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Actress Yoon Eun Hye Reunites with Her Baby V.O.X Member Shim Eun Jin

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Singer-turned-actress Yoon Eun Hye recently reunited with her former Baby V.O.X member Shim Eun Jin. Baby V.O.X was once a very popular girl group that debuted in 1997. The group disbanded in 2006.

Yoon Eun Hye had gone to see Shim Eun Jin to see her in the theatrical play “All About My Wife.” The play’s official Twitter page revealed a picture of the two and wrote, “Actress Yoon Eun Hye who came to see our preview play with our hero Shin Eun Jin.”

Based on the immensely famous movie “All About My Wife” that was released back in 2012, the play stars Shim Eun Jin, Ryu Hyun Kyung, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Jae Bom, Jun Byung Wook, and many others.

As for Yoon Eun Hye, she seems to be resting for now after appearing in the KBS drama “Marry Him If You Dare” in 2013

Thoughts On Recent “You Who Came From The Stars”

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Thoughts On Recent “You Who Came From The Stars” by Couch-Kimchi:

So Do Manager and the infamous actress are in love. We know this because he was lonely, missed her dearly and couldn’t resist kissing her.

We know she loves him because she’s gotten a tad obsessed and even considers marrying him for spousal privilege if he’s a criminal. And, oh yeah, she also confessed. “Do you see me as a woman? No, don’t you dare tell me! I don’t want to hear it! But do you?” She’s the cutest.

I also love how she gets dressed up like she’s going to the Oscars when she’s going to see him.

We’ve now gotten into Angst City and will probably be here for a long time because the drama has already begun to give us dream sequences that show the couple in happy times

Answer Me 1994: Episode 20 Recap

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Answer Me 1994: A Special Finale Discussion by Couch-Kimchi:

Episode 20 was a big blow for me because I really saw how the story came about in this episode. Watching it with subtitles really had a huge impact, not to say that it didn’t stir my emotions already. My initial assumptions had a new light, seeing how each moment comes in full view. It brought a different kind of experience that made me think otherwise. It is a hard pill to swallow at first. But don’t let yourself miss out on the story because of this.

Now a simple surprise for you all. I’m not going to do this alone. As you already know, I am a biased Chil Bong shipper. So just to balance this post and to help us all understand the story much better, with a different point of view and amazing insights, I am writing this with a good friend whom I respect as a blogger herself

One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap

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A secret never stay hidden forever, the truth always prevails. No matter how hard people are trying to hide their secrets, their problems, sooner or later, people will discover them. For Jae Hak and Eun Jin; they know they cannot hide their relationship forever; they’re not naive but obviously they don’t realize that Mi Kyung has already found out about their “humane relationship”. People say the quiet ones usually are the ones who’ll attack and cause extensive damages; so they’d better get ready because Mi Kyung will do anything she can to “torture” them.

One Warm Word Episode 3 Recap by Beatuscorner:

Jae Hak pulls out micro memory card from his car’s (cctv) camera and asks his assistant to take his car for a service first thing tomorrow morning and to tell him if there’s something odd about the car

“Secret” – Finale Recap

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“Secret” – Finale Recap by Couch-Kimchi:

I can’t believe its the end! This drama is definitely the best thing I’ve seen this year and I’m kinda upset it’s almost over. However, I’m also very curious to see how this rookie-writer decides to wrap things up. I’m crossing my fingers that the wonderful story will continue right to the last moment.
We left off with Do Hoon threatening Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung listening to those threats over the phone. Do Hoon says he will destroy K-group and Shin Hwa both. He’s confident Min Hyuk will choose K-group, after all – does Min Hyuk really believe he is different from Do Hoon? He calls Yoo Jung again, asking what she’s going to do? Min Hyuk uses his own phone to call Yoo Jung and asks if she trusts him? He calmly tells her no matter what Do Hoon says, to go ahead and do whatever she needs to do

Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk Chosen by PDs as Having the Best Drama Luck

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2013 is rapidly coming to its inevitable conclusion. This is the time of year where various industry figures take a look back through the year to reflect on the successes and failures of the industry and this year has certainly not being lacking in either categories. But at the very least some industry figures believe that Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk have both had a great year.

To get us started this month, news media outlet “TV Report” has run a survey with 30 producers from the 3 main terrestrial broadcasters (KBS, MBC, SBS) to see which actors/actresses they believed had an almost uncanny ability to pick out great work throughout the year. However as racing driver Jackie Stewart once said, “Good luck in most cases comes through the misfortune of others” and so the survey also asked who the PDs thought had the terrible misfortune of picking out the duds amongst the jewels

‘Marry Him If You Dare’ Leaves People Speechless with Final Episode

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It’s finally the end for KBS’ Marry Him If You Dare and people are just plain speechless. Maybe even a little angry, which explains the lowest rating the drama has received during its run.

The final episode of Marry Him If You Dare, or Future Choice/Mirae’s Choice if going by the Korean title, left an open-ended conclusion with Mirae (Yun Eun Hye) not making a choice on who she loves.

With the whole point of the drama revolving around who Mirae will marry, the ending proved to be quite disappointing as both candidates (Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa) still had a possibility of being the future husband of Mirae at the of the series.

No love lives were tied and everything remained up in the air, just leaving a small random lesson of ‘follow what your heart tells you’ as it showed the four main characters starting fresh and striving for their new dream careers

“Marry Him If You Dare” Ends Its Run, Stars Reveals Their Thoughts and Comments

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It is time to say goodbye to KBS2TV’s “Marry Him If You Dare,” as the last episode of the drama will air today. However, to wrap up the drama in a memorable way, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Jung Yong Hwa gathered to sign their scripts of the drama and snap a few photos.

The last filming took place in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province, on December 1. The three actors put forth their best effort to film a high-quality scene for the very last time. Despite the scene being short, it was shot multiple times to fully capture the detailed emotions that the three wanted to deliver. Even when lacking sleep and having a tight schedule, the actors appeared more energetic than ever and touched the producers’ hearts with their unbelievable professionalism. Having spent almost four months together, the three have become comfortable and friendly with each other, and like a small family, they kept joking and taking photos until the very end, making the atmosphere on set even more heart-warming

Yoon Eun Hye’s Latest Style Displays “Marry Him If You Dare” Na Mi Rae’s Beautiful Transformation

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Forget the image of a frizzy hair, baggy clothes Na Mirae because actress Yoon Eun Hye’s character shows her new, lovely style.

With only two episodes left, KBS2TV’s “Marry Him If You Dare” revealed new images of Yoon Eun Hye’s character that showed her new appearance. Forget the confusing thoughts of who Na Mi Rae will marry because one thing for sure is that the once unfashionable young writer has transformed into a beautiful, elegant lady.

Yoon Eun Hye, who plays news writer Na Mi Rae, dispelled any doubts of her character’s beauty, as new photos show the actress wearing a stylish blue dress, styled with her short, wavy hairstyle. As the new drama stills show Na Mi Rae attending an event with broadcast station heir, Park Se Ju ( Jung Yong Hwa), Mi Rae does not seem to lack in class in her new look

Kdrama “Marry Him If You Dare” Episode 13 Video Preview

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Looks like Jung Yonghwa‘s Se Joo is on full boss mode on the next episode of Marry Him If You Dare.

That has to shake up the workplace!

Source | Hallyu Yoon Eun Hye

‘Marry Him If You Dare’ Continues to Drop

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It unfortunately seems to not matter who is in the drama as KBS’ Marry Him If You Dare reached its lowest point on Monday night.

Despite having Yun Eun Hye, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Dong Gun, who made a drama comeback after being discharged from the army, Marry Him If You Dare recorded a low 5.0 percent as compared to the highest of the night, 15.5 percent, which belonged to MBC’s Empress Ki.

The sad numbers come even when the drama’s biggest secret was revealed with big Mirae (Choi Myung Gil) revealing her true identity to Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun).

Whatever the reason is for the low ratings, it doesn’t appear that Marry Him If You Dare will escape the dreaded last place unless something terrible happens to its two rivals

Kdrama ‘Secret Love’ Episode 16 Recap (FINAL)

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YJ is furious- how dare she says San’s name? YJ begins to cry.

DH’s mother brings out the pictures of San, alive, healthy, and well. YJ’s hands shake as she looks as the pictures, and even DH can’t shake that expression off his face.

“There’s no way I wouldn’t know that San was living,” YJ cries, still half in denial. DH’s mom says that it was all for YJ and DH, that it would’ve been impossible for YJ to raise San, that it would’ve been impossible to do anything for San with that red string (indicating YJ’s criminal record) around her ankle. She says San is growing well, but YJ doesn’t want to hear her excuses.

“For someone who loves her own child so much… how could you do this? So what if he was born in jail? Can a mom still not love him? Can a mom not raise him alone?”

DH’s mom looks, for once, embarrassed

“Marry Him If You Dare”: Yoon Eun Hye Tears Up While Hurt

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Marry Him If You Dare stills are out from this coming Monday’s episode, and Mi Rae is shown tending to a wounded ankle and perhaps, an aching heart.

On the next episode, Mi Rae injures her ankle from an accident during an outdoor shoot. Always bright and positive, she drops all pretenses, releasing her sad and complex feelings through her tears while she sits on a bench to clean her ankle. Perhaps a thoughtful Se Joo by her side will be soothing physically and emotionally?

The scene was shot on November 5th in Yeouido, and it may have lasted beyond midnight. And despite the cold conditions and long hours, Yon Eun Hye immersed herself into the moment and didn’t exhibit any exhaustion, no doubt impressing her fellow actors and the crew.


‘Marry Him If You Dare’ Continues Roller Coaster Ride

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Every Monday and Tuesday is a roller coaster ride for KBS’ Marry Him If You Dare as ratings continue to rise and then fall.

Marry Him If You Dare recorded a 6.5 percent,close to a 1 percent fall from 7.4 in the previous episode. With such a predictable story, it seems that viewers are growing a bit impatient as the plot is slowly rolling out.

Will Marry Him If You Dare go uphill in the next episode, or continue trailing down?

Meanwhile, MBC’sEmpress Ki continues reigning over Monday and Tuesday, despite the little dip from the previous episode.

Monday, November 4, 2013


1. MBC Empress Ki 12.8


‘Marry Him If You Dare′ Kicks Off

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With a twist in time, KBS’ new drama, Marry Him If You Dare (Future Choice) began its run with a decent beginning and wacky storyline.

The drama marked the comeback for actor Lee Dong Gun after a five year hiatus, as well as for Yun Eun Hye and CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa in the drama realm.

The drama is about contracted worker at an electronics company, Na Mirae (Yun Eun Hye), who dreams of becoming a broadcast writer. Life is boring as usual, until a woman claiming to be her future self comes to warn her not to marry Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun), a famed announcer.

The drama ranked number 2 with 9.7 percent, a pretty good start, but as MBC’s Goddess of Fire Jeongi was postponed for a baseball game, the real battle begins on Tuesday night.

Monday October 14, 2013



Drama “Big” Episode 8 Recap by Softy

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Starts from K putting the ring on her finger and saying it fitsperfectly. This is yours. SYJ bought it in the past. D: YJ shi did?K: now next to me you can waver – if you keep that on I wont go to youagain. I –KKJ- wont ever love you.

M repeats what CS told her. M: your dad said to get married rightnow? CS: yes. my dad said if you arent going to get married then dontmeet again. M: they should get married later when he comes back. He cantnow. she runs off so CS says doctor seo already came back-you said notto oppose so why are you like that.

K: think of it simply. we are going back to the condition in thepast before we switched. you wanted to marry SYJ. D: I gave up cuz Ithought YJ shi didnt want to. so this is my ring? K: if you want toconfirm what SYJ’s heart was then just get married

Drama “Big” Episode 7 Recap by Softy

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Starts from M asking – are you KJ? D comes in and calls out his name.M cries and says: are you really KJ? KJ ah. She hugs K. suddenly shefaints so K carries her to his bed. D says she must have gotten hurt andwas shocked. she looks at the wound and says look at the blood. shemust have been scratched by the glass. thank goodness it doesnt lookserious huh? K says I cant look at blood. I will go buy medicine so takecare of M

CS tries to call M but she isnt picking up. maybe I should have gone with her.

D’s dad and Na are hitting it off. his mom asks where CS is going so he says to find M.

CS goes to K’s home and sees the broken glass. He asks what D isdoing here. what’s up with the broken window. what about M? she says howM got a little hurt. CS: she is hurt? He looks around and sees M sohe runs into the room

Drama “Big” Episode 5 Recap by Softy

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Starts from D walking towards S’s front door. Then how K is runningto her location. D turns away from the door then puts the key in andunlocks the door. S asks who is there. Y grabs D and turns her around toface him. Just as S opens the door, he shuts it. D says let go of herso he does. She tells him to put down his arm (holding the door closed)too but he shakes his head no. she pulls his arm and says let go but hewont. she hits him to get out of the way but he takes all her hits. Hetakes the key from her and she says dont do that. he throws the key awayand then both go after it- she is trying to pick it up and he is tryingto prevent her. he holds her back so she says let go of me- why are youlike this. let go. he kicks the key away and finally picks her up andcarries her out of the building before she can grab the key. S comes outand looks at her key on the floor

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 11 Recap

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They walk back home and E tells her to go and rest. She asks if he isgoing with her to get the clothes tm but he tells her to go alone cuzhe isnt a sato who will follow a girl ghost around. he goes in and shemutters - that figures. I thought you were too nice to me all day. shelooks at the moon and says –you charlatan old fogey – how could you justgive me two (moons)

Jade and Hades are talking about fishing and food for fish. Jadetosses his line out and asks how is my form – look how all the fishgathered. hades says form wont catch the fish. in fishing the food hasto be good. jade says if I used that I used a good one. he changes thesubject and asks what are you going to do about arang – you have tosend her to heaven like you promised. Hades says I never promised butjade says you did so you are going to keep your promise right

Actor Lee Dong Gun Gives a Sneak Peek Preview of Upcoming Comeback Song

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Actor Lee Dong Gun showed a preview of his new song at the recent FNC Family concert. On March 15, FNC Entertainment opened its first agency concert in Japan titled, “FNC Kingdom in Japan – Fantastic Day.” On this day, actor Lee Dong Gun sang two songs: “Sad Goodbye” and “Oh I Love You.” The actor released “Sad Goodbye” back in 2008 in his first Japanese album. Singing the first verse in Korean and the second verse in Japanese, the actor stirred up the crowd as the audience sang along to the song. The second song, “Oh I Love You” was actually a new song that Lee Dong Gun had finished recording two weeks earlier.

In regards to a future comeback as a singer, Lee Dong Gun stated, “I plan to release this song in an album this year. I am very happy that I had a chance to stand on an amazing stage like this