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Chen stars in remake of BoA"s "No.1" video + S.M.ROOKIES perform her "ID; Peace B" on "EXO 90:2014"

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EXO"s Chen is the next member up for his own "90"s remake video and he takes on his SM sunbae BoA"s hit track "No.1"! Despite the upbeat and sweet dance track, the MV takes on a darker quality with dark lighting and a mysterious vibe. With over 300,000 views, Mnet will be releasing a special video, so make sure you up the view count for extra goodies!

In addition, S.M.ROOKIES performed her track "ID; Peace B," showing off their smooth dance moves and making fans even more excited for the boys" future activities. Dressed all in white, they showcase an amazing synchroneity.

Han Donggeun covers Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”

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The singer becomes the next idol to cover the “Begin Again” OST. Han Donggeun recently treated fans to his own rendition of the popular song. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, the singer displayed the voice that made him the winner of MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star 3”. The clip was uploaded on Pledis Entertaniment"s YouTube Channel.

"Lost Stars" has become an extremely popular song to cover among Korean singers and has been performed by a long list of artists, including JuNCurryAhn, Project SH, StimMarvel, Cho Hyungwoo, Yoonhan, Juniel, Kwak Dongyeon, SPICA.S, Lee Hyungwook, LUNAFLY, Gummy, and most recently, Lee Sejun. Covering the song has become so popular that many are comparing the fad to the likes of the “Harlem Shake” or the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Who’s next?

Enjoy the cover? Support Han Donggeon by watching the music video for his debut song, “Making A New Ending For This Story”, which was released on September 30th

Han Don Geun does a sweet cover of Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars"

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Pledis Entertainment"s newest addition and "Birth of a Great Star 3" winner Han Dong Geun shared a sweet cover of Adam Levine"s popular track "Lost Stars"!

In the video, Han Dong Geun showcases his smooth and soft vocals as he adds his own emotional depth to the already sentimental tune. With a picture of himself singing in the studio, Han Dong Geun has taken to his Twitter to comment on the cover, saying, "What do you think of my cover of "Lost Stars"? In my own way, I was able to to express my emotions. Please listen to it a lot ^^."

[From.Donny] 제가 부른 Lost Stars 노래 어떠신가요? 나름대로 저의 감성을 살려 표현해 봤습니다. 많이 들어 주세요 ^^ pic

Upcoming Chinese remake of "Miss Granny" releases stills of Luhan and co-stars

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In the midst of Luhan"s lawsuit against SM Entertainment, the Chinese remake of Korean movie "Miss Granny" released stills of Luhan and his co-stars on the 10th.

"Miss Granny"s official Weibo released the stills with the post, "Welcome home!", on the 10th, seemingly in response to Luhan"s post about being home.

"Miss Granny" is directed by Leste Chen and also stars Yang Zishan, Kuei Ya Lei, and Bolin Chen. It portrays the story of a grandma who magically returns to her 20s. Luhan plays the grandson of the female lead and completed filming in July, and the movie is expected to premiere in March 2015.

Girl"s Day"s Hyeri and Yoo Yun Suk voted as stars with the best unexpected charms

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Girl"s Day"s Hyeri and actor Yoo Yun Suk were voted as the stars who have the best unexpected charms in a recent survey!

The top national matchmaking service DUO conducted a survey among those in their 20s-30s from September 16-30, calculating a total of 617 votes (male: 295, female: 322) and asking which star has the best opposite charms.

For the male star category, actor Yoo Yun Suk came in 1st place (40.3%), singer Sung Si Kyung came in 2nd (23.1%), and singer-turned-actor Seo In Guk came in 3rd (14.6%). For the female star category, Girl"s Day"s Hyeri came in 1st place (32.9%), actress Honey Lee came in 2nd (22%), and singer Hong Jin Young came in 3rd (19.7%).

DUO"s promotional director Kim Seung Ho commented, "One can tell by the popularity of the celebrities on TV recently that there is a trend of single men and women who possess an unpredictable, charming personality and an unexpected image, gaining popularity

Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun are Top Hallyu Stars in Taiwan

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The SBS drama "You Who Came From The Stars" proved its popularity even in Taiwan. According to a recent survey by the Korean Tourist Department in Taiwan, actor Kim Soo Hyun and actress Jun Ji Hyun was selected as the top Korean actor and actress in Taiwan. Actor Kim Soo Hyun received the honorary first place with 47.8% of the votes, and actor Lee Min Ho ranked second with 21.2%. Actor Kim Woo Bin received the third place with 4.8% votes. For actresses, actress Jun Ji Hyun ranked top with 48.8%. Actress Song Hye Kyo was second in place with 8.8%, and Girls" Generation ranked third with 8% of the votes. Actresses Ha Ji Won, Lee Young Ae and Song Ji Hyo of the Running Man also ranked top.

In addition, when their favorite dramas were surveyed, the Taiwanese picked the SBS drama "You Who Came From The Stars" as their most favorite

K-Drama Stars Celebrate October Birthdays

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Several k-drama stars celebrate their birthdays in October. And their accomplishments are worth celebrating.

Oct. 1: Kam Woo Sung plays the man Sooyoung"s heart is drawn to in "Spring Days." The 44-year-old actor played the evil king in the film "The King and The Clown."

Oct. 3: Yoon Eun Hye turns 30 today and she recently finished filming "Chronicles of a Blood Merchant," an adaptation of the best-selling Chinese novel about a man who sells his blood to support his family. The actress has not been seen on the small screen since she co-starred with Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Sang Yoon in "Future"s Choice."

Oct. 5: Song Seung Hoon will celebrate his birthday on Oct. 5. In 2014, Song starred the film "Obsessed," playing an officer who falls in love with his junior officer"s wife

[POLL] Which Korean singer did the best cover of Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars"?

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Following the cover phenomenon that was "Frozen"s "Let It Go" and Taeyang"s "Eyes, Nose, Lips," Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars" from movie "Begin Again" has now become the latest national sensation in South Korea as numerous Korean artists cover the track.

Check out these covers below and let us know which Korean artist you think did the best rendition of "Lost Stars"!

ZE:A"s Kevin


Juniel & Kwak Dong Yeon

Kim Bo Kyung

Sinzo Eumke"s Kang Hwee Chan


"You Who Came From The Stars" Earns Top Honors At Drama Awards

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Success was in the stars for "You Who Came From The Stars" at the 2014 Korea Drama Awards. The alien-human romance took home five awards at the Oct. 1 event.

Kim Soo Hyun, who played the alien Do Min Joon in "You Who Came From The Stars," won the Daesang or Grand Prize. He won the Daesang over Ha Ji Won of "Empress Ki," Lee Min Ho of "The Heirs" and Jo Jae Hyun of "Jeong Do Jeon."

The drama also snagged the Best Drama Award triumphing over the critical and ratings hits "Wang Family," "Jeong Do Jeon," "Empress Ki" and "A Secret Love Affair."

Two of the supporting actors in "You Who Came From The Stars" even took home an award. Model-turned-actor Ahn Jae Hyun was given a New Actor award for his first-ever drama role playing Jun Ji Hyun"s younger brother

Gong Yoo stars in Kim Dong Ryul"s "How I Am" MV

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Talented singer Kim Dong Ryul released a new MV for "How I Am"!

His powerful vocals and deep voice add immense power to this already emotional ballad. The acting prowess of Gong Yoo, who stars in the MV, serves to even further emphasize the sad feelings drawn out by this song.

The MV even kindly offers closed captioning for those who would like to understand the poetic lyricism in the song. Check it out above!

Stars Wrestle with Tough Parental Choices in New Soap

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Park Si-yeon and Bae Soo-bin, the stars of the new weekend drama "Greatest Marriage" on TV Chosun, believe there is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but patience and compromise will pay off. The first episode will be aired at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. Park plays a successful career woman who voluntarily becomes a single mom. She does not like the idea of getting married but wants to have a child. She breaks up with her boyfriend, who does not want the responsibility, and decides to raise the baby alone. "In the past, it was socially unacceptable to be a single mother, but things are changing little by little", she says.Park herself gave a birth to a baby girl in September last year and Bae had a son in June this year. It is their first project after becoming parents. "I now have a deeper understanding of motherhood, childcare and my profession", she says

Awesome K-Pop Covers Of Adam Levine's 'Lost Stars'

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(Photo : Adam Levine, B2M, The Barberettes, Star Empire) Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars" has led to numerous K-Pop covers.

Korea continues to show affection for the soundtrack from the American movie “Begin Again." One song in particular, “Lost Stars” continues to become the focus of numerous covers versions by many K-Pop talents.

“Lost Stars” has yet to go as viral as “Let It Go” from the “Frozen” soundtrack or Taeyang"s “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” however, the soporific and cloying qualities of the song lends itself to K-Pop covers.

ZE:A"s Kevin recently covered “Lost Stars” on show "Hot Beat," which is hosted by the English-language station Arirang Radio.

FNC Entertainment"s Juniel is poised for a September 29 comeback with “I Think I"m In Love

Cho Hyungwoo covers "Lost Stars" feat. Yoonhan

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Mystic89 and Apop Entertainment released the video of a cover of the famous OST song from Adam Levine"s movie "Begin Again."

Cho Hyungwoo and Yoonhan dropped their own interpretation of the song "Lost Stars." Cho Hyungwoo is singing while Yoonhan is playing the piano.

On the other news, Cho Hyungwoo’s MV for the title track "Rain On Me" will be released on September 29th at 10PM, while the song will be released on September 30th at 12nn.
Watch below:

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SOURCE:  Mystic89

Hyungsik admits he gets jealous when he sees drama co-stars Seo Kang Jun and Nam Ji Hyun together

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On September 25, ZE:A"s Twitter uploaded the above picture featuring Seo Kang Jun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Hyungsik with the caption: "In a little bit at 11:10 PM, team "What"s With This Family" will appear on "Happy Together"! Everyone stay tuned for Hyungsik, who is loved by his sunbaes, and his special secret."

True to the caption, the KBS 2TV show "Happy Together 3" later aired featuring the "What"s With This Family" cast as guests. In their drama, Hyungsik"s character is involved in a love triangle with Seo Kang Jun and Nam Ji Hyun. One surprising revelation Hyungsik made during this "Happy Together" episode was that he would get jealous whenever he saw Seo Kang Jun and Nam Ji Hyun together.

When MC Park Mi Sun asked, "Since you are in a love triangle, do you ever actually get jealous?" Hyungsik remarked honestly, "Of course it"s not genuine, but when Seo Kang Jun and Nam Ji Hyun come in together, I ask, "Why are you two coming together?" for no reason

ZE:A"s Kevin soothingly covers Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars"

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ZE:A"s talented vocalist Kevin is at it again for Arirang"s "Hot Beat" radio program, this time covering Adam Levine"s "Lost Stars," which had also been sung by SPICA.S.

He soothingly sings his cover, perfectly hitting the high notes with power, but taking it back a notch for the lower notes. As usual, he proves himself a talented vocalist, providing ear candy for his fans and listeners every week.

Listen to him hit those falsettos with ease in the cover above!