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After School"s Lizzy and Jung Joon Young to make movie debut through "Today"s Love"

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After School"s Lizzy and Jung Joon Young will be making their big screen debuts!

A rep from agency Pledis told MBN Star on August 1, "Lizzy has been confirmed for "Today"s Love." She started filming last week." Jung Joon Young"s rep likewise stated, "Jung Joon Young will be taking on the challenge of a movie through "Today"s Love.""

Lizzy will be playing the bright and cheery Min Ah while Jung Joon Young will play a character with a one-sided love regarding Moon Chae Won, who plays the lead along with Lee Seung Gi.

Recently, Hwayoung was also reported to be making her movie debut through this film, so it looks like there will be a lot of newcomers! It started filming at the end of July and will premiere next year

Actress Lee Young Eun to marry in September

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Actress Lee Young Eun sure is busy! Not only is she acting in tvN"s upcoming drama, "My Secret Hotel," but she"s also getting ready to exchange wedding vows on September 27!

Her agency, J-Wide Company, revealed on August 1, "Lee Young Eun has been dating a company employee two years her senior since last year, and is now engaged in full-scale wedding preparations."

She revealed through her agency, "The groom has a thoughtful and warm nature. We met each other through a friend and naturally grew feelings for each other. More than anything, I look forward to sharing an eternity with somebody who"s always by my side giving me positive energy."

Congratulations in advance to the happy couple!

MC Mong Rumored to Possibly Return to TV, PD Nah Young Suk Denies

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Earlier today, a news outlet reported that MC Mong will be returning to television with producer Nah Young Suk.

This news source claimed that MC Mong was in talks with producer Nah in coming back to variety television, and that he will soon appear in a new tvN variety program sometime at the end of this year or early next year. MC Mong is planning on releasing a new album in the fall but will have difficulty promoting it on music shows due to being banned on major television networks for draft dodging. The news outlet stated that due to difficulty with promoting, MC Mong will likely turn to variety shows on cable television to promote.

However, Producer Nah Young Suk released a statement denying these rumors. He said, “It is true that the members of ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ still meet from time to time, and I have said ‘let’s all try something together again’

g.o.d"s Son Ho Young and Danny Ahn release "One Day" for "Marriage Not Dating" OST

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After making their long-awaited reunion and comeback, g.o.d members Son Ho Young and Danny Ahn now took part in the OST for current tvN drama, "Marriage Not Dating"!

"One Day" is a sweet love song that tugs--and tugs hard--at the heartstrings with Son Ho Young"s emotional voice and Danny Ahn"s soft rap parts, which he personally wrote. The song first made its appearance in the very last scene of the eighth episode that aired on July 26, showing actress Han Groo running out in her wedding dress. Since then, no doubt, people must have been scrambling to find the track!

Now the wait is over as the song has been released on music sites, and it will surely be a fine addition to your playlist

Do Jung Yoo Mi and Jung Joon Young still talk?

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Many fans of "We Got Married" wonder if the couples maintain contact after their run on the series, and actress Jung Yoo Mi revealed whether she and her former onscreen husband Jung Joon Young still talk.

During an interview with Osen on August 1, Jung Yoo Mi stated, "Jung Joon Young and I don"t contact each other. Even during filming, we weren"t the type to communicate often." She added that she does still hear about him, however.

She said, "Choi Tae Joon, who I"m currently filming the drama ["Mother"s Garden"] with, is best friends with Jung Joon Young. The two meet often, and I hear updates [about Jung Joon Young] whenever they do. That"s why I feel like even if we"re done with "We Got Married", there"s still an extension going on. We"re keeping in touch through Choi Tae Joon

Jung Yoo Mi Admits Not Keeping in Touch With Jung Joon Young After “We Got Married”

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Actress Jung Yoo Mi got real and revealed that she hasn’t been keeping in touch with his then on-screen husband Jung Joon Young after their stint in the MBC variety show, “We Got Married.”

In an interview with OSEN on August 1, the actress talked about her relationship with the rock singer after they finished the show. “We don’t contact each other. Even when we were filming the show, we weren’t the type to contact each other,” said Jung Yoo Mi.

“I’m currently working with Choi Tae Joon in a drama and he’s Jung Joon Young’s best friend. The two really meet often. Whenever I meet (Choi Tae Joon), I hear news about him (Jung Joon Young). That’s why even when ‘We Got Married’ is finished, I feel that there’s still an extension (of our relationship)

Actress Lee Young Eun to Get Married This September!

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Actress Lee Young Eun (32, Korean age) will be tying the knot this coming September 27!

A broadcast official told TV Report on August 1, “Lee Young Eun will become a bride in the fall. The couple will be shooting their wedding pictorial next week.”

Despite having an incredibly busy schedule in the midst of filming for the drama “High School King,” as well as “My Secret Hotel,” which will be airing its first episode on August 18, the actress has been making preparations for the upcoming wedding ceremony with her fiance. It has been reported that the groom-to-be is not involved in the entertainment industry, but an ordinary company worker who is two years her junior.

Lee Young Eun first made her debut as a clothing brand model, and began actively promoting in the industry after appearing on the variety program “Kang Ho Dong’s Soul Mates” in 2003

Seo Min Jung Enjoys Some Quality Time with Lee Soo Young

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Actress Seo Min Jung has released some pictures taken recently together with close friend and singer Lee Soo Young.

On July 30, the former entertainer uploaded a photo collage to her personal Instagram account titled simply “with Soo Young.” Two of the photos show the women together at a coffee shop and then outside. They smile brightly at the camera while waving and flashing the “V” sign. It is clear that they have a good relationship and are enjoying each others’ company. Both are lively and vivacious.

Seo Min Jung married one year older Korean-American dentist Ahn Sang Hoon in 2007 and is raising a family with him in New York. She is not currently involved in acting. Her last project was MBC’s “High Kick!”

Starship Entertainment Introduces New Artist Joo Young

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Starship X introduced a new artist on its roster, Joo Young, through a video posted on its official Youtube channel.

Starship X is the sub-label of Starship Entertainment that focuses on promoting artists active in the underground scene. Previously, it successfully promoted artists like Junggigo and Mad Clown.

Starship X’s next new artist, Joo Young, is a talented singer who has been active in the underground scene since 2010. In the video posted to the label’s Youtube channel, he can be seen covering Jeff Bernat‘s “Call You Mine” in his unique style.

Joo Young debuted in 2010 and has released a mini album in 2012 called “From Me To You

Jang Young Ran is a beautiful pregnant woman in her family pictorial + expected to give birth next month

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TV personality Jang Young Ran revealed that she"s pregnant with her second child through her beautiful family pictorial!

Jang Young Ran showed off her pregnant figure and all the love there is to go around between her husband and daughter. In one of the shots, her daughter gets close to her mother"s belly in excitement to finally have a sibling.

Photographer May Kim commented, "Although it"s the final month of her pregnancy, the always energetic and healthy Jang Young Ran and her husband looked even more thrilled and happy with their first daughter Ji Woo because they will give birth to a son this time around."

Jang Young Ran is expected to give birth to her second child, a son, in August!

Actress Jang Shin Young Joins “The Spring Day of My Life”

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Actress Jang Shin Young has joined the cast of the upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Spring Day of My Life.”

According to MBC on July 30, Jang Shin Young will play the role of Bae Ji Won, a cold-hearted but fast-calculating team leader of the public relations department. The character has exceptional beauty, refined language and sagacity, receiving the affection of Myung Hee (Shim Hye Jin.) Jang Shin Young will be rivals with Sooyoung for Kam Woo Sung.

Jang Shin Young is generating interest as she has shown off her great acting ability in the popular dramas “The Chaser” and “Empire of Gold.”

Meanwhile, “The Spring Day of My Life” is a melodrama is about a woman who is terminally that receives a new heart through an organ transplant, and then she meets the husband of the woman who donated the heart, and the two fall in love

New Starship Entertainment artist Joo Young reveals his cover of "Call You Mine"

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New Starship Entertainment artist Joo Young has revealed a cover of Jeff Bernat"s "Call You Mine"!

The R&B singer debuted in 2010 with the digital single album "Same as You" and recently joined the Starship family. Not much is known about Joo Young"s upcoming promotions, but he will be performing at the "2014 Starship x Troopers Concert" on August 31.

Check out Joo Young"s soulful cover above and some of his previous releases below!

Rookie Actress Ryu Hye Young Signs with C-JeS Entertainment

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Rookie actress Ryu Hye Young has signed with talent management company C-JeS Entertainment, adding onto the agency’s impressive roster of top star actors.

On July 30, C-JeS Entertainment announced that Ryu Hye Young has signed a contract with them. They added, “Ryu Hye Young is a rising star who has acted in feature-length movies, short films, and theater productions since debut. We will be supporting her to see that she is able to film more varying roles in the future.”

Ryu Hye Young debuted in 2007 with a short film called “A Female High School Student.” She then appeared in small but critically acclaimed movies like “Adolescent” and “Forrest.” 

In 2012, she received the Best Female Actor award at the Multicultural International Short Film Festival for her portrayal in the short film “Graduation Trip

Henry Feels Stressed About Looking Young, Says He Likes Lee Hyori for Her Ugly Looks?

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Super Junior-M’s Henry appeared as a guest on the July 29 broadcast of SBS’ talk show “Magic Eye,” to discuss the topic of ‘appearance.’

During the show, Henry shared that he doesn’t get treated like an adult due to his youthful appearance, and also confessed that he likes Lee Hyori for her ugly looks.

The singer explained that he feels stressed about how young he looks for his age. Henry went on to share an experience he had because he appears to look much younger than 26 years old (Korean age). During a Super Junior concert rehearsal, the staff called the other members’ names politely, while they called him “Henry” and spoke to him informally.

He added that the cleaning lady at the group’s dorm also spoke to him as if he was a child, unlike the way she spoke to the other members, which caused him stress as well

Kim Shin Young and Jo Se Ho to replace Shin Bong Sun and Heo Kyung Hwan on "Happy Together 3"

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There will be changes in cast line up on KBS2"s "Happy Together 3" as Shin Bong Sun and Heo Kyung Hwan are announced to be leaving the show.

On July 29, Han Kyung Chun reveals that Shin Bong Sun and Heo Kyung Hwan already filmed their last episode on July 26. He also announces the new members who are going to fill the spots and they are none other than Kim Shin Young and "Roommate" cast Jo SeHo.

In regards to his departure, Heo Kyung Hwan"s side explained that he has encountered conflicts in schedule after joining "I Am A Man". Heo Kyung Hwan and Shin Bong Sun"s last episode airs on 31st.