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Lee Hyori Thanks Lee Sang Soon for Marrying Her

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Lee Hyori expressed her love towards her husband, Lee Sang Soon.

Lee Hyori guested on July 4’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show and send a voice letter to Lee Sang Soon.

Lee Hyori said, “Thank you for marrying me. I actually feel really bad every time I travel to Seoul for recordings and leave you alone in Jeju island. But you know that we’re buying your guitars with the money that I’m making by doing this, right? I will buy you any musical instrument you want.”

When DJ Cultwo asked who manages the money, Lee Hyori answered, “We manage the money together. It’s mostly money that I made so we just manage it together.”

When Cultwo asked, “Don’t you want your husband to make more money?” and Lee Hyori made everyone laugh by saying, “I wish he would go and learn some skills so that he can make money

So Ji Sub says he'll date openly when he's thinking of marrying his girlfriend

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So Ji Sub talked about openly dating!

So Ji Sub went to Taiwan on the 27th and held a press conference before his fanmeeting. He discussed about visiting Taiwan for the first time and also talked about himself. He started the press conference by saying, "Hello, I am So Ji Sub. It"s my first time in Taiwan, and I"m nervous and looking forward to it. I"m happy many people are cheering me on."

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When asked what he wanted to do and eat in Taiwan, he said, "I want to meet my fans first. As for what to eat, I feel like I should ask you." The reporters recommended mango shaved ice and So Ji Sub replied that he would definitely try it if he had time.

When asked why So Ji Sub was sticking to hip hop, he joked, "It"s because I can"t sing

Guo Xue Fu lists the concerns she had with 'marrying' Heechul for 'We Got Married - Global Edition'

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Guo Xue Fu revealed her initial concerns with working alongside Heechul for MBC"s "We Got Married - Global Edition" during the press conference on March 20.

She talked about how she prepared beforehand, "Because I was very nervous before coming here, I learned a little Korean from one of my members who knew how to speak it."

And then, she talked about her husband Heechul, "I worried because Heechul did not know how to speak Chinese. Also, I heard he was a very playful person so I wondered if he would bother me. It"s okay now."

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Heechul asked jokingly, "Is this a hidden camera right now? From hereon, I will really show you my scary side," making everyone laugh

Lyn Talks About Marrying Boyfriend Lee Soo

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Singer Lyn recently talked about marrying her boyfriend Lee Soo (M.C the Max).

The singer appeared on the March 13 episode of SBS’s “Escape at 2PM, Cultwo Show,” where she initially just laughed when the DJs asked her about marriage.

She said, “We don’t have a home yet. (laughing). They say that the man is the one that prepares the house, but I don’t believe in that. If we end up marrying, I want to prepare our home together.”

During the broadcast, Lyn even bragged a little bit about her boyfriend, mentioning that M.C the Max got first place with their January comeback song, “Wind That Blows.”

Lyn and Lee Soo have been friends for over 10 years, but just last year, the two revealed their romantic relationship

Actress Song Seo Yeon Is Marrying Her Agency CEO Next March

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We have yet another celebrity marriage! Actress Song Seo Yeon and Hong Jong Gu from the popular 1990s group Noise are getting married.

According to several sources on November 15, they will be exchanging their vows on March 19 of next year at a Gangnam wedding hall.

Hong Jong Gu is currently the CEO of the entertainment agency NH&MAJOR1998, and the vice president of the Korean Entertainment Management Association.

Acquaintances that have known about the two commented on their relationship, saying that they have a beautiful relationship built on trust, and that their relationship is strong.

The actress has also announced her marriage through SNS: “It makes me tear up. I love you, Hong Jong Gu

“Running Man” Gary Says He Isn’t Against the Idea of Marrying Song Ji Hyo

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Adorable Gary is at it again! This time making humorous comments about the Monday Couple getting hitched!

On the latest episode of “Running Man” that aired on October 27, Gary placed first in a game and won the opportunity to have Song Ji Hyo try to unlock his helmet lock with her key.

Before Song Ji Hyo tried her key, Haha teased the two saying, “If the key works, why don’t you both just get married already.” Song Ji Hyo answered, “First, let me try it” to which Haha used it to tease her again saying, “She said she wants try getting married first.” Gary simultaneously came to her defense and embraced the idea saying, “Well, for me, I don’t think that would be such a bad idea.”

When it turned out that Song Ji Hyo’s key did, in fact, unlock Gary’s helmet, Gary said jokingly to Song Ji Hyo, “I’ll be looking up wedding halls