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Teaser: Yoo In Young Is the Prince’s First Love-Turned-Enemy in “The Three Musketeers”

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“I lost everything for loving the prince.”

tvN’s new drama “The Three Musketeers” has released its teaser clip for the prince’s first love Mi Ryung, played by actress Yoo In Young.

In the drama, the beautiful and intelligent Mi Ryung, while at one time Prince So Hyeon’s love, becomes his enemy. The teaser, a short 15-second bit, gives us a lot, and not quite enough. Shot in red, Yoo In Young grips a knife with a faraway, sad look in her eyes, teasing viewers with a great and perhaps tragic love story.

 “The Three Musketeers” airs on August 17.

Young actor Yeo Jin Goo shows his maturing looks for "International bnt"

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Yeo Jin Goo gave some fan service with his winks through his pictorial for "International bnt" and continued to leave fans in awe as they reminisce on his child actor days a few years back.

The rising actor also participated in an interview and was asked if he felt burdened that many describe him to be a young actor with much potential as he is described to make the "lead role shine" with his portrayal of the child or teen version. He shared, "Rather than burdensome, I think a sense of responsibility is more appropriate... Because I feel a sense of responsibility, I might also feel pressure. Although I don"t know how much the viewers are expecting from me, I think that I should work harder to surpass their expectations."

His movie "Shoot My Heart" is set to premiere next year!

Yoo Chae Young passes away after fight with cancer

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A few days ago, it was revealed that singer and actress, Yoo Chae Young, was entering into a critical phase of her advanced gastric cancer. It has now unfortunately been revealed that she passed away this morning.

Her agency stated through a press release, "Singer and actress Yoo Chae Young has passed away at the age of 41 (40 international age)... Yoo Chae Young, who was fighting gastric cancer, passed away at the Severance Hospital in Shinchon on the 24th at 8 AM... Her husband and her family guarded her side until the very last moment... We hope that you remember her bright image and we pray that she rests in peace." 

Yoo Chae Young made her debut back in the "80s and led an active music career through out the "90s. She also ventured out into other broadcast fields, bringing laughs with her bright and upbeat personality

Singer Han Young and Athelete Lee Dae Hyung Announce Their Relationship

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Singer and entertainer Han Young and pro baseball player Lee Dae Hyung have announced their relationship.

According to a spokesperson for both parties, Han Young and the five years younger Lee Dae Hyung met in October 2013. They have been dating seriously since that time, a fact which was known to Lee Dae Hyung’s teammates and friends. The spokesperson stated that the fact of their relationship was an open secret in the baseball world.

Han Young debuted with trot group LPG in 2005 and released her first solo album in 2008. She is currently involved in modeling, broadcasting, and preparing for the release of a new album. Lee Dae Hyung joined the KIA Tigers as an outfielder with a 2,400,000,000 won (roughly USD $2.4 million) contract. He has many female fans due not only to his swiftness on the field but also his handsome face

After School’s E-Young and Ka Eun and NU’EST’s Min Hyun Cameo on “Trot Lovers”

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After School’s E-Young and Ka Eun, along with NU’EST’s Min Hyun, had a surprise cameo in KBS2′s Monday-Tuesday drama “Trot Lovers” (aka ”Lovers of Music“).

In episode 10 of “Lovers of Music” that broadcast on July 22, After School’s E-Young and Ka Eun, and NU’EST’s Min Hyun appeared on “Music Tank” ( a parody of KBS’ “Music Bank”) as the MCs.

E-Young, Ka Eun, and Min Hyun perfectly played the roles of MCs of a music program, leaving an impression with the viewers. As the three are actual singers, they portrayed the characteristics of a music program well, so their surprise appearance caught the attention of the viewers.

Meanwhile, the cameo that caught the most attention was Min Hyun’s, as NU’EST released their first official album, “NU’EST The First Album [Re:BIRTH],” and are promoting it actively

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Are Expecting Their Second Child

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Acting couple Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young are expecting their second child.

One Korean entertainment media source reported “Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young are expecting their second child during their six years of marriage. Son Tae Young has been pregnant for 11 weeks, so the expected birth date for the second child is next February.”

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young married in September 2008 and had their child, Luke, in February 2009. The couple let it known that they are very happy after receiving news that they’ll be having their second child after five years.

According to the media source, Luke decided on the fetus name for the second child, which is “Heart.”

Meanwhile, Kwon Sang Woo plays the lead role in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Temptation” that premiered last week

Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young revealed to be expecting their second child

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On July 23, it was revealed that celebrity couple Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young, who married in September of 2008, are expecting their second child! Son Tae Young is now eleven weeks pregnant and the estimated date of birth is sometime in February of next year.

The couple had welcomed their first son in February, 2009, so it appears the two siblings will be almost exactly five years apart in age. Their son has adorably personally chosen the temporary name, Heart, for the baby until he or she is born.

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A rep from Son Tae Young"s agency, H8, said, "It"s true she is carrying her second child. This is her eleventh week now and as it is happy news, there is no need to hide it

Jung Joon Young and Jang Geun Suk Teach You How to Look Cool

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Singer Jung Joon Young and actor Jang Geun Suk took a photo together in Japan.

On July 22, Jung Joon Young shared the photo he took with Jang Geun Suk and wrote, “Jung Joon Young’s lesson on looking cool. Step 1. Raise your chin up a little bit. With me is Jang Geun Suk, Asia’s Prince who crossed the ocean to Japan.”

As he described, the two handsome men have their chins raised up and look down for a very cool expression.

According to Jung Joon Young’s agency, the singer was in Japan as a guest for Jang Geun Suk’s “Pretty Man” Japanese concert. Jung Joon Young had written and sung the song “One Day” for the drama’s OST.

Also at the concert were IU, Lee Jang Woo, and group History

EXO′s Kris Poses With a Director, Jung Joon Young Poses with Jang Keun Suk and More

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More star interactions coming up on today′s Twitter Roundup!

4minute′s Hyuna put up a selfie today without any caption at all.

Guess her looks speak for themselves.

EXO′s Kris posed with commercial director Levi Coltof, as he said, "In the Office with #krisexo."

2PM′s Junho posted a fuzzy photo of himself with a figure that vaguely resembles Jun.K.

"With JUN.K but where′s the high resolution photo??" he said.

Fellow 2PM member Taecyeon couldn′t seem to sleep at night.

"I can′t seem to sleep these days~ I just came out for a walk at this time~ I want to have a beer, but I can′t because I′m on a diet T_T Trying to change my mood with g.o

Singer and Actress Yoo Chae Young in Final Stage of Stomach Cancer

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Singer and actress Yoo Chae Young is in a difficult battle with stomach cancer.

Yoo Chae Young’s representative announced on July 22 that she is in the final stage of stomach cancer with great threat to her life.

Yoo Chae Young was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent surgery last October when it was discovered the cancer had already spread to other organs.

Despite her surgery and strenuous cancert treatment, Yoo Chae Young did not give up broadcasting and worked as a radio DJ on “Good Weekend with Kim Kyung Sik and Yoo Chae Young” until July 17 of this year, when she could not continue any further. Her co-DJ Kim Kyung Sik took to his Twitter account to ask to people to keep her in their prayers. The general population has already voiced support for Yoo Chae Young on the internet

G-Dragon Talks About Marriage, Tablo’s Daughter Haru, and BIGBANG’s Comeback

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On the July 19 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” cameras followed BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to the set of an advertisement photo shoot, where he took part in an interview for the entertainment news program.

During this specific interview, G-Dragon talked about various different topics, including his thoughts on getting married, as well as Epik High Tablo’s adorable daughter Haru.

When the interviewer asked the BIGBANG member about Haru—who has previously proven herself to be a huge fan of G-Dragon—he expressed, “Haru is so pretty. I really like that she calls the BIGBANG members ‘uncle,’ but she only calls me ‘oppa.’”

Previously, on “Superman Returns,” Haru asked Tablo if she could buy G-Dragon with his credit card, and in this interview, he shyly responded, “You can’t buy me, but I’ll buy you delicious food instead

Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min enjoy a romantic dinner and dance on 'We Got Married'

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Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min enjoyed a romantic dinner and dance on the July 19 episode of "We Got Married".

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Continuing their 100th day as a couple, Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min ate the rest of the delicious dinner she prepared for the special day. The "4-D" pair then decided to act out their own drama and try out multiple roles. Going along with the drama concept, Nam Goong Min was surprised to find that his onscreen wife had put a gold necklace in his dessert as a gift.

With their matching necklaces, the two had a romantic dance. Afterwards, they ended the night on a simple note with a cold beer in front of a convenience store. The two then decided to finally move out of Hong Jin Young"s house and into a newlywed home.

2PM's Wooyoung and Park Se Young cuddle up to watch a movie on 'We Got Married'

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young cuddled up while they watched a movie on the July 19th episode of "We Got Married".

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They started out the episode by doing things the other didn"t want to do. Park Se Young got Wooyoung to wash blankets with her, while Wooyoung asked Park Se Young to practice the choreography for their duet "Holding Hands". The couple then had some beer with snacks, and Wooyoung asked his onscreen wife to drink more often with him.

The two ended the night on a romantic tone by cuddling in bed and watching a horror film. Though the actress tried to scare him with a fake hand, she was unsuccessful.

How cute are they?!

g.o.d’s Son Ho Young Being Investigated for Unauthorized Use of Narcotics, Agency Is Not Worried

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It was revealed on July 11 that g.o.d member Son Ho Young is being investigated for the unauthorized use of the psychotropic dug Zolpidem.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors office had summoned Son Ho Young last month on the suspicious of violating narcotic laws. Zolpidem is a drug used for the long-term treatment of insomnia, with side effects such as hallucination, and must be prescribed by a physician. According to prosecutors, after the suicide of his girlfriend Son Ho Young had taken multiple pills of Zolpidem (prescribed to a family member) as part of his suicide attempt in May of 2013. The forensics team had found evidence of the drug and had submitted it to the prosecutors office.

Son Ho Young’s representatives responded to this news and told the press they were not concerned about the investigation

A Pink’s Ha Young Conveys Message of Gratitude on Her Birthday

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A Pink’s maknae Ha Young relayed a thankful message for all of the birthday wishes.

On July 19, Ha Young left a message on A Pink’s official SNS accounts in the early morning of her birthday. Ha Young wrote “Though it may be late, I’m putting this up in case there are any of our fans waiting before going to bed. I’m in a good mood because many people congratulated me on my birthday and I received many meaningful presents. When did you all prepare this? I’m emotional right now.”

Ha Young uploaded a selca and the message continues: “Today is an exciting day no matter what I do and for no reason. I hope today is like this for our fans. My unnies opened the door and brought in a cake and gave me presents. I have read all of the letters from my unnies and from all of the fans, and I am now lying on my bed