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What If Some Favorite K-Drama Actresses Had Become K-Pop Stars?

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Some popular k-drama actresses might have debuted in a k-pop group. Would they have made the same impression as singers?

For example, both Gu Hye Sun and Lee Honey at one time were considered potential members of 2NE1.

On a recent episode of "Night of TV Entrainment" Big Bang"s T.O.P. spoke about his "Tazza 2" co-star Lee Honey and her almost k-pop debut.

"Honey Lee was a YG Entertainment trainee, like me," he said. "For a while, it looked like she was going to debut with 2NE1. I remember thinking, "Why does she want to get into the world of music if she looks as beautiful as she does?" The next thing I knew, she had become Miss Korea!"

Gu Hye Sun was also originally set to debut in 2NE1 with Park Bom and Sandara Park, but YG"s Yang Hyun Suk suggested she try acting instead

"Cart" releases movie trailer starring Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Kang Woo, Moon Jung Hee, EXO"s D.O. and more

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Upcoming movie "Cart" released a compelling trailer starring EXO"s D.O. and more!

The film centers around a group of contract employees of a large-scale mart who are wrongfully dismissed and decide to take a stand. Also starring in the movie are Yeom Jeong AhMoon Jung HeeKim Young Ae, and Kim Kang Woo. D.O. will make his big screen debut as the role of Sun Hee"s (Yeom Jeong Ah) son Tae Young who seems stoic and reserved, but gets closer to his mother through the turmoil of the strike.

"Cart" was also selected to make its world premiere at the "Toronto International Film Festival" ("TIFF") on September 7! Check out more information here!

The Moon brothers are irresistibly cute in "R.ROBOT" pictorial

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The Moon brothers, Mason (8), Mavin (7), and Maden (6) got together for a fall pictorial for children"s casual brand "R.ROBOT"!

Mason, Mavin, and Maden showed how much they"ve grown up since the last time fans saw them and took on the superhero concept with their flower boy visuals and cute charms. They also had adorable freckles that made them even more irresistibly cute!

Check out their sibling pictorial!

‘Discovery of Love’ Sung Joon is suspicious of Moon Jung Hyuk

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The KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Discovery of Love" actor Sung Joon became suspicious of actor Moon Jung Hyuk. On the most recent episode of the KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Discovery of Love" which took place on August 26, 2014, Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) grew suspicious of Kang Tae Ha (Moon Jung Hyuk) and asked his friend, "How much do you know about Kang Tae Ha?" His friend Do Joon Ho said, "Kang Tae Ha? I just know he started working with Yeo Reum. That is all I know." He tapped on Nam Ha Jin"s shoulder and said, "Why are you so sensitive? It is natural that interior design company and furniture company work together." In related news, the KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Discovery of Love" tells a story of a girl named Han Yeo Reum, played by Jung Yoo Mi, and her happenings with her current boyfriend and ex boyfriend

‘Discovery of Love’ Jung Yoo Mi worries about her past with Moon Jung Hyuk

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The KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Discovery of Love" actress Jung Yoo Mi worried that her boyfriend actor Sung Joon might learn about her past with actor Moon Jung Hyuk. On the most recent episode of the KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Discovery of Love" which took place on August 26, 2014, Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yoo Mi) was reminded of her boyfriend Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) while watching a movie with a friend. She imagined herself telling her boyfriend Nam Ha Jin about her past relationship with Kang Tae Ha (Moon Jung Hyuk) and Nam Ha Jin becoming angry, and frowned as if she got annoyed. In related news, the KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Discovery of Love" tells a story of a girl named Han Yeo Reum, played by Jung Yoo Mi, and her happenings with her current boyfriend and ex boyfriend. Actors Jung Yoo Mi, Moon Jung Hyuk, Sung Joon, Yoon Jin Yi, Yoon Hyun Min, and Kim Seul Gi star in the drama

[Spoiler] "Discovery of Romance" Eric Moon vs. Seong Joon, the fight for Jeong Yu-mi

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Eric and Seong Joon ended up in a physical battle.

On the fourth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Discovery of Romance", Han Yeo-reum"s (Jeong Yu-mi) ex-boyfriend Kang Tae-ha (Eric Moon) was aware of her current boyfriend Nam Ha-jin (Seong Joon).

Tae-ha worked with Yeo-reum and dropped her off at the hospital Ha-jin works at and saw Ha-jin and Ahn Ah-rim (Yoon Jin-i) hugging each other. He thought Ha-jin was cheating on Yeo-reum and mentioned what he saw to him while they were playing pool.

Tae-ha told Ha-jin, "Why don"t you clear things with Yeo-reum before she finds out? Or stop seeing her. You go on blind dates and you have another woman".

Ha-jin asked, "You like Yeo-reum don"t you?" and Tae-ha said, "What if I say yes?"

Ha-jin got angry and kicked Tae-ha on the spot

Celebrity Abuse: Should Hallyu Stars Be Held To Higher Standards Than Hollywood Stars?

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The assault charges against singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong have not yet been proven. For now, they are only allegations. But if the singer is found guilty, it seems likely that his career will suffer, as k-celebs are held to a higher standard than Hollywood stars.

The closest case to compare it to might be actor Park Shi Hoo"s 2013 date rape scandal. The allegations damaged his career even though the charges were eventually dropped. He has not worked in Korea since the charges were made early in 2013. The news that he might be cast in a drama even after the charges were dropped prompted so much negative criticism that his involvement did not happen.

He has worked outside of Korea but it might be a while before Korean audiences accept him

[Spoiler] "Discovery of Romance" Seong Joon vs. Eric Moon

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Seong Joon and Eric recognized each other as rivals.

On the third episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Discovery of Romance", Han Ye-reum (Jeong Yu-mi) had a drink with business partner and ex-boyfriend Kang Tae-ha (Eric Moon) at a bar.

Yeo-reum was chosen by the band to sing a song on stage and she sang "Every Time" by Toy. Tae-ha watched her and felt his heart flutter.

Just then, Yeo-reum"s boyfriend Nam Ha-jin (Seong Joon) used GPS on her phone to get to where she was at.

Tae-ha watched Ha-jin"s face a thought to himself, "Does he know how special this woman is?" Tae-ha saw love in Ha-jin"s eyes and said, "He does. He knows how special she is. I feel it from his eyes".

Ha-jin also watched Tae-ha whose eyes were fixed on Yeo-reum

T.O.P talks playing a card game with his co-stars in only their underwear for "Tazza 2"

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During a press conference at the Lotte Cinema on August 25, T.O.P talked about playing the Korean card game "hwatu" with his "Tazza 2" co-stars wearing only their underwear for filming.

He said somewhat shyly, "For the scene in which we take off our clothes and play "hwatu," the men also took everything off and filmed. We were not used to that, so we were unable to look at one another when we were not filming.

The women were also undressed with us, so I found that I was unable to look around. I thought it might not be considerate for the others. We filmed that day with an amicable and distinctive atmosphere."

It appears fans may see some rare T

SMROOKIES showcase their dancing in “Super Moon”

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S.M.ROOKIES has released a dance video featuring rookies Hansol, Taeyong, and Johnny.

The video, titled “Super Moon,” features the trio dancing to a dubstep instrumental in a neutral, dark grey background. The skillful choreography in the video showcases their impressive dancing abilities.

Along with other male rookies in SM Entertainment, the trio have been introduced to the public under an unofficial group name, “SR14B.”

On another note, S.M.ROOKIES have also recently appeared in the first episode of “EXO 90:2014,” where they gave a charasmatic performance of H.O.T’s “Iyah.”

What did you think of “Super Moon?” Would you like to see more videos form S.M.ROOKIES?

Source: SMTOWN

10 K-Drama Stars Who Coupled Up Twice On Screen

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Yesterday marked the premiere of Joseon Gunman, the new drama starring Lee Joon Ki and Nam Sang Mi. Aside from the interesting premise of a sword fighter’s son learning to use modernized guns, the show is also exciting because the two main actors have starred together before in Time between Dog and Wolf. Drama fans often wish that their favorite stars would be reunited in a new series, and this is one case where it happened! Here are a few other cases where K-drama fans were able to see co-stars together in more again.

1. Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun: My Love from Another Star (2013) and the movie The Thieves (2012)

2. Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye: You’re Beautiful (2009) and Heartstrings (2011)

If the guy you favored didn’t get the girl, there’s always hope for another series!


S.M. Rookies" Taeyong, Hansol, and Johnny show off their dance moves in "Super Moon"

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S.M. Rookies has released a dance video for Taeyong, Hansol, and Johnny!
The video is titled "Super Moon" and shows off the trio"s moves. However, it seems like that might not be the end! After the video fades to black, Hansol is shown looking directly into the camera with a very mysterious mood.

Check out the video above!

SMRookies Male Unit, SR14B, Releases “Super Moon” Dance Video

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SMROOKIES is split into two groups, SR14B and SR14G, that stand for SM Rookies 2014 Boys/Girls.

SR14B releases its second video after member Taeyong‘s individual skill video. This new video features members Johnny, Taeyong, and Hansol. It’s a dance focus video titled “Super Moon” with the aforementioned rookies showing off their dance moves.

Read more about Johnny here, Taeyong here, and Hansol here.

What do you think of the members’ dancing skills?

8 Handsome K-Drama Stars Before, During, After Military Service

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With the news that Lee Min Ki is leaving for military service and that Super Junior’s Leeteuk having returned, it’s a great reminder that when our favorite stars enlist, they aren’t gone forever. In fact, sometimes those stars return with an added air of maturity and charisma. To see how military service treats K-drama actors, here are 8 hot stars before, during, and after their military service:

1. Hyun Bin

Before (in his last pre-enlistment drama, Secret Garden)



Instead of enlisting in the celebrity soldier division (which no longer exists), Hyun Bin went all-out, enlisting as a Marine

Top 10 Most Kindhearted And Giving K-Drama Stars

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Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it’s nice to recognize some K-drama stars who show gratitude for their success by giving back to the community. Sometimes it seems like K-drama actors and actresses are always involved in relationship scandals, but this is the good kind of fame—the charitable kind that brings awareness to important causes. Fighting!

1. Won Bin

Autumn in My Heart"s Won Bin has been an official UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2007. His recent work has included raising funds for vaccination efforts and disease treatment.

2-4. Song Joong Ki, Park Yoo Chun, and Lee Jong Suk

All three of these in-demand actors have been involved with the Good-Hearted Library Project, where they use their voice talents to create audiobooks for the visually impaired