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Son Ho Young gets love from Kim Tae Woo"s daughter So Yool on upcoming episode of "Oh! My Baby"

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Son Ho Young won the heart of Kim Tae Woo"s daughter So Yool on the upcoming episode of "Oh! My Baby"!

During a recent filming, the Yool sisters (So Yool & Ji Yool) visited g.o.d at their Daejeon concert and started a 2014 version of "g.o.d"s Infant Diary". Kim Tae Woo"s daughters got love and affection from all their g.o.d uncles, but Son Ho Young was the most popular uncle in So Yool"s eyes. Even when her dad Kim Tae Woo called to her, she didn"t leave Son Ho Young"s side.

Park Joon Hyung commented, "Now I know why Ho Young is the "big mommy"," to which Kim Tae Woo cried out, "I"m your dad!"

Stay tuned for this adorable episode on September 4 at 5 PM KST!

[Video] Added new trailer and stills for the Korean movie "Daughter"

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Added new trailer and stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Daughter"

"Daughter" (2014)Directed by Koo Hye-seonWith Koo Hye-seon, Shim Hye-jin, Lee Hae-woo, Hyeon Seung-min, Yoon Da-kyeong,...SynopsisA movie about a mother and a daughter who"ve been through misfortune. Produced, directed and starred by Koo Hye-seon.Release date in Korea : 2014


Goo Hye Sun graces the covers of "Big Issue" and "Styler Jubu Lifestyle" + talk about her movie "Daughter"

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Multi-talented celebrity Goo Hye Sun recently graced the cover of not only "Big Issue" but also "Styler Jubu Lifestyle" magazine for their October issues!

In both magazines, she talked about her movie "Daughter" which she both directed and acted in. The movie, which depicts a complicated relationship between a mother and daughter, will premiere at the "19th Busan International Film Festival", which will start on October 2.

In the interview with "Big Issue," Goo Hye Sun said, "I personally appeared as an actress and acted in a cool and cold manner that I"ve never showed so far. It was my first time acting in a movie I was directing, but I had an ambition to try a role like this if I were to star in a movie

Dohee reveals she"s very interested in appearing on tvN"s "Youth Over Flower" with Go Ara

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Tiny-G"s Dohee expressed that she"s very interested in appearing on tvN"s "Youth Over Flowers".

During a recent press conference for her next drama MBC"s "Boarding House #24", Dohee revealed she fell in love with "Youth Over Flowers" after the first episode.

She continued, "At the time (of the filming), Yoo Yun Suk, Son Ho Joon, and Baro sent a lot of pictures as they were filming. They sent just enough pictures to make me want to go as well. I was very jealous. I told them that I would immediately head over, but they replied, "If you come, there is no room for you to sleep in." After the first episode aired, I told them in our group chat room to convince Shin Won Ho PD and Na Young Suk PD, so that Go Ara and I would be able to appear in the female edition of the show

Tablo’s Daughter Haru Takes a Selca

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On September 11, Epik High’s Tablo revealed a photo of his daughter Haru onto his personal Instagram with the caption “Like mom.”

In the photo, Haru could be seen looking at the camera with a coy expression. Her hair looks disheveled, as if she had just woken up. This photo is garnering much attention because she seems to look much more grown up than what we had seen before. Instead of the cute baby image seen from KBS’s “Superman Returns,” fans see a transitioned Haru from toddler to a young girl.

Meanwhile, Haru has been recently getting complimented for her similarities to her parents. Not only in terms of looks, but she also seems to have the talents of both of her parents.

The next episode of “Superman Returns” will be episode 44, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child Part 2

Sooyoung shows her flower-printed bra on recent airing of "My Spring Day"

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Right off the bat, there was a shocking scene for Girls" Generation"s Sooyoung on the first episode of MBC "My Spring Day." The scene has sparked interest in what might be happening next in the upcoming episodes.

In this particular scene, a clinical dietitian Lee Bom (played by Sooyoung), is seen bickering with an elderly patient about taking care of her health. When the patient refuses to listen to Lee Bom, she reveals the scar on her chest which she received from having heart transplant surgery. In the process she revealed her flower-printed bra. Lee Bom says, "You"ve been in the hospital for 67 days. I"ve been a patient for 136 days. I lived looking out the window everyday not knowing when I would die. Do you still think that I wouldn"t know how you feel?"

When the patient responded, "So what do you want me to do?" Lee Bom cheerfully replied, "Is there anything you want to eat?"

The next airing of "My Spring Day," will be on September 11

Jo Se Ho’s Father Would Like to Have After School’s Nana as His Daughter-in-law?

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Comedian Jo Se Ho‘s dreams finally came true when After School‘s Nana agreed to go out on a date with him in this week’s episode of SBS‘ “Roommate.”

On the way to watch a movie, Jo Se Ho told Nana that his father wanted a daughter-in-law like her and also asked if she ever talked about him to her parents. Nana in turn, said, “I talk about you a lot to them lately. I told them I have this older brother who treats me so well and his personality is also really good. It was clearly seen in the broadcast, and so they’re very thankful to you.”

Nana also confessed that it was not just her parents who liked Jo Se Ho, but also the people in her company. She said that her boss wanted to have a meal with him too

Fashionista Father and Daughter Tablo and Haru Make Sweet Eye Contact

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On September 4, Epik High’s Tablo uploaded a photo onto his Instagram, which he manages under his daughter Haru’s name. With the photo he placed a short caption: “Thank you.”

In the released photo, father and daughter are holding hands and looking at each other with loving gazes. Haru, especially, seems to have inherited her celebrity parents’ fashion senses, as she is adorably dressed with a pink floral dress matched with a leather jacket. Tablo is also fashionably dressed in a dandy style with a knit over a plain shirt and slacks.

Meanwhile, Tablo and Haru are currently gaining much popularity through KBS’s “Superman Returns,” where fathers take care of their children without their mothers for 48 hours

Kang Hye Jung Wishes Daughter Haru Doesn’t Become a Celebrity like Her and Tablo on “Superman Returns”

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With popular celebrity parents actress Kang Hye Jung and musician Tablo, everybody is pretty much expecting “Hip-hop Prodigy” Haru to follow the footsteps of her parents. However, Kang Hye Jung revealed that she wishes a different path for her four-year-old daughter.

On the August 31 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” the family of Tablo, Kang Hye Jung, and Haru were shown as they were traveling to Kangneung.

While enroute to Kangneung, Haru passed some time rapping to a beat. The young girl showed some skills as she took after her father Tablo who is one of the most intelligent rappers in the Korean music industry.

While Haru’s parents showed appreciation and pride in her natural talent, both Kang Hye Jung and Tablo weren’t able to hide their concern

[Spoiler] "The Joseon Shooter" Nam Sang-mi gets on the flower carriage

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Nam Sang-mi dressed up for the flower carriage; however, she wasn"t going to Lee Joon-ki.

On the episode of the KBS 2TV drama "The Joseon Shooter" on the 27th, Park Yoon-kang (Lee Joon-ki) was being chased down for killing a Japanese and Jeong Soo-in (Nam Sang-mi) decided to become a court lady in hopes that he would be left alone.

Park Yoon-kang was being chased by Choi Won-sin (Yoo Oh-seong) until he was saved by Kim Ok-goon (Yoon Hee-seok), but he didn"t go to see Soo-in because it was dangerous.

In the meanwhile, Jeong Soo-in decided to become a court lady. She said, "Can the world change? Does that mean Yoon-kang doesn"t need to run away anymore?"

Park Yoon-kang came late and cried, "Don"t go. If you"re going because I"m late, because you couldn"t see me, stop it right now"

Seo Taiji’s Wife Lee Eun Sung Gives Birth to a Daughter

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Seo Taiji and his wife Lee Eun Sung are now the parents of a healthy baby girl!

On August 27, the legendary singer expressed his feelings through a press statement. The announcement says:

“Hello, this is Seo Taiji. It is difficult to explain how filled with emotions I am by simply saying I am happy. Both the mother and the child are currently healthy.

I am thankful to the mother and our daughter. I hope to become a great father. Thank you to everyone that expressed their concerns, and I especially want to thank my patient and loving fans.”

In March this year, the couple revealed that Lee Eun Sung is pregnant with their first child. The two got married in June 2013 at a small private wedding.

In related news, Seo Taiji is scheduled to make his anticipated comeback later this fall

Actress Kim Minseo to play the rich daughter in upcoming MBC drama, “Rosy Lovers”

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FNC Entertainment has confirmed that actress Kim Minseo will be joining the cast to the upcoming MBC weekend drama “Rosy Lovers” alongside Secret’s Han Sunhwa and Lee Jangwoo.

She will play the school girl daughter of a rich family who plays the cello, training to enter the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.

Kim Minseo has previously left a strong impression in the KBS drama “Good Doctor,” and has had multiple successful roles in the MBC drama “7th Grade Civil Servant,” KBS2 drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and MBC drama “The Moon That Embraces The Sun.”

Meanwhile, “Rosy Lovers” is expected to air in October with 50 episodes.

Source: Sports World

Uhm Tae Woong Takes Selca With His Driver Daughter

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On August 20, Uhm Tae Woong released a selca on his Instagram with the caption, “Miss Uhm Ji Ohn, the model driver.”

In the photo, father and daughter are close and posing towards the camera in the driver seat of his parked car. The fact that his daughter had her hands on the wheels of the car brought smiles to the fans.

Uhm Tae Woong’s management agency, Sim Entertainment, commented that this photo was taken during his family vacation trip to Jaeju Island. He had been waiting for a meeting with an acquaintance so he took a comic selca with his daughter after he parked his car. They commented, “Uhm Tae Woong’s love for his daughter is like no other. Rest assured that even when he takes a photo he puts the safety of his daughter first.”

Later that day he posted a couple other photos on his Instagram with the caption, “End of vacation, going back home,” showing his love for his wife and daughter

Kwon Sang Woo And Son Tae Young Are Expecting A Daughter

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Actor Kwon Sang Woo and his wife, actress Son Tae Young are expecting a second child in February and they recently learned that their next child be a girl.

The actor announced his child"s gender at a recent press conference for his drama "Temptation," which also stars Choi Ji Woo, Park Ha Sun and Lee Jung Jin.

"I knew about the pregnancy in early July when we were promoting the drama, but I didn"t share the news then because the first three months of a pregnancy are the most critical," said Kwon.

He did announce his wife"s pregnancy a few weeks ago on his online fan café but at the time he did not know whether he was expecting a son or a daughter.

He was happy to hear the news, as a daughter is exactly what the couple wanted next

It's Okay, It's Love" Lee Kwang Soo Is Humiliated With Daughter

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Lee Kwang Soo was humiliated and separated with Lee Sung Kyung.

On the 8th episode of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama "It"s Okay It"s Love" broadcast on August 14th, Park Soo Kwang (played by Lee Kwang Soo) and started to call Jang Je Yeol (played by Jo In Sung), asking for advice.

On this day, Ji Hye Soo saw that Jang Je Yeol got an expensive hotel room and said she therefore said that it was too expensive. She called and said that she would call and change the room.

At this, Jang Je Yeol sighed but Ji Hye Soo did not care and only looked for cheap rooms. In the end, Ji Hye Soo saw that Jang Je Yeol saw the cheapest room and saw that there was the cheapest and the most worn down room and was in disbelief.

Then, Jang Je Yeol started to mock Ji Hye Soo in the most subtle way