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(Drama Review) 'You're Surrounded' - Final (Episodes 10-20)

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"You"re Surrounded" Episodes 10-20 Review

After a few unfortunate mishaps along the road (delay because of elections, Lee Seung Gi"s eye injury), "You"re Surrounded" finally came to a conclusion with all twenty episodes, and boy oh boy was the second half a roller coaster of a ride!

I don"t know where to start -- there are so many things I want to say!

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Diminishing Relationships and Roles

The first half was heavily focused on getting the main antagonist, the evil Yoo Moon Bae, so that a lot of the other side stories were pushed aside and forgotten.

Firstly, I have to say the frustration that built up during Dae Gu"s misunderstanding of Seo Pan Seok were not relieved to my satisfaction

Singer and Actress Yoo Chae Young in Final Stage of Stomach Cancer

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Singer and actress Yoo Chae Young is in a difficult battle with stomach cancer.

Yoo Chae Young’s representative announced on July 22 that she is in the final stage of stomach cancer with great threat to her life.

Yoo Chae Young was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent surgery last October when it was discovered the cancer had already spread to other organs.

Despite her surgery and strenuous cancert treatment, Yoo Chae Young did not give up broadcasting and worked as a radio DJ on “Good Weekend with Kim Kyung Sik and Yoo Chae Young” until July 17 of this year, when she could not continue any further. Her co-DJ Kim Kyung Sik took to his Twitter account to ask to people to keep her in their prayers. The general population has already voiced support for Yoo Chae Young on the internet

G-Dragon Talks About Marriage, Tablo’s Daughter Haru, and BIGBANG’s Comeback

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On the July 19 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” cameras followed BIGBANG’s G-Dragon to the set of an advertisement photo shoot, where he took part in an interview for the entertainment news program.

During this specific interview, G-Dragon talked about various different topics, including his thoughts on getting married, as well as Epik High Tablo’s adorable daughter Haru.

When the interviewer asked the BIGBANG member about Haru—who has previously proven herself to be a huge fan of G-Dragon—he expressed, “Haru is so pretty. I really like that she calls the BIGBANG members ‘uncle,’ but she only calls me ‘oppa.’”

Previously, on “Superman Returns,” Haru asked Tablo if she could buy G-Dragon with his credit card, and in this interview, he shyly responded, “You can’t buy me, but I’ll buy you delicious food instead

“You’re All Surrounded” P4 Take Their Final Shot Together

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Actress Go Ara, the heroine of the SBS drama “You’ Are Surrounded,” uploaded one last photo of the P4 (Police 4) group before the end of the drama’s run.

The P4 members, Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Park Jung Min, stand with director Yoo In Shik in the picture uploaded to the actress’ Twitter account. Each pose, with the exception of Lee Seung Gi and the director, in a style appropriate for their detective roles- just a bit too serious resulting in a comedic effect.

Go Ara wrote, “Finished filming ‘You’re All Surrounded.’ Our director is the best! Our drama family is the best! Thank you for the precious memories.”

“You’re All Surrounded” airs its final episode (episode 20) tonight

Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, and Ahn Jae Hyun share their final thoughts on 'You're Surrounded'

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Lee Seung Gi, Go Ara, and Ahn Jae Hyun gave their farewell greetings to the cast, staff, and viewers of "You"re Surrounded" as the drama came to an end!

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Lee Seung Gi: "Although the tight schedule was difficult, the cast and production staff were so good, had fun, and got along well, so the atmosphere on set was always entertaining. The finale felt so far away, but now that I filmed the finale, I feel that I"ll miss it a lot."

"I want to express my thankful heart to everyone who loved and supported Eun Dae Gu (Lee Seung Gi"s character) up until now. My passion for acting is still going strong. I am truly thankful for this passion. "You"re Surrounded" fighting until the end!!!!"

Go Ara: "I was really able to smile and laugh a lot, have fun, and be happy because I had all of the staff by my side on the set of "You"re Surrounded"

Soompi Ideal Type World Cup: FINAL ROUND

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The moment of truth is upon us! Two guys and two girls have made it to the finals, but there is only room for two winners. Are your ideal types still in the game?

The beginning of the last round seemed like a free-for-all, as several of the matches were split more or less evenly between the opponents, with the lead position moving back and forth. However, toward the end, there was one contestant in each match that pulled up front, leaving the other behind to sure defeat. The closer match was between Park Shin Hye and Song Ji Hyo: Park Shin Hye made a comeback late in the game and ultimately defeated Song Ji Hyo by almost 7%. Now, miss A SuzyEXO Luhan, and “The Heirs” couple Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho are the only ones left standing

Big Bang G-Dragon Gifts ‘Weekly Idol’ with Flower Wreath with Only Defconn’s Name On It

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Big Bang G-Dragon gifted Weekly Idol with a flower wreath.

On July 15, MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol revealed the flower wreath that G-Dragon sent over through its official Twitter.

Weekly Idol tweeted, “To. Honorable G-Dragon. We’ve received the Weekly Idol third year anniversary flower wreath that you sent over. We send over Conny (Defconn)’s sincere thanks and Doni (Jung Hyung Don)’s sincere jealousy to you. Loyal G-Dragon! Thank you! May God bless you.”

The picture shows G-Dragon’s flower wreath, which only shows ‘I love you Defconn, G-Dragon.’

It brings out laughter as it seems like G-Dragon left Jung Hyung Don’s name out on purpose, after G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don ′broke up′ after they worked together on Infinity Challenge

Rainbow's Hyunyoung lends her voice for the OST of A-JAX's drama 'Vampire Flower'

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Deemed the Korean version of "Twilight," A-JAX"s Naver webtoon-based SNS drama series "Vampire Flower," draws out the romance between a vampire named Louie (played by A-JAX"s Jaehyung) and an ordinary girl, Seo Young (played by Kim Ga Eun).

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While A-JAX already sang two OSTs for their drama, their fellow DSP singer Rainbow"s Hyunyoung also showed her support by releasing a new song, "I Give Myself To You." Although the drama appears somewhat intense and dramatic, the song itself is lighthearted and sweet, focusing on the blossoming romance between the two main characters.

‘Vampire’s Flower’ Cast to Launch Underwear Dance Party in Myeong-dong

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Vampire’s Flower has earned over 1 million hits!

Depicting the story of love between a human and a vampire, Vampire’s Flower has raked in over 1 million hits in four days since it aired, proving its popularity.

Setting a record as the web drama that has earned the most number of hits in one day, Vampire’s Flower has also been ranking on top of various search engines.

In order to keep the ‘1 million hits promise,’ the cast members, including Kim Ga Eun, A-Jax’s Jae Hyung, Hyo Jun, Seung Yub and Hyeong Kon will be launching an underwear dance party in Myeong-dong on July 9.

The drama will also be carrying out a special event in celebration of reaching 1 million hits through its official Facebook page (http://www

Gongchan is a 'Flower Vagabond' for B1A4's 'Solo Day'

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B1A4 has released Gongchan"s teaser photo for "Solo Day"!

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Out of the releases so far, Gongchan has the most unique label as a "Flower Vagabond".

In the picture, he"s wearing a plaid shirt with a camouflage jacket. He"s also sporting rugged jeans with timberland boots and cut off gloves. If you look carefully, in the background you can see the UFO symbol which also made an appearance in the group teaser photo. The sign on the shopping cart also appears to read "They are Watching", so it appears they"re going for some sort of Alien-type theme.

In any case, get ready for their 5th mini album on July 14!

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‘Kara Project’ to Select Winner to Join Kara During Final Episode Airing Live Today

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The seven trainees’ journey to become the newest member of Kara will come to an end with the final episode of Kara Project.

Kara Project will show the Baby Kara members’ final challenge to join Kara through its final episode airing live on July 1.

As no one knows who was selected as the winner, the viewers have been making various guesses, naming who they think made it into Kara.

The viewers are also anticipating Baby Kara’s final performance, as the group has successfully performed various songs of Kara as its mission. Starting with Kara’s Step, the Baby Kara members performed Rock U, Lupin, Go Go Summer, Mister as well as holding a showcase in Japan, gathering 1,000 audience members.

The members shed many tears, receiving harsh and critical comments from the judges and facing shocking challenges every moment, but they grew stronger over time

A-Jax’s Jae Hyung and Kim Ga Eun Film Kiss Scene for ‘Vampire’s Flower’

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Photos of A-Jax Jae Hyun and Kim Ga Eun’s kiss scene have been revealed for upcoming web drama Vampire’s Flower.

Airing through Naver starting on July 2, Vampire’s Flower is a web drama based on a popular online novel of the same title. It will depict the romance between Louie (Jae Hyung), who ventures out to search for a vampire flower, and his partner Seo Young (Kim Ga Eun), who enters the
vampire world in order to help him out.

The revealed pictures show Jae Hyun slowly getting close to and kissing Kim Ga Eun, who is sleeping on her bed.

Kim Ga Eun said, “I remember we filmed the kiss scene on a cold day so my body was frozen. I had good teamwork with Jae Hyung throughout filming so I was able to enjoy filming the kiss scene,” and Jae Hyung said, “I was worried since it was my first time acting and first time filming a kiss scene but Kim Ga Eun helped me out a lot and I was able to pull off the scene well by putting in my feelings

(Drama Review) 'Gabdongi' - Episode 20 (Final Episode)

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Cha facing the noose

Cha"s begging comes to naught. Ji Wool shows her latest webtoon to Maria and Mu Yeom, and it displays what she"s learned about Cha"s past. Cha is similarly tortured by thoughts of the noose like Tae Oh, who is out of prison thanks to his mother"s legal team. Tae Oh is later summoned by Cha and challenged, mano-y-mano, but laughs and says that he has surpassed Cha. "Now I"m the real Gab Dong," gloats Tae Oh. He resumes his job as a barista, but is killed just as quickly by Cha"s willing accomplices. There can be only one Gab Dong. Maria quits her job at the hospital now that Gab Dong has been caught. Mu Yeom lets Maria know he"s going to have brain surgery--thankfully, he gets through it just fine

Seo Kyung Suk reveals his adorable daughter on 'Real Men'

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Fans got their first look at Seo Kyung Suk"s infant daughter on "Real Men"!

Prior to deployment to the Philippines, Kim Soo Ro visited Seo Kyung Suk"s house and his daughter, 24-month-old Seo Ji Yoo.

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In contrast to many kids her age, she was happily gnawing on broccoli and soybean sprouts as a snack! "She"s very pretty," Kim Soo Ro commented.

"Who do you take after to be so cute?" her father asked. "My mom," she replied.

(Drama Review) 'Angel Eyes' - Episode 20 (Final Episode)

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Soo Wan watches Dong Joo"s ship leave the island, weeping and calling after him in anguish. Ji Woon visits his mother in jail and tells her he"s going to Africa. Jin Mo runs away to the airport, intending to see his mother in America. Woon Chan punishes him with a cane, leaving marks on his legs. Later, Woon Chan is sorry about inflicting pain, realizing Jin Mo"s just a child in pain. He cries, but Jin Mo appears and teaches him a spell to chase away hurt feelings. Dong Joo shows up on Wolmido to fish. He tells Soo Wan he"s simply fishing there and that he will leave her alone; as long as he knows she"s okay, he will be satisfied. The ahjussi counsels Soo Wan, asking what would happen when she really wants to see Dong Joo, but can"t