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K-Drama Feature: Six Evil Drama Mamas

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With Mother"s Day right around the corner, I thought I"d compile a list of the most evil mothers ever to grace the screens of South Korea. If you"re a guy, just hope that whoever you"re with or end up with doesn"t have a mother like any of the ones on this list!

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Bang Young Ja A Hundred Years" Inheritance

Jealous of every woman her son brings home, this woman terrorizes our heroine, Chae Won. She hits her, screams at her and insults her. She makes her son believe Chae Won is cheating on him. As if all that"s not enough, she jails Chae Won"s father, and has her committed! And that"s just a partial list of this woman"s crimes.

Jung Ji Sook Heirs

Ji Sook lives in a difficult situation, to be sure, but two wrongs don"t make a right

'The Maids' Is A Different Kind Of Saeguk

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Actress Lee Chae Young is the latest addition to the cast of the JTBC drama "Maids." The Monday-Tuesday night drama is a different kind of saeguk, one that focuses not on the obviously powerful and influential members of Joseon-era society but instead on those who serve them.

It"s a JTBC drama about servants and courtesans but also about the shifting notions of status and class.

Lee Chae Young, who recently appeared in the film "Secretly Greatly" and the drama "Two Mothers," plays the beautiful courtesan Ga Hee. Her character is modeled on a real-life courtesan that many ministers fought over. Elegant and haughty, she used her talents to further herself and influence powerful men.

The main character in "Maids" is a nobleman"s daughter, who suddenly loses her wealth and is forced to become a slave

The Awesome that is The Heirs Episode 13 & 14

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The Heirs episode 13 and 14 left Frau, BBSwooner, The Crazy Ahjumma and I with many feelings that can not be expressed in just a few words. We decided to create this post with all our favourite scenes from the two daebak episodes. We will rant, swoon and die as we discuss each scene and why we love it so much. Come and swoon/rant/die with us!!!!

Episode 13

“The Emotional Hug”

Ducky: My first favourite scene is the emotional hug that we waited one whole week for! Why was it such a great scene and delivered so much emotions?

Frau: Yes, I love it! It was full of warmth and comfort as well as reassuring. It also signifies ES accepting Tan not only taking his hand but him as a whole