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What did Joo Ji Hoon say when asked if he'd marry Ga In?

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Joo Ji Hoon got flustered when he was asked if he"d marry his girlfriend, Brown Eyed Girls" Ga In!

Joo Ji Hoon was called while Ji Sung and Lee Kwang Soo were guests on tvN"s "Taxi". The actor revealed Ji Sung called him every night to go drinking! He added, "But sadly, every time he gets drunk, he boasts about how happy he is at home."

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When he said this, MC Lee Young Ja joked, "If you"re jealous, you could get married, too," referring to his relationship with Ga In. When Joo Ji Hoon didn"t answer, Ji Sung and Lee Kwang Soo teased, "He"s pretending he can"t hear," and "Why are you so quiet?" 

"Taxi" then started playing Ga In"s "Bloom" as background music, drawing laughter from viewers

Tablo reveals what made him think he'd marry Kang Hye Jung

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At the press conference for upcoming rapping survival program "Show Me The Money 3", Tablo talked about his family and what made him realize he would someday be marrying Kang Hye Jung.

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He was asked about his family"s reaction on joining the show. Tablo said, "[My daughter], Haru, is completely unaware that I am going to be on this show and thinks that I"m going out to sing whenever I leave the house. She thinks something along the lines of, "Dad goes out often to sing these days." She really likes this. When I did not have that much work, she often made me aware by saying at the screen, "My dad used to be a person who did this," so while she is disappointed now that I"m too busy to play with her often, I can feel that she likes how happily I enjoy work

Soyu predicts which SISTAR members will marry first + reveals whom she wants a duet with next

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On the June 24 edition of KBS 2TV"s "1 Vs. 100," Soyu revealed her predictions on which SISTAR members would be the first to marry.

She said, "Among the SISTAR members, I think the maknae, Dasom, will be the first to marry. I think she"ll go first without knowing much. Bora also said she wanted to get married quickly. Hyorin and I have a lot of career ambitions, but in the end, I think I"ll be the last to go," and laughed.

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In relation to her ideal type, she chose Gong Yoo and Lee Jae Hoon, saying she was attracted to older men who"d be able to handle her. She had said this before, but she again stated, "It doesn"t matter how much older he is as long as we can communicate and I do not feel the age difference

Soyou Reveals Which SISTAR Member She Thinks Will Marry First

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SISTAR’s Soyou brought up the idea of marriage on broadcast.

While filming KBS 2TV’s 1 vs. 100 to be aired on June 24, Soyou shared her thoughts on the SISTAR members’ marriage saying, “I think maknae Dasom will get married without having many preconceived ideas about marriage, since she is young. I think she will be the first member of SISTAR to get married.”

Then she added, “Bora unnie often says that she wants to get married. So I think she will also get married early. Hyolyn and I have a lot of greed for work. But I think I will be the last one to get married.”

Check out the episode of 1 vs. 100 featuring Soyou and Edward Kwon on June 24!

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B2ST’s Son Dong Woon Has No Intention to Date or Marry Yet

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Son Dong Woon revealed that he has no intention to date or marry now.

B2ST’s Song Dong Woon was a guest on the June 20 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s Gayo Plaza and received the most votes as the B2ST member that listeners want to date.

When DJ Lee Sora asked a question regarding dating or marriage, Song Dong Woon said, “I feel more comfortable being alone now, so I have no intention to date or get married yet.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Yo Seop commented, “It’s always people like him that get married first,” making everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Jang Hyun Seung named Yoon Du Jun and Lee Gi Kwang as the B2ST members that are the most popular among the ladies.

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Actress Im Jung Eun to Marry Non-Celebrity Boyfriend This June!

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Actress Im Jung Eun is officially off the market as she has announced that she will be getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend who is three years her junior.

The actress’s agency revealed through a press release on May 27, “Im Jung Eun will be marrying her non-celebrity fiance at the end of June.”

Im Jung Eun shared, “I met my fiance through an ordinary meeting with friends. I came to have faith and trust in him after seeing how caring and reliable he is, and decided on marriage following the end of ‘Ruby Ring.’”

Her agency also added, “The couple will have a private wedding and will only be inviting close friends and family for the sake of her fiance and their families. Im Jung Eun will take this as a new start and continue to show a good side as an actress

Actor Im Ji Kyu to marry his girlfriend of four years

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Actir Im Ji Kyu, whom many may recognize from dramas like "Queen Of Reversal," "The Greatest Love," and "God"s Gift - 14 Days", will be tying the knot with his girlfriend of four years!

His agency, Blue Dragon Entertainment, told TV Report on April 29, "Im Ji Kyu will be having a wedding at a church in Seoul on May 17."

According to the rep, the couple met at church and dated for four years. The fiancee was revealed to be a beautiful, accomplished young lady specializing in law.

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The agency rep said, "Im Ji Kyu wants a quiet wedding, so we cannot disclose the specific location and time

Lyn and Lee Soo to marry in September!

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Singer Lyn and Lee Soo of MC the Max are tying the knot this September!

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On April 29, it was revealed that after dating for 3 years, the couple has decided to marry at a hotel in Yeouido, Seoul on September 19. An insider also stated, "They"ve been preparing to hold a wedding ceremony by the end of this year."

Lyn and Lee Soo are known to have been friends for 10 years before officially dating. Though the labelmates have been in a relationship for 3 years, they only went public a year ago.

Congratulations to the couple! Stay tuned for albums from both artists later this year.

Song Seung Hun Would Marry Right Away If His Dream Girl Appeared

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Preparing for his new movie release, Song Seung Hun posed for star style magazine @star1 and talked about marriage and kids.

Through the May issue of @star, Song Seung Hun posed in a casual environment wearing very simple and comfortable clothing, perfect for the spring weather.

Despite being 18 years in the business, Song Seung Hun said he has a lot to challenge himself in, especially with his new movie Obsessed coming out in theaters in May.

“Because it’s something I’ve never shown before, I’m quite nervous and burdened,” said the actor. “I hope that through this project, viewers can see Song Seung Hun in a different light.”

Reaching the age when marriage becomes an avoidable topic, Song Seung Hun said, “I think dating and selecting a spouse are very different issues

Actress Park Jin Hee to Marry a Lawyer Five Years Younger Next Month

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Actress Park Jin Hee (age 35) will hear wedding bells soon. She revealed earlier this month that she’s dating a man five years her junior.

On April 15, someone close to Park Jin Hee revealed, “Both sides are planning to hold a very small and intimate wedding with only family and closest friends. Both the bride and the groom are taking care of the details.”

Her fiance is a lawyer who works at a law firm in Seoul. They met through mutual acquaintances last year and dated for a year before planning to tie the knot.

Park Jin Hee made her debut in 1997 through teen drama “Start,” and has been active in dramas and movies since.

Congrats to the couple!

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Actress Park Jin Hee to Marry Young Lawyer in May

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Actress Park Jin Hee, famous for her roles in classic hits such as “War Of Money,” “Whispering Corridors” and “Giant” is set to get married to a lawyer, five years her junior, in May of this year.

Park Jin Hee’s agency, “Costar Entertainment,” in a phone interview with news media outlet “Sports Seoul” has revealed that they “Have confirmed this with Park Jin Hee and that it’s true that she will be getting married next month.” The agency representative also revealed that “We have yet to confirm her actual wedding date and location. We will have to talk personally with her about it.:

The agency representative finished of by revealing that “Park Jin Hee’s husband-to-be is a lawyer, five years her junior

MEETGREET Gain and Buy ‘Truth or Dare’ Albums!

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This April, spring will come, and so will Gain to Mwave’s MEET&GREET!

The youngest Brown Eyed Girls member will be present at Mwave Shop’s MEET&GREET live online fanmeeting at the beginning of April!

If you buy Gain’s Truth or Dare albums onMwave Shop’s Gain page, you can have a chance to win autographed goodies from Gain herself!

Gain will choose 25 out of 49 tiles in each mosaic board during the online fan meeting, and those lucky 25 fans will get signed albums. Not only that, autographed posters, Polaroids, and a special present from Gain will be given away during Happy Hour!

So jump into spring with Gain on Mwave!

Shinji of Koyote Confesses to Having No Plans to Marry

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Shinji of legendary dance group Koyote has opened up about her thoughts on marriage, a topic close to any woman’s heart.

On the March 9 episode of SBS’ “1000 Song Challenge,” many popular solo artists and idol group GOT7 participated in the playful singing competition.

Shinji caught everyone’s eye with her fresh and slim look, which she said is the result of her recent diet. “I have given up drinking, and am trying to stick to it,” she revealed.

As Shinji is known to be in a relationship with basketball player Yoo Byung Jae, MC Jang Yoo Jung asked, “Just asking, but are you not jealous of me?” referring to her being happily married.

“I have not thought about marriage plans yet

Girl’s Day So Jin Wants to Marry a Man Like Kim Kang Woo

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Girls’ Day So Jin revealed her future plans on marriage.

MBC’s Picnic will be broadcasting a special talk concert with the Girl’s Day members and 40 female audience on March 6.

During ‘Q&A session’ of the talk show recording, an audience asked So Jin about her marriage plans as she has reached 29 in Korean age this year.

Being the oldest member of Girl’s Day, So Jin shared her plans on marriage for the first time on broadcast.

She revealed that she wants to get married when she is 37 years old, and even went into details about the ideal size of the apartment, the number of children she wants and an ideal type for husband, surprising everyone, including the other Girl’s Day members.

Choosing Kim Kang Woo as her ideal type, the Girl’s Day member said, “I want to marry a man like him

Gain Asks ‘Truth or Dare’ in Performance Version MV

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Taking the fake documentary out, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain focused on the performance in her new music video version of Truth or Dare.

The dance version music video for Truth or Dare came out on February 10, highlighting the choreography and allowing fans to enjoy the performance without the documentary comments from the original music video.

Check it out!

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