man from another star episode 11 preview

Yoo Hee Yeol asks Yang Hyun Suk the tough question about why he has kept silent about YGE”s recent incidents in “Healing Camp” preview

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Yang Hyun Suk will appear on next week"s episode of SBS" "Healing Camp", and a preview has been revealed to intrigue viewers for the episode to come.

For the upcoming December 1st episode, Yang Hyun Suk held a Q&A session with those in their twenties as the head of YG Entertainment for a special "Healing Camp" recording. He gave his advice, sharing, "[Find or do] what excited you." A member of the audience asked, "How can u keep that excitement alive?" Another person asked, "[What would you do] if you were to switch places with me for a week?", while a young man asked, "Do you have to pour everything into work to achieve success?"

Yang Hyun Suk also brought along fellow "K-Pop Star" judge and close friend Yoo Hee Yeol for the show

Lee Kwang Soo gets even taller with his cone head costume in preview cuts for “Running Man”

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The upcoming episode of "Running Man" will undoubtedly bring about a ton of laughs as the cast take on the challenge of becoming aliens!

The members all dressed up as aliens of different concepts who all happen to land on Earth. They"ll be fighting to get back to their own stars as they conduct their race.

The cast all put on very convincing costumes, perhaps making it their best transformation yet, but the one who especially stood out was Lee Kwang Soo. He"s already known for his tall height, but with his cone head costume, he stood well above all the other members at a height of over 2m tall! Seeing his incredible height, his fellow cast members remarked that he really does seem to be from another planet.

Stay tuned for another exciting race coming up this Sunday!

Highlights: “Misaeng,” Episodes 9 and 10

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Episode 9, or how to work with the a**@#%$ you hate

Our favorite sales team finally gets a new addition! Unfortunately, the guy turns out to be a total troublemaker who has fun publicly humiliating our courageous Geu Rae for getting in without any talents (and no university degree). The man, Mr. Park, also likes to lounge around, make Geu Rae massage his feet, play pool and go to saunas during working hours. And he’s a total suck-up towards the big boss, even though he’s pissed off at having been sent to the team.

Geu Rae decides to follow another of his go (badeuk) lessons, which states that the trick is to always keep your cool, for at one point your adversary will make a mistake.

Geu Rae is not the only one who has to deal with Most Horrible No Good Colleague

Song Il Kook”s triplets meet Sean”s four children for the first time in preview cuts for “Superman Is Back”

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Song Il Kook and his triplets will be meeting Sean"s four children in the upcoming episode of "Superman Is Back"!

This will be the first meeting between Dae Han-Min Guk-Man Se and Ha Eum-Ha Rang-Ha Yool-Ha El, and the episode already sounds like a handful with 7 kids at once!

Sean"s father instincts naturally kicked in for Song Il Kook"s triplets as he took care of them and even fed them, earning him their affections.

Although their playroom became a chaos with 7 children running about, with Sean"s expertise, he was able to instantly calm the situation as he knew just what to do to catch the attention of the kids. He was even able to get those who didn"t eat to start eating by themselves and organize the mischievous toddlers, leaving Song Il Kook in awe

5 Things I Loved About “Misaeng” Episodes 7 and 8

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Misaeng” keeps knocking me out with it’s weekly offerings of great acting performances, tight writing, lovely shots and editing, and heartwarming stories about characters we’ve grown to really care about. This week at the office was a tough one for everyone – Young Yi is still dealing with being on a team that abuses and under-appreciates her, Baek Ki has second thoughts about staying at One International, and Sales Team 3 keeps getting dealt blow after disappointing blow. It’s a cut-throat world of business out there, and the biggest question of the week was “when is it too much?”

In a drama like “Misaeng,” it’s difficult to pick out just five moments that I loved this week, but here are the ones that stood out slightly above the rest.


Review episode 12 and 13 of “Greatest marriage”

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In this episode, I felt quite unsatisfied until I found out that the director's intention is ending the relationship between Tae-Yeon and Gi-Young. Myung- Yion maybe appeared so much on screen. I thought that Gi-Young appeared less than Myung-Yion. I hope that their appearnce on screen is equal.After Gi-Young comes back to the number one spot, she starts reading the out of date news. Their news room gets panic. Her action is always complained by her colleague. She is always doing what she wants. Outside, the women’s group cheers that Gi-Young is back while downstairs, the team is happy the boycott has ended. They watch the ratings, which jump up above 15% and celebrate, like they had anything to do with it. Pffttt, bunch of jerks. Even more hilarious, as soon as Eun Cha starts reading the news, the ratings nosedive below 5%

Korean tvN Drama Misaeng Episode 5 Recap and Screenshots

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by Dramabeans:It’s just another normal day for Sales Team 3, complete with Chief Oh yelling at Geu-rae for his incompetent work. He throws files at him to redo, and Geu-rae rushes to his desk. In a voiceover, he tells us, “It’s a relief that nothing has changed, at least for me.”We see what he means as we get updates from our other newbie employees. Seok-yul struggles to adjust, having been planted in the office from the factory. Baek-ki has little to do, being valued less than his boss’s Bluetooth headset. Even ace Young-yi is demoted to handle the food and other trivial item deliveries on her team while also being treated coldly by her superiors for no apparent reason. The next morning, Geu-rae and Young-yi are met with Chief Oh, who smiles widely as he greets Young-yi. Deputy Director Sun Ji-young joins the group by the elevator, and Chief Oh notes that she’s arrived later than usual

Bobby, B.I, Jinhwan and more undergo another pre-match evaluation for the 4th episode of “MIX & MATCH”

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YG Entertainment’s trainees undergo another pre-match evaluation for iKON on the fourth episode of “MIX & MATCH.”

The first evaluation picks up where it left out as B.I. and Jinhwan’s teams perform their own cover performances respectively. With Bobby’s Team performing a cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” last week, B.I was the second leader to bring his team as they perform their own rendition of Green Day’s “Basket Case,” earning favourable comments from Yang Hyunsuk and his team. Kim Jinhwan was the third leader to bring his team onstage with a mellow version of “I Want You” by Luke James.

Despite trying their earnest, Yang Hyunsuk selected B.I.’s team as the top contender for their first evaluation, dampening the spirits of the rest of the members

Top 10 Moments of You Are all Surrounded: Episode 4

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview Episode 4 brings our detectives a time to redeem themselves for the mistakes that they′ve caused, as well as Seo Pan Suk slowly learning to trust in his little babies.

Check out what we picked out for our Top 10 moments!

Park Tae Il: Gook-ah~ Were you always this cute?

Park Tae Il, what is your secret?.

Eun Dae Gu’s What are we going to do with my son?
His memory is so good that he won’t forget anything.
And now he has another painful memory.
And Yong, that didn’t happen to me because of you.…

When your mom can comfort you even after she’s passed.

Park Tae Il: What are you guys doing right after seeing each other?
I’m starting to get annoyed with taking care of your fighting

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 21

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview The end is here!

And boy, was it grand.

You Who Came From the Stars left us with warm fuzzy feelings to know that Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi′s relationship somehow worked out, at the same time, putting an emphasis on how precious time spent with a loved one is.

It was great while it lasted, and here are our final top 10 moments of You Who Came From the Stars.

Do Min Joon: Chun Song Yi. My beloved, Chun Song Yi.
Don′t wear such revealing outfits while it′s cold.
You′re prettier when you′re covered up.
Like I said before, kiss scenes and back hugs scenes are a no.
Passionate romance, no.

Don′t get sick and don′t look at negative comments

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep21 Recap by Softy (finish) MJ says the greatest superpower I have is to stop time. SY: you know how to do that? MJ: of course. i am a way more impressive man than you think. I stopped time many times - inside that time you didn’t know about - I said this “I love you Chun SY.” when time resumes (flows) and I say this I thought everything would flow and disappear so I said it in that stopped time “I love you chun SY. I love you.”SY says in the time I didnt know – I love you. she rests her head on his lap and closes her eyes as he pets her hair.MJ narrates about 400 yrs ago and now – how he isnt able to take anything with him when he leaves so he had that rule not to have anything. he kept that rule well all this time but in the last 3 months everything collapsedSY asks when he first liked her

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep20 Recap

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You From Another Star Ep20 Recap by Softy CY says for my sake – exist somewhere. for my sake – dont die. exist somewhere. what I am saying is – go – to where you are from. he (jang) said it wouldn’t do if you don’t go – that you might die – that you are having a hard time even now so leave. he says I already decided – I am going to stay by your side. she says I already decided too - if you stay by my side and die I will die too. don’t you know what that means? I like you way more than you think so just with the truth that you are alive somewhere -I think I can live. rather than not being around anywhere in the world -it’s easier to decide than that. he says that wont happen – I wont make you be alone

Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won Look Dangerous in Trailer for Web Drama “Another Parting”

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Seo In Guk and Wang Ji Won carry guns in their gloomy trailer for the upcoming five episode web drama “Another Parting.”

The preview indicates the drama will be a sad one, as the trailer shows tears and features a sad violin melody. Actress Wang Ji Won, who currently stars in tvNs‘ “I Need Romance 3,” will play a woman who gets betrayed by her boyfriend, and meets Seo In Guk in her last moments. Seo In Guk looks charming and tough in the preview, as he comforts Wang Ji Won.

The drama is directed by Won Tae Yeon, who also directed the 2009 film “More Than Blue.

“Another Parting” will premiere on February 17 at 11PM, and you can watch the drama online at LOEN MUSIC Official YouTube channel, MelOn TV, Drama Cube, SK broadband BTV, BTV Mobile and Naver TV Cast

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star Ep15 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E15 Recap by Softy Starts from when MJ goes into her hospital room and leans over to kiss her forehead. then in the morning her dad is holding her hand. she looks over at him and says dad. she sits up and stares at him.SY: what were you doing to come now. why did you come now (so late). her dad says sorry my daughter. SY: what were you doing for the past12 yrs when I grew up alone. why come now. why? he says sorry again. she says what is this- how can this be? why did my dad’s face get so old. why is it like this. he hugs her and night they are having chicken and beer but he wont let her drink even though she tries to get in one sip. she reminds him in the past when it snowed and he bought chicken he would say – when are you going to grow up so you can have alcohol with dad? now instead of just one I can drink a lot

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E14 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E14 Recap by Softy Starts with previous scenes and MJ saying I came here from another place 400 yrs ago and lived here for 400 yrs. I was the one who rescued you 12 yrs ago. that child from 400 yrs ago - the owner of this hairpin -you resembled her, but if you are just Chun SY, then I have no interest – go! Then SY asks – not even for one moment – didn’t you like me? if your heart fluttered cuz of me. or if you sincerely worried about me- not having anything to do with that girl – didn’t you just like me even once? MJ: no not even once. Then HK asked – do you not like SY or is there another reason? MJ: protect SY from your hyung

You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap

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You Who Came From the Stars / You From Another Star E13 Recap by Softy MJ says When I first came here - I wanted to help people who were in difficult situations with the abilities I had. to do that – I had to reveal the truth that I was a different being than them.flashback to joseon when MJ walked by and helped a man whose leg was trapped under a rock. He uses his powers to lift the heavy rock and save the manas MJ walked away the man he saved reported him to the guards claiming he used magical powers and with his eyes he made the boulder lift up -all those strange things that happened at the village is probably because of him. catch him. as the guards go after MJ, he vanishes.MJ says they were thankful for my help for a short time. cuz of the abilities I have – cuz of the truth that I was a different being than them – it made me afraid

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 12

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview If episode 11 had our hearts fluttering, episode 12 of SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars had our hearts breaking into pieces.

What must we do so that Chun Song Yi and Do Min Joon can live happily ever after?

Chun Song Yi: They say this about human psychology:
When you see someone at a better place than you are,
You don’t think, ‘I will go up there.’
You think, ‘Come down to where I am.’

I’m sorry, but I’m not coming down to the abyss of despair where you’re living.
To that hell of a house where you’re jealous and hating someone.
I won’t.
So, stop trying to lead me to come down.

You tell her, Chun Song Yi.

Even in his passed out state, Do Min Joon is thinking about Chun Song Yi

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 11

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview Episode 11 of SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars had us going on an emotional roller coaster ride.

The episode had us in tears because it was just downright hilarious at one point, then so heartbreaking at another.

And then it ends with this super heart-fluttery moment that made it hard for us to fall asleep.

Why can’t Do Min Joon and Chun Song Yi just be happy! WHYYYY!

Chun Yoon Jae: Do you like him?

Chun Song Yi: Jesus~ Hey, is your older sister the type of person to like someone one-sidedly?
He’s the one who treats me like a ceramic pot. Am I the type to do that?

Chun Yoon Jae: Oh and it’s a crush?

Chun Song Yi: I said it wasn’t! Get out!

We love their relationship

“Man from the Stars” Episode 11 Preview

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Lee Hwi Kyung (Park Hae Jin) starts to be suspicious and asks Chairman Lee (Lee Jung Gil) about Lee Jae Kyung’s (Shin Sung Rok) ex-wife, while Yoo Suk (Oh Sang Jin) gets attacked by an unidentified assailant and Yoo Semi (Yoo In Na) finds Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) to discuss what just happened. Chun Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) is restless when she sees just Do Min Joon and Yoo Se Mi go inside Do Min Joon’s house…

Chun Song Yi: It’s a little embarrassing for me to say, but there was a time when I was voted most wanted to date by single men in Korea

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 10

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preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview Isn’t it crazy how SBS’ You Who Came From the Stars just continues to somehow become better and better with each episode?

We can’t even begin to explain the roller coaster ride of emotions we went through with Episode 10 with the drama being pure comedy in one second and absolute horror in another.

We tried to get as many good moments in as we could, so take a look!

Boss Hong:Excuse me. Do you remember me?

Do Min Joon: You are….?

Boss Hong: I told you last time that you leave a good impression.
Oh yes! And I have this-

Do Min Joon: I’m not buying.

Poor Boss Hong.

Chun Song Yi: “What are you doing?”

What isn’t he responding? Is he sleeping?

“Are you sleeping?”

OH! He read it, he read it!

…Why isn’t he replying if he read it?

This is one of the most ANNOYING THINGS EVER