as their character names.

Disclaimer: Spoiler ahead.

Four episodes in, High School strikes me as School 2013 – Fluffy version; I guess high school dramas all fit in roughly the same mold, with a varied amount of angst

‘Fated to Love You’ Choi Jin Hyuk Proposes to Jang Na Ra

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MBC drama "Fated to Love You" actor Choi Jin Hyuk proposed to actress Jang Na Ra, making actor Jang Hyuk worried.

On the most recent episode of the drama MBC drama "Fated to Love You" which aired on August 14, 2014, Daniel, played by actor Choi Jin Hyuk, proposed to Kim Mi Young, played by actress Jang Na Ra. Daniel prepared a romantic event to propose to her, and said, "I want to live with you happily for a long time." He then handed flowers to Kim Mi Young and said, "Mi Young, will you be my real family?"

Lee Gun, played by actor Jang Hyuk, had been watching the two from a far, and felt disheartened by what he saw. He had planned to show up in front of Kim Mi Young and reveal his identity, without knowing that Daniel was going to propose to her

‘Trot Lovers’ Ends On An Upbeat Note

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Just like the lyrics of a trot song, the life of Choon Hee, the main character in "Trot Lovers," was no stranger to tragedy. But the comedy ended this week on an upbeat note.

Spoiler alert: Choon Hee and Joon Hyun forgave the tragic actions of the past that threatened to separate them. The villains, which included one of the more despicable female second leads in the history of k-drama, got what they deserved. After doing time for the crime, enemies became friends. The second male lead accepted his loss gracefully and became the female lead"s best friend. Choon Hee"s father got his surgery and went into remission.

In all, everyone did the best they could and got the fate they deserved. And there were only a few plot clichés such as a short-lived case of amnesia and a one-year separation between the leading characters

'It's Okay, It's Love' Gong Hyo Jin Unexpected With Kiss

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Gong Hyo Jin kissed Jo In Sung again after talking about the "girlfriend."

On the 7th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "It"s Okay, It"s Love" (director Kim Kyu Tae, script No Hee Kyung) broadcast August 13th, Ji Hye Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin) went to his patient and started to vent even though it wasn"t going anywhere.

He had gone to a place where a patient who only drew his private parts went to find a place that was good for him. Ji Hye Soo talked about his unstable conditions and had established that he could overcome this to ask a man out. However, he said that he was dumped. The patient asked, "Did you call again?" However, Ji Hye Soo shook his head saying, "I don"t want to be doing that because of my pride."

At this, he suddenly planted a surprising kiss onto Ji Hye Soo as she didn"t know how to react

“Trot Lovers” cast share their final thoughts as the drama comes to an end

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A Pink"s Eunji, Ji Hyun Woo, Shin Sung Rok, and Son Ho Joon gave their final thoughts on "Trot Lovers", which aired its finale this week!

The cast and staff including Ji Hyun Woo, Eunji, Shin Sung Rok, Son Ho Joon, Lee Se Young, Shin Bora, and Lee Yi Kyung celebrated the finale at a restaurant near the KBS headquarters in Yeouido, Seoul on August 12.

Star News met up with the cast on site, and Eunji gave her farewell greeting, "First off, thank you to the viewers who watched "Trot Lovers" until the end in order for the drama to end well... I filmed "Trot Lovers" in a good mood throughout the entire filming."

Ji Hyun Woo shared, "Thank you to the viewers who loved ["Trot Lovers"]

An All-Girls-Night Stellar at SHINZU’I White Concert with SISTAR, A-Pink, and Soomin in Jakarta

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The active girl-group who swept charts last week, SISTAR, became the night’s highlight and favourite.

With the concentration of the visit of K-pop boy groups to the capital city of Indonesia, ‘SHINZU’I White Concert’ certainly brings an arguably first ever all-girls-concert with SISTAR, A-Pink and Soomin headlining as artists from South Korea. Held at Istora Senayan last week, the venue was filled with an astonishing equal number of female and male fans to chant together in harmony! With an energetic opening act by Crispi Crunch (CC), a duo hip hop crew consisting of CSP and Cheezy who collaborated with former April Kiss member, Soomin. Clad in a sexy see-through top and black shorts, she got the crowd up with party anthems for the first time with unstoppable beats of We ain’t over, Boss Nice Shot, and Thumbs Up (check the CC crew out here)

Actress Jun Ji Hyun becomes honorary ambassador of Korean tourism

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On August 11, actress Jun Ji Hyun, the female lead of the mega-hit drama “My Love from the Star”, has been appointed as an honorary ambassador of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).
Jun Ji Hyun is a famous Korean actress through many hit movies such as "My sassy girl", "The thieves", "The Berlin file",... She is growing as a Hallyu star again as the latest 21-episode drama "My love from the Star" gained a huge popularity in China. It attracted more than 2.5 billion hits on IQIYI, a Chinese video site, according to KeyEast.
Thanks to the drama, Chinese people are inspired to eat chicken and drink beer together, and follow Jun Ji Hyun"s fashion style. They also show their wishes to visit Korea and tour some of the drama’s locations.
Jun Ji Hyun shared her thought, “I’ll do my best to advertise how beautiful Korea is and how kind people are through dramas and movies to promote Korea’s charm to the world”

[Spoiler] “Trot Romance” A happy ending: Jung Eun-ji and Ji Hyeon-woo overcome obstacles

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Ji Hyeon-woo and Jung Eun-ji became a true "Trot Romance".

On the final episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Trot Romance", Choon-hee (Jung Eun-ji) and Joon-hyeon (Ji Hyeon-woo) finally came together, overcoming all interferences and obstacles.

The way to the end was rough. Soo-in"s (Lee Se-yeong) evil deeds were revealed and she chose to surrender. Choon-hee and Joon-hyeon had a short time of romance, but Hwa-soon (Ji Soo-won) and Myeong-sik (Kang Nam-gil) were there. It turned out Hwa-soon had taken Seong-joo"s (Lee Yeon-kyeong) voice and Joon-hyeon tried to break up with Choon-hee.

However, this all started with Joo-hee (Kim Hye-ri). She was jealous of Seong-joo who had a brilliant talent so she tried everything in her power to stop Seong-joo from doing well, just like her daughter Soo-in (Lee Se-yeong)

“It’s Okay, That’s Love” Episodes 1-4: Sex, Stigma and Squishy

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“It’s Okay, That’s Love” Episodes 1-4: Sex, Stigma and Squishy Written by Alolika On August 12, 2014

Once upon a time, I used to watch back-to-back K-dramas, gobbling up anything and everything it offered as long as it was packed with good-looking characters. Then I started thinking responsibly, and ended up not watching any for the past three years.

Returning to the K-drama scene after such a long time; however, has not left me disappointed because the current K-drama trend seems to be refreshingly experimental, or so implies SBS‘s It’s Okay, That’s Love with its commendable attempt at dealing with stigma-ridden psychiatric disorders encompassed within a seemingly simplistic story of love and empathy.

 Spoilers ahead. Proceed with care.

If opposites attract, then author of best-selling mystery novels, Jang Jae-yeol (Jo In-sung), and exemplary psychiatrist, Ji Hae-soo (Gong Hyo-jin), are definitely not getting together because both of them are way too similar

g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung Cameos on “Fated to Love You” for Longtime Friend Jang Hyuk

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Park Joon Hyung, a member of the first generation idol group g.o.d., revealed a picture he took with actor Jang Hyuk.

On August 10, the rapper uploaded the photo on his Instagram along with a message that said, “Took a photo on the set of MBC’s ‘Fated to Love You’ with my lovely younger brother, Jang Hyuk!^^ We knew each other before g.o.d. in 1997~ I’m proud of you Yong Joon (Jang Hyuk’s real name)!^^ [sic]”

In the picture, Park Joon Hyung is seen wearing a shower gown while Jang Hyuk is staring at the camera. Jang Hyuk has his thumb up and showed off his friendship with Park Joon Hyung.

Meanwhile, “Fated to Love You” is a romantic, comedy drama about an average woman named Kim Mi Young, played by Jang Nara, who becomes pregnant after a one night stand with Lee Gun, played by Jang Hyuk

“My Fair Lady” reveals script reading photos of Rain, Krystal, L, Hoya, Dani, and more

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"My Lovely Lady" released pictures from their script reading!
The drama features Rain and Krystal as the leads, as well as L, Hoya, and Dani along actors such as Park Young Kyu, Kim Hye Eun, and more. It"s a comical romantic love fantasy where young men and women heal each other"s pain and learn to love one another.

The director said, "I"m happy to meet all the actors that I wanted to work on a drama with. From the start in the hot summer to the end when cold wind starts to blow, let"s work hard." The writer said, "Please work on this project with a kind heart. I will work hard to make sure this does not become an embarrassment on the actors" filmography."

SBS said, ""My Lovely Lady" is based on the music industry, and even from the script practice, everyone boasted a special harmony in such a good aura that the time just passed by

Rain, Krystal, L, Hoya, and more attend the script reading for “My Lovely Girl”

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The cast of upcoming star-studded SBS drama "My Lovely Girl" have gathered together for the first time in the script reading held in Ilsan Production Center in the mornign of August 8.

Still from the script reading have been released showing the staff and cast gathered around a table such as Park Hyeong Gi PD and writer No Ji Seol. Main cast including Rain, Krystal, INFINITE L and Hoya, Park Young Kyu, Kim Hye Eun, Dani, Cho Hee Bung, Kim Gi Bang, Lee Cho Hee, Park Doo Shik, Baek Seung Do, and more are present.

The cast have already shown teamwork during the practice especially Rain who is making his drama comeback after four years. Meanwhile, "My Lovely Girl" is a romantic fanstasy drama starring Rain as Hyun Wook and Krystal as Sena. It will premiere on September 17.

Watch Live: MBC Music Core 08.09.14: Ladies Code and Kim Wan Sun Comeback Stages

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MC : SoHyun, MinHo(SHINee) , ZICO(Block B)

♬ Comeback Stage- Ladies Code 『KISS KISS』- Kim Wan-sun(feat. T.T & ZZOKER) 『Goodbye My Love』

♬ Hot Stage- HA:TFELT(Ye Eun) 『Ani’t Nobody』- Block B 『H.E.R』- SISTAR 『TOUCH MY BODY』- B1A4 『SOLO DAY』- HyunA 『RED』- Girl’s Day 『Darling』- HOMME 『It Girl』- Red Velvet 『Happiness』- Boys Republic 『Dress Up』

♬ Sound-HOLIC- Mose(feat.Nashow) 『Let’s not meet again』- Skull (feat.Yeseul of Wings) 『I’m getting marrid』- HEYNE 『RED LIE』- BESTie 『HOT BABY』- MAMAMOO 『Mr.Ambiguous』- C-CLOWN 『Let’s Love』- B.I.G 『Hello』- PHON 『I’ll Be Your Spring』- Say Yes 『Get Out』- LU:KUS 『So Into U』

Eric Thanks Fans for Gifts Behind the Scenes of “Discovery of Love”

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Actor Moon Jung Hyuk (also known as Eric from the group Shinhwa) recently revealed a photo of himself while filming for his new drama, “Discovery of Love.”

In support of his new role, his fans brought the entire production team matching shirts as well as boxes of energy drinks. To thank his fans, he took picture of himself holding up the energy drinks while wearing the shirt and uploaded them onto the official E&J Entertainment Twitter site. His unique facial expression that seems serious yet kind of funny brought laughter to fans that saw the photos.

This drama will be Moon Jung Hyuk’s first in three years since “Spy Myung Wol” in 2011. In “Discovery of Love,” he will be portraying the role of Kang Tae Ha, a director of a construction company that is confident in both love and his work

“K-POP Star 2″ contestant Song Haye debuts with “My First”

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Years after her participation on “K-POP Star 2,” contestant Song Haye is finally making her debut with a new single, “My First”!

Similar to the short music video teaser that was released earlier, Song Haye has revealed a cute and sweet music video to match the new single!

The music video for “My First” reveals the innocent school girl Song Haye falling in love on a beautiful day, although she is too shy to admit her feelings at first. Finally summoning up the courage to confess, the music video ends with a cute result. The music video comes with an adorable choreography as well!

Check out the music video for Song Haye’s debut song! What did you think and are you looking forward to more from Song Haye?

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