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miss A’s Min to star in upcoming drama, “Dream Knight”

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miss A’s Min is confirmed to star in a joint drama between South Korea and China titled, “Dream Knight.”

According to JYP Entertainment, Min is going to be the star of the online drama “Dream Knight,” produced by the agency’s subsidiary company JYP Pictures and Youku Tudou.

Min is revealed to be played the role of Jenny, an old acquaintance of the drama’s protagonist, who is described to bring conflict to the plot. She is said to be preparing for her role in the drama after finishing activities for JYP Entertainment’s “JYP Nation - One Mic” concert tour.

The drama is said to be aired through Youku Tudou platform by the end of 2014. This is not Min’s first challenge in acting as she has already starred in the movie”Count Down” in 2011

“Dad! Where Are We Going?” Child Star Yoon Hoo Says Suzy Is Not His Type

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Yoon Hoo, the adorable food lover of “Dad! Where Are We Going?,” has made an interesting revelation at the “Infinite Dream MBC” concert.

At the special concert held to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the new MBC building aired on September 1, Yoon Min Soo‘s son, Yoon Hoo, made an appearance together with other kids Kim Min Gook and Kim Min Yool from “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

As the boys climbed on stage, Yoon Hoo was seen to be nervous in appearing in front of so many people and was very shy beside miss A’s Suzy who hosted the event.

Yoon Min Soo tried to make his son more comfortable on stage and asked, “Yoon Hoo, what’s the problem? (Why are you shy?) Is it because Suzy noona is so pretty? Isn’t Suzy noona your type?” Yoon Hoo let out a soft “No,” and made everyone laugh

SHINee‘s Key Celebrates “Zorro: The Musical” Debut with “Star Gazing” Staff

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SHINee star Key has been celebrating after wrapping up his first performance in the title role of “Zorro: the Musical.” The singer, who co-hosts MBC entertainment show “Star Gazing,” enjoyed a laugh behind the scenes of the most recent edition of the program, when staff helped him to decorate him with congratulatory ribbons normally found on wreaths.

The SHINee star shared photos of this on his Instagram account, along with a caption that read, “I have finished my first performance of ‘Zorro: The Musical.’ Thank you for coming see me, for standing up and applauding and laughing together. I felt like we were really together in that moment. I hope I can meet you again soon, as Zorro.”

Key will be taking it in turns with fellow K-Pop stars Yoseob of BEAST and Wheesung (as well as musical star Kim Woo Hyung) to play the role of the masked hero in the performance at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul’s Junggu district

g.o.d Confirmed to Star in Upcoming Episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”

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For the first time in the history of “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” one artist will be the star of the whole episode.

A representative of KBS revealed on August 28, “g.o.d will be the main guest of ‘Sketchbook’ during an upcoming filming, taking place on September 2.” Since its first episode in 2009, the popular music show has featured multiple artists in all of its episodes, but g.o.d will now be making an exception to this rule.

While every episode has included four performers on average, with 8 to 9 stages total, g.o.d will be singing 10 of their hit songs. The source commented, “g.o.d will not only sing songs from their new album, but also their best hits.”

The group has received numerous love calls from producers and TV shows after releasing their eighth album in July, but the members have decided to keep their TV appearances to a minimum

Lee Jin-wook to star in "Time Renegade"

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Actor Lee Jin-wook is starring in the movie "Time Renegade".

He takes on the role of Kim Gun-woo, a skilled detective who has quick decision-making skills.

Kim Gun-woo, a man belonging to the present time, realizes the mysteries he faces and goes through them quickly. Lee Jin-wook is attempting at his first detective role.

"Time Renegade" is about two men from the year 1983 and 2015 tracking down a case to change a woman"s destiny. It"s directed by kwak Jae-Yong.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin-wook is currently in the tvN drama "The Three Musketeers - Drama" as Prince So Hyeon.

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Lee Mi-sook to star in "Ironman"

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Actress Lee Mi-sook is starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Ironman" as Ms. Yoon, the butler who takes care of Joo Hong-bin (Lee Dong-wook) and his home.

Many are curious to know what she is going to appear like in this drama.

"Ironman" is a love story between Joo Hong-bin who had steel coming out of his body due to pain and Son Se-don (Sin Se-kyeong) who tries to make him human again.

This drama is a collaboration between writer Kim Gyoo-wan and producer Kim Yong-soo-I.

"Ironman" will be broadcasted on the 10th of September after "The Joseon Shooter".

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Rapper DinDin jokes he"s got the dirt on Kyuhyun on "Radio Star"

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Rapper DinDin was one talkative guest on the August 27 installment of MBC"s "Radio Star," even revealing at one point that he had some dirt on MC Kyuhyun?

He said, "I heard Kyuhyun went to a gym with my chief, Deux"s Lee Hyun Do," which Kyuhyun confirmed he had in the past. DinDin continued, "I heard a lot of things from him like with whom Kyuhyun drank, whom he met, and more, so I have a nuclear bomb," making everybody on the set laugh.

He continued, "So when you go to the army, if you switch with me, I"ll keep my mouth shut and do nothing for two years," causing even more laughter. DinDin said, "If I blow this up... You"re going to have to go to the army, anyway."

Kyuhyun gradually looked more and more uneasy to everyone"s amusement, saying, "But Lee Hyun Do doesn"t know me very well

g.o.d to Hold a Small and Intimate Fan Meeting on MBC’s “Star Gazing”

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Legendary male group g.o.d will be delighting their loyal fans by appearing on MBC’s “Star Gazing.”

On August 26, the group’s leader Park Joon Hyung uploaded two snapshots taken during the recent filming on his Instagram with a message, saying, “Two photos taken with the ‘Star Gazing’ family, 2PM brothers, Fangods and Hottest. It was fun, and good work everyone.”

In addition to 2PM’s Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Chansung and g.o.d members Son Ho Young and Kim Tae Woo, the pictures show Kang Ho Dong, other “Star Gazing” MCs, and loyal g.o.d fan MBLAQ‘s Mir posing for the camera with bright smiles on their faces, appearing excited about the filming

"Flowers" star avoids public

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After being accused by his girlfriend of physical abuse, actor Kim Hyun-joong tried to dodge the public yesterday at Incheon International Airport. The star of the KBS drama "Boys over Flowers" was returning from a concert and a fan meet in Thailand. He used an alternative exit to avoid media attention, but his manager and staff members were seen at the airport holding his luggage. Prior to his departure to Thailand, the star said in a press release distributed through his agency Key East that he will keep a low profile for the time being but continued to work through his prearranged international schedule. Many entertainment industry officials are keeping an eye on Kim to see whether he will leave Korea again to perform in Guangzhou on Sunday as planned. The star has not been under any police investigation yet. He said he will answer any questions from the police with due diligence, according to reports

“You’re All Surrounded” Actor Park Jung Min Talks about Bromance and the Acting Style of Co-Star Ahn Jae Hyun

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Actor Park Jung Min, who has recently starred in the SBS Wednesday drama “You’re All Surrounded,” has only good words to say about his co-actor Ahn Jae Hyun.

In a recent interview with OSEN, Park Jung Min talked about his thoughts about the drama “You’re All Surrounded,” including how he feels about being in a bromance with Ahn Jae Hyun.

“I liked it, it was fascinating. I think of bromance this way: it’s even more comfortable because I’m acting with another guy. Since we’ve become closer, there were parts (of our acting) that exceeded what was in the script. As you know, Jae Hyun is really handsome that he’s beautiful. Jae Hyun is fair-skinned and I’m a bit on the darker side so I became Jae Hyun’s reflector,” Park Jung Min said with a laugh

Shin Se Kyung praises "Tazza 2" co-star T.O.P

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During a recent interview at a cafe in Seoul on August 26, Shin Se Kyung talked about her "Tazza 2" co-star, T.O.P, showing how impressed she"d been with him during the production.

She said, "I felt that there was a great deal to learn from T.O.P. He tries extremely hard and was very meticulous. Seeing how diligent he was made me do some self-reflection. In the case of [my character] Mi Na, her relationship with [T.O.P"s character] Dae Gil is really important. That"s why my chemistry with T.O.P was important. During filming, I was very grateful and satisfied."

She even talked about their kiss scene in the movie. "Even while filming, it was really funny," she said, considering it a charm of Mi Na to be able to indifferently ask, "Shall we kiss?" during a discussion

Star Empire"s project unit NASTY NASTY unveil their mystery member in additional teaser images

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Star Empire"s project unit NASTY NASTY (including Nine Muses" Kyung Li and ZE:A"s Kevin) unveiled their mystery third member Sojin!

As mentioned previously, NASTY NASTY will make their debut with a sexy song produced by composer Rado on September 3 at noon KST!

In the meantime, check out the sexy teaser images of the members above and below.

10 Amazing K-Dramas That Nearly Had Different Star Actors

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As we watch our favorite K-dramas, it can be hard to imagine anyone else acting in the starring roles. However, some of the biggest K-dramas could have been very different if they had gone with their initial casting choices. Here are a few big K-dramas that had very different casting possibilities:

1. Jang Geun Suk instead of Lee Min Ho in Boys over Flowers

That’s right. The role of Jun Pyo almost went to Jang Geun Suk, but he rejected it in favor of his role in Beethoven Virus. It’s possible that the popularity of Boys over Flowers encouraged Jang Geun Suk to take the lead in You’re Beautiful.

2. Kim Ah Joong instead of Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince

Kim Ah Joong had received a script for Coffee Prince, but she turned down the role because she couldn’t cut her hair due to an ongoing contract with a shampoo company

SISTAR perform a hologram version of "Touch My Body" on "Star King"

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SISTAR"s Soyu and Dasom performed alongside a hologram projection of Hyorin and Bora for "Touch My Body" on "Star King"!

Soyu and Dasom impressed the audience with their coordination with the hologram and Soyu also joked that since the members have been busy with their individual schedules, they should use this hologram for their stages from time to time. When Kim Ji Sun asked the male guests why they got so excited while watching SISTAR perform, Jo Se Ho couldn"t take his eyes off SISTAR and complimented them, "It was really beautiful", making fans hope that Nana doesn"t get jealous.

Check out the hologram performance above!

Swings and Others from Brand New Music Talk about Hip-Hop For The Star Magazine

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Hip-hop label Brand New Music’s musicians recently gathered together for star and style magazine The Star.

On August 23, San E, Swings, Rhymer, Bumkey, Miss $, Taewan, and five other rappers posed for The Star’s pictorial, which is themed “truth and lies about hip-hop.” Dressed in black and gold, suits, and loud patterns which came together to form a showy “street look,” the entertainers were able to express their personal conceptions of hip-hop style through the photos.

The labelmates also expressed their thoughts verbally. Swings stated, “Skill in hip-hop is something that is acquired. If you practice, you can become a great rapper.” San E said that “hip-hop is the most real kind of music. Dissing allows you to express your personal emotions,” and Rhymer followed up with, “Hip-hop is all about breaking stereotypes